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2:06 AM
@yo' Nope, I don't see any issue with it!
Q: Various Virtuosic Variety

AvigrailAs we all should know by now there's a lot going on with riddles lately. One major issue is that we can't really compare or measure quality. Regarding the so called quality issue I came up with the following idea: I'd like some people who feel up to the task to write a short riddle about somethi...

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5:44 AM
Q: May a user edit another's non-CW answer to add pertinent info?

Rosie FSuppose one person posts a partial answer to a question. (Perhaps the question had many parts and the answerer didn't answer every part.) And that answer is not CW. May another user edit that answer so as to supply what (s)he thinks is the missing info? (I've just been sent a case of this. I tho...

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9:32 AM
Q: Will our new sandbox cause problems with review audits?

MithrandirFor those of us with 500+ & -2000 reputation, there are two review queues open: First Posts, and Late Answers. The LA I;m not worried about, but sometimes, in the FP queue, we have questions that show up with 0 votes, say something like 'asked 2 hours ago', etc, like a real post. If the question ...

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4:53 PM
This place is super quiet today
5:14 PM
I'm not really used to it, just dropped by today, is there usually stuff going on?
If you scroll up you'll see that at times there are fairly lengthy conversations in here.
Yeah, it's been kinda quiet recently. Not sure why.
I need help... How can we make some of those only connect problems??
Aren't those just 4 distinct groups of 4, randomized in order?
come up with 4 groups of 4 words and put them in a square shape? I doubt it's that simple but it's certainly a start
5:23 PM
I think that's the minimum requirement. A good one will have bigger groups, overlap between groups, and red herring groups
yup, thus the starting point of picking 4 groups
5 hours later…
10:32 PM
Yeah, the groups should be very different too - getting one shouldn't let you easily get the others.

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