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12:44 AM
I just got the "Shakuntala Devi" hat I'm pretty sure that's because of the new "reviewer" badge I got
@JustSightseeing if it's that one, it's annoying because not everybody will be able to get it. Indeed, some people already had +1000 reviews in a queue and you cannot own that one again AFAIK. But it's maybe just a counter of 250 reviews.
1:09 AM
@JustSightseeing Which queue?
@kissu What do you think it is? Was it a past one?
@kissu I mean, the same goes for the Einstein one, not all people are able to review to suggested edits, and as far as I know, you can only get it if you improve the submitted edit idea
@JamesRisner "First Questions"
@JamesRisner Not sure.
@JustSightseeing I don't think it is related to getting a review badge.
Check: gis.stackexchange.com/users/107424/… No review badge during WB.
Well then, I guess the timing of that (literally got the hat as soon as I got the badge) threw me off (well done on the quick fact check tho)
@Vickel A guess for "Gregorio Y. Zara" -> Somebody (or maybe you) edit a closed question by checking "This edit resolves the original close reason... " checkbox. And review it in Reopen queue (choose "Leave closed" or "Reopen", I don't know which triggers the hat) . This is a " two-way communication" (edit, then review)
1:26 AM
@KadirŞahbaz did you edit a closed question on your main site?
@JustSightseeing you can always make it on another stackexchange.
@JustSightseeing You really need to take notes ;-) Because there is a 20 to 40 minute delay for most and up to 3 hours for others.
Put differently, if you get a hat notification you need to remember the single operation you did some time in the last 3 hours.
A guess for "Shakuntala Devi" -> Edit a question (or maybe multiple question) in "First questions review" (by choosing "Edit" option or maybe by clicking "Edit" text under the question)
im still trying to get hat your service lol. i have plenty of answers to new contributors but theyre all 0 score
@Vickel Yes
1:43 AM
@Steffan me too
2:18 AM
@KadirŞahbaz Ask me in 30 mins, I just finished 12 edits in First Question. Whole lot of "I don't want to edit that" going on there.
2:28 AM
I've spent the entire day, chasing theories on the elusive Over 9000, Four Eyes, Devi, Emperor, and Gregorio
I don't think any of them are related to review queus.
@U12-Forward you up to do some testing that require two people? (hat testing)
@JamesRisner Ok
Wait a little bit though
no problem.
2:49 AM
@U12-Forward I'll start planning the steps. Join me here so we don't spam this channel: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/141400/risners-magnificent-mansion
3:16 AM
I thought the secrets for Thomas Mensah and Albert Einstein hats were found but now they are removed.
@AJ They have caveats that we don't know but we can do them on comment, so they are known but not fully understood
Thomas Mensah was about the CV queue or the SE queue?
Maybe it is about voting to close and then the post gets eventually closed
I did reviews yesterday but got the hat today
Yeah the votes have to be completed, aka another user has to agree
I only got albert einstein the next day too
3:21 AM
I got that one after a couple of hours
Just saw the show off your hats bounty lol, that should spawn a lot of "I'm Okay" hats
true :D
Hence we should try to not get the bounty
3:37 AM
@KadirŞahbaz I tried this
@AJ Confirmed it is NOT specifying an outcome. So not vote to close and then closed.
Let's see if I get a hat
2 hours later…
5:22 AM
@Steffan I answered 2 questions and i got bounty in both, i don't know i am happy or sad :():
Did we all survive the weekend?
@Catija yep
Just a heads up - if there's been any guesses floated my way, I didn't see them, so re-float them.
I think you might have some questions (maybe one from me above)
sec. will do
Also, I'm not "working" until Friday and then I'll be off until January 3rd, but I will try and check in to answer questions.
5:26 AM
@Catija flagging is 4 helpful and Unflagging is 12 helpful each on separate questions or posts (12 flags on one question will count once.)
@JamesRisner You're on the right track with the separate questions but the numbers are off.
both? or should 12 be 10? Or is it one for SO and another for all else?
Nah, that one's the same everywhere. It does include comment flags, as long as they're on different posts.
@Catija flagging is 5 helpful and Unflagging is 10 helpful each on separate questions or posts (more than 1 flags per question will not count.)
@Catija Four Ayes = upvoted post 4 days in row
It's higher. Did you check your flag history.
5:29 AM
your post was upvoted
@JamesRisner Yes, though there's a caveat.
well, you mean a caveat like "in one day" or like "it's actually 13"?
oh I mix up that? sorry
The guess is correct, there's just something that can cause you to not get it. (four ayes)
For example, I haven't gotten it.
let me ponder
so on flag is it 5 and 13? it really feels close because I managed it on 23 sites working off "doing 12"
I'll create a new profile and figure it out
can you confirm there is no time restriction other than possibly "in one day - no spanning UTC 0"
@Catija Four Ayes = upvoted post on non-meta site 4 days in row
@JamesRisner Nah, you can get them in a single day or over several. The restriction is just not more than one per question page.
5:39 AM
Four Ayes = your post upvoted 4 days in row with no more than one per post?
@JamesRisner That's... probably true but mostly just because we generally don't check meta for hats unless it's specifically a meta hat, but you can get it on MSE.
It doesn't have to be four days in a row.
Have I got it? Do you have an "official phrasing"?
your post upvoted 4 times with no more than one per post?
Unfortunately, no. There's still a caveat... sort of a spoiler that I feel like I should have dropped because it irks me.
oh the 4 different people too?
can't be one person upping 4 of yours
Well, it's the same post, so one person can't upvote your post on four different days. :P
5:42 AM
oh right
Have a (single) post upvoted once per day for four days.... (caveat).
and you still looking for the caveat from me?
Or someone. :P It's why I don't have the hat on MSE.
@Catija No downvote?
5:45 AM
got it
Have a (single) post upvoted once per day for four days with no downvotes
Yeah, so our friend who's going through and downvoting all of the show off your hats posts... preventing everyone from getting the hat. :P
Woohoo I was finally a part of discovering a trigger haha
@Catija Preventing me as well
It's similar to Slow Trickle from last year but the hat last year required only one vote per day over four days.
5:48 AM
Btw @Catija, many people are knocking on the door for the unicorn hat (including me) :)
I'm not a dev. :P You need one of them to fix stuff. :P
Ah haha
You're our CM!
I'll make sure they're aware of them, but tomorrow I have to keep my kids entertained on my own. The grandparents don't come in until Tuesday.
@Catija Great!
after @JamesRisner clarification for Four Ayes, I'm wondering what if we have more than one upvote on the same post within a day? @Catija
5:56 AM
As long as you don't get a downvote, you're fine.
But it only counts one per day, so if you get two one day, you still need three more days.
oh got it! thank you for your further clarification!
@Catija over 9000 is 10 comments on 10 different posts, that you edit afterwards?
@Catija Over 9000 is to have a question on meta tagged and have a score of 9 or greater.
Any idea of the emperor hat, shakuntala devi, gregoria y. Zara.
Almost. That one has different levels on MSE/MSO and the rest of the meta sites. But it's not 9 anywhere.
6:13 AM
@Catija Over 9000 is to have a question on meta tagged discussion and have a score of 10 or greater on MSE and 5 or greater elsewhere.
7:00 AM
Hey all
@Catija This isn't well-received? So is it 2? Or do I have the Hat your service wrong? -> Write a well-received answer to a question from a "New contributor"
somehow I got flagging but I don't know how to get unflagging... Have you guys known the trigger for unflagging?
7:19 AM
I got it doing close votes queue
@NickVu flag 1/2 comments that will be pending approval, retake/unflag that comments after a few seconds. that's how i got it.
I never unflagged anything
That is not how I got any of 23 unflaggings
I don't think it's required
I know for a fact it isn't required (retract)
7:30 AM
hmm I think I got flagging during checking close votes queue as well, but unflagging may require some other actions on that close votes queue which we don't know...
@NickVu I can get unflagging without review access, on 23 of my profiles. Look at them.
7:53 AM
@Catija Is the Gregorio hat a hat that other people get for you? Like you don't control whether you get the hat or not?
I wonder if anyone will get the K-pop hat. 100 votes is a huge amount, even for SO. Especially if you need to get them in 1 month
wow you have many hats! do you know the trigger for unflagging? @JamesRisner
@mousetail I have it. I had an answer that already was scored 99, so I just needed one vote during winter bash
@mousetail You only need to hit 100 during Winter Bash.
Oh the answer can be posted before
7:59 AM
Simply flagging doing nothing else will get you 3 hats. Heads up, flagging and unflagging. The un- is a bright red herring
Also Albert EInstein
that is suggested edit's approved where someone agreed with you
@Eran Mine's at 86, would need a miracle for the K-pop hat. Not expecting it.
My best post is 10 :/
think mine's 6
8:01 AM
KPOP requirements should be reduced for other sites
@mousetail Yeah
@Catija I wish I hadn't reminded -> "Everyone (which has a positive score) who replies to the post below will be awarded <I'm Okay...> hat within a week, except for the bounty winner.
@KadirŞahbaz When did you get the Emperor hat? Also how?
@U12-Forward I really don't know.
Also, Shakuntala Devi
And Gregorio
8:13 AM
@U12-Forward I don't know them either. My only guess is that it has to do with the Review Queues. I was surprised when I got them.
@KadirŞahbaz Which queue?
@JamesRisner could you shed a light on The un- is a bright red herring in Unflagging context?
@NickVu I solved this within minutes of the start Wed. What I simply can not solve is the number. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/62599177#62599177
Since I haven't done one in 48 hrs, I've created a new profile (movies) and done flagging
flagging is exactly 10. no more no less. I know because I waited 30 minutes between flags and I did nothing else but check off known trigger flags like cookie monster etc
I'll either know the exact number for unflagging but I think it's 20
Just do flags. That all. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's helpful AND someone else agreed with your choice. If you worry others will waste your flags, just flag NLN thank you comments.
they auto remove
Is it possible that unflagging only counts flags that are automatically approved? I noticed that when I flag simple "thank you" comments as "no longer needed", they are immediately removed.
What I need help on is:
Emperor's New Hat:
Running Up That Hill:
Shakuntala Devi:
Hedy Lamarr:
Gregorio Y. Zara.:
8:27 AM
@JamesRisner Me too
@Eran No, because I've done it deliberately with just normal flags. Takes longer.
plus Catija has confirmed any flag that someone agrees.
Honestly it's kinda freaking me out this unflagging thing. It is so easy for me and so hard for others. ;-)
I'm spending this time to get the numbers nailed, so it can be spoiled so people don't stress on it anymore ;-)
@Eran, you will need three days to get unflagging. Do auto's (thank you comments) or be perfect in your choices. 15 helpful will be 11,12, 13 for 3 consecutive days of flagging.
@eran if you got time tonight, join here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/141400
@U12-Forward are the voting limits suspended or something?
@JamesRisner Why>
I keep voting and my count of votes is not increasing
I'm past normal daily limit
8:45 AM
@JamesRisner Maybe if you get a declined flag you get put on a timeout? That's could be why some people can't get it
@mousetail maybe, I can't speak to that
I'm at 9,574 helpful flags, so...
@U12-Forward I've been reviewing all queue. "Close Votes", "Reopen Votes", "Suggested Edits" in particular for the last few days.
@KadirŞahbaz You get a badge about 6 hrs ago?
that lead to a hat?
8:54 AM
your page badge works?
well, if you don't have it, you will get it. probably 10 to 30 mins to get it. then another 10 to get hat
did yesterday and still no
will c
look see if you got it in past, its one time only
@AbdullaNilam you got it Awarded Mar 9, 2015 at 4:22
8:57 AM
its year by year
not what I've heard
it wont carry out as I know
Take the tour and get the Informed badge
not working will c
to get the hat, they check to see if you get informed. having already received, you won't get the hat. thats been confirmed in here. search tour
@U12-Forward I’m really retiring- caffeine no longer working.
9:03 AM
@JamesRisner Haha
"Over 9000" -> Have a question on meta tagged discussion and have only score of 2 on the rest of the meta sites. 100% confirmed by me :P
I guess it's 9 on MSE/MSO.
@JamesRisner I don't remember. Can we find out when it was awarded?
No need an answer to the question to get "Over 9000".
Q: What is our policy on AI-generated content in GISSE?

Kadir ŞahbazYou know, there is a new AI chatbot called ChatGPT by OpenAI. It appears to be able to answer questions and generate code based on what you ask it. The author of this question implied that the Viv's answer could be generated by ChatGPT. Whether that's true or not, it raises a general question: wh...

9:24 AM
@JamesRisner I just got unflagging. One day of flagging was enough.
@KadirŞahbaz nice!
chatgpt posts are kind of low hanging fruit xD maybe I should make one if there's a site that's fairly active and doesn't have one already :P
feels a little cheap though
9:44 AM
@Catija Just wondering. Whilst probably most users aren't as silly as me... why wasn't the short description for Tourist written as "Earn the Informed badge" instead of "Take the tour"? It is not that longer...
10:34 AM
@KadirŞahbaz I did all the reviews possible today on stackoverflow
still no hat :(
total of 432 reviews since the start of WB
10:46 AM
@U12-Forward I was just reviewing right before I got the hat. I said before: An action(s) I made a long time ago may have triggered the hat. Who knows.
@U12-Forward not even this screen? ^
@SPArcheon Haha!
To get "Running Up That Hill", keep your kids entertained on your own tomorrow. Because only @Catija has the hat. :DD
11:01 AM
@KadirŞahbaz Haha!
@KadirŞahbaz does anyone recognize the specific hair?
Also worth noticing that they already had an hat for sending a congrats to a specific staff member that just had a child.
Catija said "no annoying staff with messages", unclear if "sending a congrats" would fit.
It's another 'Stranger Things' reference right? youtube.com/watch?v=bV0RAcuG2Ao
@CDJB apparently.
And I suspect that Catija is a big fan.
Dec 15 at 15:15, by Catija
@SPArcheon For the time being, yeah. I'm not sure if you'll call the thing we're planning for next week an easter egg or not.
no news about this right?
12:08 PM
@SPArcheon "No annoying staff with messages". OK. I didn't know that.
12:22 PM
@KadirŞahbaz sorry, my bad - context matter. She was probably meaning that no hat has a trigger similar to Hairboat, which required sending a ping to a specific task member... who didn't exactly enjoy it.
@CDJB What hat did you just get?
1:15 PM
I improved an edit in the suggested edit queue and got the Albert Einstein hat btw
don't know if it has to be approved & edit or rejected & edit (I did both)
can be either
1:35 PM
4 eyes has been confirmed right?
I am editing it in @mousetail
Oh ok
1:53 PM
@U12-Forward so last night just got you over 9000 right? Or another one?
@JamesRisner I got only one
2:07 PM
got "this is the right way" on Anime, problem is I did nothing there today.
You mean this is the way?
That's for question asking I suppose.
@U12-Forward wait. Nope. Can't be only that.
I got the hat almost immediately on Meta, only today on anime. And the questions I asked there are both from last week.
The score could have some importance.
I got this for a question I asked, that had been commented, edited, and the answer had been 1 or 2 score and commented
Some or all of that is the way
I’m away from notes but I think there is a prior year one that fits that perfectly - I’ll be at work in 30 mins and can check then
2:15 PM
I love that it's actually me to award Jon Skeet a K-pop lightstick hat.
@Catija "this is the way" - same as "Helping arm" from year minus the "new user" part? "Comment on a new user's first post, which the new user then edits, which later scores 2+" ?
He should thank me :)
@U12-Forward "It you".
2:37 PM
So with Hat Your Service:
Write a well-received answer to a question from a "New contributor"

I have this answer -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74794700/74844694#74844694

Is there some kind of long time frame or limiter? It got upvoted 8 hours ago and still don't have Hat your service.
@JamesRisner Well received is +2
@JamesRisner It needs 2 votes
I'm on approximately 8 hours sleep since Thursday, but I wrote in my notes Catija said positive.
So I'll update my notes to 2+
Pretty much all hats have a +2 requirement, even if not explicitly stated
3:04 PM
Noticing my mis-remembering and mistakes are increasing!
2 hours later…
4:50 PM
@SPArcheon I thought y'all already had the this is the way trigger...
@SPArcheon Technically, it was supposed to look like Kate Bush's hair
Is it possible to get the hat Hey, Listen! on all sites? The trigger 'Choose "Edit post" for any posts marked as closed in the Stack Overflow "Staging Ground" and publish the question' is not possible on SuperUser, is it? At least in the last years I did not come across said "Staging Ground"
@DarkDiamond The hat has nothing to do with Staging ground.
@Catija I thought we did too, but I can't find it. My last ask was chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/141302?m=62591357#62591357
@JamesRisner Ah, I think I thought you were just rewriting it... and I was in the car so I wasn't able to confirm whether the answer needed upvoting.
Ask a question, it's upvoted and not closed, and it gets an answer.
@SPArcheon Added to the spolier list
5:19 PM
@U12-Forward btw, I am quite salty that it they went for a K-pop stick instead of a leek.
@Catija https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/62582943#62582943
Because it requires review queue access you have insufficient rep to participate?
No. I have access to all review queues.
5:43 PM
@Catija Do CM (like you) have all privilege regardless of reputation?
I would assume so, there are quite the number of staff members with 1 rep
@DarkDiamond any clue on how to get the hat you are wearing now?
@JamesRisner Absolutely not, but I really like it. I study physics at the moment...
@Catija Do you know Anya Forger?
Dec 15 at 15:15, by Catija
@SPArcheon For the time being, yeah. I'm not sure if you'll call the thing we're planning for next week an easter egg or not.
@JamesRisner Most staff (not community moderators) have accounts on (almost) all network sites, with the privileges, but most of them are active only on few of them I think
5:48 PM
@DarkDiamond Awesome. What were you doing 10 to 40 minutes before you got it and Hedy?
@JamesRisner there's two exceptions I can think of... we can't answer protected questions (without the reputation on site) and we can't vote in elections.
Probably written another custom review message. I don't really like the ones that are presented when you review the queue
@Catija So regarding your comment that you couldn't get Emperor on CG, is it that you don't feel comfortable judging the posts there? Or was that comment not a hint?
@Catija Oh, let us get Flagging confirm? Flagging = 10 flags that are cleared / helpful (someone else agreed)
@JamesRisner probably not, I have flagged way more than 10 posts in the past 5 days and didn't get the hat
I can get flagging and unflagging on command at now 24 sites since Wed.
I just can't "say" the right words.
Got flagging in 3 minutes on a brand new profile for Movies & TV
5:56 PM
@Catija "Over 9000" -> Have a question on meta tagged and have score of 9 on MSE/MSO and only 2 on the rest of the meta sites. Right?
@DarkDiamond by say, I mean nail down the specifics with any caveats.
Ok, interesting. Every kind of flag, or specific ones? And how did you get unflagging? I don't think that retracting flags is the right way
every kind, from my testing. Same for unflagging, just more.
look at my profile, accounts with 101 have unflagging 20+ profiles of mien
I need to create new ones to do more testing to try to track this down
Ok, then I should be on a good way to get those two by looking in the review queues
you will need more than 10, because the flag needs to be cleared helpful and some flags take days or weeks to be handled (you don't get credit until handled)
--- so could be past Jan 4 if you doing reviews to get Unflagging.
6:03 PM
No, most of my flags are spam flags, those get cleared very fast. I do about 30 reviews a day
It is fun, I do it in the breaks between my lectures, and it is one of the things that really help the community. Mostly I just edit code blocks to include highlighting, or keyboard formatting, but it makes it easier to read the posts
@DarkDiamond is that a queue, or just charcoal?
The "First questions" and "First Answers" queue over at SuperUser
6:45 PM
@DarkDiamond I got the flagging hat today after I had flagged 2 comments.
Flagging comments? Well that I don't do that often
Also some while ago I got the Gregorio Y. Zara hat and I'm not quite sure how.
My activities for today: I flagged some comments today; 1 got accepted. 3 were rejected. Apart from that I wrote a comment too but no way comment can/should make the difference in triggering the hat.
Oh also, today, I did 6 Low quality posts review and edited 1 one of those posts. That's all I did today.
@DarkDiamond Try it, it should definitely trigger the hat.
@InanimateBeing the most posts I see are only about 10 minutes old, thus not really that much comments to flag
@DarkDiamond Since it worked for me so let me try...
@Catija "Flagging hat": Flag 2 comments.
7:19 PM
I've gotten a life saver by saving my own post. I saved my own life I guess???
Sorry, it was a penny saver.
@InanimateBeing It's 10 with caveats I haven't found
well other than 2 people agree
@InanimateBeing flagging and unflagging are "flag X helpful with a caveat" and flagging X is 10 I think and unflagging is somewhere between 12 and 20 - I'll know tonight when I flag, wait 30 mins, flag, wait 30 mins until I get it.
3 hours later…
10:25 PM
Where is the party?

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