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7:01 AM
@KorvinStarmast I came across a relevant Q&A about piercers in AD&D 1e:
Q: Can a Piercer attack more than once?

StewbobFrom the 1st Edition Monster Manual: ...and when a living creature passes beneath their position above they will drop upon it in order to kill and devour it. After they drop, can they attack again, or do they just lie there waiting to get skewered? And how do they get up on the ceili...

I also found a post on the D&D Beyond forums about their lack of any attack other than "drop": dndbeyond.com/forums/dungeons-dragons-discussion/…
It seems that basically, they're intended to only be able to do the drop attack (doing half damage on a miss), and then they have to climb back up before they can drop down to attack someone again - they're more ambush predators than anything (and more dangerous when there's a bunch of them)
...I was totally fine with your ruling in-game, just curious about how they worked/were intended to work :)
7:35 AM
@KorvinStarmast BTW, I finally responded to the PM re: downtime. (it mostly boils down to "maybe sell/trade the command / bless scrolls to Wellgar" and "idk what else Bron can do; trying to gather info, and maybe helping out around town/pit fighting/carousing?".) :P
I also made a rudimentary attempt at calculating the XP for the session (assuming the total XP for the session = 1000 XP + the XP for the fight):
1000 XP (getting clemency for Mack Sorley) + 500 XP (5 piercers, 100 XP each) + 1800 XP (roper) + 1800 XP (umber hulk) = 5100 XP
5100 XP / 5 = 1020 XP each. (+50 XP presence bonus = 1070 XP each for everyone except Laz.)
feel free to check my math... or use mine to check yours :P
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1:20 PM
@V2Blast piercers do have mouths (they are baby ropers) so in their efforts to move to a wall and climb they can barely/slowly move. So I have them try a bite. They are so slow that they can be easily avoided.
@V2Blast Looks correct for the XP. Pit fighting: not currently any fights. The Empty Net is available for a pint or two. Local fishermen generally respect you (you have good rep around town) but since you are "not from around here" they are not necessarily warm. At the Goat (where you all usually stay) the vibe is entirely positive. They tend to be more in line with the Royal faction here (Eliander, Captain Gladstone, the dwarfs)
@V2Blast RP and Intel Gathering: If you do have a few pints with the local fishermen, they express some dismay at the loss of the light house/beacon. They'd taken it for granted. If you let them know that a cult was there, and seemed to be involved in human trafficking, the general response is 'well, live and let live but I always thought they were up to no good ... never came here to trade ... people always had to bring deliveries there...they had some of the best pearls in the region ... "
@V2Blast As to working a deal with Welgar. I was going to assume you gave him a full debrief on the abbey and the undead and what you all found under ground. Is that correct? Or will you limit what you tell him about the mission? You two have a pretty good relationship, in general, and he's been for you a trustworthy person in a town that does not care for strangers much ...
@MikeQ Intel gathering - as you and your fellow druid work on making those healing potions, in casual conversation he mentions that some of his good friends among the fisher folk seem to be upset that the usual "side jobs" some of them have (basically, low grade smuggling) have been drying up since the party got here. Velthiss (being new) are not held to have been a factgor in that but the rest of the party, with the taking of the Sea Ghost ..
@MikeQ seem to get the finger of blame for that. Also, the fish packing/processing plant is still doing well and Captain Xendros just placed another large order for a shipment to go 'North' as she occasionally does. (She's the lady Laz went to see about the magic item trade). Among the folks on the docks that's an appreciated piece of legitimate business. (She normally does business wiht Sandor Olmon, the young scion on the town council, not so much with Eda Owlen)
@V2Blast I want to emphasize how "out of character" it was for Eda Owlen to approach you and make that appeal to you before you all headed to the mines. She's very much a local, and while she is not one for sedition nor treason, she often bristles at what she feels is an overbearing interest in local affairs by the crown's representatives. But her remark to you about Seaton illustrates something you'd vaguely been hearing about for the year that you've been serving here.
@V2Blast Seaton, or at least some of Seaton's local leadership, are actively trying to make that town "the hub of Keolandish activit" along the coastal zone where you all are. Eda, on the other hand, considers the Seatonites to be (a) upstarts and (b) bootlickers as regards the crown. That's part of why she supported, with some reservations, the dwarf mining concession/charter. She has an eye toward Salt Marsh's rising prosperity, even though it has brought with it a bit more ...
.. crown influence than she'd have liked. The above is a summation of a few bits and pieces from the conversation you had with her, and a general impression/rumors/local knowledge that you've picked up in conversation with other Marines since your time here began a bit over a year ago.
1:52 PM
@MikeQ One last tid bit in conversation with Ferrin. The murder of Darkeyes (the original tempest cleric/bugbear in the party) in the Goat didn't really incite a lot of interest among the locals. Among town officials? Among the royal faction? Yeah, sure, murder isn't something they like and the fact that the trail went almost immediately cold still troubles Eda. Among a few of the folks on the docks he's overheard a sentiment along the lines of "the nose stuck in gets chopped off"
He mentions this as not quite a warning, but as a message kind of like this: "Be careful, my friend. The immense good will that you all earned by bringing Captain Kilbor back may have an expiration date...the local folk can be fickle. Don't assume good will along the waterfront, but, you can try to cultivate it as you engage with the folk there."
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8:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yep, that's fine
@KorvinStarmast Interesting
8:45 PM
@V2Blast I will let you know what he has for you this afternoon, Welgar. The ritual book: who has it? Ignaz already took the five sinister books to keledek to discuss them with, research, etc ... the ritual book ... you can take it to Welgar... double check with Ignaz on that.
2 hours later…
10:25 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, I never know who's trading/traded what to whom :P
@V2Blast I need to get that posted in the forum rather than in PMs. This PM RP/down time thing is not working out.
10:43 PM
@KorvinStarmast AlsoI think it was mentioned in session in relation to magic items, but do you mind mentioning something in the Roll20 forum about what Tasha's Cauldron of Everything content (if any) is allowed (subclasses, optional class features, feats, spells, magic items, etc.)? And whether there are any restrictions around doing so (e.g. regarding swapping existing features for the optional class features, or the expanded spell lists).
I doubt it'll affect Bron much, but it's useful to know (especially for the casters, I presume). :)
@V2Blast Great idea, V, great idea. I'll make a sticky post for Tasha Content only. Thanks for the prompt.
11:10 PM
@V2Blast I have an idea: Welgar offers Bron Bless tattoo in exchange for the scrolls. Will you accept? I can't see a reason for you to not be able to use it... Aid or Prayer of Healing look like good candidates
11:30 PM
@KorvinStarmast some relevant Q&As:
Q: Does casting a spell from an item allow you to apply class abilities that are used when casting a spell?

OrvirThis question is updated to request additional answers and details in light of information now available in the Dungeon Master's Guide. In the released DM basic rules, Lost Mine of Phandelver, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and the DMG teaser there are wands, staves, and rings that you can use to cas...

Q: Can a sorcerer use the Quickened Spell metamagic option on a spell cast from a magic wand?

BlueMoon93The sorcerer in my group has a wand of lightning bolts: While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast the lightning bolt spell (save DC 15) from it. For 1 charge, you cast the 3rd-level version of the spell. He asked whether he could use the Quickened Sp...

Q: Can a sorcerer use metamagic when casting a spell via a spell scroll?

Josiah RigganCan a sorcerer use metamagic when casting a spell via a spell scroll?


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