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7:43 AM
@G.Moylan I think <h2> is often avoided because the question title is always formatted using <h1>. An answer on our Meta that mentions this:
A: Use real headers instead of fake headers

KevinBe careful with level 1 headers The title of the question is an H1 (source: I just checked), and the entire question should be subordinate to ("below") the title. If the question contains a separate H1 in its body text, then this semantic relationship will fail. Putting an H1 at the top of an ...

There's also this feature request on MSE, and also this MSE answer by Shog9 that touches on the issue:
A: Is using 'header' markdown okay in answers?

Shog9I use headings in answers all the time. These are the rules I (try) to follow: Avoid h1 headers (single hash prefix) unless you REALLY need three levels of headings within your answer. You almost never do need this. Remember, there's already one h1 at the top of the page - it's the title of the...

2 hours later…
9:26 AM
Aka @trogdor bait #489604
10:10 AM
I can't believe you would do this
honestly I kinda still like the one I currently have better
10:24 AM
10:47 AM
the obvious solution is to have an animgif avatar that rotates twilights
7 hours later…
5:46 PM
@trogdor I know!
How could I.....
forget about the spider
3 hours later…
9:04 PM
how mad would you be if I switched to that one :P

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