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12:04 AM
mmm unhenanced
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2:37 AM
Conversation I just had: @ksonney: "Oh come on. What would my cutie mark even BE?" Me: " /root" Him: "...well, ok, yeah."
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6:22 AM
Posting some Sneak Attack D&D 4e errata here for convenience.
> Sneak Attack
Page 117: The feature now lets you deal extra damage once per turn instead of once per round.

When you make an attack with a light blade, a hand crossbow, a shortbow, or a sling and hit an enemy granting combat advantage to you, that enemy takes extra damage based on your level. You can deal this extra damage only once per turn.
6:41 AM
Source: the 4th edition errata, downloaded as an archive from that page, 4e Updates - Complete.pdf, page 96
7:17 AM
nice, seems useful enough
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6:00 PM
Q: How many undead can you control at one time?

NemeniaWhat it says on the tin. Level 20 wizard necromancer, all magic items allowed (with one caveat) RAW, (three attuned, the usual, plus no sentient magic items) how many undead can you maintain control over with a 100% success rate at the same time The only two requirements, no sentient magic item...

6:57 PM
Q: Do spells care if the target becomes illegal later on in the spell's duration?

SPavelA wizard wants to sneak an apparatus of kwalish past a bunch of guards, and comes up with an ingenious plan - he wants to use polymorph any object to turn the apparatus into a small acorn. However, polymorph any object can only be cast on non-magical items, so the wizard uses a targeted dispel ma...

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9:09 PM
The fact that Sherlock is not a show starring Brent Spiner AS Data AS Sherlock Holmes is proof that ours is a fallen world.
The Acorn apparatus of Kwalish exploit attempt results in the acorn transforming into a big ball of cheese that looks sort of like the apparatus of Kwalish, but is now made of cheese because it isn't magical anymore ... food problem for the party solved for a few days.
An old article, but I’m perfectly happy to position Atomic Robo as the anti-Prometheus http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-moment-when-science-fiction-split-off-from-competen-1112227008
9:28 PM
honestly, I hate "competence porn" outside of science fiction, not the other way around
maybe that makes me weird? I hate shows like House where the the character literally has no established way to actually know stuff,.. plus it has doctors breaking into their patients house to see what medication they use,... wtf?
insert "everything is lupus" joke here
I enjoy Elementary, which probably counts but has semi-reasonable justifications, well-defined areas of incompetence, and repercussions when they do totally inappropriate things.
at least Star Trek already has silly improbable things baked into it and isn't trying too hard to hide them, if most of the characters are overly competent in that kind of setting I can actually overlook it more easily
besides, I think a lot of people agree that Prometheus was a pretty horrible movie, I have not heard anyone praising it for,... how stupid most-if-not-all of the characters were
9:56 PM
@Ixrec [wave] See the link in the tweet above for context.
I think I worked it out from trogdor's comments
btw I enjoyed Prometheus for the world-building it did, but yes the characters being braindead dragged it way way down
I actually appreciated the world building to some extent myself,.... but the rest of the movie overshadowed it and destroyed most if not all of the enjoyment in it in my opinion
yeah, it is very hard to ignore
I had some trouble with the worldbuilding being so... allegorical.
that was a thing
I won't say that was the best part of the world building by any means
10:03 PM
to me that allegory seemed like something the characters were doing, and the movie essentially said "nope, not even close" near the end
the thing is, while Prometheus certainly couldn't keep its hands off of it either, most things related to Alien have to make literally everything about Weyland Yutani, and I am sick of that, at least this movie actually bothered to bring in an alien race and tried to say what they were all about
that being said,... that was such a minor good point in my books,... all the stupid in it still makes me hate the movie overall
@Ixrec that ending did kind of spit in the face of the allegory they seemed to be building
@trogdor very true, I almost really liked the story in Alien: Isolation until it turned into redoing exactly what the first Alien movie did
plus all the games
all the games, many of which are horrible even if you forget about the story in them
oh, the game part of Alien: Isolation I liked a lot
10:07 PM
@trogdor I am really hoping the next Aliens movie can at least fix the everyone being brain-damaged problem
@Ixrec that was great, the story was vastly unoriginal though
it's not going to be hard to make the Engineers interesting given what they've already established
that's the easy part
I actually had a silly theory about the Engineers making the Aliens because of a contract they had with the Predators XD
it is silly I know, but I couldn't help myself
that crossover is already canon, you could get far sillier
do you just mean the Alien Predator crossover?
10:10 PM
for a second I thought you meant the whole contract thing
like, if we want silly, we should have Doctor Who show up to talk the anti-human faction of Engineers out of black-goo-bombing the Earth or whatever they're about to do, while the Master quietly steals some of the goo and figures out how to give himself superpowers with it
fair enough XD
Let's see. Doctor Who has a crossover comic with Star Trek. Star Trek has done crossover comics with DC Comics, which has also done crossovers with Alien and Predator.
It checks out.
still not silly enough then?
10:18 PM
and then Pinkie Pie from MLP shows up to sing an obnoxious song about friendship as part of the persuading thing the Doctor was doing
Oh, it's silly. It's just also vaguely justified.
I'm not sure if Doctor Hooves counts as a crossover.
probably not, since we have no evidence that Time Lord regeneration can go all the way from humanoid to horse-noid, and MLP canon states that character is an "Earth Pony" anyway
I am fond of the ponyfic convention (affirmed by the Equestria Girls films) that people's bodies adapt to the appropriate analogous form of whichever reality they're in.
@BESW Just what I needed, another Youtube channel to watch obsessively.

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