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6:38 AM
It is a matter of wording and presentation. Mxy is almost always correct and justified in the actions he takes--certainly often enough that I'm willing to assume the very few times I've seen are just human fallibility rather than any campaign, agenda, or malice.
But using words like "shmoo," "pogrom," and "wonk" to describe citizens and their activity and attitudes is conduct which I can't see as anything except unbecoming the basic SE behaviour expectations, regardless of whether they're used to achieve proper ends or not.
That is an established pattern of behaviour which has been called to his attention, and which he defended.
But, let's be fair, he's got the best off-the-cuff insult vocabulary I've ever seen outside a work of fiction.
Credit where it's due.
5 hours later…
12:01 PM
@BESW quick sanity check if you're still here: meta.rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/3433/… is that out of line? cc @JoshuaAslanSmith
@waxeagle no that sums it up perfectly and adresses mxy's answer to the question without dismissing it.
@waxeagle Seems sane. There's also the fact that it can be (and sometimes IS) seen as mxy acting alone instead of as the Voice of the Moderators.
[orders a Shirley Temple]
^ probably the best virgin drink ever
I drank so many of those as a kid with my grandparents
@BESW right, and I'm starting to have some concerns that they may be making decisions in private that should be hashed out on meta, but those are completely unsubstantiated at this time
@waxeagle valid fears.
2 hours later…
2:08 PM
Is this room slowly becoming a permanent booze-themed hangout?
2:32 PM
@Lord_Gareth Then I should get out ASAP. I'm almost a teetotaler.
2 hours later…
4:06 PM
@Zachiel BESW is one, and he mosied up and ordered an ST. Feel free to grab yourself one and have a seat.
4 hours later…
7:41 PM
Interesting room name.
I can't take credit or it (though the description is mine).
The long and short of the other day was that a very well meaning user dropped an answer on a 4e question that had a couple of issues.
The first, and primary one, and the one that should have been handled in my meta post was that it carried a lot of the spiteful rhetoric that people have insulted 4e with for the past 6 years. (IE 4e is WOW....with dice!)
The second was that it contained basically no mechanical information related to 4e and was not advice you see typically given for a 4e question.
(essentially, throw out the rulebook, an answer that flies in the face of 4e).
Ah. Is it my inexperience with 4e that made that answer seem good to me then?
@Aaron possibly. That said, BESW thought the advice was pretty sound though pointed out the system bashing and the fact that the answer was incomplete without a description of the actual mechanics of how mounts worked.
It wasn't something I'd use in my game or recommend widely, but the intent was to say that 4e's mount rules are broken/poor at best so do what makes sense. That's generally bad advice in 4e (as it poopoos simulation), but in this case isn't particularly harmful (mounts in 4e are an oddity anyways)
@waxeagle Was the bashing subtle or am I being naive? I also though something was going on with mods arguing.
Anyways, my meta post on the subject highlighted the second problem and only touched on the first, which was a major mistake. mxy's comments on the original answer (now deleted, but present in my post) affirming the answer's validity really rubbed me (and others) the wrong way. The fact that he didn't address the system bashing or completeness of the answer was problematic.
> It will make a game more imagininative and fun over time, and you will get away from that "MMO-with-dice" that 4E feels like. If you like that feel, well, that´s ok, however.
7:48 PM
whiskey on the house!
@waxeagle So is that where the whole mod overstepping their bounds thing came from?
slides a shot to aaron and waxeagle
@JoshuaAslanSmith thankye ser
@Aaron yep. It was probably a bit out of line for me to go there, but it wasn't the first time mxy had rubbed several of us the wrong way and I went off.
@JoshuaAslanSmith Hmmm. Is Jack Daniels whisky?
@waxeagle Mxy seems to annoy everyone from what I have seen
@Aaron Tennessee Whiskey (and the only liquor properly called that particularly)
7:50 PM
@waxeagle Hmm.
Jack is ok. I really love Vodka though.
@Aaron he can be abrasive, and sometimes that's ok, other times it comes off as unprofessional. In general he does a really good job around here (as all of our mods do)
@waxeagle I don't see him much so I only have second hand knowledge and people tend to complain about people to others more then they complement them to others.
@aaron maybe oneday you can graduate to gin
@JoshuaAslanSmith I have never had gin. Are they similar?
Mxy has been helpful to me
but hes also done what he did on the firestarter of an answer to me on my answers
7:54 PM
@Aaron yeah, I get that, it can seem really negative when all you hear are complaints. Part of that is that the times when a mod is visible it's often because they are taking negative action, and that means they catch flack for it sometimes
@waxeagle Yup.
Aside from you lol. Are you a chat mod or are you just in chat a lot?
^ this. As Mxy's answer to my meta question showed, brain was just as active as him in the background infrastructure kind of mod stuff for the site, but mxy is almost defacto spokesperson for the diamond mods because hes the most vocal
@Aaron I moderate gardening and Christianity
@waxeagle Oooh.
@aaron hes just a super frequent user, you are one too, one of the top 8 or 10 actually chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/11/rpg-general-chat
@aaron click on frequently in this room (instead of currently in this room)
7:59 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith Yea. I am on here about 40 hours a week as I am on when I am at work.
I am going to be on here more once I start up my game on Saturdays.
check this out
Jeff Atwood on August 15, 2011

Who would win in a fight between a Gorilla and a Shark?

OK, maybe you’re thinking that’s a ridiculous question. Perhaps it is. But various forms of this question get asked all the time. Consider this now-ancient Stack Overflow question titled Python v. Perl:

Okay, so I’m finally making the jump into scripting languages and I have decided to focus on either Python or Perl. The problem is: I don’t know which to cut my teeth on.

Most of my programming experience is in C, Java, and C++. There’s no specific task I would be learning Python/Perl for, other that possibly applying it to my dev work to make life easier in general. …

@JoshuaAslanSmith Good lord. Looking at my rep compared to the others I am tiny.
@Aaron the rep is in answering
upvotes pay out at twice the rate and accepts are 15 a pop.
@waxeagle Ah. I don't feel comfortable enough with my knowledge to answer a lot of questions yet.
8:15 PM
@Aaron I just went back to take a peak at my early answers here. They were terrible
A: How can a Battlemind be made effective against flying/ranged monsters?

wax eaglePowers that can be used on a charge can be effective against ranged attackers up to twice your speed away (move your speed, charge your speed and make an attack). I don't know what the Battlemind has as far as options for those type of powers. As far as flying enemies, either a ranged weapon or ...

@waxeagle That bad huh?
A: Maximizing Bluff

wax eagleYou can get a +2 by choosing a background with Bluff as a trait and choosing the +2 option.

A: What is a good combat tracker for D&D 4th Edition?

wax eagleMy gaming group has been going for a few months using D&D essentials kits with tokens instead of minis, we use mini m&m candies for status effects and marks etc. They are handy and offer a nice snack option as well :) Our DM also uses inCombat and it is very handy for computing HP and keeping tr...

(in reverse order)
my next on got a few upvotes but got trumped by a proper rules cite
my first 10+ answer didn't come until almost a month later
They aren't horrible
@Aaron no, they're relatively well written, but aren't good by SE standards, the first was an opinoiny question that any answer would basically do, and the second two were far two short and not very complete.
time for me to head out
see ya
3 hours later…
11:30 PM
So, apparently in the Islamic version of the story of the Flood (Noah is a major deal in the Quran, and a LOT more is said about his life and the Flood), the whole Flood thing is Noah's idea, not God's.
He went around for years, preaching to the world that faith in God would be rewarded, but he only got a few dozen followers. So he went around preaching that arrogance and wilful ignorance would be punished by God, and everyone laughed at him and called him a fake.
So Noah prayed to God for guidance, saying that he'd done everything he could possibly think of to bring people to God and it didn't seem to be working out well.
And God responded that Noah had already found everyone in the world who was going to listen.
So Noah was so frustrated at the stubbornness and arrogance of the people that he asked God not to leave a single sinner alive on the earth.
And God said he could do that.

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