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9:56 AM
@JohnRennie I will just point out that your Physics chatroom is close to 14 days of inactivity - so perhaps something should be posted to prevent freezing.
@MartinSleziak Thanks :-) That room is no longer being used so I'm going to let it quietly die.
10:36 AM
Thanks for the response!
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12:32 PM
Q: Something fishy with canonical momentum fixed at boundary in classical action

ChamThere's something fishy that I don't get clearly with the action principle of classical mechanics, and the endpoints that need to be fixed (boundary conditions). Please, take note that I'm not interested in answers with the hamiltonian, which isn't the point here. I want to stay within the Lagr...

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11:34 PM
Q: Why do valence electrons not push each other away?

Koen de JongDear physics Stack Exchange, I asked my physics teacher why two electrons come in pairs and not push each other away as you would expect from negative charges. He said that according to the Pauli exclusion principle, there are a limited amount of states that can be occupied in certain energy leve...

11:57 PM
Q: Confusion related to emf in a loop

tensorman666To calculate the current in a closed loop of resistance R subject to a changing magnetic field which generates an emf $ \epsilon= - \frac {d(\phi)} {dt} $, we use the relation ohm's law in the form. $\epsilon=I*R$ My question is how do we use ohm's law here? Isn't ohm's law only valid in the form...

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