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1:16 AM
Q: Velocity is relative, which means acceleration is relative, which further implies that forces are relative as well

Vedant RanaSo how would we know whether a force truly exists or not. I can be accelerating a car my 5 meters per second squared but another car accelerating with the same acceleration would think that my car is at rest relative to them. So is there any force on the car? Or are forces just relative and their...

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2:32 AM
Q: How do I apply the spin operator to a wavefunction?

K.defaoiteI think this might be a dumb question so I apologize in advance. I have a model for a particle subject to a radial potential. Specifically the spatial part of the wavefunction takes the form $$\psi_{\ell,m}(r,\theta,\phi)=R_{\ell}(r)Y_{\ell,m}(\theta,\phi)$$ Here $Y$ denote the Spherical Harmonic...

20 hours later…
10:12 PM
Q: Dirac delta potential and infinite square well

ludzLet an infinite square well have its left corner at origin and right corner at $x=L$. We then have the following boundary conditions for a wavefunction $\Psi(0)=\Psi(L)=0$. Now for a different system let $V$ be the potential $V(x)=\lambda \delta (x)$ where $\delta(x)$ is the dirac delta function ...


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