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5:47 AM
Q: Why are isotropic tensors not considered scalars?

Lenus StueliIn introductory textbooks (Griffiths, Shankar, Boas) a tensor is introduced as a mathematical objects which transform in a specific manner under changes of basis (i.e. changes of the coordinate system). Specifically, a 0-rank tensor (also called scalars) is independent of such changes, whereas an...

6:46 AM
Q: Where is the "conservation" in the first law of thermodynamics?

Alvaro FranzI am learning the basics of Thermodynamics. Everywhere I read about the first law, it states "conservation of energy", and talks about how internal energy equals heat and work transfer. I am aware of work transfer being considered positive and negative depending on the point of view we want to ...

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9:30 PM
Q: Don't these experiments suggest that locality has to be abandoned in the quantum realm?

mYnDstrEAmFirst a quick recap because maybe my understanding/assumptions are flawed (you can jump to the question highlighted in bold below if you like to): Bell's inequalities require that an accurate(ly predictive) theory cannot include local realism (or have local hidden variables). Bell's theorem,...


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