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1:55 AM
Q: Are the Properties of the EM Spectrum Fluid?

yoloTo put it simply. We group our EM waves into groups such as X-rays, microwaves, visible light etc. I was wondering, if the properties of say, x-rays, slowly change into the properties of say, gamma rays, or as soon as the wavelength is larger than 10 picometers it's properties become that of an x...

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3:56 AM
Q: Why do electrons tend to be in energy eigenstates?

Charles HudginsAn oft cited problem with the planetary model of hydrogen is that, if the electron were in fact classically orbiting the proton, then it would radiate away all of its energy and fall into the nucleus. The quantum mechanical approach fixes this by saying that there exist states for the electron ...

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10:02 AM
Q: Uniqueness of bra-ket correspondence

Brian EnochWithout invoking Hermitian conjugation (which, to my mind at least, would beg the question), what is it that makes the bra $\langle\psi\rvert$ the unique dual of the ket $\rvert\psi\rangle$? For instance I know that provided $\rvert\psi\rangle$ is not null then $\langle\psi\rvert$ maps $\rvert\...


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