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12:00 AM
To both?
OK, thanks.
shouldn’t we tag as cross-platform question where more than one OS is applicable for OP?
If I want a software for Linux or Mac, that's not necessarily cross-platform. If I want it to be available on both, that is.
12:10 AM
yes that k so no need to tag it as cross-platform?
see here
"cross-platform" means the same software is available on more than one – not on "any of some" ;)
Q: Source client for Icecast video (Theora) streaming?

fNekI am searching for a source client for Icecast2. Required features: Video streaming with OGG Vorbis + Theora Capability of alternating live content and content from files. "Bonus points" if mixing is possible as well Windows or Linux, or even better, both Free, preferably Open Source I hav...

well in this question tag cross-platform was removed even if OP asked availabilty on Windows and linux
I'd say no, as it is not a "strong requirement" but rather a "nice-to-have" in this case. "Strong requirement" is: on one of those.
maybe in such cases we go lil too strong
I mean its maybe good to have OS tags in such questions,
Well, that's my opinion: nice-to-haves should be in the description only, not in the tags. Tags should stick to what's a must.
12:13 AM
yeh well
thats k probably its quite a job tagging since we have number of pretty unclear requirements in questions
@danijelc that might be OK (at least I'd not remove them then), but I wouldn't "enforce" it (i.e. I wouldn't add them if they aren't there). I would however add an OS tag if exactly one platform is targeted.
@danijelc I bet :)
But I'd also not removed the "streaming" tag from that Q :)
@Izzy yap i got
its same situation both OS and are in question same as streaming
If browsing by tag, that Q won't appear anymore now.
yap still streaming is quite a narrow tag
Though that's not a rare case, either...
12:18 AM
yap question is basically to broad either
Thanks but I need one that works with Mac and Linux as well. — Dinopet123 55 mins ago
> Is there a program for Mac and Windows that allows me to control my PC from my Mac while I am away
Can't tell, I'm not the big streamer.
want to buy comprehension
@Izzy streaming idk it should go under video or audio
Q: Is there a program to control other computers from another computer?

Dinopet123Is there a program for Mac and Windows that allows me to control my PC from my Mac while I am away. I do not care if it uses up lots of internet as I have a lot. Needs to be: Easy to set up Secure Gratis Ad free Able to work with different IPs PC, Mac and Linux compatible

@danijelc there you've got your cross-platform candidate #D
12:20 AM
he changed taht question adjusting it to answer
sinc ehe asked open source and accepted team viewer
@danijelc Yeah, but after the other answer was given.
originally question was different
See timestamps.
@danijelc meh, that's not really useful. should mean available on all platforms, not just two.
@Gilles Tell that Microsoft! For them cross-platform is when it runs on Win7 and Win8.
12:22 AM
than maybe is better to insit in platform in question
that true
I adore when they say win xp, win7 and win8 compatible
Not a joke, rather a quote (only that it was older versions)
@Gilles as soon as it runs on two different platforms, it's cross-platform IMHO.
@Izzy agree on that
In computing, cross-platform, or multi-platform, is an attribute conferred to computer software or computing methods and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms. Cross-platform software may be divided into two types; one requires individual building or compilation for each platform that it supports, and the other one can be directly run on any platform without special preparation, e.g., software written in an interpreted language or pre-compiled portable bytecode for which the interpreters or run-time packages are common or standard components of al...
Note: "Multiple", not "all".
OK, as we said two hours ago: time to go to bed, @kalina #D
Night all!
@Izzy you're quibbling on words. There's no point to have a tag to mean “runs on more than one platform”.
It's never going to be useful in a search
@Gilles: nothing runs on all platforms
12:26 AM
@JourneymanGeek which tends to indicate that the tag is useless
I could pull out an OS/2 VM and find it dosen't work.
Personally, I think per platform tags make more sense here
@JourneymanGeek agree on that
I believe its quite important to have that clear in question or tags..
Q: Definition of [cross-platform] tag

leventovShould cross-platform be used only for software, most likely desktop-clients, which looks and behaves identically or similar on different desktop platforms, for example VLC, or for services accessible from different platforms in general. In particular, should this question has the cross-platform ...

idk then maybe this cross-platform is quite useless tag.
since not many desktop apps really run on all platforms identically
A: Definition of [cross-platform] tag

GillesWe can't seem to agree on what cross-platform means. “Runs on at least two different operating systems” is not a useful meaning for a tag: I can't see a reason to subscribe to it (if I have an Windows Phone phone and an iPad phone, Windows RT/Android cross-platform apps?), to ignore it (the fact...

12:45 AM
upvoted. is only making confusion
6 hours later…
6:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek Java does, PHP does. Perl does. And more.
@Gilles Disagree. Say I want a software that ideally runs on platforms A, B, and C. With no OS tags, and no cross-platform tag, i'll have fun looking first for A+B, then A+C, then B+C. Now there is also D, which doubles the effort... (e.g. Linux, Mac, OS/2, Windows).
7:05 AM
@Izzy: I'm sure I can find a platform they don't run on.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, but that's not the point #D
A: Definition of [cross-platform] tag

IzzyIf the requirement is a software must run on at least one of A, B, D – but the OP doesn't care which: That's not cross-platform, but "any-platform" (don't make that a tag, please!). If however one needs a software which is (natively) available on more than one platform (say A+B, and ideally also...

@JourneymanGeek as to your ebook question: doesn't Calibre rename books automatically?
I use it for years already, but stopped using the GUI because of that: when converting via the GUI, it places the book into a hierarchical structure, and in the folder "<author name> you find the file <book name>.<ext>. It even retrieves covers, offers tags, and more.
So as you already mentioning it for the conversion itself: why doesn't it fit your other requirements?
@Izzy: does it? I haven't used a desktop ebook reader in years ;p
Just check the Demo show
So it does, mostly ;p
Let me know if I'm right, so I can answer your Q (I thought you tried it and it failed you for some reason – and I could not figure what that reason might have been)
7:24 AM
hm I can't seem to find them for some obscure reason. Downloading one of them to test, will take about 10 minutes or so
Find what?
@Izzy: The files themselves ;p
I KNOW I have at least one copy somewhere
Don't say "the entire Baen collection disappeared"?
I can download it easily
Yeah, looks like I had the answer right under my nose ;p
7:46 AM
hm It shows books by format. PERFECT
Most of my e-book reading is on a tablet or phone - If I'm at a PC, I can carry an actual book
Actually still working out what works for me. I just switched ebook readers for example
@JourneymanGeek Powder? "white snuff"? Don't sneeze :)
I use Calibre for a long time now. Wrote my own not-that-tiny shell scripts for conversion. Write my books in HTML, and then run the scripts on them: perfect, including hierarchical TOC :)
for a computer geek, I don't really like reading books on screens
@JourneymanGeek I read them on my tabbi, mostly. But every now-and-then, I also prefer the "real thing" in my hands :)
8:02 AM
I grew up with dead trees ;p
morning @kalina :)
@JourneymanGeek Me too. The librarians of all libraries in our town knew me before I even entered the door #D
I stayed up all night by accident playing games
now I'm only 0.7% awake
By accident.
LOL Wasn't it you proclaiming to "go to bed" even before I did?
You need two bags of icecubes, and the worst cup of coffee you can get your hands on.
8:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah #D
@Izzy I did
and then I woke up after I got paid
and then I played games all night
until like... 5am
before realising how much I was going to hate today if I didn't get at least some sleep
@JourneymanGeek Oh! Visit the "Deutsche Bahn" then (German rail). Heaters broken, and the worst coffee ever. You're awake after that one, I swear! Ralph takes care for that...
Yeah, It has to be bad coffee.
I tried it once. Even doesn't come cheap. Next time they asked me, I asked back how much they are going to pay me for drinking it...
oh, I used to drink vending machine garbage in school
8:07 AM
(Extra everything...)
Going to kitchen for a real good coffee (and breakfast) now. I've got a real good machine (well, cost me my left leg, almost)...
this is what I usually drink, ignore the bullshit about chickory
I'm just straight up using my custom close reasons when working through the close queue
8:29 AM
A: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

PeeHaastatus-completed (used this fix in V1.2.9) Some people are experiencing a problem where the auto link does not appear. This has to do with the fact that the DOM elements on which the selector is based are dynamically loaded into the DOM. The workaround for this is to change line 683 to: setTim...

2 hours later…
10:08 AM
Gah! I hate note being able to flag comments I've upvoted as obsolete. That is so counter productive.
Q: Allow flagging a comment after upvoting it

TshepangIt's sad to upvote a comment on a post that's subsequently updated in a way that renders the comment obsolete and not be able flag it afterwards. There may well be other cases where one would want to flag an upvoted comment too. Related: From November '09: Flagging a comment which was upvot...

@Caleb I agree
I'll flag it for you
@kalina BTW the hack listed in the accepted answer on that MSO post works, but it's a pain to have to do that.
also, I'm disliking this remote access question, this guy didn't seem to read my answer before downvoting it
and then he edits his question to invalidate my answer, after we've been asking him to provide more information for days.
we're going to get more and more of this particular situation as we move forward, might as well get used to dealing with it
I wonder if we have a meta post discussing what to do with answers that were valid when they were posted and whether we should keep them
huh... I'm out of flags
not used to that happening
10:28 AM
Q: Can I post as many answers as I want?

Nicolas RaoulIt seems obvious to me that users should be allowed to post several answers to the same question. But some might not agree, so I thought I would ask here, just to make sure. Let's say UserA has experience with 7 different apps that are valid answers for a single question. UserA posts for each ap...

@kalina Alternatively, those edits could be "rolled back" when necessary. Comment: "If you have a new question..."
@Izzy a roll back would cause the question to be missing requirements
@kalina Not? I already made a joke on that: "When out of votes, go to bed might be still too early..."
@kalina The guy has not idea what he's even looking for.
@kalina OK: roll-back, then VTC for missing requirements #D
10:30 AM
@Izzy my opinion is that's a little harsh
@kalina Saw the smiley? ;) OTOH, that would contribute to the "learning curve"...
@Caleb I completely agree with you, he's moved the goal posts far too many times
"Never change your question to have a complete different meaning once there're answers to it."
@Izzy it's not "completely different"
it's different enough to invalidate my windows oriented answer though
Btw: I'm just about to customize the AutoReviewComments script quoted above, to make site-specific things possible.
10:33 AM
I think I'm going to leave my answer there, and edit in some kind of "this will work if you only need to connect to Windows" sort of disclaimer on it
@kalina You know what I meant. I have no nerves for the "absolute perfect phrasing" ATM :)
@Izzy Oh sure you can ... esp when the original was meaningless. This is why that needed to be put on hold EARLIER rather than answered, but invalidating answers on an unclear question is fine, esp a closed one. If it is ever going to get opened it might need to do so to be whipped into shape.
I agree, quality is more important than anything on this site
The moment quality starts to slip, it's all over
it will turn into yahoo answers overnight
OK, you convinced me. Must be "bound to the case"...
(not quite overnight, but you get what I mean)
10:35 AM
@kalina a propos gaming: I currently hold the highscore in two places :)
two high scores?
what, overall rep and rep per week? :p
Yupp: Here, and at Android Enthusiasts. Overall.
Quarterly and yearly, too.
I got site first strunk & white on here
Currently miss the weekly and monthly #D
I'm working my way towards copy editor
10:36 AM
Got that one on ASE :)
at the rate I'm flagging I wouldn't be surprised if I got site first deputy and marshall as well
@kalina At this stage, it could happen overnight :2
although I might miss out on deputy due to arriving here later than most others
@Caleb true enough, but with this few questions we could recover from it quite easily
me is checking for reviews
Oh, empty :(
OK, gotta work to do...
10:38 AM
@Izzy oh yeah, on sites that I have access to the review queue on, there are never any reviews
A: Tags for free software and free software?

GillesSeeing a question tagged only gratis makes me really dislike this tag. The same goes for open-source. A tag that can't work as the only tag on a question is a likely criterion for a bad tag. The other “smell test” passes: gratis and open-source do have objective meanings (mostly). And sure enoug...

if I hadn't deleted my account, I'd be the #1 reviewer on arqade in all queues by at least 50% above 2nd place
death to and
@Gilles I'm pretty sure I said this last week
I would probably go as far as doing the same to operating system tags as well
but I know that will be a hard one to get people to agree to
at this rate, we'll have a bunch of people with operating system tag badges in a few weeks
@kalina OS tags are a lot more useful
10:40 AM
oh for sure, esp in comparison to those two
but that doesn't make them great tags
for example, I've favorited to , because that's my area of expertise
A: "Feature tags" only for required or also for optional features?

FlykTL;DR we shouldn't allow "feature" tags at all. I don't think we should allow "feature" tags at all - take for example the multiplayer tag which is being used against game requests. This tag serves no real purpose as the "multiplayer" feature should be specified in the body of the question as a ...

but even though I almost exclusively use open source software at home I can't see a point of favoriting
some examples probably need removing from my answer but basically: feature tags are bad... mmmkay
I can't wait until your answer gets up to highest voted on that
edit spree ftw
@kalina No! If we get rid of the tags, it won't be done through edits
10:44 AM
@Gilles +1, after blowing through a bunch of questions today using up my votes I was thinking the same thing about those tags.
@Gilles editing allows us to re-evaluate all of the questions they're on though
I've fixed so many typos and formatting issues while removing tags
@kalina Naw, those are useful. I already follow the ones I have expertise in and it is a meaningful taxonomy.
@Caleb they're not as bad as gratis or open-source, for sure
we are going to get a lot of people with tag badges in windows/linux/osx/android/ios pretty soon though
I guess that allows us to see who uses what operating system :p
@kalina LOL guess Stack Overflow is not one of those #D
@Izzy no, I hate SO
there is far too much noise for the signal:noise argument to be valid
10:47 AM
@kalina Why did you delete it anyway?
also: every time I ask a question on SO, I get a bunch of comments asking me to do things I've already said I've done before it goes all quiet and I get no answer
@Gilles Well, if you take that as "only tag" to a question, it's not that much better than "gratis" or "open-source", is it? Well, yes, a little...
@Izzy past issues that have been resolved and don't need digging back up
@Gilles You can check for bugs, trap-doors, back-doors, and all that yourself. "Use the source, Luke!"
@kalina LOL And you say you're not a geekess #D The wording alone proofs you a liar(ess)...
@kalina kk
@Izzy no, I understand the point of Stack Exchange
and signal to noise is the best way of expressing that point
10:51 AM
@Izzy I can't see the point of the tag. You don't need to lecture me on the benefits of the concept.
That's what I mean. You even explain things using "geek terms".
open-source is a feature tag
thus, open-source must die
do not quote that line out of context
@Gilles Oh – sorry, got you wrong then maybe. But if the concept ("benefits") are one of my core requirements for one reason or the other?
I don't need open source fanbois with pitchforks burning down my life
you know, my downvoted feature tag answer has actually already been answered
so the downvotes must be because of a failure for me to articulate what I meant properly?
I am going to remove it nonetheless
answer has been answered?
10:58 AM
who, what, when?
5 mins ago, by kalina
you know, my downvoted feature tag answer has actually already been answered
see statement about me failing to articulate what I meant properly
the vast majority of the tags I mentioned are gone
that makes much more sense
removed by other people
11:29 AM
Q: Rename "emails" tag to "email"?

Ira Baxter"emails" is a terrible term; email by itself is already a mass noun. Can we have "emails" renamed to "email"?

@Izzy check comments under this
Q: Is there any application available to download live streaming videos?

balajimcaI am using Ubuntu.Sometimes I am watching videos tutorials from several sites. Some sites have download section, some sites not having downlod link. I don't want to watch the same tutorial again and again with the help of internet. So I want to download the streaming videos when I watch it first ...

@StackExchange DUPE
11:59 AM
How do we feel about answers that say "I have tried this and it's ok, read these links for more information" ?
A: Java to UML generator on Linux

BuZZ-dEEI used Umbrello for generating UML class diagrams from Java code. It's open source and part of the KDE project. Further informations: Wikipedia jriddell.org

@kalina Flag LQ (low quality), leave your fine canned response, finally VTC when not updated.
@danijelc Which one specifically you are referring to?
What I especially don't like is the kind of answer: "If...you could try tools like...". Misses to point out what makes that a good solution, and basically is just a list. As I've posted an own answer there, it would look bad to leave a fitting comment on the other one (looks like "bad competition").
no no I meant your reply actualy meets all his requirements
Yuck. Recommending a screen recorder (recordMyDesktop) for saving youtube videos. How can that be upvoted the way it is???
@danijelc I know, that's why I put it (I use that plugin myself). But the other answer there... well, as I just wrote: What has a "screen recorder" to do with that?
thing is in comments he added he want good resuem capatibilty which is already in video downloader
Especially for tutorials, as it wouldn't record sound (the "spoken word")
12:13 PM
but what i do is using an desktop downloader manager in adictio to web-app
record my screen is quite non sense as anwer there
other one i flagged, down voted and commented
Il add a comment to your answer explaining how to get resume option using uGet
@danijelc Exactly! I finally decided to leave a comment, especially pointing to that.
Besides: OP already commented on my answer, seems he found it quite satisfying.
Oh yes, he did – ahem, accept it even :)
yap added few comments... thing is they hould be more clear in questions
Looking forward to mortarboard today crossing fingers
see how we should deal with answers where two apps in conjunction would give an excellent answer?
@Izzy how much u miss?
84 currently. But 12h to go :)
12:22 PM
@Gilles I responded to your comment but removed it after seeing you're suggesting we retire the private beta post
Maybe I'll continue on tag-wikis later today...
I missed mortarboard by 6 rep yesterday
further insult to injury: I submitted 3 edits that got approved 2 minutes after midnight
@kalina bad luck
I never even done one i think.. but I was never active as here on stack sites either
Do you guys agree with VTC'ing this pending more requirements?
Q: Real time video (filters/fractals..) based on music

Romain BraunI'm wondering if there is a software I could use to do the following. Having an input source of music (at a gig for example) and being able to output some video reacting to the music, in real time. Apxvj would be a good example to illustrate what I'm after, although the animations in Apexvj are...

yap flaged
12:33 PM
I'm a little bit borderline on that one and don't mind revoking my close vote but it does miss a bit of information
@kalina your call was correct. I added a comment asking for more specific details
12:50 PM
Do you think the requirments of this question should be more worded or is the image enough?
Q: Windows, Mac, IOS, or browser-based software to apply the Wall Street Journal style Hedcut Effect to a photo

braveterryLooking for Windows, Mac, IOS, or browser-based software that can create an effect similar to this from an existing photo:

I agree with your edit though
@AngeloNeuschitzer most image editors can do it with plugins AFAIK
@Braiam Then is this "too broad"?
This Q just popped up in the "close vote" review queue (unclear what you are asking), though I can't see a close vote on it.
@AngeloNeuschitzer if what @Braiam says is actually the case, then yes
@AngeloNeuschitzer That just means it was flagged..
12:56 PM
@AngeloNeuschitzer probably since the effect has a name (I don't remember it) and he doesn't specify it
Q: Widget for website pageviews

RanveerI need a widget to put up on my website that tracks the number of pageviews. The following features would be a bonus: Google analytics integration An option to choose between unique viewers/total pageviews Customisability in terms of colours, size etc. Plus, it should be lightweight. Which wi...

(forgot to post a link)
@kalina I could instantly find a way to do this with GIMP and Photoshop. I guess that means too broad then.
@AngeloNeuschitzer consider adding that as an answer if it's that easy
@Braiam is it emboss?
"Hedcut Effect" is in the title
it would be worth adding that as a comment even if we're going to close it
always better to be helpful
@kalina You think he should repeat whats in the title in the content?
1:02 PM
oh I thought you meant the title of the option you used
@danijelc I've got 7xrepcap at ASE so far. In 1.5 years...
gief more views on this
@Izzy yeh well I'm not much active in past year and half. i mean started with AU bot most issues i had were already replied.. This is actually first SE site I'm active
and I kinda have time at moment idk how much I'll be active once starting to work again
@danijelc Hehe... I also started on AU originally :)
@Izzy Ihad issue with network manager and wicd and I just run out of what i think my fix it so that’s how i started AU. Today got notable question badge for that same question. Thing on AU is hlf of questions posted daily can be immediately deleted and from other half at least 80% need heavy editing. I don’t really like how is AU nowadays
1:13 PM
Yeeha! My customized canned-response script seems to work: SR-specific responses show up on SR (but not on ASE), and vice-versa. Any Firefox-User who wants to try?
um Im on FF but have no idea what u are talking bout :|
GreaseMonkey/Scriptish does tell you something?
@Izzy I'm not on ASE - so i can't :)
You don't have to be on ASE for that. Works on all SE sites.
yap @izzy
1:15 PM
I just modified it so you can have site-specific responses.
ok so i should try it
@danijelc OK, one more customization I need to roll-back, then I post it to pastebin for you to try.
let me get greasemonkey first
Frack! pastebin.com is blocked by proxy here. Alternatives, anyone?
(no, Dropbox, Mediafire & Co are definitely blocked as well #D)
@Izzy codeblock in chat
1:26 PM
Toooooo loooooong :)
kk lemme install it
When done, to try: Open any Q, and go to create a comment. You should then find an "auto" link next to it. Click that and see :)
Ah, to install: Download the pastebin as "plain-text", save as e.g. autocomment.user.js (important part: .user.js). Opening that file in the browser will ask you to install it with GreaseMonkey/Scriptish.
yes installed
1:30 PM
Ask whenever questions arise :)
@danijelc Great! Now I'm curious how it works for you...
I cant see auto link let me restart FF
Reload of the page should do.
reloaded and resatrted FF but cant see any auto button
see screenshoot
Check: Open any Q. See whether the script is active (long ago that I've used GM; Scriptish shows the active scripts in its dropdown)
1:35 PM
Should be next to the "help" link. Do you have any GreaseMonkey icon in one of your toolbars?
also under add on script result active
Usually an "ape-head"... ah. Does it show anything on mouse-over, or offer a dropdown?
Andything in the error console?
yap says enabled let me check greasemonkey option I didnt use it from like 2004
LOL I switched to scriptish years ago...
@Izzy just gimme the new text ;)
1:38 PM
@Braiam ??? Which new text?
idk no error logs either
um im no expert at all but i cant see under scripts setting software reccomendation URL
I didn't add new responses (except for one copy-paste from kalina). I modified the script to permit site-specific stuff.
see I tested on AU either notig but AU question web url is not in scripts settings
1:44 PM
@danijelc There are no specific script settings. It should work out-of-the-box.
it is:
// @include http://*askubuntu.com/questions*
// @include http://*askubuntu.com/review*
// @include http://*askubuntu.com/admin/dashboard*
// @include http://*askubuntu.com/tools*
Have you used the scrollbar? Two lines later comes *.stackexchange.com
// @include http://*stackexchange.com/questions*
// @include http://*stackexchange.com/review*
// @include http://*stackexchange.com/admin/dashboard*
// @include http://*stackexchange.com/tools*
so should work with *
Doesn't GM show what scripts are active when you're on a page?
it says enabled only
actually says autorevies comments
1:50 PM
That's the corresponding Scriptish-dropdown. Line 4 shows "AutoReviewComments" being active on the current page
Anything like that with GreaseMonkey?
yap slight different but that meaning
Yepp, that, exactly.
So it's there.
yes all looks K but no auto option
Though you're on meta there :) Maybe try the main site?
yes tried :)
ask ubuntu main and meta too
1:54 PM
(should work on meta as well, but I've never tried)
travel and photography tested too but no auto
@danijelc Did you click "add comment"?
let me try
(I stumbled upon this one)
theres an "auto" there!
1:57 PM
@AngeloNeuschitzer Uh-oh... Of course it doesn't show before you do that. Makes no sense otherwise #D
@Izzy Disputed!
im still no auto for me
What? That it doesn't show before?
I thought it would show anyway.
No. It's a auto comment paster. Makes no sense without a comment field.
1:59 PM
@Izzy Why? At it is a "comment paster" it should open the comment field it uses.
Hm, so maybe it has trouble with GM, don't know, I'm using Scriptish as said.
Compare: Screenshot - editor. You press "PrntScr" and it does a screenshot and opens. No need to open the program before that :)
@AngeloNeuschitzer Ah. So "This is not an answer" makes perfect sense then, as it would be added *to the question". I see #D
I use Greasemonkey.
idk see my experience to GM date to 2004 soo i cant be much help with that

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