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9:00 PM
Oh, what a day!
Sweet, at this new place I get to work with all the difficult things :( Java, round robin DNS, Devs, MongoDB(not setup properly) , poor security
It's a game community for Minecraft
@ewwhite Did your dog get you a present?
@Jacob good start.
@MDMarra no, I'm recovering from yesterday's emergency HP transplant.
@ewwhite Yeah, I'm going to get HaProxy in place ASAP
And a client (a well-known website) just wrote in: Please take pr0n-web8 and web9 to 16 GB as soon as possible!!!
9:04 PM
@ewwhite Is that 16 GigaButts ?
@ewwhite 16GB in a front end server?
So I look at pr0n-web9 and see...
[root@pr0n-web8 ~]# uptime
 17:04:22 up 954 days, 16:16,  2 users,  load average: 0.74, 0.64, 0.64
Are they doing caching at the web layer? Seems like a lot if they're not
Happy Father's Day to anyone who is a dad!
9:05 PM
So they're using a 3rd party CDN?
Why do they need that much RAM in the web tier then?
[root@pr0n-web8 ~]# uname -a
Linux pr0n-web8 2.6.18-164.10.1.el5 #1 SMP Wed Dec 30 18:35:28 EST 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
They each have 4GB RAM
9:08 PM
Seems reasonable
I'm making corned beef
@MDMarra It's just a lab
they're E5405 CPUs... so old-ish. We'll see. But I'm SCARED that this particular site has a web server that's been up that long.
@MDMarra That's what you kids call it these days?
@MDMarra In prod environments, the local Administrator is account is disabled, renamed, a fake local account is created with no privileges, disabled, and renamed to Administrator. :)
This is your third unintelligible question in under an hour. Please think your thoughts through completely and concisely before you vomit them to the front page. — MDMarra 20 secs ago
@RyanRies I usually don't but I get shit for it
I think I'm starting to come around to disabling built-in\administrator, but still..why rename then disable?
That part I never understood
@MDMarra Tradition.
9:11 PM
MS recommends it though
Renaming the account might thwart a 5 year-old for a few minutes, but it will always be SID-500
that was my thought
can you guys close everything he's asked, pls
It's all terrible
Alright, here goes my third attempt at running Install-ADDSDomainController :(
lots of fun switches
Well I've been having this problem where it just hangs forever on "creating NTDS site settings object"
And never completes
Luckily it's a lab and I've got the whole domain snapshotted so I can roll everything back when it happens
Whatever is wrong, they need to add it to the prerequisite checks before it commits
9:19 PM
I've narrowed it down to one of these things 1) I disabled 8dot3 file name creation before trying to promote 2) I had the hypervisor time sync integration service turned off, and 3) Windows firewall rule maybe
ah man, I can't believe this. My girl just told me she found some of the street cats she feeds at the backyard dead. Apparently some bastard has poisoned them.
Hey guys.
@RyanRies Should be easy enough to figure out
why do you have time sync off
Only because I'm more comfortable with NTP
9:27 PM
So Microsoft in its infinite wisdom has made this a bit difficult. I have a Dell that I stripped (dead mobo) and put all the parts into an HP laptop. Well, everything worked (surprisingly) ...although, after a few weeks now it's saying "Windows is not genuine" and complains about an invalid key.
I thought that the MS-recommended config was have the physical hosts and guests configured to sync from the domain hierarchy and to leave time sync on?
Problem is, the Dell laptop doesn't have a sticker on it, and the HP has a Vista key :(
@dawud :( that's terrible.
@NathanC doh
@NathanC That's normal and expected. Activation issues are why MS recommends businesses use KMS for activation
Well, this is a "home" laptop. Putting it together for a friend of mine heh
9:28 PM
Activation is tied to the hardware, change too much and you need to reactivate
ah bummer then
@Cole so sad, indeed.
It's installing updates ...I can probably "fix" the issue, but from my experience it doesn't always stick.
@dawud i cant imagine what i'd do if my cat was poisoned
Like what kind of sick fuck are you?
Speaking of sick fucks, hello @MarkHenderson
@Cole yeah. the worst thing is I might know the guy
@dawud maybe you should poison him, see how he likes it.
9:30 PM
@Cole Sup cunt
lol cunt is a fantastic word.
Masturbating furiously now that you're single I guess
Nope, doing NO FAP
@Cole Is it? Not really a huge fan, I only use it when I want to make an entrance
I like it, a lot of people are very offended by it. I think twat sounds worse than cunt.
9:32 PM
@MDMarra From this article, last updated in 2013: "For virtual machines that are configured as domain controllers, it is recommended that you disable time synchronization between the host system and guest operating system acting as a domain controller. This enables your guest domain controller to synchronize time from the domain hierarchy"
"This guidance has been recently updated to reflect the current recommendation to synchronize time for the guest domain controller from only the domain hierarchy, rather than the previous recommendation to partially disable time synchronization between the host system and guest domain controller."
this guy thinks I was too rude to him, was I?
Q: Amazon EC2 Linux AMI MySQL Problems

goddfreeI'm running a web server off of an Amazon EC2 instance, and I'm using the Amazon Linux AMI as my instance operating system (I think it's CentOS or something). Anyways for the past month or so something weird has been happening with MySQL. Around once a week, it seems that MySQL will randomly ju...

@dawud No
@dawud nope'
Tell him to douche the sand out of his vagina.
9:33 PM
@RyanRies huh
@MarkHenderson @Jacob thanks
how about that
@MDMarra omg I knew something MDMarra didn't
I feel like a god
@MarkHenderson lol me too dude
Son of a bitch it's stuck again
9:34 PM
I'm all smoke and mirrors
what about the log that promotion makes?
I don't know what I'm doing differently from the two dozen other 2012 DCs I've promoted
I forget the name of it, but it's in c:\windows\debug
yeah let me have a look
@Cole omgwtfbbq
I've been watching the re-make of Neon Genesis Evangellion - it's a bit disturbing how much sexuality they've given to 14-year-old characters that wasn't in the original TV version
Spent the day going through my finances yesterday. Canceling my parent's line, taking the rest of my stuff out of storage and canceling it, cutting down my cable/internet bill down to minimums
word up
Shitloads of Access Denied errors while making RPC calls :\
Comcast has a double play package for $89/mo with 50/25 internet and digital economy TV
9:38 PM
@MDMarra so saving close to ~$180/month alone
Gotta talk the wife into the economy TV pack
@MDMarra I would never go to Comcast from FiOS. I mean I'll threaten Verizon with leaving to Comcast for a better deal but yeah
I don't have a choice
I only get Comcast
I'm going down the Prime HD.
Has all the HD channels I actually watch.
for $35 less as month
@MDMarra I find it so weird that you guys have to pay for TV. That's probably one of the only good things about living here - we got good TV OTA for free
9:40 PM
@MarkHenderson I mean, we have OTA TV free too, but it's like 6 channels
If you want the good shit, you gotta pay up
@MDMarra Yeah we only have 6 channels too but they cram all the good shows into them
Actually I lie, there's about 20 channels now since we went digital
But only 6 broadcasters, each one has 3 or so channels
This being a responsible adult thing sucks
Better than being a poor adult!
True, so very true.
I'm actually very happy to be single. I feel relieved.
Doesn't stop her from talking shit about me on FB and Instagram, but whatever.
@Cole Dude that's her right. You broke up with her, she gets to tell everyone all your dirty secrets
9:46 PM
block, son
Thats kind of how it goes
@MDMarra about to.
@MarkHenderson yeah well, that's why I broke up with her - she's immature.
If we'd get into an argument she'd post something on FB, indirectly about me/to me/etc
I flipped out on her because of it. Told her that's between us, and not us and Facebook. Like fuck.
@Cole Thats what you get for dating a hot piece of ass.
In my younger days I dated a few highschool girls, god looking back it was horrible
I'm telling my son not to bother with girls until he's 20
Meh, my ex before her was hotter.
But I'm 26 and she's 23..
ugh I'm going to be 27 this year, dammit.
She posted this gem:
So my sister texted me and said "Then light yourself on fire, bitch."
I don't understand women, I understand cats.
@Cole That's implying that she wasn't hot when you were dating but she's making herself hot now that she's single. Joke's on her.
She just insulted herself without knowing it
9:51 PM
I'm not upset/do not miss her at all. So I really don't care.
@Cole Cats are vicious killing machines that have no mercy for innocents, who kill for fun even though they are loved and fed.
@MarkHenderson but that makes WAY more sense than any woman.
@Cole Bollocks, you do a little bit. It's OK to have feelings about it
@MarkHenderson I really don't lol. I think I've spent the last month emotionally separating myself from her.
I was over her and before I broke up with her. It's only been ~3 months.
@Cole Fair enough
9:54 PM
I think I'm perfectly okay being alone with no wife or kids for the rest of my life.
My friend had that happen to her; her husband spent about a year emotionally divorcing her before filing for it properly
That's probably what I would do. Defense mechanism.
@Cole Personally I don't think there's anything too wrong with that - just as long as you are actually okay with it, and not just saying that to avoid emotional conflicts
@MarkHenderson I've just realized there's only about .00001% of the population who will date transpeople. (men and women) I'm straight so that narrow it even more and then the women who will, are all batshit crazy. More crazy than typical women. So it's like, really what's the point?
@Cole So, I have to ask. You're straight and a dude but you don't have a cock yet, so does that mean you're a dude who dates lesbians?
9:58 PM
Because I'm thinking if you get a cock that might make things easier?
I dunno, just thinking out loud here
@MarkHenderson It won't, especially since if I do it'll only be 1-2"
So really, not worth it.
Plus a lot could go wrong/lose feeling or pee into a bag for the rest of my life.
My recent ex is bisexual, my ex before her is 110% straight.
Which was awesome, but I fucked it all up
I'm still not over her, so it wasn't really fair to be with my recent ex in the first place.
@Cole Well time will heal that wound
If you don't keep scratching at it
10:00 PM
It's gotten a lot better, it's been like 7 months.
@Cole One of my friends is dating someone new and still isn't over the ex from a year ago, and they dated less than 3 months.
She said she was, but ...no. Still talks to him, etc. I'm like -_-
@NathanC it doesn't matter the amount of time spent together, it matters what happened in that period of time. I've spent 1+ years with someone but felt more for someone else who I only spent a few months with. It's the power of the connection.
Well she's hurting herself by continuing to talk to him, I don't talk to my ex.
Although I have to drive by her house every day.
She told me today she's not talking to him anymore...but that won't last long heh.
It's hard, my (previous) ex was like my best friend. I genuinely enjoyed just hanging out with her.
Yeah. The issues I see my friends go through kind of makes it easier to be single honestly.
10:04 PM
I am sad I'll probably never marry/have kids.
Saying never means you've already lost, so never say that.
@Cole You're still young. Very young. There is plenty of time for things to change
It sucks because a girl will be into me, then she founds out I'm trans. All of a sudden just stops talking to me or just friend zones me.
Plenty of fish in the sea. :P
(Most cliche phrase ever, but whatever)
It never gets easier to stab myself in the leg with a 1" needle
10:19 PM
Ouch...I probably couldn't even do it. I hate needles ;.;
The needle hurts less then the injection
Just thinking about needles makes me squeamish.
1/2mL of testosterone
@MDMarra Never mind me, I'm a fucking idiot, I was logged on as machine\Administrator and not domain\Administrator
Fuck that's embarrassing
Ugh, Avast...your "BUY MEEEEE" popups are annoying.
10:33 PM
@NathanC Thats kind of the point
Well, at least when you do the free registration it stops throwing itself at you
10:52 PM
I hate the new FAQ
The old one you could say "Did not you not read the FAQ? You teh suxors", but there's no way you can expect anyone to actually read this new faq
Looks very cloud-y
The real things we want people to read are pushed to the far right hand side too; they should be on the left where people will see them
11:17 PM
@RyanRies oh my
@ewwhite do you have an inside hookup at OWC?
@MDMarra Don't look at me, I'm hideous
@MDMarra yes.
@MDMarra and I'm down with O.P.P.
If you like NT, this was probably the best session at TechEd: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2013/WCA-B401

My favorite is the bit about dredging up the events that never got committed to the event log nanoseconds before a crash.
@RyanRies I need to watch all the channel 9 stuff
@MDMarra I was hoping you wanted the O.P.P.
11:23 PM
i dunno what that is
besides the rapper
@MDMarra That's cheap!
That's retail price!
yeah, don't be so cheap!
It's for the wife's notebook though
if you had fixed my Active Directory problem, you would have made enough to pay full retail!
11:32 PM
So, I don't really care
I told you I'd fix it!
Give me another box to move DHCP to, I'll migrate, you update the ip helper, then I fix the DC
easy peasy
fix it in-place!!
There's nobody there right now
A: The file system /dev/loop0, has reached critical status because it is 100% full

Falcon MomotThe loop0 is a loop device, which passes accesses to userspace for processing. In consequence, the reason for this behaviour depends on how you have set it up. Devices aren't constrained to reporting the actual available space, and can fail writes more or less arbitrarily. For instance, if the...

why oh why have kindergartens gone into business as shared hosting providers en masse?
@ewwhite Running DHCP on a DC is janky anyway
Don't you have a file server to move it to or something?
it's a 10-user company.
So you only have DCs?
11:35 PM
@MDMarra ...why? they have similar requirements and don't conflict materially.
Exactly. I don't think DHCP on DC is a bad idea.
as a bonus, it pretty much guarantees you're using static IPs for your DCs :)
especially since DNS is there.
yeah, DNS updates over loopback
@FalconMomot Not recommended. And definitely not recommended if you're using DHCP to do DNS proxy updates
11:36 PM
not recommended by whom?
Though, DHCP DNS proxying is gross
@FalconMomot Microsoft
huh. news to me.
10-user site. All people care about there is getting to their Linux server and shipping garlic.
I've never had an issue with it- perhaps the intent of the recommendation is to increase the number of licenses required? :P
if you are using linux, just use the ISC DHCPD and be done with it :)
it will make your life much easier :)
@FalconMomot Not really.
11:37 PM
It's the same number of CALs whether it's on a DC or not. And I'm not telling anyone to spin up a server just for DHCP
The balance is in favor of Windows in this environment.
I jest, of course.
I've worked on plenty of DCs that have DHCP on them in @ewwhite's warehouses :)
I'm just saying when I draw up a design for clients with real IT dollars DHCP is redundant and not on DCs
that it should be redundant almost goes without saying
That's where I miss ISC DHCP
although, I guess W2012 has failover, right?
11:39 PM
But, in this case, something on this specific DC is clearly fucked up and you've been wrestling with it for months. Just move DHCP off (even to another DC) and blow the box away and start over
I avoid using it
@ewwhite yeah, shared scopes with lease replication
What do you need in order to handle this, @MDMarra
tell your wife you're going above and beyond to get her Mac goodies.
@ewwhite VPN access, Domain Admin, name/IP of fucked up server, name/IP of somewhere I can move DHCP to (even another DC is fine). Then, I'll look at the fucked up DC and see if it's really broken or if it's just something weird with DHCP
And free reign to reboot whatever I feel like :)
And if things really are broken on it, you may have to spin up a new VM to take it's place, but I'll handle everything past the provisioning of the VM
(unless you want me to do that too and give me vSphere credentials)
@MDMarra garlic.garlic.com, GarlicAdmin:garlickygarlic...
11:44 PM
garlic is wonderful.
Ahh, thank goodness e3 is over.
my RSS feeds are back down to a managable level
@JourneymanGeek I don't subscribe to anything that is E3 related, but my casual browsing of google news and kotaku has been filled with "don't care, don't care, don't care" lately
@ewwhite so did you actually want me to do this?
@MarkHenderson: pretty much the same here. I read a few gadget blogs, and it was mostly that.
11:56 PM
Unless it's the announcement of Half-Life 3, I'm fairly difficult to impress
@MDMarra yes
Ok. email me the info. My bedtime is approaching
I'm sick of:

- PS4 v XBone
- Android vs iOS7
If I see either of those two things I'm turning you off for the foressable future
I seriously don't care about those things either
or gadgets in general
ASIC prototyping is nice though
the particulars of new x86 extensions are sometimes good for a laugh
um... what else...
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