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2:03 PM
<love when I cause awkward silence in the room>
@TheCleaner We're just doing real work :)
@MDMarra I have a question for you good sir.
Dammit @Cole! You interrupted my ^- agreement!
It's about clou- er, my butt.
@Jacob Like he's gonna fall for that
2:08 PM
@MathiasR.Jessen I actually am doing real work though :)
Sadly, the adderall actually is helping me focus so I am doing real work.
@Cole Adderall? How's that working out for you?
I'm partial to crack cocaine, myself
Gets me through the day
@MathiasR.Jessen first day today, got prescribed it yesterday. Was diagnosed with ADD & OCPD
@Cole sup
2:12 PM
@MDMarra My company is looking for a private/self hosted Dropbox like solution.
Anything that would be possible with an MS product?
@Cole I take baclofen and I'm TIRED ALL THE TIME!!
@Cole owncloud
@Cole Doesn't Office 365 do that?
@Cole I've been diagnosed with ADD recently... kinda. Still waiting for a psych evalution before I can get free therapy and prescription meds - which is extremely frustrating
@Jacob yeah, we know about that - he's looking for a more "known" company.
@Cole It's solid
@Jacob so I've read, but I don't make the decisions.
@Travis yeah we wouldn't be going Office 365 though - we're a Domino shop.
@Cole SkyDrive? businessinsider.com/…
@Travis has to be internal/hosted in our datacenter
So you want my butt to be internal to your organization?
They don't trust my butt here for anything.
2:15 PM
@Cole Not really.
Same here. So didn't Microsoft come up with that already. It's called....umm...I got it. Right on the tip of my tongue...File servers? ;)
@Cole Work Folder Sync in 2012 R2 might do some of it
@MDMarra Alright thanks.
@Cole Here's some others that are non-MS... community.spiceworks.com/topic/…
@Travis Yeah, I know. My company is a bunch of tools bags.
@Travis yeah I looked at those. But they're not "known companies".
He had me email Solarwinds.
I don't get why my company has such a hard-on for Solarwinds.
When you do a phone screen/interview, and the interviewee says "So, tell me about yourself." I'm always like "derp"
Do you guys write out what you're going to say/have a canned response for that?
2:18 PM
@Cole You should politely request to reconsider owncloud
@Jacob I have.
or politely ask them exactly why they need something like DropBox
@Cole Usually I'm the one wanting 'well known" but since I got out of the .gov I've been going more open source type stuff
what features are they looking for exactly?
I know as soon as we implement a software for it, it'll always be Cole!! Fix my butt!!
2:19 PM
@Cole "I like to lay on my bed watching panda porn while rubbing oil into my tired muscles at the end of an exhausting day at the gym."
@Cole I don't think I've ever asked that, it's a crap open ended question. but I'd probably run with how much I love technology, the things I play with and perhaps a little bit about what I do outside of work (Cars, bikes, running etc)
@MikeyB You too, eh?
@Tanner I asked, my manager said Because that's what they asked for.
He's a yes man, never questions.
That's why he's in management!
@Cole Easy way to get around it. What are all of their requirements? Simple file sharing? Global file sharing? iPad compatible? Need to know so you can get the proper tool :)
Except his subordinates
@Travis Yeah, he's in meetings for the next 2 days straight. I'm going to ask him (for the 5th time) what do they actually need
@Dan Apparently the companies here suck at interviewing.
Mine didn't interview me at all. They talked about the company and what they wanted to do
2:21 PM
@Cole - you want internal dropbox from MS? Isn't that what DFS-R and offline files is?
@Cole 'er... they asked for DropBox, he said yes, give them DropBox. Unless he knows what features they like about DropBox there's no good way to pick a service. File sync across multiple computers internally? labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html No need for anything central. If it's the collaboration they like: Sharepoint, Office365, or Google Apps
@TheCleaner I said that, but I work with idiots.
@Tanner Company refuses to do anything hosted externally for "security reasons".
Do you know which users requested it? Maybe you should talk to them and find out what they really want.
@Cole Find new employment.
2:22 PM
@Cole Mine says the same thing....not putting anything in my butt! It's not secure and anything can get into it!
@Tanner Not a clue. My manager goes to meetings all day and just comes back, sends us emails on what he needs us to do.
I've been looking for a new job, no luck. Need to rewrite my resume thanks to @MDMarra's help.
I need to come up with $225 to retake my VCP. Can't believe I failed by 30 points (270, need 300 to pass)
Better than me
@Cole Won't your toolbag-employer pay?
@Travis I think I told this story, how my girlfriend threw a fit the night before the exam that she wanted to come over. I told her no, because I needed to study - and basically she annoyed me until I finally said "FINE" and then she wouldn't let me study
@MathiasR.Jessen no, they don't value certs.
At all
What sucks is, I have very good benefits here. Too bad the environment/job sucks.
2:25 PM
Ubuntu: "Oh no! You haven't configured a swap partition! I like swap! Please configure some!"
Me: "Ubuntu, you have 512GB of memory and 32GB of disk."
Ubuntu: "BUT I LIKE SWAP!"
@Cole Yep. I went from one of those vmware classes to the test 2 days later...I figured out I don't know anything about VMware apparently. Too many vNetwork questions
@Travis vApp questions got me.
@Cole The funny thing about this is that we went to O365 and one of the "pros" was that it was more secure than hosting internally. I basically told them, MS can do a lot better job than I can securing our data.microsoft.com/online/legal/v2/?docid=27
@Cole My employer was like that once... Then Microsoft revamped the certification requirements for upholding Partner status - now everything is paid :D
2:26 PM
@Cole I don't remember any of those.
@TheCleaner yeah, we'll never got O365 - since we're Domino.
@MathiasR.Jessen well, we're not a consulting group. Internal IT for a manufacturing company.
Oh hey, they were "Safe Harbor" certified on my birthday. /random
So no money, shit technology, and 50% of the company has been working here for 20+ years. No lie.
@Cole Sounds like the company I work for.
@MikeyB why so little disk?
2:28 PM
@Cole I'm counting down the days to shut down Domino. So excited.
@NathanC However, we're 6000+ people.
Cisco ASA question here...
@Tanner I hate you, so much.
@Cole What a joyous and inspiring environment cough cough
@MathiasR.Jessen yeah, I hate my life.
2:28 PM
Damn you markdown
Who here knows the most? @pauska?
@Cole - wow...I haven't seen a Lotus product in over 10 years...since I worked for a large telecom company.
@ewwhite You rang?
I know some ASA...
@Jacob KVM host. Images via GPFS/NFS. Nothing to see here, move along.
2:29 PM
@Cole Sounds just like where I work. The "shipping manager" has been here since he was 16. He makes $600/week more than I do with no college education and when you call him to "manage" something he says...oh go talk to the forklift operator and tell him your problem
So I have a client who has client VPN... to an ASA 5505.
Fair enough.
@ewwhite When you have so much knowlegde that you need to channel some of it through a Sock puppet, you know way too much
I used split tunneling.
But I make due, and after @pauska ripped me a new one in here one day - I've tried to stop being a sandy vagina about it. It's not permanent situation.
2:29 PM
Sigh, spiceworks just fell over randomly.
but they have a client who wants to restrict their source IPs...
@ewwhite motherfscker I'm trying to set up ASA5505 <-> pfSense. LOTS OF FAIL
@Travis I get paid very well here too, especially for the area. I'm pretty sure I'm the highest paid in our group.
@ewwhite "restrict their source IPs" <- explain
2:30 PM
@NathanC That's spiceworks for ya
so the client is asking if I can selectively add routes to their client's public IP range so that it's all routed through the ASA
@ewwhite - meaning they only want certain client IPs to connect to the VPN?
@Jacob Yeah, not the first time. I have a nagios alert just for it :p
@Cole I have learned that since I'm 3 miles from work now, it doesn't matter what happens as long as I can just about do whatever I want...to include sitting in here all day BS'ing
Automatic updates kicked in.
2:31 PM
@Travis yeah, I'm 8.5 miles.
@Cole I was 100 miles, 1 way with my old job so I'm happy to be closer
It's rather silly you have to run it on windows...
@ewwhite Didn't we just see a question on this?
@Travis @Cole lol I'm around 1 mile from home.
@MikeyB I was just going to create a new VPN profile that doesn't use split-tunneling.
2:32 PM
@Travis I was ~40 miles - but sitting in Boston traffic. I did the 100 miles when I lived in CT and worked in Boston.
but if I can just inject a couple of routes in, that may do the job
@Cole I did the 100 miles with traffic. It would take me 3 hours to get home sometimes
Okay, not automatic updates. It's installed as a service so it did come back when it rebooted over the weekend
Q: How do I route a public IP range over an IPSEC VPN?

William HilsumSo, I have an established IPSec Site to Site tunnel. Site A has a SonicWall, Site B has a EdgeRouter. The first tunnel consists of Site A's NATed ips to Site B's NATed ips. Everything works as expected. Next, I have a public IP range that Site B needs to access, but, requests need to look lik...

@Travis Oh yeah, been there.
2:33 PM
^ trying to do that?
@Travis I currently do ~37 miles one way. A good $50/week on gas :(
Told my girlfriend I was in meetings so she'd stop blowing up my phone. She hasn't.
@MikeyB basically
Plus my car's burning oil like it does gas (like a quart a week) ...but I can't afford to have it in the shop since rentals are expensive
@ewwhite - still not sure what you are asking...
2:34 PM
@NathanC what do you drive?
03 cavalier
@NathanC I have a Mustang GT. I was doing $45/day
@NathanC Now I'm about $40/week
I had a 99 as my first car. I just got my '12 Mazda3 hatchback last year - replaced my '06 Cobalt LT
@Travis Well, you have a mustang.
15 MPG :)
Better than my truck...11 MPG
and diesel
2:35 PM
Mine's about 30 mpg
@Ward Sorry, I need at least 56cm to fit.
@TheCleaner Developers at home. They VPN to data center. Split tunnel. But THEIR client only wants to allow access to their public IP network range from the data center's source addresses. So I need to inject routes into the VPN tunnel.
@NathanC I'm probably going to need a new car. Was thinking of getting a Can-Am Spyder though..30+ MPG and a fun ride
I want a new car and can afford the payments, but not payments AND the insurance hike
@NathanC @Travis mine on the highway averages 35-40mpg
2:37 PM
I quoted a '13 kia rio (which is a cheap-ass car to begin with) with my insurance
they want $330/month
i'm like ..."fuck no"
@NathanC what about take the money you'd spend on a car payment and put it into a savings account for a used car, or downpayment to lower the payment.
@Cole It's not the car payments I'm worried about ...it's my car insurance >.<
@ewwhite - so when devPC tries to get to client pub IP it needs to come from devPC's VPN IP and not their split-tunnel IP, right?
@NathanC yeah my insurance went up when I legally changed my gender.
@TheCleaner yes
2:38 PM
@Cole Yep, because insurance for guys is higher lol
It's about ~$110/month
@NathanC which is dumb, because women are terrible drives.
I pay $121/month right now...full coverage, $250 deductible
My ex girlfriend hit everything but the lottery with her car.
@NathanC that's not bad, but it's also on a '03 Cavy lol so $110 isn't bad for full coverage, $500 deductible on a '12 Mazda3
@Cole I'm also in the "high risk" age range (18-24) so that doesn't help either. Heck, I'd get charged more for a rental car too
@NathanC oh yeah you do.
2:40 PM
@ewwhite Yeah, you just want to add split tunnel routes for the public IP range to the VPN config that gets pushed to clients. Should work.
Being an adult sucks.
Progressive is the only one with this rate too. When I was shopping for insurance, every company I went to wanted >$300/month
for the same coverage
@MikeyB easy?
I have Progressive as well @NathanC
@NathanC Same. My first years' insurance was £750, second was £550, last year was £401 and when I pay next month I'm hoping for £300. That's on a 1 litre petrol Nissan Micra.
2:41 PM
I actually asked one agent "how can you justify charging more for insurance than what I do for my car payment?" ...no good answer
I think we get a discount on Liberty insurance here, but I hear they suck.
So, I'm stuck until either a) i find a salaried job so I can afford it anyway, or b) wait until i'm 25 at least so my insurance goes down :P
@NathanC 24, married, with kid. Brings my insurance down a lot. New Kia + new Jeep Wrangler: $130 a month.
@Tanner damn!
But married + kids = $$$$
Yeah, especially married... guess who drives the Jeep? :P
2:44 PM
I'm convinced I'll never get married/have kids, which I guess is okay.
@Tanner your wife.
That's how it is with my sister and BIL. She always gets the new car :P
The Kia was actually "hers" too. She was convinced she could drive stick. She couldn't.
@ewwhite - I can look at a 5505 here in a few minutes if you want and give you ADSM screenshots
May I recommend the iPad app "Toy Story: Story Theatre"

It lets you create little animated films featuring all your favourite Toy Story characters, you can make them do what you like and add their voices saying anything you like.

Just imagine that for a moment...in my hands.
The fact it's illegal to pump your own fuel in some US states strikes me as...odd.
@Chopper3 uh...oh.
@Chopper3 Poor Jessie and Bo. =(
@tombull89 I grew up in one of those states.
2:47 PM
@tombull89 Because people are idiots and do things like smoke or use their cell phone or get in/out of their car while it's pumping
and kabooM!
or at least fire
@WesleyDavid Wasn't...there a purple octopus in TS3?
but kaboom is more dramatic
@WesleyDavid You can enter a story into their competition, mine involved sheriff woody breaking his pelvis while getting fucked by a bank robber - think I'll win?
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy. I'm Woody. There's a snake in my boo-my butt.
@Chopper3 I was expecting something more orgiastic and bestial.
Hi @BrentPabst! You picked a helluva time to come back to The Comms Room.
2:49 PM
@ewwhite I'm running a benchmark to see if I can reproduce the lock-up. I updated the RAID card's firmware and the bios while i was at it
@WesleyDavid Hey Cat
@tombull89 "Someone's poisoned the waterhole - with jizz!"
Told my girlfriend at 9AM I had meetings, she said "ok!" when I said I'd text her when I could - she's sent 5 texts now. WTF WOMAN
@Cole DUMP
@Tanner actually, I'm going to.
2:51 PM
@Cole Overly communicative eh?
@BrentPabst overly up my ass 24/7.
@Cole bin her, imagine what she'd be like married with kids, you'd only get a moment to yourself when shitting
@Chopper3 exactly
@Cole Sounds about right
2:51 PM
@Cole Uh oh, we've got a clinger...
@Cole when you do dump her can you film it and put it on here please?
@Chopper3 wow.
My therapist said to me "I never say this to a client, at least directly, but run, run very fast"
@Chopper3 You saw that one too, huh?
@Chopper3 I'll probably have to do it over the phone, but sure.
2:52 PM
@WesleyDavid no, just fancy watching
@Cole Yep, hoping my girlfriends therapist isn't telling her the same thing about me
@WesleyDavid Stage 7 clinger.
@WesleyDavid So... what have I missed?
@Cole easier still to share as an mp3 - none of that ogg vorbis shit though right
2:53 PM
@BrentPabst I'm not saying I'm the easiest person to be with. I'm not, not at all.
I'm kind of a dick.
Kind of?
But my therapist reassures me that just because I'm a guy.
@ScottPack :(
@Cole Your therapist is nuts
@BrentPabst Hmm... We have two new dictators, HopelessNoob committed ServerFault suicide, I still don't own a bike, and none of us likes my butt.
What did HopelessNoob do now?
2:54 PM
@BrentPabst yes that about sums it up what @WesleyDavid said
I voted for the dictators btw...
@ewwhite - on your ASA is it using AnyConnect? Regardless (I think), the config you are looking for (at least in the ASDM) is under the Policy for the Connection profile, under Advanced, Split Tunneling. That's where you would set Network Lists up to force certain traffic across the tunnel. Does that help or do you need actual CLI commands?
@BrentPabst I thought about you the other day, I think I had stumble across an answer of yours. I was like WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!?
I got promoted :|
busy busy
Speaking of VPN appliances... anyone know off hand about how much roughly you pay for user licenses?
2:57 PM
You mean in general or for a specific OEM?
@WesleyDavid So did HopelessNoob leave too?
@BrentPabst Got banned for a week for being overly harsh, didn't come back.
Who banned him?
7 texts.
2:59 PM
@TheCleaner Just in general... just trying to get a ballpark
@Cole 7! 7 texts, ah ah ah!
@NathanC I laughed very loudly that startled my coworkers, thanks.
@Tanner Not married, no kids. 3 vehicles, $125/month with full coverage and $500 deductible on 2 of the 3 vehicles
@Cole You got a can-am spyder?
@RyanRies $0
@Travis Nice.
3:00 PM
@Travis no
@Cole Does getting skyped constantly during the workday count?
Now we know @NathanC is a terrible driver. :P
@BrentPabst you too?
@Tanner haha he's just young, 22 right?
@Cole Oh ok
@Cole I'd rather get skype messages, easier to deal with and pretend to be away... texts make my phone go buzz buzz
3:01 PM
@BrentPabst exactly, since well - it's also my work phone.
So I need to have it on.
@BrentPabst No one has fessed up, but does it really matter? =)
Pro tip: Never give the woman your work phone number.
> 5 ways that the Amstrad Emailer was clearly better than the Xbox One
@Tanner well it's my personal number too - I forward my blackberry to it
Work only has my blackberry #
@Cole Oops... :P @Tanner Yeah, i'm only 22 so that doesn't help either
3:03 PM
I just hated carrying a Blackberry Torch + iPhone 4S
@WesleyDavid Ha, and which moderator stepped down ;)
This server's so old it doesn't even have iLO :(
Which is weird considering there's firmware for the model..
@BrentPabst Iain
@NathanC Do us all a favor and unplug it now :)
3:10 PM
Oh believe me I want to, but we need it >.<
All the more reason to replace :)
@MikeyB How big is the consultancy you work for?
@BrentPabst How's work coming along? Did you have a change?
@TheCleaner oooh!!
@NathanC there's a G4p model
that has ILO on board
i think my definition of "untrusted" is different to yours: not located next to me, has an internet connection, unencrypted and it doesn't matter if i m "root" and pay for it. is this yet a philosophic approach about "trust"? :D — inselberg 2 hours ago
and I thought I was paranoid -- You can't trust a server unless it's "located next to you"?
3:16 PM
@voretaq7 A little overboard...nothing can be trusted
@voretaq7 Not even yourself. What if your mind plays a trick on you?
@Travis I've never worked on a trustworthy server apparently
since every machine I've ever worked on has eventually been shoved into a datacenter where they have things servers like - air conditioning, UPS power...
@voretaq7 lol...did they have an internet connection and were unencrypted?
@Travis I've never deployed a server with an encrypted partition on it
I'm not opposed to doing so if the situation warrants it, but so far I've never had a situation warrant it.
So then they can't be trusted
IIRC the .gov didn't have their "secret" or "top secret" server partitions encrypted either
@voretaq7 I'd do it if they allowed me to bring my own keys so I could encrypt my butt with them.
3:20 PM
Best comment on a reddit thread complaining about the Server 2012 interface
> Sorry you had to learn something new.
@Cole It's stories like that that make lessens the impact of not having a significant other
I quite like the 2012 interface.
@MDMarra That's the most sensible thing I've seen you post from that site.
It practically screams stop remoting in you dumb bastards!
3:22 PM
@Jacob the ~4ish months between my breakup with my ex and my current gf, was the first time I had been single since I was 15. I've learned I can be happy by myself, which is awesome.
Old mail server: /dev/sda1:
Timing buffered disk reads: 12 MB in 3.14 seconds = 3.83 MB/sec

New mail server: /dev/cciss/c0d0p1:
Timing buffered disk reads: 370 MB in 3.00 seconds = 123.26 MB/sec

@Cole I've never "gone out" with anyone so I've never not been happy by myself. Though everyone tells me that will change in college.
I've also put on weight since being with her so that's a bummer
@NathanC so... the new one is a little faster? :)
Don't need @WesleyDavid getting all bro-y with me
3:25 PM
@voretaq7 Just a bit. :P
@WesleyDavid I need to! I haven't worked out since surgery.
@Cole Remember even on your worst day you can't be as much of a failure as @WesleyDavid :P
@Jacob It's not that it's cracked up to be. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.
@Cole That needs to change if your on T.
3:26 PM
@Jacob been on T for 2.5 years
@Cole Oh, then Wes is right you NEED to work out
Actually 2 years 6 months and 2 days.
@Cole It will help alot!
@Jacob with what?
I mean healthwise, brototally.
@Jacob Well, ideally server core (which is now the recommended install) and then use a Win 8 box with RSAT to manage it.
the new server manager is purty lookin'.
3:29 PM
@Tanner OH that... That is pretty solid
@Cole I bet you have acne issues?
@Jacob nope
I have clear skin
@Jacob I do...hereditary. :[
Occasinally I'll get an ingrown hair, but no acne
@NathanC me too :(
I would think I'd grow out of it eventually, but not since I was 13 lol
3:31 PM
I didn't have acne the first go around with puberty, so that may be why.
I tend to get ingrown hairs on a couple of spots on my arm and the tops of my fingers. Rather annoying to say the least.
@ScottPack starting to get them on my neck as the hair starts coming in.
I suppose that makes some sense.
@Cole Strangely enough it wasn't as bad as it is now. And I've tried practically everything aside from prescription, and I refuse to take drugs for it.
@ScottPack that's how I know more hair is coming, I'll get 1-2 ingrown hairs then bam, tons of hair.
I also really take care of my skin, I use face wash 2x a day, and moisturize. I also don't touch my face and wash my hands a lot so if I do, I'm not touching it with dirty hands.
My skin has gotten more oily though, I will say that.
3:33 PM
Just got an SQL injection in Dolphin alert...that's terrible. Who would want to SQL inject a dolphin? They're such defenseless animals....isn't beastiality illegal? At least they don't want to put the Dolphin in my butt!
@Travis Dolphins are not defenseless.
@ewwhite - are you all good on your ASA question now or do you want additional help>?
@voretaq7 Dolphins are aquatic rape machines, so it makes sense that one or two would end up in my butt.
@WesleyDavid you're a cat. you don't belong in the water!
@voretaq7 So stop flea dipping me!!
3:37 PM
<---actually thinks Spiceworks 7 might make me a fan...
lol aquatic rape machines.
Stay in the know with new my butt service scanner.
Does anyone use Spiceworks?
I do.
@Cole I have one client using it. Not bad.
Ooh, I like the "smart scanner".
I have a good 50 unknown devices that need cleaning. :P
@voretaq7 @WesleyDavid I do recall reading Dolphinsex.com or something. Apparently dolphin ejaculate would decapitate a human if they were to have sex with one
3:42 PM
@Travis It's probably already on LiveLeak.
@WesleyDavid Yea, moved to the dark side somewhat. Doing Technology Strategy for my company and SVP of Technology
@BrentPabst Ooo, neat. Do you like it?
@Cole me
Just curious, I've never seen it out in the wild.
@Cole Yes I do...but for a shop your size I wouldn't recommend it.
3:46 PM
@WesleyDavid Stop sleeping with strays and getting fleas!
@WesleyDavid So far yea.. trying to figure out the future sucks though
especially when what you have in place needs a lot of work
Oooh, this "shared nothing" migration is a cool concept
0 downtime VM migrations ...if only I had that now. :P
@TheCleaner Oh yeah I know, I was just curious.
Yeah it doesn't uh...scale well.
@WesleyDavid but right now I have my head up BizTalk 2006's ass... it sucks bad in here
3:50 PM
@Cole - it's pretty popular among smb windows shops since it's free. I personally prefer WUG and butt based helpdesk, but we didn't want to pay for WUG here.
Yeah, we use Solarwinds Server & App Monitor
Used Zenoss at previous company.
Zenoss is great if you have the time and patience to configure it well. I really liked messing with it in the past. Same for Groundwork
@TheCleaner they did not have the time or patience.
Cost $1 mil too
Q: Conditonal Forwarder Not Working When Using Load Balancing

Ryan RiesSRV01.lumberjack.com is configured to use NS1.lumberjack.com as its primary DNS server. NS1.lumberjack.com is authoritative for and hosts only the lumberjack.com zone. There are no conditional forwarders, stub zones or secondary zones on NS1.lumberjack.com. NS1.lumberjack.com is configured to pe...

^ Bow to my ASCII art skills
bbiab - Lunch!
3:55 PM
@BrentPabst Sounds kinky.
When my director wants a diagram of something, I say "fuck Visio," and give him ASCII art.
@RyanRies zwibbler.com
@TheCleaner I think he wants sub.domain.com to actually be domain.com/subdomain ...i don't think that's possible
@MikeyB Sweet!

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