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12:09 AM
@WesleyDavid Well, if you're riding a Walmart Columbia, I suppose you aren't really too worried about someone stealing it.
12:43 AM
anyone have any experience dealing with a developer who thinks she's an admin (and is totally wrong) ?
@wfaulk yes
Evenin' Gents.
@Adrian sup
@wfaulk Yeah. Got no good advice though, was a shit experience.
A Dev who didn't understand loops, if you'd believe that crazy shit.
12:46 AM
@Adrian wait, wat?
@wfaulk What's the story?
@Cole Tell me about it. Crazy ass stuff.
@wfaulk Devs should always be admins.... In their dev environment.
Mwah. s/Should be/should be capable of su-ing (or UAC-ing) to admin
12:55 AM
I wish the few gems in the devops community were not the exception to the rule.
If Allspaw knew what deveops would be colloquialized to... :'(
@WesleyDavid Unlubricated pawing?
Switched from Linux Mint to Fedora on my laptop
working MUCH better
So this "Mint", it's Ubunutus? What would have made it any better/different? I get the Fedora/CentOS/RedHate thing.
It just was wonky
heh, I came from Slack and ended up with Debian "clunky" I understand.
I suppose I'm just surprised there's so many fringe distros, I guess.
1:12 AM
Yeah I mean it's pretty
but Fedora just seems much smoother - at least on my laptop.
I'm an Xfce kinda guy too
This is awesome how have I never seen it?!
Q: How to extinguish a small fire in a server rack to minimize damage to surrounding equipment?

sharptoothSuppose I have a rack with several servers and other stuff. One of servers overheats severely and either starts smoking or catches fire while there's a serviceman nearby. If anything similar happens in an apartment and there's a fire extinguisher nearby using the latter promptly often lets extin...

Mothra fudge! The guy who bumped that has only one other post and it's -10... WOW
Their profile also reads...a bit combative. Has chat raked this one over the coals as well?
@Cole Okay, I wrote the guy back. I gave him "storage 101, 102"
Probably wrote about 1,000 words out.
@WesleyDavid make...make a blog post?
He seems cool, just totally a user. I really don't want to have to go through the arbitration of him sending it back and all that.
@Cole Basically, yes. A blog post for noobs.
@WesleyDavid I thought you wrote "go through the abortion"
1:24 AM
What does the 102 course offer that the 101 didn't?
@Cole Ew.
@jscott Nearline SAS.
@Cole Well may save in the long run, eh?
@jscott the abortion?
@Cole Yes, aborting the arbitration will likely save all parties money, time and frustration in the long run.
1:26 AM
@jscott hahaha
@Cole WARNING: RAID 0 has been known to act as an abortifacient. Keep all pregnant women away from your bullshit NAS made from variable RPM green drives and Rosewill storage controllers.
I want to buy a few dozen 3TB Green drives and drop ZFS on it.
I don't know why.
I just do.
Get some janky SuperMicro box
Suddenly, 100TB of space and I'm an rsync cloud host.
Actually, at that point just get an Amazon storage gateway appliance.
God fucking shit dating as a transman sucks.
I really want to figure out some kind of Glacier-backed service. That would be cool.
@Cole That bad?
@WesleyDavid yeah lesbians dont want me because I'm a man, and straight women don't want me because I don't have a dick.
Been two months I haven't dated, I think I'm ready to at least go on a date.
Or talk to someone.
I'e decided this is a poor question.
Q: Should HA hardware be in separate cabinets?

WillI want to host (co-located) a service at a Pier1, Q9 or some similar hosting facility. Is it best practice to put my failover hardware in separate cabinets, and in your experience, will the hosting provider allow this? My concern is that if something happens, say catches fire in the cabinet or...

1:33 AM
@ewwhite Eh, not so good, but I'm being more lenient these days. I think I shall stave off my close votes.
Okay, back to scrambling for hours at this place.
@WesleyDavid not closing... just wanna know how to improve
Wooo! Look at my ILO power stats: Power On Counter: 1360 days 7 hrs 35 minutes
Skanky old ML115 G5
3.7 years
Next Business Day Warranty with an end date of 1/30/2012.
I keep reading that as day 1, month 30, years 2012
1:50 AM
@Hennes It's even more fun when the date is ambiguous, 07/05/2012 ?
At least we all know there's no month 30
That is a correct date. 7 may 2012
And I will usually 'correct' it to that format
It helps when 90% of the corporation is not US based.
I prefer 2012-05-07, it also sorts nicely in file names.
Though you often end it with YYYYMMDD conventions
7 my 2012, in Egnlish: 7th of may 2012
I can either leave or take the "-"
(Brittish english)
Now if I only could for the entire would to one standard on measurement (meters) and temperature (either Celsius, Kevin or NewInverntium) - Just something consistent across the world)
1:57 AM
@Hennes The meters vs imperial thing really got me when I saw this (counties not using metric) :
Everybody uses metric. Well, except for a small village in... oh wait. That is Asterix and Obelix
Also, where's Antarctica?
Just wondering which tools I need to bring if I'm ever down there.
heh. WARM tools
2:26 AM
Staring at a remote ILO, hoping Windows comes back up.
Updates have been rough the last few Tuesdays.
@ewwhite I was out earlier so I couldn't talk a whole lot. Did you want me to configure anything else there?
3:11 AM
Aaron Swartz committed suicide! =(
Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, archivist, political organizer, and Internet activist. Swartz co-authored the "RSS 1.0" specification of RSS, and built the website framework web.py and the architecture for the Open Library. Although frequently attributed as a co-founder of Reddit, the claim is disputed by Reddit's original founders. Swartz also focused on sociology, civic awareness and activism. In 2010 he was a member of the Harvard University Center for Ethics. He cofounded the online group Demand Progress (which...
It would seem that he committed suicide while contemplating the prospect of spending most of the rest of his life in jail for alleged copyright violations.
Yeah man, wherehaveyou been? It's been 100% of hacker news links since 8am ET
So, what do we think about that? I actually have a fair bit of respect for copyright, and I appreciate that online archives can make money and stay in business -- e.g. I subscribe to Safari Books Online and love it -- but 35 years in prison seems a bit disproportionate for mass duplication of scholarly journals.
(Disproportionate enough to drive a man to suicide, apparently.)
@MilesErickson I think JSTOR is a racket, personally. I dunno what to think. It was hactivism, which is grey at best.
@WesleyDavid Right. That's what gets me. Presumably they wanted to throw the book at him precisely because it was activism, and that kind of smells like tyranny.
Man, talk about first world problems: I am moving out of my house, and I have a freezer full of various frozen foods: berries, meats, vegetables, orange juice concentrate, you name it.
Emptied it into a large Rubbermaid tote and took it to the airport to fly it to the island cabin, where I have a chest freezer.
3:25 AM
Sounds like you're eating like a king for a couple of days.
Plane has a flat tire. No airplane mechanics available on the weekend.
Well, I've already shut down my kitchen. At this point I'm wondering whether the homeless shelter might accept opened bags of frozen chicken thighs (etc).
(As a rule, I will do just about anything I can to avoid throwing away food. Putting perfectly good food in the trash feels unambiguously wrong to me.)
@WesleyDavid I mean, if someone stands in the street and blocks traffic to make a point for a cause, with the expectation of being arrested, that's civil disobedience, and I can respect that. If the cops arrest him for standing in the street, that's reasonable law enforcement, and I can respect that too.
@MilesErickson Right.
That whole thing looked like more of a test of the law to see what the courts actually thought of it.
3:31 AM
@WesleyDavid But if they use unnecessary force in arresting him, put him on the no-fly list, and charge him with absurd trumped-up criminal transgressions -- not because he was standing in the street, but because they disagreed with his cause -- I can't get behind that.
@MilesErickson Welcome to this morning.
@ScottPack Speaking of which, why hasn't the sun come up yet? It's almost 8. Must be an eclipse or something.
@MilesErickson These things happen on the left coast.
4:10 AM
@MilesErickson Awesome
4:38 AM
@WesleyDavid Yeah, what Iain said... you don't need fenders, you don't need to worry much about chain lube, just pick up something from Craigslist and get out there.
4:57 AM
@Ward ...but...but... I'm obsessive.
@WesleyDavid Have you test ridden some bikes?
@freiheit Not yet.
Seriously, you should go test ride some bikes, buy the one you love the most.
Only accessory you need for a new bike is a water bottle cage and a water bottle. Bring your cell phone in a plastic baggie. Bring ID and some form of payment. Maybe bring a snack.
Throw a leg over the bike, push the pedals around in circles.
Try not to run into anything. Drink when thirsty, eat when hungry. Don't obsessively overanalyze.
I'm also letting money trickle in while I wait.
If you test ride now, you'll have a better idea how much money needs to trickle in. :)
5:38 AM
Sooo... instead of being curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a sappy movie and a hot Asian chick... I'm sitting outside our server room, which is at 120 degrees.
Fuck computers.
@HopelessN00b Who turned off the AC?
@MichaelHampton Not sure, waiting for A/C guy to show up. But, we have two units, the dampers on both controlled by electro-magnets... and no battery backup for them. So, little power blip, UPSes save our servers, but both A/C units die. So, that's where my money is.
And, I've officially lost my buzz. Which I'm so including on the expense report I file for this night.
Are you going to expense the hot Asian chick, too?
6:01 AM
@MichaelHampton Unfortunately, she's not one of those "rental"/"pay-by-the-hour" Asians, but I'm sure as hell expensing the Red Lobster bill, yeah.
6:48 AM
@WesleyDavid $3500 for this beauty!
@Ward interesting brake configiration
Q: What is the inter arrival time

BriggIf the inter-arrival time is exponential 0.01 seconds, then what is the inter-arrival time in seconds ? Can you also show me the working to get to the answer ?

Anyone have any idea what this might possibly have to do with us?
I see a couple of decent-looking bikes here:
OTOH, my main bikes are one I bought 27 years ago and one that I bought 2 years ago that's 20+ years old, so I'm confident I could tell an acceptable old bike from a dud.
@Iain Tandems lead to interesting things like that, or the self-energizing brakes on mine.
When my wife and I win the lottery, I get to buy two new tandems: one a fully-tricked-out performance machine, one with S&S couplers that we can take with us on cruises (actually, that one will be a convertible tandem/triple)
@Ward That and divorce... Or murder...
@MichaelHampton The edit makes it obvious: he has a hub
6:59 AM
@Ward I almost never use my rear brake so it looks odd to have a disc on the back of that
@Ward Aha, another student who didn't pay attention in class.
@Ward I've seen a titanium tandem with S&S couplers before
@Ward How 'about a folding tandem, instead: bikefriday.com/bicycles/tandem
@MichaelHampton But we're mean to close it so fast! (Sorry, I don't actually want to bring that up...)
Naa, we would be mean if we deleted it fast.
7:03 AM
@freiheit I like Co-Motion 'cause they show cool paint jobs with flames. I want flames!
@Ward Cro-Moly? Go bamboo instead! calfeedesign.com/products/tandem
@freiheit Santana makes one... pretty much anyone who makes bikes can figure out how to include S&S as an option.
Well, I'm off to look at more tandem porn...
7:23 AM
@Ward tandem porn... pssh
@ward This is in my neighborhood...
Calfee carbon fiber tandem, featuring S&S couplers, disc brakes, Gates belt drive, Sram Red. A wealthy-ish couple in the area uses it to commute together to downtown Chicago.
8:24 AM
The couple that inspired me to get a tandem hasn't had a car for years, takes trips on tandems (one parent one kid on each tandem).
Mine is much cruder:
8:48 AM
@Ward Did you just jizz or skeet over the photo I posted?
9:01 AM
Haven't you seen Wayne's World?
But actually, that Calfee is a bit too curvy for my liking, What I really want is something lean like this
That calfee is about 30 pounds.
9:32 AM
A quick search would have given you this: markshuttleworth.com/archives/1103 Downvoting because you did not do ANY research before asking the question. — Deer Hunter 10 mins ago
@ewwhite and ...
Mean or no? I'm on the fence.
No. not mean.
@ewwhite It's a crappy question really and the first google hit takes you to what appears to be extensive info on it
I was just happy that I learned a new acronym...
@ewwhite ditto
9:42 AM
although it looks suspiciously like something puppet/cfengine/etc could do.
how would you say it without it sounding like mars
@ewwhite I wouldn't be surprised if it used something like that under the hood
but sleep awaits.. haven't been able to all week
I was hoping to spin this morning but it's -2 and icy :(
1 hour later…
11:06 AM
he mad
A: How can I query the Stack Overflow database?


11:26 AM
^ one for our resident kitteh-heads
3 hours later…
2:51 PM
@Iain it was 60°F yesterday... rained all night... and now it's well below freezing. All icy.
@ewwhite It's Al Gore's Revenge, man
Next thing you know the statue of liberty will be submerged
So I stay indoors and atrophy...
Well, i could hit the gym.
3:12 PM
@MichaelHampton Looking at this question:
Q: fsck.ext3: Device or resource busy on server with RAID after power outage

dhinckleyI am recovering Dell Poweredge R510 server running Scientific Linux 5.5 after an unexpected power outage. The server was set up by our previous system administrator (I'm a grad student). Upon reboot, I see the message: fsck.ext3: Device or resource busy when trying to open /dev/sdb1 File syste...

I don't understand why multipathd is even enabled?
But then I go back to my messed up lack of understanding of dm mappings and LVM.
3:37 PM
There's no reason at all for multipathd to be enabled there. And I forgot that megacli doesn't really give you "all" info with that command...
@MichaelHampton But isn't all of that abstraction confusing?
@ewwhite Wait, which abstraction?
friends bike froze this morning
So I bought this ridiculous server on eBay. It's here at home, and I just booted into it...
(aren't people supposed to wipe the systems?)
3:45 PM
@ewwhite Oh, lovely!
I'm going through the ILO and IML log to piece together its history...
I mean, 14 disks, 2 SSD's, a fibre controller, 48GB RAM...
@ewwhite VM host?
@MichaelHampton waiting to see...
Hmm, didn't boot the first time...
now it's a bunch of XEN daemons.
Yup, he was probably running virtual machines on it. I wonder if he left any of them around?
@MichaelHampton it's not booting fully.
3:54 PM
I wonder if that's why they sold it? Because they couldn't figure out their software issue.
@MichaelHampton still booting....
Starting K
Heh, come back in 15 minutes :)
But then I look at other stuff from the same seller...
I just typed root:root
Must be one of those places that buy out the entire contents of offices after they go out of business.
they had $70k DNA sequencers for sale when I bought this server
4:00 PM
Too localized?
time to runlevel 1 this thing... I want to get in as root to see what the storage setup looks like
Go for it.
This is just a really weird server... they must have spent a fortune.
two 1200W power supplies
the SSD's at a time when HP SSD's were not cheap
Hm, I see this seller selling... tape drives, more medical equipment, paintball guns, random assorted printers and old servers, ... paintball guns!
single user mode password protected.
This is Debian... maybe that's normal
4:08 PM
Live CD
@MichaelHampton I was gonna buy this...
not init=/bin/sh and such?
I guess that trick probably still works.
Trying my Polish PLD Linux live CD.
@MichaelHampton You'll have to walk me through this...
I'm booted in the rescue disk...
fdisk -l shows /dev/sda1 as Linux LVM
OK, so you'll hit vgchange -ay to activate them all, if the live CD didn't already
how do I import the LVM?
6 logical volumes active
and 8 logical volumes in volume group SSD0 now active
4:15 PM
Now lvdisplay will show you what they are, and their device paths, you can then start mounting them
"old root" "new-root" "debian-root"
Not very creative, were they?
k. Updated the pass... I hope
Remember to umount :)
I did it in a chroot
4:19 PM
Or the wrong "root" :)
Wasn't there a /boot partition somewhere in there?
yeah, there were 14 total partitions
Hm, well, if you get it wrong you can inspect the grub command line by hitting e (edit) and see what it thinks is the root partition.
Then just try again
I got the right one. Just waiting for the SLOOOOOW boot
Now you're going to have to do the same thing for each of the VMs... :)
@MichaelHampton Oh, i just want to see the array layout before I wipe it.
and test performance...
they're using a high-end HP controller... but the controller has an expander on it... so I want to see if we're limited by the expander chip in throughput
Oh weird... ebay.com/itm/…
so I'm in the server... I can't figure out how to download ncdu.
4:31 PM
I think step 1 is to connect it to a network.
it is... they didn't get the interface numbering right
got ncdu on... running a scan
Though, it having been a Xen hypervisor, that could be tricky. The interface names are probably all scrambled.
not all of the RAM can be seen
root@opal:~# free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:         29227       3698      25528          0        798        206
it's 48GB installed.
I've managed to stall the array
Did it start a bunch of VMs already? That might account for the missing RAM. I forget how Xen reports memory usage on the dom0...
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      9.9G  5.7G  3.8G  61% /
tmpfs                  16G     0   16G   0% /lib/init/rw
udev                   16G  212K   16G   1% /dev
tmpfs                  16G     0   16G   0% /dev/shm
                     1008G  755G  203G  79% /home
                       99G   62G   33G  66% /homessd
                       63G   54G  6.2G  90% /media/wlvapp01
descending into any mountpoint and running an ls operation stalls.
4:37 PM
That's Not Good.
and the runlevel 5 GUI just came up... "welcome to Opal"
Note to all: Please use the "not constructive" close reason for shopping questions, because it more accurately describes why the question is being closed. Thanks
@MichaelHampton it looks like there are a bunch of VMs, and they're stored on the flat filesystem
Just as raw image files?
@ewwhite Xen?
4:40 PM
Yes, Xen.
They use xen and you haven't gotten them so angry about it that they reorg yet?
You're going soft, man
@MDMarra Yep. @ewwhite got the server he bought on eBay and discovered it packed to the gills with a.... well, see for yourself.
ohhh ok
haha thats silly
Doesn't look like they even attempted to wipe the drives.
root@opal://media/wlvapp01# /bin/ls -l
total 52
drwx------ 2 root root 16384 Jan 17  2011 lost+found
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Aug 18  2009 wlvcons
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Mar 26  2010 wlvcoverity
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Mar 29  2010 wlvdev
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Apr 30  2009 wlvdox
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Sep 22  2009 wlvdpmstat
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Oct  9  2009 wlvfab
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Sep 30  2009 wlvlxr
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Jan  2  2010 wlvmirror
4:42 PM
I'd love to say I was surprised at businesses making that mistake these days. But lets face it, none of us are surprised, just disappointed.
Well, I'm trying to decide what to do with this server...
turn it into a monster ESXi box... run it as a high-speed storage array (nexenta?)
Find out what wlv stands for?
And.... the filesystem standard specifies /media as the mount point for removable media like USB sticks...
Well, there's a "wlvcoverity" - and Coverity is agile.ulitzer.com/node/2441695
@MichaelHampton right, that's very wrong.
There's a huge perforce archive.
a 78GB debian repo.
--- /media/rodata/perforce/kahuna ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    7.6GiB  /src
    7.6GiB  /dev_kaan
    3.9GiB  /dev
    2.3GiB  /dev_kernel
    2.1GiB  /dev_kaan_bedge
    1.5GiB  /dev_kaan_mgmt
    1.4GiB  /dev_kaan_kernel
    1.3GiB  /dev_kaan_lucid
    1.2GiB  /dev_mgmt
  967.5MiB  /dev_kaan_build
  695.2MiB  /dev_kaan_brian
  688.5MiB  /dev_kaan_squeeze
  499.9MiB  /dev_kaan_dmiller
  481.0MiB  /gnu
  461.2MiB  /osa
  400.2MiB  /dev_gamla
4:48 PM
And they left their source code behind too?!
thats pretty awesome
--- /media/rodata/images -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3.3GiB   visual_studio_2008.iso
    2.6GiB   en_windows_server_2008_datacenter_enterprise_standard_sp2_x64_dvd_342336.iso
    1.9GiB   en_windows_server_2008_datacenter_enterprise_standard_sp2_x86_dvd_342333.iso
    8.0kiB   visual_studio_2008.mds
Oh, that's not unusual. I've got ISO images coming out of my ears here.
Typically when I see ls stall it's because of too many files, not overfull.
--- /media/rodata/pool/8800/dev ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  318.3MiB   linux-image-
  317.2MiB   linux-ubuntu-release-image-
  317.2MiB   linux-ubuntu-debug-image-
  310.2MiB   linux-pv-ops-stable-release-image-
  310.2MiB   linux-pv-ops-stable-debug-image-
the filesystem is a wreck... I'm doing /bin/ls instead
4:51 PM
@ewwhite devops
--- /media/rodata/tools/kahuna -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  460.8MiB  /prevent-linux-4.5.0
  164.4MiB  /java
    3.7MiB  /bin
WTF is prevent-linux?
It seems to be part of coverity.com
the stalls are due to LDAP lookups
--- /media/rodata/WEBROOT/interop/doc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1.3GiB /SSP_SW
711.1MiB /ASICs
622.3MiB /storage_array
577.4MiB /Kaanapali
420.8MiB /technical_training
390.5MiB /OSAbuilder
142.2MiB /switch
119.4MiB /bedrock_report
110.1MiB /hba
59.7MiB /SSG_docs
59.4MiB /ISV_partner_docs
50.0MiB /thurs_mtg_slides
37.8MiB /storage_sw
37.2MiB /supported_drivers
Seems like they offer security products
Seems like I won't be buying any of them
Are you going to contact them at all?
@MDMarra nobody to contact.
4:58 PM
There's no generic contact email on their page?
@MDMarra Oh, Coverity is a development tool they were using
I just found a dir full of visio documents.
someone should really lose their job for that
I suspect it came from a company that went out of business.
Oh damn...
I found it.
5:02 PM
"LSI Company Confidential"
"Kaanapali DPM Software Architecture Definition"
"Kaanapali will be a software-only package capable of running natively, or as a guest system over a hypervisor, on a commodity x86 server"
Maybe LSI just sent it to these people for some reason?
I'm reading specs, going through root's history
"ping sitescope.lsil.com"
whois lsil.com
Yeah, ldap.conf would be a good hint
5:06 PM
That's LSI
#BASE   dc=unix,dc=lsi,dc=com
#URI    ldap:// ldap:// ldap:// ldap://
Yeah, I think we have a winner. opal.lsi.com opal
duh, /etc/hosts
That's kind of disappointing. You'd think they would know better.
I just found a library of schematics...
Oh, and then there's the irony of LSI not using their own storage controllers...
5:11 PM
THey have docs of all of the competitor's gear.
--- /media/rodata/WEBROOT/interop/doc/switch -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  108.8MiB  /Cisco_MDS
   15.8MiB  /McDATA
   14.9MiB  /Brocade
    2.8MiB  /QLogic
ya dont wipe this
it's too awesome
1.2MiB   How to Write a Microsoft MPIO DSM - Part 1.ppt
I'll ask the eBay seller.
made a samba share for easier browsing... This is interesting
5:29 PM
sounds like someone's had an interesting sunday.
yeah, but this is borederline unethical, right?
@ewwhite Only if you go selling the contents of the disk to LSI's competitors.
It's not your fault that you bought a server you thought would be wiped.
That's a pretty epic machine for the price, too.
That's why i bought it! I saw a good deal.
Did you find the company it previously belonged to?
5:32 PM
oh it was lsi
I know it's got a lot of disks in but 2x 1200w PSUs - really?
@tombull89 i've never even seen such big PSU's in a proliant
"This directory is to be used to store documents made available via
Troika's Web services, such as interop and plone. Simply drop
documents into the appropriate directory, and then create Web links
as shown below.

DO NOT move files around unless you are prepared to fix any and all
broken links that would result from such a move!"
I 'm browsing through via samba...
FPGA programming guides... a Bugzilla.
Chipscope output
a lot of QLogic stuff, too... who would have known
5:51 PM
@Goatmale how is it?
@ewwhite crazy data
@MDMarra hmm?
I want to post some of it... but I really cant/shouldn't/am afraid.
done for the day...
root@opal:~# poweroff
W: molly-guard: SSH session detected!
Please type in hostname of the machine to poweroff: opal

Broadcast message from root@opal (pts/3) (Sun Jan 13 19:32:27 2013):
6:56 PM

Senior DevOps Engineer at Datadog

We’re looking for an senior DevOps engineer with proven experience in designing, automating and running a large-scale, real-time, data-heavy infrastructure on AWS. Our…

Posted on Careers 2.0 on January 8, 2013

You will be responsible for the availability of our customer-facing services surely that's down to AWS?
"You master IaaS, MaaS, DBaaS, PaaS and ASS concepts, technologies and tools."
All that shit means is "We have things hosted here for you"
MaaS is the newest one to me. I know about ASS.
6:59 PM
what is ASS ?
@Iain Where your legs connect to your pelvis
In the back
hey @Chopper3 how're you today ?
@MDMarra :(
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