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3:00 AM
1 Cisco Router with Busted power plug + $0.67 Part from DigiKey (plus $7 S&H) + Hakko soldering iron = Working Cisco Router at half the normal cost. =]
Well, my company decided to go with liquid web when I said "Please buy Softlayer." And now I've been waiting a day and a half for a dedicated server.
@WesleyDavid - how do you feel about girls who do duckface?
Cos I have some bad news - according to my facebook, my single cousin is now making duckface in every single photo
@MarkHenderson It's okay if they're pretty.
@MarkHenderson It'll take some effort, but I think you can work through it with some elbow grease.
(and it's just a phase)
3:10 AM
so @mdmarra ... you think you're Mr. Smarty-pants...
but good point... the KVM switch could be the issue
@MarkHenderson I'm sorry, did you say something? theinterrobang.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/…
@MDMarra Or they sympathize with the position... even if they don't act on the flag.
Any of you guys like golf? I mean really like golf? Here's a perfect opportunity to put your IT knowledge to use! rochester.craigslist.org/sad/3533952766.html
Not that I even know what an hour of golf costs, but there you have it.
@jscott You generally don't pay for golf by the hour....
@ScottPack Alright, how much does 36 holes of IT support cost?
@jscott 36 holes for a halfway decent course ... $150
With cart... $210? Add drinks a sleave or three of midrange balls
$250 for 36 holes of golf, easy.
3:25 AM
has anyone else used webroot?
I used to play golf alot, man it's been a while. =(
@WesleyDavid So then, how long does it take to play those 36?
@jscott 7 hours
6 if you're a good golfer, play fast, have a cart, and aren't part of a 4-some.
So in other words, 7 hours.
@WesleyDavid So then golf is ~$35/hr.
@ChrisS Would not hit
3:31 AM
@MarkHenderson Well... Too young for my tastes, and looks whiny and high maintenance.... so, I'd tend to agree. But it was the first decent image I found.
Lotsa butterface when you search duckface.
@ChrisS I need to go duck hunting again....
If the course costs $35/hr to play, and you bill $150/hr, you should get about 4.2 hours of golf per hour of IT work.. 1 hour support should get you, at least, 18 holes.
@MattBear Watch out for that dog.
too bad my bird dogs useless... he's gun shy
and the queensland would just eat the bird
3:36 AM
I'm watching the new Total Recall movie, I hate when I watch futuristic movies and instantly start criticizing the dumb crap they do... The architecture in "the colony" is extremely extravagant for something that's supposed to be incredibly economical. The materials are cheap, but the design, construction... it's all screaming expensive.
Watched the new Dredd movie the other day, liked it all around. Very well done. Too short; but I'm hoping it's a first movie in a series.
@ChrisS Right, that's what upsets you and not the fact that they've tunneled through the center of the earth
@ChrisS yeah... knowing too much ruins things like that
Wait, what dumbass remade Total Recall?
though the triple boob was good...
that was the whole reason I watched it lol
@MarkHenderson They don't remotely explain the tech that allows them to go through molten lava (assuming the Earth is still molten, they don't mention)... So I can just go with that.
3:39 AM
@ChrisS who cares! triple boob!
They also don't go through the core, they go around it... But the molten lava part... Have to assume they've developed something.
@ChrisS I'd be much more impressed if Jessica Beil and Kate Beckinsale had like, a pillow fight in their pyjamas or something
@MarkHenderson Don't ruin it for me.. I'm still watching!
@ChrisS Spoiler alert: They don't
A jello fight would be better yet.
3:53 AM
Those pistols look like they have a reload mechanism, but must not run around the way their shooting those things off.... Anyone who's played a FPS with pistols knows to conserve ammo and make shots count.
@ChrisS They're obviously movie pistols. Guns in movies never run out of ammo unless it would increase the drama of the scene.
And apparently the police robots are ridiculously easy to break.
I really like the general plot, clever dialog (considering their following a per-determined story), the mood of the movie and music.. It's just all these plot holes and technical inaccuracies definitely detract from the overall movie.
4:08 AM
Ugh, the robots have some amazingly bad aim. It's appropriate that they're wearing white armor reminiscent of storm troopers.
If you're supporting Rails apps you need to go read CVE-2013-0156 and shoot your developers now.
Er, I mean upgrade Rails.
4:23 AM
Upgrade rails to what? cgi-bin? Flash? PHP? HTML5?
4:35 AM
The correct answer is that it needs to be upgraded to 3.2.11, 3.1.10, 3.0.19, or 2.3.15, per the release notes from two days ago.
Rails developers tend to be a lot more respectable than (web developers, on average). If you are lucky enough to have Rails developers, you probably shouldn't shoot them.
5:11 AM
Wow, so much talent, and "talent", and special effects.... A reasonable premise. And all pissed away by a plot so rife with holes...
and what a lousy ending...
Enough from me, I'm heading to bed...
Announcement: Jan 15, I'm leaving for a trip around the world. Gone 6+ months. See you when I'm back, unless I become a monk or something.
@ChrisS Cheers, sleep well.
6:06 AM
@MilesErickson I like Rails for the single reason that it strongly encourages developers to write good code and not to do stupid shit.
6:29 AM
@MichaelHampton Yup. Not surprisingly, the results can be unbelievably awesome.
2 hours later…
8:12 AM
@MilesErickson The world outside the US has free wifi too :D Have a great time
US has free wifi?
Every time I've been there I struggle like hell to get online.. always some kind of pay shit, even at hotels
@pauska McDonalds is free wifi
If you're lucky you can sit in a nice Café next door and use their wifi
@pauska Hotels are hit and miss... "Better" hotel generally means "Business" and they charge for everything.
@Iain The coffee in McDonalds is pretty good.
We sometimes just stop outside to check email.
@Iain On the same day the torrential downpours finally stopped here, the whole family came down with the flu, so no rides for me so far this year.
@Ward I'm just shy of 100 miles atm. If I'd realised I would have taken the long route home last night
@Ward I fiddled with my bike set up a few days ago - seat up a few mm but also seat forward 20mm and the difference is amazing
@Iain Makes me think of the charges against Lance... there's an email quoted in the document where Ferrari says "you should move your seat up 3mm."
8:26 AM
@ewwhite this is the first time I've used iLO 2. What the FUCK is on with the mouse sync in the integrated console? It's impossible to use!.. Do I have to use the Java version?
@Ward I've not seen the Lance docs, but small adjustments can make a big difference in many ways. I was going up a hill the other evening and it felt entirely wrong, I felt like I was too far back so I popped the bike on the turbo and got Jayne to help me set it up - so far so good
@pauska Hold Ctrl I think to center the mouse
8:46 AM
@Dan that didnt work, but I figured it out.. had to force high performance mouse to stay enabled
@pauska Glad you sorted it
Hmm. There's an answer on @ewwhite's HP server question...
@tombull89 I'd be surprised if @ewwhite wasn't on the latest firmware
@tombull89 What do you bet that the guy who posted that answer actually works in Tier 1 offshore tech support?
Sure acts the part.
@Dan He said yesterday he's on the latest firmware, release in november
8:54 AM
@MilesErickson Honestly, it was my first though
@MilesErickson Yeah, probably works for Dell.
17 hours ago, by ewwhite
Firmware is up-to-date.
@tombull89 Man. If there's ever an upsell item that's worth buying, it's Dell ProSupport.
@MilesErickson Shouldn't you be packing? Or writing @WesleyDavid a consolation card since you'll be depriving him of your handsome arms for 6 months?
17 hours ago, by ewwhite
In fact, the firmware for this model hasn't changed since 5/2011
@tombull89 He also specifies in the question that it's up to date.
8:56 AM
And are you taking the pole-to-pole route for your trip?
@Ward So far I have tickets from here to San Francisco, then to Seoul, then to Singapore, then to Delhi. I expect to return via Europe, sometime. Unless, of course, the dollar crashes and my investments become worthless, in which case I'd better have already decided to become a monk.
@Ward I'm suddenly reminded that an offshore contractor once invited me to visit in Chennai. Little did he know.
@Iain Technically, I am bringing a Dell Mini 9, but only because there is no way in hell I'm logging into TD Ameritrade from a wangba.
@pauska Expensive hotels and airliners are actually the final bastions of pay WiFi in the USA. Coffee shops, hardware stores, supermarkets, libraries, and so on pretty much always give it away for free.
@pauska Of course, if it costs money to sign in, you're pretty much guaranteed to be sharing a single T1 with 40 other suckers.
I'm falling for what I do everytime I'm asked to code something. I've spent hours sussing out the complex and interesting stuff - now I've written like 3 lines of code in 20 minutes because I'm on the dull stuf
@MilesErickson Yeah, we were at the mall in Bellingham last week and we had a Win8 tablet we were testing and the big stores all had Wi-Fi... decent speed, too.
9:15 AM
@Ward It's interesting: packing for the trip isn't all that, because all I'm taking with me is a Camelbak Blowfish (advertised as perfect for bike trips of "2+ hours"). Might sound crazy, but once I tried traveling ultralight, I couldn't even imagine going back. Last time I traveled with this bag, it was for only 3 weeks, but there definitely were things in there that I never used during my trip.
@Ward Vacating home and office, now, that's not quite as pretty... but it will be done this weekend.
A: SQL server language media doesn't support the language of the OS

venkatesh kulkarniKindly provide the Server Hardware ( Processor ) and software ( OS,SQL versions details so that i can try to help you in solving this issue.

Same guy who tried to help @ewwhite.
My niece has put a video online of me trying to beat her at once of those wii dance game things over christmas.

I've got the moves like Grandpa Simpson.
@RobM If it's any consolation, Mick Jagger turns 70 this year.
Yeah but I'm only 42
@MilesErickson The best I ever managed was a 3 night business trip with a backpack about twice that volume.
@RobM You can not post something like that without providing the video
9:24 AM
@Ward Well, business is different... most clients would raise eyebrows if you showed up in head-to-toe Ex Officio gear.
...but certainly not all clients. :-)
@MilesErickson If you come along south germany I could show you munich for a day :)
@MilesErickson It's incredible he's still alive.
@JohannesM Sure thing, I'll hit you up in June or early July.
@tombull89 He's probably our generation's George Burns.
hope the trip goes well @MilesErickson
cool cool cool
9:27 AM
@MilesErickson My wife and I managed fairly lightweight travel on our own, but most of our travel now is with our daughter and my wife's mother so it's always a big load.
Thanks, @RobM! It's working out to be somewhat charmed, thus far. I'll be staying in Korea with someone I once hosted in Seattle, in Bangkok with a friend's brother who happens to be a Google retiree four years my junior (dang!), and in plenty of more rustic environments.
@JohannesM (If you want, drop me a note at [email protected], and I'll be sure to send you a reply when I'm Europe-bound.)
That's pretty cool Miles
@MilesErickson done.
9:54 AM
@MilesErickson Sounds like an awesome way to spend some time. Consider me jealous
10:08 AM
@RobM Unavailable :(
should be ok now
I'm inclined to joke, but I can't dance for shit
go ahead. You can see I can't dance for shit
Well, I've been cajoled into doing dance lessons for our first dance - so remind me after that :D
10:13 AM
@RobM ooooh eeer
I beat my niece the first time she challenged me - and she got her brother to video her beating me to make up for that.
10:40 AM
Wow, that creeped me out
I have a friend (Also in IT) called Dave who is the absolute spitting image
Morning all
@tombull89 BWAHAHAHAHA
"It's time to move on from the expenses scandal" = "Has everyone stopped looking now? can we get our noses back in the trough?"
I'm not mad, am I? an average of £20k pay rise? Yes being an MP may be a hard job but bollocks is it worth that much. £30,000 no expenses. Be happy you have a job. Next.
Such a terrible night.
I didn't even open my computer when I got home.
(well, to my hotel)
held hostage in NY until I could get these servers running.
10:55 AM
@ewwhite Come in. Take a load off; we're here to listen :)
@ewwhite held hostage? o.O
Well, I live in Chicago... but work in New York.
@tombull89 Yep, I laughed. Given how much they've stiffed the rest of the country with pensions and payrises. That said, it was only a survey - I'm sure most people in the country would want more
so I came out to help ease the transition to HP
(from Supermicro)
@ewwhite This all those 360s you bought?
10:57 AM
I was just reading your thermal calibration question. You weren't seeing that on all of them were you?
I think it's happening on three servers.
can't you just replace them with HP?
I got one... had the problem... so I asked for another...
had the problem... so I asked for another...
But I was thinking that the issue was environment.
I wanted to get the server onto my desk or a workbench...
just to isolate or eliminate power from the equation.
And the coworkers were a little stubborn about it.
since we have a small office data center.
"All the other servers are working fine..."
So I was reading the HP troubleshooting guide over dinner.
8 hours ago, by ewwhite
user image
are any of the other servers the same model/generation?
11:03 AM
Oh god. The horror.
@tombull89 We're a Supermicro shop... I convinced them to buy $100k worth of DL360's for a project that needs to be live in 10 days.
so it's the company's first brush with supported gear.
tried to replace memory/cpu's?
One of those questions says "Is the internal health LED amber or red?" and the branches are "Yes" and "No"...
Took me ages to re-parse that :)
btw, you macbook users out there.. the macbook pro 13" retina has a resolution of 2560 x 1600
@pauska Yeah... the system booted fine 13 times in a row with supermicro RAM.
11:06 AM
what the hell do you use that kind of resolution on a 13" for??
3 times in a row with HP low-voltage DIMMS.
6 times in a row with HP standard DIMMS
but that may just be a fluke...
I know that the newer BIOS does some memory checks to see if it's official HP memory or not
perhaps it's failing at that from time to time
Looking at the flowchart, the one thing not tested is the KVM
all HP diags test clean
memtest also clean
what is the mem set to in bios?
I think it's the KVM switch
11:08 AM
is it running in that hp optimized blah bleh mode that you only get with geniune hp sticks?
stop using KVM and activate iLO then
ILO is on.
and active...
but due to our circumstance and network complexity, the coworker had to spend a ton of time configuring ILO since we need 2 or 3 static routes in the ILO to be able to see it.
so he configured it from the console and ILO command line.
leaving a KVM dongle connected
I'm thinking the servers don't like the USB KVM dongle crashcart we're using
but alas, I cannot test it from my hotel room
11:21 AM
here's to hoping that's the issue
@ewwhite It would also mean that it only goes wrong when you're looking at it...
@SmallClanger Yep.
Kinda self-fulfilling...
11:46 AM
posted on January 11, 2013 by Wesley David

If you don’t know about Talentopoly, well, you should! It’s a growing community of sharp technical workers from all walks of IT life. There’s a vibrant culture of sharing great articles that I for one would never come across on my own. I’ve discovered quite a few blogs, websites, and resources that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. There is also a place to ask questions and start discussio

@ewwhite so, any thoughts about my retina question? what is the point of having it on a 13" air if you're not doing anything that needs that kind of a resolution?
@ewwhite what time is it there?
12:07 PM
@Chopper3 7am
@pauska The Retina display just makes everything clearer. I'm probably the only fool who runs Retina at its native-NATIVE resolution.
@ewwhite What's the you're running on the bottom-right window?
jesus, how do you manage to see anything?
I'm guessing you're using a 15" MBP?
Yes. 15"
@SmallClanger The nmon utility.
well fuck it, I'll order a 13" air today then
don't need no retina
12:13 PM
@pauska why an Air?
You want the Retina.
I think the display is worth it.
it makes going back to normal monitors a little sad..
kind of like watching standard definition television after owning an HDTV.
firstly, I don't have eyes like yours obviously
(I'm cross-eyed etc)
You're not supposed to run retina like I'm doing it
then there is no point of getting a retina really.. it can't be THAT much clearer
the regular 13 inch runs at 1400x900...
it really is that much clearer.
plus the air is lighter, less bulky..
I have a workstation at home for doing actual work.. this will be for the sofa/trips/vacations etc
12:18 PM
I'd do 13" MBP retina.
over an Air
is the price close?
checking now
Mornin gents
MBP ret 13" with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM: $2472
Woo. Got over my 6 hours of jet lag just in time to fly back today.
MBA 13" with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM: $1992
fuck if I'm paying that much more for getting a bit crisper text on a screen
one thing though.. the air hasn't been updated since june 2012
12:27 PM
I'd go with the MBP.
Always found the Air to be limiting
limiting how?
Disk size, resolution, I/O.
And I've had support issues with them... at one trading firm, all of the partners bought MacBook Airs.
and I've had thermal problems with two of them. Silly stuff. It's a small computer.
I've read about those, all those problems were with earlier models
disk size.. well, 256GB SSD is more than enough for me
just sayin'... with mac, you don't want to buy the outgoing tech
1400x900 is quite the resolution on a laptop considering the size.. I have a 1280x768 13" HP right now, and that's limiting
yeah, the part about out-going tech is what worries me
that I'll buy this one now, and in a year or so apple suddenly stops giving software updates and osx to anything whos not retina and so on..
anyways, work is paying for this, so fuck it.. if I have to switch again in a year then so be it.. someone else can inherit from me
gah, well, I'll wait for the new model then
12:44 PM
Hi all, I have a simple question about what is the recommended mail server to use on CentOS for a hosting solution. Where would be the best place to ask?
first off, look at the top right of this chat room
secondly, the recommended one is the one you're experienced with
@pauska Thanks, I am aware of the top left and wasn't asking for support but for advise. I do apologise for stepping on everyone's toes.
oh wow, a bit touchy there
Id like to reiterate:
17 hours ago, by voretaq7
user image
Is there a way to message people on SE? or only if they put down an email address?
1:00 PM
email only
@Basil okay, thank you
sweet, my extremely large log file is now fixed.
@Patrick Meaning, you had log files full of errors, or you were generating a large file than you expected and it was causing you problems?
I love how the notification I have is about fisting
Anyways, good morning!
Hope you guys didn't miss me too much yesterday.
1:08 PM
@Patrick If they've been in chat, you can prefix their name with an "@" and they'll get an SE inbox notification.
@ScottPack SQL T Log
@Cole There was a fistful of comments I'm sure.
@ScottPack I just had to muffle a laugh
Went to the doctor yesterday, cleared for surgery
@jscott Those can be rather verbose, yes.
17 days!
@jscott okay, thank you
@ScottPack had a 180gb transaction log for a 3mb database.
1:16 PM
@Patrick Was somebody doing something like`select * from *;` every couple of seconds or had it not been rotated in a couple of years?
@Patrick How long did it take to backup? I didn't stick around chat long enough last night to find out.
@ScottPack come to find out the transaction log backup subplan was set to backup type full instead of type transaction log.
I'm going to assume that's suboptimal.
@jscott the backup was only like 2 hours
I'm assuming that I only need to hold onto this massive T log backup for our the length we normally we keep them? or this now a special backup that needs to be kept.
@Patrick Is this SQLServer or some such?
1:30 PM
@ScottPack it's an SQL subplan
@Patrick So google seems to indicate that 'subplan' is something to do with SQL Server, so yes.
1:45 PM
@MDMarra Wharrgarbl.
so i see
yeah, im pretty tired too
looking forward to leaving at 1:30 today
1:56 PM
I just spent a good 3 minutes trying to edit my answer, but I was clicking in the preview section.
@MDMarra I'm at home today.
@MDMarra Granted, I also spent yesterday afternoon at home with somebody whose fever got up to 104.
I hope you get sick
@MDMarra I'll let Katie know you wish us well.
I had a crazy dream last night. I worked somewhere that created a super plague and someone dropped a vial of it, and it got out into the public
society fell apart pretty quickly, no internet, no electricity, etc
there were small pockets of survivors and they were organized into quarantine colonies
except a lot of them were forced there and felt like forming colonies would get them all sick and die
2:04 PM
Sounds like most modern zombie movies.
somehow i was overseeing a line of people being brought into a colony and as far as we knew we were the last people on earth (but probably not in actuality)
and my ex gf that i dated for most of high school was in line sobbing and handed me a hand written letter
her husband had died
and she wanted me to get her out of the camp
i didnt read the letter though
So, you read The Stand in HS also?
Sounds more or less like every zombie movie I've ever seen.
@MDMarra Cue the campy 70s music?
2:06 PM
i dont watch them though
@ChrisS Everyone is already infected.
so basically we hung out together since everyone i knew was dead and same with her and we talked about going and building a cabin somewhere
but then she died
pretty sure i was immune though since i'm awesome
i sort of wish i had read the letter though
also, the paper it was written on was cut into the shape of women's underwear
so there's that...
You can't read in dreams... That part of your brain doesn't work when you're unconscious.
2:08 PM
huh, didn't know that
I almost never remember my dreams. One of two at the most per year
weird, nor me
then again the whole concept of dreams is fairly weird in itself...
If you had acted to read it in the dream, you would have either heard someone (usually the writer) narrate it, or instantly "known" what was written. I suppose it's also possibly it would have been blank or something where you couldn't actually read the note.
huh no kidding
thats pretty cool
sweet, i think i've found more SQL log files to vanquish, server so far has gone from 5gb free to 230gb free.
@Patrick You know they go away when you do backups right? ;)
2:12 PM
@MDMarra yes I've just learned that last night. and now i'm trying to get all these other logs files setup to do proper transaction log backups.
2:27 PM
@ChrisS So people mate more frequently in the Winter months?
@ChrisS End of december - how odd.
Drunken New Year's conception.
people spend more time indoors when it's cold :)
@MDMarra yeah, that probably has nothing to do with the fact that you were considering a job at pharma a few days back.. Feeling that much guilt are you :)
@jscott Yes, when the weather first get's crappy, around Oct to Dec, people get jiggy with it.
@tombull89 New Year's Eve is the #1 more frequent conception day.... Or New Year's morning, whichever way you want to look at it.
@pauska Those dates would suggest that people don't get it on when it's coldest out; else there'd be more births in the Nov to Feb range.
2:46 PM
Ignore me
Mind wandering out the door early today?
@ChrisS I don't think it's even been in
I'm in an oddly good mood today. Perhaps because it'd oddly warm outside; Friday; went to the bar last night; who knows....
Helpdesk call: "Sorry to bother you the computer in NW104 number 6434 has been not working for a while as it is not letting students log on by saying domain failed. "

And asset tag number 6434 belongs to a monitor, just for a cherry on top
That's why I don't put asset tags on monitors (my predecessor did, got plenty of tickets for AM####, computers are AW####. Also, I try not to capitalize monitors... Privileges of private business.
2:57 PM
29th feb should be almost white?!
@ChrisS huh. what are you talking about? Pregnancy is 9 months.. January and Feb is the coldest months...
@RobM You should run a report of computer accounts that haven't logged in for X months and aren't disabled...

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