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4:00 PM
I always end up with the most random tabs open when lurking in this place
bloody hell took me long enough to find it. RE: the face on the chinook
@Dan It was news to me too, but it does output what you'd expect, doesn't it?
@HopelessN00b It does, but it'd be handier with a more useful interface description
Although, now that I think about it, the most retarded licensing scheme was for some PoS software on Windows PCs to interface with an iSeries... "Varisty," I think. Tied to the hard drive serial number. On a PC. Because those never die. Constantly. :/
4:08 PM
Anyone here have a Citrix website login?
@Dan We have a bunch of accountants and payroll clerks with those...
so if your question is "how easy is it," the answer is "easy enough for an accountant to figure out."
@HopelessN00b I mean for citrix.com
I can't log in
Wondering if it's them or me
Oh, lemme check...
Oh, delightful. I can't log in either, but that's our webfilter's fault.
Never mind, its working now
@Dan - bugmenot accounts don't seem to work
4:15 PM
Fucking winter. I'm sitting in the house, drinking coffee, and suddenly notice that my toes and nose are cold. Thermostat says 63 because I forgot to tell it I'm staying home. Funk this. I miss the summer when I could work on the back porch.
@Dan Dammit man, now I gotta figure out why our webfilter's sucking again (still?) because of you. :p
@ScottPack Should I just shoot this entire question -> serverfault.com/questions/61453/… <- ?
@voretaq7 Yeah, I guess I would.
@voretaq7 Wow.
@ScottPack yeah. It seems kinda crappy, and the answers seem REALLY crappy...
4:18 PM
I flagged that answer because it showed up in the review queue... had no idea the rest of it was so god-awful too. I'll have to look closer next time.
@HopelessN00b oh that was one of your flags? It was mixed in with a bunch of others :P
@voretaq7 Aw man. I was going to flag that. I had a great flag reason too.
Gamer CPU... hah!
@ScottPack "It is a container of excrement, and it smells as of a sewer!"?
@voretaq7 I'm leaving it as a surprise.
4:19 PM
@ewwhite 6502?
@voretaq7 Yeah, I figure I have to sneak them in with toher people's flags now. :)
@ScottPack well dig around in the SO migrations from 2009, I'm sure you'll find another gem in there worthy of your flag message
@voretaq7 Hmm? No, some guy was trying to use an i7 to run his cluster
You see the question he asked after that one, too?

So a case of "Design my HPC cluster that doesn't do anything important enough for ECC RAM... with less than 24 CPUs, on desktop hardware."

Uh, wut??? The hell...
hi folks
4:21 PM
ahoy, hoy.
@HopelessN00b Whut?
@syneticon-dj BUNNY!
@voretaq7 not the Playboy one, unfortunately :)
Q: using i7 "gamer" cpu in a HPC cluster

user1219721I'm running WRF weather model. That's a ram intensive, highly parallel application. I need to build a HPC cluster for that. I use 10GB infiniband interconnect. WRF doesn't depends of core count, but on memory bandwidth. That's why a core i7 3820 or 3930K performs better than high-grade xeons E5...

followed by...
Q: xeon E5-2600 ram overclock

user1219721I got an application whose bottleneck is memory bandwidth. Did some bench with i7 3820. It's much faster with 2400MHz than 1600MHz RAM. Could Xeon E5-2670 handle faster ram than 1600MHz (non ECC) ?

@HopelessN00b If you edit those to not suck they might actually be ok questions
I don't know how to do that.... my favorite part of the whole thing, though...
(This is not a critical application. I can handle downtime. I think I don't need ECC?)
One of those non-critical HPCs with downtime. I can store it next to my unicorn horn.
4:26 PM
Oh dear god. I just searched for questions migrated from SO. Google says 13,500
@ScottPack now if 40% of them are shit....
50%, and that's just the ones we caught.
@ewwhite already tried installing Solaris 11.1 over "generic" PXE with just tftpd and a DHCP server by any chance?
@MichaelHampton 51% actually - it's gonna go up a lot before it starts to go down...
@voretaq7 51% rejected
4:27 PM
but I'm being generous and assuming that SO wasn't always a festering pit of bad migrations
So here's a depressing search: google.com/…
@MDMarra - I think you're answer on using a computer startup script is going to result in you explaining HOW to setup a GPO for a computer startup script. :)
@ScottPack Not as depressing as this one: google.com/search?q="scott+pack"+face
@WesleyDavid I dunno, that looks pretty fantastic.
@TheCleaner Heh, well if the asker gets his way, sure. Say, the GPO thingies work on workgroups too, right? :)
@ScottPack Okay, you are kinda cute in your own way:
@voretaq7 Goose punting, FTW!!
@WesleyDavid I'll gently cradle your face so you can breath deep of my essence. I'll protect you.
@voretaq7 reminds me of the killer rabbit from Monthy Python and The Holy Grail
@HopelessN00b Clearly you have never been attacked by a goose.
they are the MEAN canadians.
4:33 PM
<-- has been attacked by Canadian Goose as well as a duck
@voretaq7 No, I have. You kick 'em, they back off right quick.
I lived in Ohio for 4 years. Canadian Geese everywhere.
@HopelessN00b um... around here there's not just one.
Kick 'em hard enough, you've got dinner, even.
4:34 PM
kick one and 3 more are pecking your most sensitive places...
@voretaq7 Only one in that picture you posted. :)
There's NEVER just one.
They hunt like velociraptors :(
@voretaq7 Ones in these parts are pretty docile, as far as that goes. I've had 'em hiss at me, but as soon as I step towards 'em, they run off. Pity... I can cook a really nice goose.
@WesleyDavid Canada Geese.
4:37 PM
@ScottPack Eh?
@HopelessN00b I would think they run because they know
@WesleyDavid You kept calling them Canadian.
@ScottPack Best Star Trek captain
4:40 PM
Hush up and recite your alphabet.
A, B, C, eh, D, E...
Apparently he's fucking nuts in real life though
@MDMarra I preferred the one who was bald from the start
@ScottPack Cisco, isn't it?
@MDMarra His character was pretty batshit too yanno...
Picard was definitely a badass, especially when he got a chip on his shoulder after being assimilated, but the lack of a single big story arc on TNG gives Sisko the edge to me.
4:41 PM
@MDMarra But he will sound FANTASTIC while extolling the virtues of different brands of tin foil for blocking the CIA mind control rays.
On something like a resume, would you write something to the effect of "Administrating XYZ systems" or "Administering XYZ systems"
@MDMarra Seems to be pretty common among actors, though.I'm almost curious as to why that is.
@MDMarra For the most part, especially now, watching TNG is har because I find it embarrassingly PC.
@RyanRies The latter.
@RyanRies Administering.
@ScottPack Season 4 and later are legit
4:42 PM
Administrating != a real word.
@RyanRies I always use the past tense. I'd say Administered.
@MDMarra Definitely gets better, sure.
@HopelessN00b yes, but to say you're "administering" a system sounds like a terrible invasive medical procedure
@MDMarra It's hard to say. I will occasionally use present tense if I am currently doing it at my present job.
4:43 PM
@ScottPack In the last year I've watched all Trek series in in-universe chronological order (except TOS).
Now I'm on to BSG
@MDMarra You skipped B5?
Spare yourself the agony and only watch the first season of Andromeda.
10 episodes in and I think it's way better than any star trek stuff, except that they say "fracking" and it fucking annoys me
@ScottPack Um.... why is boy with bad hair wearing pink latex glove?
4:44 PM
@voretaq7 Never saw it
DS9 is the only Star Trek I can stand, and mainly because it's not Star Trek... with Gene Roddenberry's embarrassingly naive, utopian vision of humanity and technology overcoming human nature.
Is it tied into the BSG story at all, of is there some specific level of sci-fi order that I'm breaking
@MDMarra If you liked DS9 you'll probably love Babylon 5.
@MDMarra no, it's an entirely separate series with a story arc
@MDMarra It is, allegedly, the rejected pitch that was later turned into DS9.
4:45 PM
@ScottPack it would never have worked in the Trek universe
@voretaq7 So you haven't seen PCU?
@ScottPack would it explain the pink latex?
@voretaq7 It wasn't intended to be in the Trek universe.
I'd like to go on record saying that the final episode of Enterprise was the worst thing I've ever seen.
I wish they had a quick way to disable images on here
I love them, just not all the time
4:47 PM
@voretaq7 The story goes that Straczynski pitched it to Paramount, they said it was shit and rejected it. Then he pitched it to WB, and during pre-production Paramount announced this hot new SciFi show taking place on a Space Station.
Q: Hide or collapse individual comments in chat

MDMarraI spend a lot of time in SF chat. We like to post a lot of pictures in chat. They're usually not offensive or anything, and 90% of the time they're funny and relevant. That said, there are times when it would be nice to be able to hide or collapse a chat message. Sometimes it's an image or an an...

Someone (everyone?) at StackExchange sent me a really lovely card and a cuddly unicorn as I'm ill - I'm not sure who to thank specifically but could those mods who are employees please let Joel and everyone else know how grateful I am please, it properly cheered me up at a low point, so thank you everyone. Oh and could you star this so those mods get to see it please.
@MDMarra I like the option to stick a Post-It to the screen to hide the pics which you don't want
@ScottPack wouldn't surprise me
@Dan So you're saying you don't want to see pictures of a pizza sandwich?
4:49 PM
@ScottPack But considering that WB/PTEN/TNT made it hard enough to get the damn series together I would be scared to see what Paramount would have done to it
@Chopper3 What an elaborate ploy for stars
I'm thinking Fox-raping-Firefly style badness.
@MDMarra +1
@voretaq7 As much as I love B5, I desperately wish they could have done it on a higher budget with better actors.
4:50 PM
@ScottPack the acting smoothed out around the middle of season 2
it was the first Sci-Fi think most of them had done
@Chopper3 Nice to see you.
fanks, bit better today, had a bad start to the week
@voretaq7 Well sure, they got rid of O'Hare. Some of the actors were pretty outstanding, but the median talent was pretty meh.
@Chopper3 Good to hear
@ScottPack I have the full huge boxset of B5 sat here unwatched (watched it when it was on TV) - shame really, anyone want it?
4:52 PM
@Chopper3 How often are you getting the treatments?
@ScottPack 6 x 3 week cycles, then 3-5 weeks of daily radiation - done by april or so
@Chopper3 Daily radiation? Now that sucks. How do you feel about how your body's handling it so far?
Sorry, that was really bad taste
@Chopper3 Wow, that's a long haul.
@ScottPack the core cast was decent, with a few shining examples (Jurasik & katsulas, furlan and christian once they got used to their characters and weren't made of wood)
4:53 PM
@Dan This entire room is in bad taste.
@voretaq7 My point exactly. You just picked the 2 fantastics and the 2 good. :)
@ScottPack I'm utterly fucked, perma-tired, spend at least an hour a day on the toilet, been borderline suicidal once or twice - but what do you do? gotta keep trying at least right? Today I was ok enough to play some BF3, new maps, and a new mode called 'Scavenger' that looks ace
@WesleyDavid Yeah, plus the two months of surgery to start it off too
@ScottPack what's-his-name that played Franklin wasn't terrible either, and I liked the dynamic between Lennier and Vir in the later seasons
@Chopper3 That's what I was afraid of. :/ But yeah, what can you do except whine a little and power through it?
@Chopper3 And do you let people around you know when you're feeling awful low? How about not keeping those things too close to yourself. =)
4:56 PM
@Chopper3 Have you recovered from the surgery at least now
BF3 - I should check Steam for that. I've been thinking about getting into Borderlands.
@Chopper3 Try Planetside2.. it's awesum
@ScottPack don't know about power, crawl - but the way I see it is my wife went through two lots of 9 months to have the kids, this will be about 6-7 months all in, and if I get through it it may give me another, what?, 10-30 years to spend with her - so I've got to give it a go right?
@Chopper3 Uncontested.
@Dan probably 90% or so, sometimes if I sleep in one position it goes a bit red and is sore, but not painful, the next day
@pauska son's playing it
4:59 PM
@Chopper3 Oh, I'm so glad it arrived safely. :) I'm really glad to hear it cheered you up a bit. We're all rooting for you!
@Chopper3 Judging from the care package and how often I, at least, wonder about how you're doing, there's likely a lot of love from random unknown strangers on the Internets.
@Aarthi Thank you, don't know who wrote the words in the card but I was sobbing like a little girl - thank you very much indeed
@ScottPack We're not random.... climbs into ceiling
@Chopper3 you can too!
@Chopper3 So how's your branchild / baby YouView doing?
5:00 PM
@ScottPack Yeah, I know I can be a bit of a twat sometimes but you've not believe how many cards I've had off people I've not seen for years/decades - plus loads of amazon vouchers for some reason, everyone knows I read a lot so I guess that's the go-to thing for me it appears
@Chopper3 Aww. tentative hugs
@WesleyDavid We launched, they kindly pulled the advertising packages forward a week so they ran before I had my first surgery (which must have cost at least £500k alone!) - but after that I've totally switched off from work - so I've literally no idea, I've done nothing at all, not even any tech reading - just too tired all the time
@Chopper3 That's good to hear. Hell, I spent close to an hour trawling about to try and find your address to send a card. Are you feeling well enough, often enough, to read?
@ScottPack We've got a few addresses, so I'm not surprised :) don't worry, thanks
@Chopper3 Yeah, take it easy. Come next summer you'll be back to making vendors break down in sobbing fits. =)
5:05 PM
@WesleyDavid That late?
@Chopper3 I figured you'd want to ease back into things and hit the weight room to walk back into the office looking like Daniel Craig -- automatic weapon and all.
Suit, martini, shades
But yeah, how does your job handle all this? In 'merkuh, you'd probably be sacked and be looking for a new job by April.
@WesleyDavid No, I have it all planned, have you seen 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' when Gene Wilder comes out with his cane? well our office has a very long corridor for me to slowly hobble down before I get to 'my guys'
@Chopper3 Yes! Get someone to video it. =)
@WesleyDavid FMLA bitches. That right there's 6 months worth of protection.
@ScottPack eh, FMLA isn't THAT strong...
5:08 PM
@ScottPack I thought that gets routinely skirted around
they can replace you if your role would be critical to the company
@WesleyDavid Firstly, I'm super rich :), secondly it couldn't have come at a better time, just between major projects, they're happy to wait for me to come back, and the UK employment laws are not only ace but [main client] are famously good to their staff - so that really
@voretaq7 I'm not saying you wouldn't be a janitor when you came back....
@ScottPack ...I'd be a janitor for what I'm making now. Less stress, better hours....
@Chopper3 Okay, the first four words gave me the biggest real life lol of the week. =D
5:09 PM
@voretaq7 And, depending on the employer, it might be a union job.
Still laughing
@voretaq7 Heck, I've been seriously considering working at the grocery store down the street. More consistent work, better pay, and at least I'd get exercise.
@WesleyDavid You think I'd be like I am without that safety-net? :)
@WesleyDavid I miss working for a grocery store
mostly because we were allowed to tell our customers to go fuck themselves.
Just reading, 'Skyfall' has now become the highest grossing film in the UK ever - that's great and all but it wasn't THAT good was it?
Mornin' Gents.
3. more. days.
@Chopper3 And thank you for stopping in and spending time with us. Miss your stories and wisdom.
5:15 PM
@Adrian fanks, just don't have the energy very often
@ScottPack Only for companies over 25 employees, which is less than half.
@Chopper3 Sadly, I haven't seen it. I stopped watching Bond films after Moore. I think I saw half of a Brosnan film. None of the Craig ones. Actually, I've wanted to see some of the Craig Bond films though.
@WesleyDavid I'm no fan either
@Chopper3 One of my bosses went through chemo for a nasty bout of leukemia a few years back. I was his office assistant, so got to see it all from the front row so to speak.
@ChrisS I don't think that distinction really matters in the context of our conversation. :)
5:17 PM
@Chopper3 it really wasn't a great movie. but it was in IMAX (at least over here)
@Adrian fun eh?
@WesleyDavid Craig is a really good rendition of Fleming's bond.
@voretaq7 here too - best imax film I've ever seen was tron legacy, if only for the sound effects, never heard bass like that
@Chopper3 I'm just purely pleased that you are able to drop in and spend time with us.
@Chopper3 Your rep on the site hasn't suffered much. Still going at a nice clip. Dagnab that Evan Anderson though...
5:18 PM
@Chopper3 didn't see that in IMAX, kinda regretting that
@ScottPack It doesn't; as he's not in America - Land of the free to fire you for not letting us chain you to your desk. Sorry, I've been on a "everything that's wrong with our country" kick lately.
@ScottPack DC was in a film called 'The Mother' that was shot in our place when we lived in London - it had been used for films and tv before we moved in so lots of location scouts knew it - a few months after we moved in one contacted us, generally it was a great deal, they'd rent the place, send you on holiday and put everything right before you got back
@ChrisS Even were he over here, I doubt we'd be talking about a <25 employee company anyway.
@ChrisS But sure, I can totally understand that kick. I've gotten a few good rants out of my system about various similar things lately.
@Chopper3 That sounds pretty neat.
@ScottPack Yeah, there was a tv show called 'millenium' shot...oddly enough in about '99, that used our place a lot and happened to fall while we had already booked a holiday, so it was just cash in the pocket for doing zero - that was our favourite
@Chopper3 That's awesome! Nobody would want my house. =]
5:22 PM
@Chopper3 Sounds like I need to convince somebody to film something in my house.
@Chopper3 Do they also remove any dead bodies you may have hidden in attics and closets? (Asking for a friend)
@ScottPack Found the trailer - youtube.com/watch?v=FRdY0SD-_zI never saw the actual film tbh
@voretaq7 as if I'd bring work home :)
FFS. Flaky server. Mgmt not wanting to change it out. LSHW Motherboard output: TYAN Tiger-i7320-S5350
@Chopper3 some of us commit recreational homicides too :-x
@Chopper3 Cool, I'll queueueueueueueueue it up to watch.
5:25 PM
Ever respond to one comment and it turns into 10 and then you realize that the OP has no idea what they're doing?
not sure how good the film was
@MDMarra only 90% of the time
Make that 95% of the time.
Don't beat this guy up. I have it under control. I just need to share this
Q: Static to DHCP, bat file

MarkawayI have this code (.bat file) that I want to run by going to each computer that is logged in and executing it. However, not all users have admin rights. Is there anything I can do without logging off to change the IP's from static to DHCP? netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connectio...

The things I do for rep...
@MDMarra Yeah, I saw that. Is he even in a domain? I've had to do crazy things in workgroup environments.
5:34 PM
Ah shit, Dave Brubeck died :(
@Chopper3 D=
@WesleyDavid He is if you read the comments
I never had a santa hat gravatar, so I brought back my "tree face" gravatar
5:41 PM
I love youtube playlists. Find the Time Life collection I like (yeah I'm getting old), get the list...find the songs on youtube and add them to a personal playlist. Done...free. Youtube mp3 ripper...even better.
just switched mine, thanks guys
@MDMarra Well, I can assure that OP isn't one of my padawans. We don't do domains here.
@TheCleaner Yeah, I just rented them from the library and ripped them with iTunes.
lol, never thought about that. But I haven't been to an actual library in probably 15 years.
5:44 PM
Libraries are the shit.
@Goatmale seconded
@TheCleaner We're fortunate. One of the best county library systems in the country here.
@MDMarra Pay attention to context? I'm sorry, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE INTERNET.
fucking cats
Setting up client VDI in server 2012 today. Very excitied.
5:46 PM
hmmm...I guess I'll have to renew my library card. Is it just a small desk/room where you bring your kindle or table and they load up your book checkouts? :D

(makes me think...one way to know I'm getting old...I read the same books I've owned for years over and over)
@David WHAT U SAY?
@Goatmale There is no View client for rpm based linuxes. What a fucking ass move.
@ScottPack I don't speak spanish
@TheCleaner Since getting a tablet I've been checking out a lot of ebooks. It's been rather nice.
5:47 PM
@Goatmale No soap radio.
No thank you, mine is already pretty clean.
some of the things i read on here make me want a drink badly
@Chopper3 I think can I make it work...but seriously. You're doing it wrong.
5:53 PM
@Chopper3 So switch A has a snoop server on port 3 and he wants to also mirror ports on a separate switch to pump traffic into the snoop server?
Kinda cumbersome.
@ScottPack People just don't do the 'seven why's' do they
I don't think he did one why
@ScottPack - you can do that at a library? Dang...I figured it was just paper books, microfiche, and VHS tapes.
@Chopper3 Well, it is after noon, and I am home today. I wonder what look good in the special cabinet.
@TheCleaner Hey man, if I pick the Kindle version of the book it pumps me over to Amazon to download that bitch.
you get the feeling some businesses are run in ways that would make a circus clown blush
5:55 PM
Most libraries around here lend video games, too.
@RobM Circus clowns practice setting their hair on fire in a cage full of monkeys.
@WesleyDavid true enough.
@Chopper3 I can't find a Youtube video of Ritz Crackers dancing around on a white background to the music of "Unsquare Dance"
@Iain - no worries about that comment flag. I'm done hand-holding him.
6:11 PM
<-- FlagOverflow?
@Ward odd that
6:34 PM
Looking to preorder the new Green Day cds for my mom and I get redirected to an OWA page.. wtf?
@Goatmale OWA - Outlook Web Access? <?>
Oh I see
the URL that was embedded was wrong.
@Goatmale sends me to the iTunes store...
6:35 PM
That's the ACTUAL link.
@Goatmale well, start guessin' passwords I guess!
wmg = warner music group i'm sure.
@Goatmale yeah
@voretaq7 You make me feel old.
@ScottPack why?
6:36 PM
@voretaq7 What's a good question. Why!!?!?
@ScottPack because I'm Mean Mr. Mod!
Just got a recruiter emailing me about a position that requires 12 years of VMWare and Windows Server experience.
@Adrian I assume 2008 R2?
Nah, 2012 Core.
@Adrian Is the pay 30,000 dollars?
6:39 PM
@84104 Oh, that's alright then.
@Adrian Vnware has been around for 12 years. Workstation 1.0 was cool.
I guess if you were working with VMWare workstation back in 2000 that's applicable
@ScottPack Heh. Not quite that bad. 2003 though, so the best he's gonna get is 8-9.
@TheCleaner Because that's going to be really applicable to vSphere 5. =) Recruiters are such morons sometimes.
Maybe if you add up your years of experience with Windows and VMware and come up with 12?
Damn, what a day, some of you may recall that a mate of mine was at facebook as a sysadmin but very specifically didn't have a FB account, nor ever came here for some reason - well he's only gone and 'topped' himself, he always struggled with some form of depression but that's just terrible
6:43 PM
Isn't a 1 month timeframe typical for scheduled service terminations and change order for an MSP?
I feel old, I hurt my wrist badly yesterday during the EXTREME task of laying down to go to bed.
@Chopper3 Ugh. Rough time of year for a lot of folks.
@Adrian yeah - bit numb to be honest
Boss sent our old web hosting company a notice to terminate our web hosting. They insist that it takes them 90 days to do that kind of change order and that they must continue charging us $29/mo.
Lot of that lately, always sad, there was that NFL murder/suicide the other day.
6:50 PM
@Goatmale ...so just... how old are you?
22. Heckfire.
So is @David. Hopefully i'll be as smart as you guys when I grow up ;)
@Goatmale If.
keep making us feel old and you may never find out what it feels like, ya damn whipper-snapper!
@Adrian sounds fishy to me. What does the hosting contract say about terminations?
@Zoredache Hosting contract says 30 days. They've been bought by another company that was bought which was in turn bought by another company since that was signed 8 years ago.
Never, ever, do business with iPNS.com
@Adrian Doesn't seem like that should matter, unless they had you sign an amendment or updated version of the contract.
6:58 PM
@Zoredache If so, management didn't give me a copy. Which is entirely possible.
90 days for a service termination is utter bullshit regardless though. We're not talking about $10,000/mo Fiber feeds. It's web hosting.

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