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4:00 PM
The last time I was in Gander Mountain I found a used Remington 770 7mm-Mag with hair-trigger and some cheap scope for $300... My wife was with me, so no new toys. =[
@ewwhite tried Nas4Free? Seems like a pretty solid product
Hey, @PeterGrace Is anyone at StackHQ talking about how to handle the horrible SO rejection rate. Or have our concerns fallen on deaf ears?
@MDMarra I dunno, Community is a whole different department
What, you haven't gone CommunityOps?
4:06 PM
It just climbed over 30%
@MDMarra I have a pretty strong feeling that the latter is in effect..
@MDMarra @Aarthi is the one you'll want to address that to.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Aarthi, what are your thoughts on the rejection rate of SO migrations?
There, I super duper pinged her.
That should have destroyed all of her electronic devices and she'll get that message via snail mail shortly.
@aarthi Actual super-ping for MDMarra's sake.
ok, time to go grab some food for the fam
4:22 PM
@pauska never looked
Where's @voretaq7
Q: How do I tell if exposed ethernet cable is plenum grade?

hafichukI've found a series of ethernet cables running through various exposed* areas in my house and I'm wondering how to tell if they are plenum grade. *exposed areas are running through duct work and along the base board from the duct vent.

in my house... in my house... in my house...
hey @Aarthi dropped in to hassle @voretaq7 ?
@Aarthi while you're here, any thoughts on this? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/150206/143112
and also investigate all these pings i been getting.
4:33 PM
I have one close vote left for the day.
and I haven't had breakfast yet.
@MDMarra Hey. When your meta post first went up, the answers made it look like it wasn't a big deal. Since it's coming up again, I'm bumping it up on our agenda today. No promises that a decision/action will happen today, but we'll start the discussion at least. :)
@MDMarra i believe the team will be discussing that today on our call.
oh, damn, sniped by Anna
Ok cool.
I don't expect a resolution today. Obviously these things take time.
It's just nice to know that an employee at least read it :)
@MDMarra what horrible SO rejection rate?
ahem, 31% on 800+ total
4:35 PM
Two out of three ain't bad?
that's better odds than vegas
But SO is for developers. They should be better. What if their code only worked 69% of the time :p
Migrations of questions older than 3 or 4 hours old often don't get enough eyeballs on them for close votes.
Q: How do I put back different SCSI hard drives into their original RAID arrays across different servers?

EdgarI have potentially a big mess in my hands: I received today a box with several hard drives that used to be connected to different servers each one of them using an unknown - at least as of right now- RAID configuration. Regretfully, these are not marked and I'm not sure how to go about putting th...

@ShaneMadden Yeah. If we really went through the migrated questions list, I'm sure it would be even higher
4:37 PM
@MDMarra Yup, or if the timestamp reset. A lot of them just kinda slide in there under the radar
@MDMarra wait, their code works more often than that?
Part of the problem is our scope ans what people migrating stuff in think is in scope. For example most *AMP questions asked on SO could and should stay there because they are dev tools whereas unless your a sysadmin managing a whole bunch of then they're OT for SF
Yeah. It seems like there's a lot of people that read the title, don't read the content, and say "fuck it, it's about server stuff, send it to SF"
@MDMarra Where are you seeing 31%? SO's showing 26.
4:40 PM
× 823
31% rejected
Interesting. The stats up on SO are different. A mystery!
I figure a freehand circle will make you guys feel more at home.
Indeed. I feel utterly lost without freehand circles.
@AnnaLear Hmm. Maybe deleted posts only counting on one side?
@AnnaLear what are the stats from SF->SO then
4:42 PM
× 65
12% rejected
@ShaneMadden That was my initial thought
(is what it shows on this side)
@MDMarra or this is a crappy question lets just throw it over a random fence
@ShaneMadden yeah I'm interested in the SO side
On SO it shows 65, 18% rejected.
something odd going on then
4:44 PM
Ut oh. Anna F'n Lear is here
you guys musta REALLY effed up
@mdmarra: Heh. Someone went and deleted my comments on the meta question, without giving any notice. Nice!
sysadmins know all
Q: How do I tell if exposed ethernet cable is plenum grade?

hafichukI've found a series of ethernet cables running through various exposed* areas in my house and I'm wondering how to tell if they are plenum grade. *exposed areas are running through duct work and along the base board from the duct vent.

^ That's the kind of crap that we get regularly from SO
Just as a reference
4:46 PM
@MDMarra ...in my house... in my house... house..
@MDMarra That is definitely off-topic for SO.
Perhaps SU
Does the wire say Plenum? Then it is plenum.
I'd kick it to DIY
@Shog9 .. and? on topic for SF?
yeah, "perhaps" SU...
4:48 PM
We'll find out. It's on SU now.
see - even mods doesn't know the difference between SF and SU
@Shog9 you know, to be honest, it might actually be on topic on DIY.
Anything in a home setting is off topic for Server Fault, even the rat-chewed Ethernet cables that some electrician botched the installation of years ago.
for the love of god..
@pauska oh quit being so grumpy.
4:48 PM
@pauska who ?
@PeterGrace No. >:(
Reminder: ^^^^ is what folks on SO see
It has to be harder for people on SO to migrate out. 4/5 isn't enough. Maybe make it a 10k priv there or something. SO is so much larger than everywhere else, it can't follow the same rules that work on smaller sites.
@MDMarra That's not going to happen.
@Iain the moderator from Area 51 (who actually get's to decide if a site proposal conflicts with a existing site) who just said that a question about cables in a home maybe fits on SU.
4:50 PM
4/5 is already a special-case for Stack Overflow.
@Shog9 Perhaps that should be made clearer somehow?
@Shog9 One that isn't working.
If SO migrations are truly a problem, then you get removed as a migration target completely. No user migrations, period.
@Shog9 Problem is... SO seems to think the "System Administrators and desktop support professionals" are here to answer Questions for anything that gets dropped on the site. As opposed to "Is this Q from one of those types of people?"
@Shog9 I think we're OK with that
4:51 PM
@ChrisS Perhaps you should consider changing the wording then.
Oh, and they do it to us at work too. "Can you look at my home computer? thunk"
@MDMarra Eh... That might be extreme
@Shog9 please
@ChrisS I'd imagine mods could still move exceptional questions.
@Shog9 how is "I've found a series of ethernet cables running through various exposed areas in my house and I'm wondering how to tell if they are plenum grade." = Q/A for system administrators and desktop support professionals?
4:52 PM
@Shog9 That creates a lot more work for the SO mods though, doesn't it? People will just flag with "move this to SF"
@Shog9 "For Questions from System Administrators and ......." =D
I do want that search box for "belongs on another site"...
@pauska Ditch your tunnel vision. He already looked at that and agreed with us and moved it to SU. It's not like he's personally responsible for 5 random people on SO with 3k rep.
I don't have a silver bullet, I don't think any of us do.
@ChrisS it won't make a bit of difference - people see the name and the rest is history
4:52 PM
gablaaaarhghagh. sorry. tired and grumpy.
It's just something we should talk about, figure out if we can improve the situation.
@MichaelHampton Considering that most folks have trouble choosing from 4 options (ignoring meta), a search box would be hilariously misused.
@Iain yeah, that was half in jest
I'd love to have SF removed as a migration target.
@AnnaLear yeah; the search box would be a bad idea for all but the most experienced users.
4:54 PM
I agree in general with removing SF as a migration target, but then all the crap is going to go to SU.
If your google-fu isn't strong enough to guide you here, you probably aren't a professional systems admin anyway.
@MDMarra but would the users of SO then not comment questions with "this should be posted on serverfault" when someone asks how to install XBMC on their home server?
@MichaelHampton yeah; they'll just find another dumping ground
@MichaelHampton they would the request removal - eventually there would be nowhere :)
So my suggestion would be to remove both SF and SU as migration targets.
4:54 PM
@ChrisS If the larger problem won't be solved, we should take the solution that solves our problem.
@MDMarra You have over 500 questions migrated in in the past 90 days that haven't been closed or deleted, vs. under 300 that have been. That's high, but it's actually not all that much higher than folks visiting the site directly. And keep in mind, these are migrations directly from a site where nearly anything even tangentially on-topic should, by your rules, be completely off-topic for your site.
Anyone here have any insight on how SO rejection stats are against other sites?
We need a "migrate to quora" option
@MDMarra I could agree with that much.
@ChrisS Yahoo Answers should just be implemented as a migration option
4:55 PM
Originally, there was some idea that a programmer/sysadmin overlap existed, and folks would pick a site for their question based on the sort of advice they were looking for.
@Shog9 that's a hell of a failure rate - no one would want that in business
@mgorven Ok.... let's keep it half serious at least
Q: Bandwagon effect in close votes

Mechanical snailI have suspected this for a while, because in the review queue I often see questions people have voted to close as "not constructive" that several people have marked as "not a real question", and similar. And now I have proof. There's a bandwagon effect going on: people are agreeing with existin...

But this "must be a working sysadmin" rule shot the hell out of that, so you actually have, for Stack Exchange, an insanely narrow audience.
^ that question is why 4/5 isn't good enough.
4:56 PM
@Shog9 no, we also allow desktop professionals
And yet, well over half of the questions migrated in are allowed.
@pauska I frankly have no idea what the hell that's supposed to mean.
@Shog9 Isn't that by design? The narrow the audience, the higher the caliber of experts that you attract?
I've never met someone who worked as a professional desktop.
It sounds like a very demeaning job.
@Shog9 This is true... Though we implemented "don't ask, don't tell" for the most part.
@Shog9 Desktop professionals is a function of IT wherein professionals manage fleets of desktop computers.
4:57 PM
@Shog9 We generally refer to it as "Hell Desk" instead of "Help Desk".. yeah
@Shog9 In many companies a helpdesk person's job might be imaging and patch management, not a sysadmin. That's what a desktop support professional is
We call them "Desktop Support"
@ScottPack This is a distinction unlikely to be useful for anyone who isn't working in that role.
People who aren't in our community cannot easily understand this role.
@Shog9 Yeah...? I fail to see how that's a problem.
4:58 PM
I think that's what Shog's getting at.
@pauska Some hover around 10%, others are lower. MSO has a 27% rejection rate. but percentages aren't very meaningful here since there aren't that many questions migrated to other sites. Top migration destinations right now are SU and SF, with SU migrations being rejected 7% of the time (out of 1215 questions)
@Shog9 Right, so if you read that and you know what it means. It's on topic. If you don't know what it means, you shouldnt be voting to migrate
erm, we only want people who understand those roles..
@MDMarra Don't get mad a Shog... He's not the one doing the crappy migrations. =]
@ScottPack Really? You have an audience description that's completely useless - no, actively misleading - for anyone who doesn't have that as their job title, displayed as the guidance for migration on other sites, and you don't see how that's a problem?
4:59 PM
Yeah, you get Shog in a room it generally means shit's gettin' real
That's the whole point of having a site whose intended audience are professionals in the field. I'm not going to go to libraries.stackexchange and bitch about how they won't tell me how to alphabetize my DnD books.
@MDMarra It's a description that doesn't communicate well that you don't know what it means. If that makes sense. If I read that and didn't know about SF's specific requirements, I'd assume that I knew what it meant. It's not a difficult sentence to parse. There's just more to it than it lets on.
@Shog9 It's not a JOB TITLE, it's an area of expertise
@Shog9 We didn't actually pick that.... But it could definitely be improved.
Or go to dildos.stackexchange and ask about how to talk to @PeterGrace.
4:59 PM
@ScottPack I suspect, however, that you have some idea of what a "librarian" does.
If we put "book person" on the audience description for that site, you might find rather a bit more confusion.
@ChrisS Oh, I'm not. I'm just illustrating the fact that just because a general dev doesn't know what a desktop support professional is doesn't mean that it's not a useful classification. His comment actually illustrated a big part of the problem. Developers as a whole really don't know what the hell we do so how can they know what's on topic?
@Shog9 Bad migrations have been a fairly persistent problem for as long as I've used this site; every high rep user on SF who I've heard express an opinion has had the opinion that something's broken. The main frustration is that those concerns fall on deaf ears, since the people saying that there's no problem are not the people who have to deal with the problem.
Q: serverfault.com is not your trash bin!

Jeff AtwoodI keep seeing inappropriate questions get migrated from Stack Overflow to Server Fault. Such as this one: How to set desktop background in ubuntu? How to set desktop back ground for twin view moninters . I tried with set back ground that image been center of both monitor. i am looking t...

@Shog9 I have a vague idea of where a librarian works, but I have no freaking clue what the full scope of their profession is.
@ScottPack Nevertheless, you know that it is a profession.
@Shog9 But I wouldn't migrate anything to do with books there.
That's the difference
5:01 PM
@Shog9 Hell, I've gotten into arguments with developers frequently about how me, as an Information Security professional, is different from the guy who installs Firefox for them.
@Shog9 It's because I respect librarians to have a profession, even if I don't know what it is.
I'm not kidding: up until today, I thought "desktop support professional" was a catch-all term thought up to handle the myriad tasks that surround the support of desktop computers but don't fall into a system admin role.
How about.. Q&A for professional system administrators and desktop support. Move one word...
@ScottPack Lol, you callin' me a dildo, Pack?
@ShaneMadden My main frustration is that the people who listen, like @Shog9, aren't the people causing the problem... My main frustration has always been reaching the actual problem people.
@PeterGrace No comment. :)
5:02 PM
Also move the SU target above the SF target in the list.
@PeterGrace You haven't denied it yet, have you...
@ChrisS Right, but a lot of the shot-down recommendations have been "create a feedback loop to tell people when they participate in a bad migration"
And for the record: I originally got into this field looking for work as a desktop support professional. Took classes and such. Still thought it was a bullshit catch-all until this very day.
@ChrisS Well, it's a job I'm well suited for.
@Shog9 It does more or less. It's the whole professional capacity thing that gets lost in a lot of these bad migrations.
5:02 PM
@PeterGrace What? Dildos?
The ladies love me, what can I say.
I've got two kids, must know the basics, amirite?
@MDMarra and what the definition of server is
Also, I think something that we're skimming over while we argue about classification is that the content of some of the migrated questions is absolutely fucking terrible.
@MDMarra no, it's worse
@PeterGrace Well, your ole lady has had two kids. That's all we can prove so far.
5:04 PM
So if you're upset that you get desktop support questions, and that's on your audience description among the first thing that folks read when they're scanning the list of migration targets looking for a good choice... Well, before you get too frustrated you might consider picking something a bit more obvious.
Literally, there are things migrated every day that are completely incoherent, but they have server in the title so they get migrated. Even if they are topical based on the title, they are awful questions.
@Shog9 Wait. Why do you think that we're upset that we get desktop support questions?
@Shog9 I don't think anyone's saying that we're upset about getting desktop support questions.
this is going nowhere..
@MDMarra The question you linked to a few minutes ago wasn't awful. Off-topic, fine - but it's a legit question.
@Shog9 We're always going to have "invalid" migrations like the desktop support stuff. We can deal with that.
5:05 PM
@Shog9 About the plenum cable?
@MDMarra yes
It's a question about cabling in someone's house
@MDMarra So what?
The first line of our faq says that anything in a home setting is off topic...
5:05 PM
I rejected one this morning, "Debugging Java Memory Leak"... but it was on a Tomcat Server. That's a problem.
I lied
@MDMarra > Off-topic, fine - but it's a legit question.
The first line of the "is not about" section says that
@Shog9 It's a fine question, not for SF
@ChrisS That's a problem for both sites.
@ChrisS Why's tomcat off-topic?
5:06 PM
I can dig up plenty of questions with bad content if you'd like some examples
Same as folks migrating Emacs questions to SU are a problem.
@PeterGrace There was nothing wrong with Tomcat... had nothing to do with tomcat.. It's a problem in their Java code.
Q: Unable to connect 2 virtual machines in a private virtual network in hyper v

praveen vogguI am running server 2008 r2 as a host system in which i have two virtual machines with server 2008 r2 as guest operating systems and i am trying to create a private network to communicate between these two virtual machines.

@Shog9 In that case it's Emacs that's the problem.... :)
@MDMarra Right. So what can we do to help folks get good questions to the right sites?
5:07 PM
@ChrisS that one was actually closed because it was not a real question
Theres an example of something with horrible content getting migrated
Making it increasingly hard to migrate doesn't do that.
@pauska Ok... It was lacking detail to make it a real question... But it's still about debugging Java!
Shuffling the list of target sites might, but only if the bulk of migrations should be going somewhere else.
@Shog9 implement @ward s idea of stopping migrations and leave the OP info on where may be more appropriate
5:08 PM
@Iain That's existed since before migration was implemented. You leave a comment on the question and say, "Hey buddy, this is off-topic but you could probably ask it [over here]"
Didn't Joel write a blog post many moons ago that only exceptional posts should be migrated and everything else should be closed and the OP should just ask again on the right site?
Or am I just making that up?
Seriously though, if someone can't read the faq of the site they're on and they ask an off-topic question, do we really want to bounce that person to a second site where they probably won't read the faq again?
no, he did
stop migrating crap
or something in that order
@Shog9 yep unfortunately that's lacking some helpful stuff that could be provided by the system and potentially leads to the same question on multiple sites
@Shog9 I think part of the problem is that we don't participate in the migration process on the SO side. We don't have a good feel for what would push close voters (and diamond migrations, for that matter) to be more accurate.
@Iain same question on multiple sites is really not the end of the world. Particularly if most of them are closed.
5:10 PM
@MDMarra The FAQs can be vague at times.. I think there are plenty of cases where it's unclear which site a Q should be posted on. Being able to migrate those is useful.
For exceptional questions, yes. Why don't we take a random sampling of 100 migrated questions and vote on them. Either pick "Off Topic" "Average" or "Exceptional"
@scottpack what's your twitter handle? I don't follow you for some reason.
I'll bet money that less than 5% get rated exceptional
> We don’t want too many choices in the off-topic dialog. There’s a practical maximum limit of about six target sites — ideally less. Every time we present that off-topic dialog we are asking our community members to think about where this question belongs, and having too many choices leads to analysis paralysis. There should be a few clear migration targets, and beyond that … flag it for moderator attention if it’s so doggone exceptional!
Jeff Atwood on October 14, 2010

Several Area 51 sites have made it from being mere proposals to vibrant, thriving websites.

Namely, webapps, gaming, ubuntu, webmasters, and very soon, cooking.

And we’re about to have a heck of a lot more sites come out of beta. Thus, we need to handle migration of questions from site to site in a more elegant way than we do now.

Why? Well, sometimes questions are asked that just don’t belong. In the spirit of preventing broken windows, we like to vote to close these questions so sites can stay tidy, useful, and on topic. We’ve more or less settled on the following standard close reasons: …

@Aarthi I'm playing hardware engineer today. Anyone wanna helps me bomb Japan?
5:12 PM
@PeterGrace packscott
@PeterGrace packsofdildos
@pauska Potentially NSFW
Oh, there's gonna be some dildo calling but I'm gonna leave it on the twitters
"Every time we present that off-topic dialog we are asking our community members to think"...
@PeterGrace is that like catcalling?
5:13 PM
@voretaq7 But with less meowing and more bzzing
Oh boy, perhaps I'm just too demanding
@pauska ..."No good can come of this"
@voretaq7 Where do I sign up?!
GRAWwrrghhhh tweetdeck makes me want to slaughter innocents
@PeterGrace old tweetdeck or new tweetdeck? DIFFERENCE
5:15 PM
who thought this was good enough to upvote serverfault.com/a/442329/9517 :(
@PeterGrace I've been slightly happier with twicca. I miss being able to open a single tweet, but that's about it.
@PeterGrace I gave up tweetdeck 12 minutes after I first used it
@Iain Clearly not me.
brb - someone else hold down the migration discussion. Not @pauska though. He's too angry. Fucking Viking.
or me
5:15 PM
I just spent 10 mins trying to follow scott
I'm gonna just roll with betterbird I guess
@Iain someone drunkenly wandering through "Review first questions/answers" or "Review late answers"
@PeterGrace Stalker
Naw, see, I wanna start calling him names
@PeterGrace I use the web client and the iOS twitter client.
5:16 PM
@ScottPack yeah leave a comment and burn
just don't want to do it in here.
wait, I already follow him? Fucking tweetdeck
I'm gonna just break out the tablet and use tweetcaster at this rate
@PeterGrace You do?
I didn't see anyone ugly enough in my list
@voretaq7 :(
I still don't understand the appeal of twitter... probably never will
5:18 PM
@ChrisS stalking celebs. extremely useful.
@PeterGrace old tweetdeck is good.
I'm a big fan of TweetCaster on Android myself.
@ChrisS nor me
@ChrisS it's more efficient than having an IM window open all day
and it multicasts my messages
@voretaq7 Why not run an IM client that can sit in the system tray then?
@voretaq7 To who?
5:20 PM
@MDMarra 5 percent's pretty generous. 2% is probably too high. On any given set of 100 migration targets, getting one exceptional migration would be a better than expected result.
@ChrisS the rest of the twatterers
@ChrisS the... [looks] 373 mental defectives who think the shit I spout on there is actually worth listening to on a regular basis.
@voretaq7 Does it say how many of them actually check-in to be able to see those tweets? Or how many of your tweets stay on their screen long enough that it's possible the follower actually read it?
@ChrisS nope, but I really don't care :-P
For me Twitter is upside-down asynchronous IRC with a character limit and rudimentary threading.
5:22 PM
@voretaq7 If you don't care, then why do you find it appealing?!
@ChrisS imagine holocryptics twattering
@ChrisS the same reason IRC is appealing. Also it provides me news more efficiently than if I were to scan slashdot, reddit, google news, etc. myself
@voretaq7 You participate in IRC on a consistent basis?
I have an irc window open all the time
@ChrisS Not since around 2001 or so when it devolved from a swamp into the scum you scrape off of swamps.
but I used to be on IRC all the time.
5:26 PM
I did too a million years ago... But you compared Twitter to IRC, so I thought since you Tweet you must IRC as well...
@voretaq7 There are channels that aren't that bad over on Freenode.
@ChrisS I use twitter as a news aggregator and as a way for people that read my blog/serverfault answers to reach out
@ChrisS IRC is less convenient
twitter can sit in a web window and be refreshed / scrolled back through
IRC would run past my scrollback buffer and I'd have to open LOG FILES. EFFORT!
I'm not trying to be argumentative. I don't tweet, I don't know anybody IRL that tweets, I'm just trying to understand.
A very under-used reason for twitter is that customer service responds much faster to public tweets than private emails when you dont get good service
5:27 PM
@voretaq7 irssi + gnu screen? Use the page up/down for scrollback?
@MDMarra and as long as it STAYS under-used that will continue to be true
@Zoredache still can't cover a weekend's worth of activity without having to go to the logs (at last in the channels I used to hang out in)
@MDMarra I haven't seen this effect to be true, but I'll take your word for it.
I use screen+irssi+bitlbee for AIM still
I waited 60 minutes for someone at home depot to show up to cut my plywood, even after speaking to a manager twice about why it was taking so long. I tweeted about it and someone from home depot responded immediately and asked which store. My wood had been cut within 5 minutes after that
(or I do when I haven't hosed my SSH server somehow)
@MDMarra I kinda consider that to be smoking a cigarette to make the bus come
5:29 PM
By the way everyone apologized on my way out, I sort of doubt it
(they might have been on their way already, or they might not - schrödinger's table saw :-)
@MDMarra that would lend more credence to the power of twitter
But that's just one of a few examples. I've had at least 3 customer service reps reach out about things I've tweeted about and I didn't even @ their company.
Reminds me a bit of the LG IPS display commercial on YouTube. The #1 comment explains how it was faked, with proof... Yet the overwhelming majority of feedback on the video is positive, with numerous people responding in comments leading me to believe they don't think it's fake (though likely haven't read the #1 comment).
@ChrisS Also stuff like this floats through my timeline: twitpic.com/b7bi27
and I found out about the Talking Kitty videos on twitter.
@ChrisS Oh, do you have a linky to that video? I've not seen it.
5:31 PM
(so yeah this probably not the most ringing endorsement for its professional value but still)
@voretaq7 I'm not sure what to make of that...
Seems that LG might not have like those comments as they've been deleted.
Look at the handbar at 1:26.... It should be pretty obvious what the people are actually walking on.
If that's isn't a complex enough reason - note the PoV which changes with the camera angle (computer screens can't magically project different PoVs to different viewers). Even in the above preview picture, the screens should be showing something that looks "straight down", but instead we see the sidewall of the "exposed shaft".
@JeffFerland Yeah, you have to respond to a post, you can't "at" the person's name.
@ChrisS Actually, it was the lack of http://
Need both :)
@JeffFerland Oh, yeah, that's an issue too
5:39 PM
@MDMarra That's why I've been finding all the questions migrated from SO and VTCing a lot of them: they're crappy questions that should've just been killed in place.
Well I was thinking more like "your monitors support being walked on by adults, yeah right."

But pretty obviously fake, and for how much effort they put into trying to make it look all spy-cam and real, especially lame, IMHO.
@Iain Technically, it was your idea, I stole it.
@HopelessN00b I could see them putting 1/2" plexiglass over the top and that working.... But it's still fake anyway.
@Ward I was too scared of the laser eyed mSO sharks
@Iain Now if I could just get some action on my "When will data.SE be updated" complaint.... @RebeccaChernoff !
5:46 PM
@ChrisS Also sometimes gems like this:
On Being A Senior Engineer http://www.kitchensoap.com/2012/10/25/on-being-a-senior-engineer/
@Ward There's no good reason the old export-scrub-import method couldn't have been used to freshen data.SE; so they're obviously not in any hurry to even marginalize the issue... It's probably going to be a while before it's fixed.
@voretaq7 Dammit, now I have to take time to read that.
@JeffFerland I skimmed about 60% of it - it's a quite excellent article.
it's marked to be read thoroughly tonight
@ScottPack so, only one retweet. I'm obviously not a dildo.
@ChrisS They claim they've ordered some new hardware...
5:53 PM
@Ward So the hardware that supported the existing system for years no longer works?
These would all be good questions for @RebeccaChernoff ...
I suspect it means a developer wants to play with something.
data.SE is the readheaded stepchild
my apologies to whoever is working on it, but I'm highly critical of "Plan A didn't work, there is no Plan B, so we're leaving it broken until we come up with something else".
Moved myself and one client to Amazon Route 53
5:57 PM
@ewwhite Anything broken yet?
@MichaelHampton It's smooth.
If I were doing more on AWS I'd try it out myself, but my current plans are to migrate off AWS completely.
I told the people at work, and they delegated one of their subdomains as well...
I like the load balancing/weighting feature
(which is probably available in BIND, but I don't know how to use it.)

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