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12:05 AM
Crap, now I have to take out the part about making a better user.
That viagra isn't that cheap, you aren't really going to get naked pictures of anybody, and there is no $15 million dollars in Nigeria or elsewhere except for the money taken from people who did respond to the spam.
still don't understand that comment
Maybe talking about user education
User education doesn't always work?
towards what i was having trouble with though
12:19 AM
it doesn't.
And that is why we still have spam.
@ewwhite Question: What tools have you used to profile application performance?
(on linux)
i just want to know - if i did / said something stupid - tell me so atleast i can defend myself
@JoelESalas valgrind, oprofile, strace, nmon, collectl, gdb...
@lsiunsuex Did you open that .zip email attachment that was supposed to be naked pictures of $CELEBRITY?
12:21 AM
i usually pay for my porn
@ewwhite I've been asked to produce informatics on system load during application torture test runs, I'm not aware of any tool or collection of tools that will provide this type of data without heavy retrofitting
@ewwhite Whatever you say it costs. I was thinking just some older 2650 or 2510 stuff.
@JoelESalas collectl
@lsiunsuex Did you call that guy in Nigeria who needed your help smuggling $15 million out of the country?
@ewwhite Awesome, thanks. Looking into it now.
12:23 AM
@JoelESalas And I like ORCA.... I can correlate app changes with historical graphs...
@ewwhite I did some heavy lifting with cacti to get the historical graphing into place, but that's not what the powers that be want.
Change in server, I/O subsystem and OS... noticeable impact on system load... 5-minute granularity
@ewwhite Have you collected service-level stats with collectl before? like apache threads, mysql questions, etc
You can... I don't
I tell app developers to provide the hooks
@ewwhite I don't get that conversation option :) I'd have to boost my Renegade by quite a few points
12:25 AM
if they don't kknow how/what to monitor, they shouldn't be writing it
The trend in finance is to use multicast beacons to provide app status..
but that's another topic. I'm out of that world
@ewwhite So something like collectd but at the application level?
12:42 AM
Depends on what you need to collect
@ewwhite any idea how to selectively backup folders with time machine ?
@lsiunsuex Yes on excluding. Not sure on an inclusion list, though
yeah, not seeing inclusion
i only want my programming folders; couldn't care about the OS
or apps
@lsiunsuex Time machine is not flexible in the least.
just a waste i think - it estimates 73gb - the folders i care about are < 200mb
12:53 AM
@lsiunsuex cron
Q: Can I select only a few specific folders to back up with Time Machine?

PatrickCan I select to backup only few folders with Time Machine ? If there is not an "official one", does somebody know a trick to do it?

1:23 AM
kinda have had this increasing feeling about apple lately
that they don't add feature X cause it may cause them to require a manual
like they keep features out to keep it simple, while hurting power users in the process
It's becoming more of an appliance...
like an iPad.
unbenounced to them, some of use need a laptop, not a clamshell ipad
i have an ipad. keep it dumbed down - great, awesome. don't f' with my laptop / desktop though please
I have a Retina display Macbook Pro... 8GB RAM... non-upgradeable...
can't update the hard drive.
no ethernet port
i guess i ment, don't f' with OS X - i dont think i mind that the retina is locked down hardware wise, BUT, i don't have one so i can't say
then again, aside from ram upgrade, thats all i've ever upgraded on a mac laptop.
(still thinks someone should make a iPad ethernet dongle)
@lsiunsuex I think you're on your own there chief. With that said, I'm all about tunables and upgrade-ables. Hence my thinkpad with fedora
1:34 AM
i wasn't always a mac user - i only got into them around the iBook g4 - 10 years ago? right when the iPod 3rd gen was released. I ust to build them, roll slackware linux, blah blah blah
Hey, I'd happily run OS X... on a PC.
as i said before and some agreed with me - i have better shit to do with my time now than finding a new video driver or audio driver :)
Might ahve been me. I have work to do, and compiling my own distro is not on the to-do list.
1:47 AM
@MichaelHampton You hardly have to do that. Fedora works out of the box for about 95% of hardware
@JoelESalas Precisely.
@MichaelHampton You mean it's not 100%?
@JoelESalas I add in the RPM Fusion repos to my Fedora box, but that's about it.
Oh wait, I also have Adobe and Google Chrome repos. Big hairy deal.
@MichaelHampton I think fedora is a good balance of hackish and OOB experience. I have to retrofit OSX to fit my workflow anyway, might as well do it in glorious Linux master race
lol locked out of my VPS.
@JoelESalas One of these days I'll put together a Hackintosh again.
1:51 AM
@MichaelHampton OSX is the thing I hate, not the hardware or paying extra, etc
@JoelESalas Eh, I mostly like OS X; it's paying extra for the hardware I hate.
@MichaelHampton HFS+ is made of a burlap sack full of dead kittens.
Oh yeah, I hate HFS+ too. Who's the moron that decided a filesystem should be case-insensitive, anyway?
Oh wait, now I remember.
Alone in the office -> listen to Katy Perry without fear of retribution
2:19 AM
@ewwhite lolwut? MacBook Pro witih no ethernet port?
2:40 AM
@MikeyB no ethernet port.

Think the adult industry is lame? It's not. at abbywinters.com

Opportunity to work with a socially responsible, ethical, and dynamic business in the adult industry. Seeking passionate PHP developers who enjoy the challenge of doing hard and…

Posted on Careers 2.0 on August 17, 2012

One step-up from brazzers.com...
Not bad, but I have no desire to be a developer. Again.
3:14 AM
K - K - K - KITTEH!!
Tracers, man.
3:45 AM
@WesleyDavid Since you have time to be posting that… chew on this:
Q: pfSense can't talk ARP beyond a switch two hops away

MikeyBI have the following devices on vlan93 on my network: pfsense ( core-sw1 ( edge-sw1 ( pf-switch ( devices ( Physical connections below (all connections are tagged except for pf-switch → devices): +----------+ +-----...

It's freakin' weird.
Also I'm trying to decide if that table is going to make sense or break brains
Port security?
Is that a thing in pfsense?
Or maybe something wrong with the vlan tagging situation?
Well, firewall rules are wide open. Even if they weren't, why would that make arp fail? Doesn't even work from pfsense console.
VLAN tagging is good: A can talk to B, B can talk to C, but A can't talk to C :(
4:06 AM
@MikeyB Instead of the pfsense box, put a known-working packet capture device (laptop with wireshark) on the interface from the core switch that faces the pfsense box - make sure it's egressing the packets that ought to be sent to the pfsense system. I suspect something's wacky with that core.
4:53 AM
@KyleBrandt I just saw a 408 error a moment ago on /review/late-answers
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
Have you got anything without spam in it?
ay ?
lovely spam
6:43 AM
Try Ulster fry then
Hah, I had to look that up.
Thanks a lot, @Iain. Now I'm thinking about breakfast, and it's only 3 am.
I just had my granola + coffee
My usual breakfast is eggs, bacon and whatever random leftover crap happens to be in the refrigerator.
7:14 AM
Oh my word, 40gb PSTs? superuser.com/questions/464226/…
@Zoredache But obviously employees need to be able to store HD-quality porn in their email!
7:33 AM
It's gonna be another 200 rep day. I can feel it.
7:49 AM
or they store everything.
/me will take a poke to see how big his dad's outlook mailbox is later ;p
hm, wait.. I have no idea if the office has internet today...
fun fun
No internet? Day off for everybody!
@MichaelHampton: we literally should have started moving stuff out last week
its all there ;p
and the phone lines were cut early for some inexplicable reason, but not the phone line used for fax on the same account
its a total clusterfuck ;p
Sounds like fun!
8:03 AM
Wow, I can get to New York and back for 2 adults for less than a grand
That's cheaper than I thought
£5k to go first class, though - don't think I'll be doing that then!
8:28 AM
5k each? ouch
No, 5k for both
But still more than I could justify - not sure any flight could be worth £5k
£1600 for us both to go Premium Economy which seems like a reasonable mid point
We flew all the way to Australia and back for that
but then again e had 6 weeks to iron out the aches and pains
Need to talk to some American peeps on here and see if doing some kind of road trip between New York and Chicago (Or vice versa) would be worth it
Grr. half an hour on the phone to Adobe CS and I think I've taught him more about their products that he's taught me.
8:43 AM
@SmallClanger Oh man, I've only ever been forced into phoning them once and they were just a complete waste of time
oooh boy
we have internet through my phone now
but no idea what actually gets moved/discarded left behind
@Dan They'd got this fantastic new license subscription system that should make their products much cheaper for our teams. "Oh, but it's only for individuals at the moment and you can only pay by credit card on each individual account."
@Graham: you are right. Although I do hate Serverfault, a lot of nasty people there with porn -spam etc, I do see that this question belongs there. Voted as off-topic here. Luckily, I already answered so no need to step there XD — hhh 8 hours ago
"So you mean it's tantalisingly close, bit still entirely useless for any business of more than 3 people?" ... "Yes, pretty much."
@SmallClanger I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that pirating certain vendors software isn't morally wrong at all
8:52 AM
@Dan Indeed. There's a special level of hell reserved for companies that not only do it wrong, but show you how they could easily do it right and then put it on the other side of a big laser death ray so you can't touch it.
The worst part is, I'm telling this to people who need the licenses and they think I'm lying or being lazy/stupid.
@SmallClanger :(
If I cheers you up, I've just finished cabling a 4 server solution with 25 network cables: The network guy was just looking at this huge new bundle of cabling trying to work out what the fuck :D
That sounds like fun. :) How 25? I can get to 20 with aggregation + iLO for 4 boxes...
@Iain What's all that about
no idea
it was shunted (correctly) from SO and it looks to have had some comments pruned
@SmallClanger Haha, actually, I've not done the iLO yet...
Server 1: 4x Streaming VLAN, 2x Production, 1x iSCSI
Servers 2, 3 & 4: 2x Streaming VLAN, 2x Production, 2x iSCSI
9:22 AM
@Dan how comes only 1x iSCSI on server 1?
should have two path to storage really
does anyone have a clue what this guy is on about?
Q: How to deny Google Chrome extensions access to intranet content

SujayWhat I'm looking for is a domain (sub-domains included) restriction for extensions that require permissions to read content on the open tab. This is just to make sure to provide the users with customization & at the same time, make sure that internal content is never sent outside the networ...

@ColdT Oh, it's only for storage purposes
Archive storage that is, so not an issue if it goes down
@Dan fair enough, makes sense
@ColdT I think I understand - he wants to allow users to have Chrome Extensions running, but doesn't want the risk of them reading and processing sensitive information. I doubt there's a solution, though
if he wants restriction for intranet, then use domain authentication on iis?
but doubt that's going to work in Chrome
I think what he means is that Chrome Extentions can read the DOM etc and then obviously whatever they want with them
I've got the worst headache today
My house alarm went off at 3am and to say my body pumped me full of adrenaline is an understatement - nothing had happened, so probably a moth or some shit but I ended up having a proper come down when I got back upstairs
9:57 AM
Ugh. Adrenaline comedowns are horrible. It's like instant jetlag.
@SmallClanger Terrible isn't it. I'm a pretty calm person, so I don't really get that much adrenaline even during something crazy but my body just ramped up the max. Probably because I was asleep, I suppose - the Mrs says I was downstairs before she even knew what was going on
I'm much the same; there's something special about the fear that there's someone in your house.
You're right there! I'm still a bit twitchy after having my bike nicked from the bank garden last year, to be honest - that really pissed me off
10:36 AM
posted on August 21, 2012 by Wesley David

I just read an article that made me fear for the state of our nation. It doesn’t have to do with citizen’s rights, backroom deals, or big corporations. It has to do with storage systems. In the story “Charges dropped against fugitive doctor, because evidence is using too much space on federal servers” it is exposed that the US government has so much “evidence̶

10:58 AM
esquire.com/features/world-trade-center-rebuilding-0912 always liked esquire's writing. good article on who controls what at the world trade center
11:23 AM
@WesleyDavid why didn't you put your personalised link to the SF question in that article ~ there are badges to be had for that
@WesleyDavid you live in Arizona ?
12:04 PM
whats kinda funny is, since i started tracking browser stats on my site, all my users are Apple users and yet, a vital piece of software they will use when they become professionals is Windows only.
12:15 PM
@lsiunsuex maybe design one that support OSX?
thought about it
i've seen the windows version
it does what they need it to but its crap; even the pro's hate it
Who wants to analyze some data?
a client sent me a graph provided to them by a competing vendor...
June 18 and June 25... left and right
June 18 was the app on local disks. June 25 was the same app with some files on a RAM disk. The vendor made the client go from 32GB to 192GB of RAM in order to accommodate this.
and the vendor continued by using this set of graphs to illustrate the difference in performance.
Do y'all see anything useful there?
it burst more often in ram than on disk?
but the actual numbers... 2170 IOPS.
it doesn't really show speed does it? operations and size over the same time period - it doesn't look it proves anything - it looks like there was more activity in the ram disk for sure
12:24 PM
average iops are lower, in fact.
does not prove anything
and the IO size graph really doesn't mean anything either
(the application is fixed at 1k or 2k write sizes)
i think its marketing bullshit - because the one of the right looks like more is happening doesn't mean anything to me
So since I'm competing, I'm trying to tell this (potential) customer that they do no need a server of 192GB RAM...
the data (or whatever) will need to be written back to disk eventually no? yeah, while its on the ram disk it may be faster, but it can't stay there for ever right?
and provide some real metrics
@ewwhite Every server should have a million RAMs
12:27 PM
i have 8 BILLION bytes on my laptop
You need the RAMs for the IOPS to function properly, see. You do want your IOPS to function, don't you?
that may be the burstiness you see in the right graph... hourly syncs of the RAMDisk contents... maybe not
might be - either way, still a bottle neck - the shit can't stay in a ram disk forever
I see that these are OpenNMS graphs.
and by default, these are the only IO profiling graphs that OpenNMS provides out of the box
@ewwhite those graphs are meaningless, no one knows the load of the work on those days
12:33 PM
@ColdT would you just reply - "these graphs don't mean anything"?
@ewwhite This isn't really my area of expertise, but I'd reply with something more like "I'm struggling to see what's meant to be shown by those graphs alone. I don't understand how they were able to extrapolate their conclusion without [a], [b], [c]"
Or "you've been spun a line by Mr Bullshit", your choice!
"We're trying to justify making you pay for 192GB of RAM on your DL380"
@ewwhite I see nothing of relevance in the graphs; actually, they quite look like there was no difference in those particular performance measures. Where's the IO Time graph? Or something with some relevance?
These were generated from OpenNMS, which has no good disk monitoring facilities.
SNMP, so it's UCD DiskIO
12:43 PM
I'm trying to sell my ability to tune the system better than the other vendor.
and the client is reluctant.
The left is on a 24-disk HP P2000 G3 SAN... connected via SAS.
@chriss (blades) I want to make a deal
@ewwhite Ooh, I need to talk to you!
@Dan wassup?
@ewwhite They're talking about it right now, literally. So I'll know in < 2 hours.
@ChrisS What's the discussion topic? This specific request, or overall IT spending?
@ewwhite Nothing interesting - considering travelling to New York late next year for our honeymoon, but I'm trying to make it a "once in a lifetime" style adventure. I was wondering if you had any thoughts (good or bad) on travelling from NY to Chicago. To be honest, I don't even know WHY I want to see Chicago, I dont' much about it beyond TV, but I have an inkling to do a road trip to come and see the place for a few days
12:52 PM
@ewwhite All "Capital" budgets for the second half of this year.
And a variety of other stuff that I'm not privy too.
@Dan NY is big. Chicago is smaller... but Chicago can be very nice for tourists. Prettier city, lake, beaches... Being a Midwestern city, it developed as a result of commerce, so the city layout is a grid, radiating outward from the downtown area. It's easy to navigate and the city's lakefront is reserved for public use. Good restaurants, a tall building or two, good sports town, and enough touristy destinations to make it worth it. Flights from/to NY are routinely $150 or less each way.
@Basil it's good...
That's the big question nobody answered
@basil I had the storage discussion with Racktop solutions
@ewwhite Cool, thanks
1:05 PM
Maybe Chicago first, NYC second
Coming from LHR?
@ewwhite Yeah, almost certainly. And that's definitely a thought, too
I'd go Chicago -> NY. Depending on the season, of course. Summers are nice here.
@ewwhite Yeah, I'm struggling to know when to go, need to do some serious thinking really
If you're doing the US, hit Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC
maybe dip into Texas... just so you know....
@ewwhite Honestly, I would love to do that - but I'm hoping this won't be the last time in the US, just probably won't make it back to NY
Did Vegas the other year and we still talk about it - it was awesome
The US fascinates me, but I suppose we're engulfed in it.
1:14 PM
goto disney in Florida
or universal if your not into cartoons / mickey mouse
@Dan Man, this is a scary place....
@ewwhite What, the US?
Q: What is the use-case for NAS on a mid-to-high end storage array?

MDMarraMany large storage vendors (EMC, NetApp, etc) provide storage equipment that does NAS in addition to FCP, FCoE, or iSCSI. When would it be appropriate to use the NAS functionality of these boxes? In an SMB setting, a NAS is a cheaper replacement with lower management overhead for a file server, ...

I'm look at you, @Basil
@Dan Yes, the US is scary. We have odd politics.
Todd dude is just a very sick person
1:18 PM
@ewwhite Oh that much I know - as a world player you lot the scare the shit out everyone else
And our armed forces do not speak highly of working with your guys, I'm afraid
Hopefully now Paul Akin realizes that "I saw it once on Fox News" isn't the same as having knowledge.
@ewwhite How did it go?
@MDMarra checking
@dan And we're getting good at this voter suppression thing.
@Dan niagara falls also here in Buffalo NY - a wonder of the world
@lsiunsuex Oh wow, hadn't even thought of that. Jane would love that - good thought!
1:21 PM
@lsiunsuex Curious - what does that have to do with the armed forces? Also, don't forget that we have half of it.
@MikeyB he said he was looking for more places in the USA to visit
@MikeyB Yeah, you almost certainly want to visit the Canadian side. Niagara Falls, NY, not so much.
Haha, wow, that's a long way away! I keep forgetting how big the place - that's like 500 miles. Basically the height of England :D
i've heard though the american side is picking up a bit - not like the canadian side for sure, but getting there
i live not even a 20 minute drive from the falls and we rarely go now adays - seen it so many times
@Dan Philly is fun
I also happen to be a little bias, living here and all
lots of history in the independence hall area
1:28 PM
If I was a politician I would be most afraid of people thinking that I'm unintelligent because I can't find the right word... With most politicians I think their backers are more fearful that they will find the right word which expresses just how f---ing crazy they are.
godarkforie.org opinions on actually doing this on a live site?
@Basil The storage talk. I grilled them for 2.5 hours.
@basil it fell apart with discussion about HA/replication and what to actually DO with replicated data.
they must be hating you right about now
@lsiunsuex My websites already look like arse on old versions of IE, I think that's generally punishment enough, though a banner or something wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
@ChrisS considering doing it; my stats so far are showing most of my users are on modern browsers, but it never hurts to educate the absent minded
1:32 PM
@basil they had solid hardware, good engineers, a support structure and the right price. Most other ZFS vendors build around SuperMicro, which is awful.
@lsiunsuex I get quite irritated by that - there are legitimate (ish) reasons that people are still using IE8
I'm not saying people should worry about supporting it, but to actively unsupport it is a bit childish and shows a lack of appreciation that not everyone can change their situation easily
@lsiunsuex In the last month my personal site has had <6% hits from IE <9.0; That's still a bit of a high number for completely blacking them out.
@Dan I do wonder what portion of the older browser traffic is due to negligence and what portion is due to administrative lock-in.
@ChrisS Hard to say, but I still have to roll out IE8 sometimes because some bits of slightly older versions of Citrix do not support IE9
And not everybody has the cash to upgrade - plus, the first version that does properly support IE9 relies on Server 2008 R2, so the 64 bit thing can be an issue too
We're 100% IE 9.0 here... But we had issues with upgrades in the past (vendor websites incompatible with the newest IE) that held us back long after a newer release was available.
Same guys as this, too: http://occupyflash.org/

Again, I'm no great fan of Flash but some things I use, use flash. I'm not going to deliberately cripple myself or others just because some guy on the net says Flash is crap.
Petition your IT department

If you believe in the cause of making the web a better place, let your IT department know you can do without Flash. And while you're at it, have them update your browser to the latest version :-)


I mean, what's all that about. Yeah, I'll just uninstall Flash from the network to prove a point. What, you need those educational resources / vendor application / whatever - tough shit, homes.
Sorry, but I'm there to make things work. Natural progression needs to do it's thing first, and when nobody needs Flash, I'll stop bothering to include it!
(I'm done now)
1:46 PM
there is still a need for flash until html 5 can do everything flash can
I generally hate Flash as much as the next guy, and I refuse to use it for anything on my own sites, but I'm not going to uninstall it.
I do wish there was an easy way to point out to visitors: "Because you are using an old browser this website looks like poo, upgrade and see it in all it's HTML5 glory!"
Don't get me wrong, I do hate the product - it causes me no end of grief on every single project that involves it but HTML5 isn't the be all and end all either
@ChrisS Yeah, I'm up for that - that's fine
@ChrisS i'm considering this - detect the browser version (easy enough) and if its old - through a banner at the top like SE does to present a simple message - hey, your browser sucks ass. here are some links to new ones.
give them a dismiss button so its not obtrusive and hope for the best.
I also need to figure out why Chrome chokes on inline-blocks still...
@lsiunsuex I think we're there - I've had HTML5 apps crash my browser.
1:52 PM
@MikeyB :D
@ChrisS I love Chrome, but I need to figure out why it eats RAM
still holding on to firefox
is it really a good idea to say a piece of your mind during your exit interview? considering i still need a reference from here -.-
@ColdT Depends how much and what
@Dan FF eat almost anything you throw at it too
Honestly, I'm a big believer in speaking out day to day, but I just left it at my exit and did the "Thanks for the opportunities, I'm very sad to leave" You never know who you'll meet and what you'll need
2:04 PM
If I have an Exchange installation (all roles on 1 server) and a NAS in my network, should I put my mailbox databases directly on the NAS? Or should I store them on the Exchange server and only backup to the NAS?
I wonder if it makes any difference.
@Dan that's what am thinking, can't break ties as i never just know what the future holds... considering they have their own datacenter, i might come back
@OliverSalzburg i think the better route would be locally and then backup to NAS
@ColdT Thanks. That's where I'm leaning as well right now
@ColdT Exactly, never say never!
and if you got the time, try jetstress for performance testing (technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd335108.aspx)
@ColdT +1 Test... The NAS will probably die under the pressure, but at least you'll know
2:11 PM
@Dan oh yeah - if you have an iPhone, see if you can download an app called Jet Setter - they offer deals on vacations here in the USA - (not sure if its available from outside the usa)
@lsiunsuex Will take a look, thanks
@ColdT Thanks
Talking of NSFW, I've not seen Chopper for a while
@Dan He hasn't been on the site since Aug 10th.
2:28 PM
@ChrisS Yeah, just spotted that :(
Mind you, with his life style, he could be anywhere
Howdy folks
nothing came up on an obituary search - must still be alive
@Dan I'm surprised to see anybody from Europe on here right now; it's August you know.
@lsiunsuex Check the courts
@ChrisS I'm not allowed holiday during August :(
not finding shit cept profiles (linked in, twitter, shit like that)
2:35 PM
@Dan how comes no holidays in August?
was he working on the olympics stuff? maybe their out looting infrastructure left over from the games haha
@ColdT Our busiest time - to be fair, strictly speaking what happens is that I get "bonus" extra days for not taking holiday now. I'd also lose out on our bonuses for contracted work (i.e., doing work for customers) and mileage etc. So it's my choice in a way, but not really!
2:51 PM
How did this get to +2?
A: DHCP is a mess, where do I start?

Joel CoelMigrate dhcp to the new domain controller pronto. Active Directory needs to be the DNS server in it's domains, and the way it knows to keep it's DNS records updated is by also being the DHCP server, and updating A records when it hands out addresses. To make the migration with as little pain as...

@Dan you people and your TIME-OFF...
Here in the US, you take time off at your own peril...
Q: Linux I/O bottleneck with data-movers

BenjaminI have a 24 core machine with 94.6GiB RAM running Ubuntu server 10.04. The box is experiencing high %iowait, unlike another server we have (4 cores) running the same types and amounts of processes. Both machines are connected to a VNX Raid fileserver, the 24-core machine via 4 FC cards, and the o...

@MDMarra No idea, but he's got a couple things that are at least "sorta wrong" in there. =]
Oh, just kidding... defective IO module
downvote him man
I hate when wrong info has a positive score
2:57 PM
'sup bronnies?
Not touching this one...
Q: ZFS over iSCSI high-availability solution

oberstetI am considering a ZFS/iSCSI based architecture for a HA/scale-out/shared-nothing database platform running on wimpy nodes of plain PC hardware and running FreeBSD 9. Will it work? What are possible drawbacks? Architecture Storage nodes have direct attached cheap SATA/SAS drives. Each disk is...

I don't know if running DHCP on the DC should be avoided at all costs... That seems simplistic, but certainly there's a potential security trade-off.

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