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9:04 PM
Jeebus christ
My boss is going to be gone starting Wed the 22nd and not back until the 10th

you are invited
Hookers and blow for everyone!
im not sure you can find blow on the internet
but hookers for sure!
@David Heh. Sure you can.
9:08 PM
I guess
It's one of my e-commerce sites, for example. E-blow.com
I suppose I ought to refrain from further corrupting the youth though....
Strangely, the careers page gets more hits. Maybe "e-blowjobs.com" is confusing some websurfers.
Heh. I got some spam this afternoon that passed SPF and was from a Tbird client.
@David Yes, you can buy blow on the internet. Look up 'Silk Road'.
9:22 PM
@MichaelHampton the video game?
Now if they could only replace bitcoin with something that doesn't suck...
Like buttcoins?
wtf. whats wrong with this? cat | tail error_log
wanna watch for new entries...
9:27 PM
@lsiunsuex There's an extra cat | in there? And a missing -f on tail?
Maybe someone's more into dogs than cats?
got it, thank you.
i like to keep my cat from running by holding his tail with my foot, but i've been told thats mean (something about arteries running through it) so i've stopped since.
@HopelessN00b Seriously though, what's wrong with bitcoins?
@MichaelHampton it's a "currency" based on burning CPU cycles to do non-work?
@voretaq7 I asked what was wrong with it.
9:36 PM
@MichaelHampton well that seems as fundamentally flawed basis for currency as "The full faith and credit of a government nobody has faith in or will extend further credit to"...
Actually, not so much that as the horribly flawed deign decisions... it being deflationary, and massively rewarding early adopters.
@voretaq7 You come up with a way to send gold over the Internet, and I'll be all over it. :)
@HopelessN00b Neither of those are flaws.
What incentive is there for me to adopt it knowing how heavily it favors the people who "mined" 90% of the avaialable bcs in existance?
@MichaelHampton You find a way to make Bitcoin something I can spend external currency to purchase at a known exchange rate and I'll be all over it :)
@voretaq7 You mean like mtgox.com ?
9:39 PM
We should make StackExchangeCoins.
Yeah they are. You got one guy who mined almost 20% of the total possible bitcoins by installing it in a datacenter he admined. How's that a selling point for a currency?
You get 1 coin for every 10 upvotes...
@Zoredache It already exists: bitcoin.SE is in beta
the concept of "Waste some CPU cycles and get money" is nonsensical to me - It's like saying "connect a space heater and in addition to the heat you're getting I'll give you a penny for every 20 hours it runs
It's, at best, a lateral move from government currency. I'm holding out for something better.
9:40 PM
@MichaelHampton I don't want a site about bitcoins. I want a way for people to convert useful assistance into money.
@MichaelHampton yes, but do they let me get my bitcoins back out in $_other_currency yet?
@Zoredache Ah, gotcha, I misread it at first.
@Zoredache we call that "consulting" :-)
@voretaq Sure, exchange has always been two-way.
They do. Bubble popped a bit, but you can exchange them for rel money
9:41 PM
@voretaq7 Yeah, but I want consulting minus all the government regulation, contracts, taxes, and that other stupid stuff.
@MichaelHampton ok. I still have a problem with the fundamental concept, but at least it's closer to being a currency
I just want to be able to help people and get money.
@voretaq7 I have a problem with a currency based on military might, but that's just me.
@zoredache exactly why I moonlight as a hitman.
@MichaelHampton Currency is just another barter good unless it's backed by force.
9:43 PM
@Zoredache So, perhaps, in the next iteration of SE, people can offer bounties in Bitcoins?
@MichaelHampton I have a problem with currency based on "you wasted electricity (and the resources required to produce it), have a dollar."
@voretaq7 That "waste" also secures transactions by making it impossible to double spend.
and all currencies are inherently based on military might :-)
@MichaelHampton that's a great feature, but I'm not sure why that earns me more money...
@voretaq7 The bitcoins have to get into circulation somehow. As time passes the reward for doing so decreases exponentially.
@MichaelHampton which is where buying in with external currencies comes into play -- bitcoin needs a reserve currency :)
9:48 PM
Oh, my hurt is braining. Think we just had the worst ever question posted.
Link bro
On my droid, linkage is difficult. Why does amazon make you secure your instance with a private key and not a public one? Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Q: Why does Amazon release private keys instead of public keys?

S37HMy brain is wrapped around the axle on public and private keys. Why does Amazon EC2 require you to download private keys? Doesn't the idea behind public/private key suggest that Amazon should be require you to download a public one? Further, if I set up an SFTP server for a customer to use, shoul...

@HopelessN00b What part of it do you really not like? PKI isn't the worlds most easy to understand subject.
The lack of research effort?
OK, gonna try to go answer this question now. Send your bitcoin questions to bitcoin.SE :)
9:53 PM
But the lack of research effort isn't unusually bad. Not bad enough to call it the worst question ever.
All my knowledge comes from the internet, man pages and testing. Any question I can answer shows a lack of research effort.
@zoredache the basic... why don't I secure something with a "public" key? Like I said, it hurts my thinky place.
YYou don't need to know much about PKI, so much as the meaning of words, I think.
Nearly anything involving cryptography is going to be not exactly straighforward though.
@HopelessN00b So assuming his subject is accurate, why would Amazon have a user download a private key?
@Zoredache As opposed to locally generate a key pair and upload the public key?
9:56 PM
So that they'll have it, and be able to access their instance, would be my guess.
Right. Or perhaps they should just require you to provide a public key when you create a new instance. Honestly, it sounds to me like Amazon has a slightly screwed up system, and it is confusing him.
Alright, that's a fair point. They do it that way so they can be sure the user actually has and retains the private key, though. Otherwise they get slammed with people who blew away the private key and dunno why the public key isn't enough.
im off work, later bros
I went to work once. It didn't really agree with me.
Can I embed a YouTube video into my answer?
10:11 PM
@HopelessN00b it's a little overrated. Getting a paycheck is nice though.
I dunno. I still think I'd prefer the very large duffel bag stuffed with $20 bills. Unfortunately, those a re lot harder to find than paychecks. :(
@MichaelHampton You can try. If it's not too flippant, it'll probably stay.
It's, uh, relevant to the answer?
@MichaelHampton Are you going after the canonical mail question by any chance?
This is the coolest thing ever
10:20 PM
@84104 Do you think posting "Outsource your email" would be a good answer?
Honestly, I'm not crazy about the way the question's worded. How do you reduce spam? Buy a Postini or Websense filter. 99.9999% of spam killed.

Honestly, that's all there is to it. If we want a cannonical "spam" question, it's gotta be a lot broader than what can be answered with getting an industry-leading spam filter.
grumble grumble I dislike leaving mod messages.
I was going to answer with Barracuda and outline the reasons.
All the other stuff mentioned just doesn't matter when you can get Google to block all but 1 in 100,000 or 1 in 1 million spam emails sent your way.
I've sold and implemented dozens of them...
10:25 PM
@HopelessN00b You can talk about some of the basic items that a filter should do (RBL check, SPF check, DKIM check, Bayesian check, etc.)
and with cloud filtering available, I don't even have to invest in the hardware anymore.
SPF is not part of my attack on spam...
Yeah, they're nice too. Postini and Websense though, so much easier. Much less configuration.
the rest, DNS lookups, reputation, etc...
@84104 Yes.
well, with barracuda's cloud service, I don't even need to do bayesian training anymore
10:26 PM
@ewwhite You use a Barracuda? It's part of their default thing to do
and just because you're not doing the bayesian training locally doesn't mean that they're not doing it on their end and giving you the sieve to run the mail through :)
I think Barracuda Central relies on their own data more than SPF.
@ewwhite the last time I used a Barracuda was ~3 years ago, but it did SPF checks and tweaked a weight based on it.
@voretaq7 But it doesn't really matter. Law of diminishing returns. They get so much of the spam that all the custom filters and rules you can add in maybe block a few spam emails a year, literally.
But a nice secret is that anyone can use the Barracuda RBL.
@HopelessN00b yes, but if someone's asking how you get rid of spam the (complete) answers is "You do what the major providers do: <insert list>"
Telling someone "Use a Barracuda" or "Use Postini" doesn't tell them the how. There's a blog post about this...
10:28 PM
I guess. I still think the better answer is "let the guys who block billions of spam emails a day block your unwanted inbound mail too."
Kyle Brandt on June 09, 2011

Most people in the system administration field I have talked to agree that the professionalization of system administration is happening faster. System administrators have always been paid, that isn’t what I mean by professionalization. What I do mean is that more leaders are emerging, participating in local groups, blogging, and participating on sites like Server Fault. The end results is that the standard of the profession is going up. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t always been great people — but I believe the average expected expertise is increasing in the field. …

@HopelessN00b That's certainly how you should open (or close) the answer
but seriously, it's at the point where I pay $8/user/year for Barracuda cloud filtering.
but sysadmins are supposed to know what's going on under the hood. Otherwise fuck it, let's all just do DevOps.
and the clients with appliances still have theirs running
yes, we need to know what it's doing... so the essentials of SCL or bayesian DB's and spamassassin scores are important.
but I could easily see a new generation of admin who never had to touch any of that...
you mother fucker.
10:30 PM
@Zoredache His name is MAILER-DAEMON, last of his tribe. He is also known as... the Postmaster!
@ewwhite well you don't need to know the dirty internals of how those work
i'm going to scream
but you should know that this thing called a Bayesian filter is running
and you should know that it uses this thing called a DNS RBL to identify known spam spewers and tell them to get back behind the iron curtain :)
@voretaq well, shouldn't we all just say "fuck it" and do devops? More money. Less hours, less mental effort required...

But maybe I will punch up an answer if work's dreadfully slow tomorrow. I can have another simplistic, undeservedly high-voted answer to loathe. It's been almost two full weeks since my last one of those.
@HopelessN00b now c'mon don't you want a Legendary badge? :-)
10:33 PM
It would be a shame to let my 3% progress towards that badge go to waste. :p
2 days trying to figure out why i couldn't upload a photo from an ios app i'm writing to the server over php - 30 different tutorials, test, test, retest (cant take a photo in the simulator - need to test on a real device) just to find out php.ini max file upload size set to 2mb and the average photo size taken on an iPad is 2.9mb EVEN THOUGH i set max file upload size in php code just to make sure. change max upload size to 10mb - upload a photo - solid.
PHP... proof that excellence is not a required component of success.
How to make a better user is outside the scope of this answer. Sorry.
@lsiunsuex Something doesn't add up. You're using PHP for the upload on the client side?
i'm to burned out to figure out if thats a dig or not
10:36 PM
ok, go-home time :-P BBL
sorry, ios on one side, httpclientrequest to post to server via a .php app
posting the photo to a php app - not uploading via ftp / sftp
the client is the app in this case.
@lsiunsuex Don't php.ini settings take effect before any logic checks you would invoke in a .php file?
what, should i use if not PHP ? ruby on rails? a framework on top of a framework on top of a framework? Java? ha. haha.
Sounds to me like your PHP code didn't have enough error checking in it. I am pretty sure that is something that it will report an error for.
i thought settings in a php file took precidence over settings in the ini file
10:39 PM
@mgorven Nothing like going to answer a question and then just upvoting you since you got there 10 minutes first.
@JeffFerland :P
ini_set('max_upload_filesize', 8388608); inside of a php file should take effect over whats in the ini file - but it did not
@lsiunsuex What's interpreting your php?
@JeffFerland You win some, you lose some
@mgorven Well, I'm losing across the board today. Darts?
10:40 PM
@JeffFerland Yup
@lsiunsuex the server should take precedence, not what is in that code... The server settings are there to protect us from developers that do silly things.
sorry, i'm not explaining correctly. the ios app was taking a photo from the camera, sending it to a php file on the server over an http request. the code was fine - the setting in the ini file didn't account for the size a photo an ipad would take
like uploading a file from another html / php file - same mechanism
@lsiunsuex If you are telling me that, then I completely understand. I am saying that the server setting is more important then stuff in the php code.
BTW, you should check $_FILES['userfile']['error'] after any upload.
i always understood it the other way - whats in the code takes precidence over the ini - like an override -
thats why i was watching httpd/error_log - i saw the error come through the log - eventually the error went away but still no file on the server
which caused me to go look for the file upload settings in php
@lsiunsuex The reality actually sucks. It is a little of both. For some things the server config takes precedence, and for other things the php code wins.
But as a general rule, you should assume that the server config wins.
10:45 PM
no matter; it works now and i can finish by thursday. app still looks like shit, but atleast i can be ready for the event.
and php.ini has had a max file upload size of 2mb since its inception back in the late 90's - um... shits changed over the last few years, no ? :)
yes, i know, you shouldn't have a huge file upload size
just saying.
@lsiunsuex Actually I believe that if you get the source directly from php.net, it comes at 8MB these days. But may people packaging php for distros still have a small value.
whatever came down through a yum install
@lsiunsuex RHEL/CentOS live in the past anyway, no?
Yeah, so don't blame PHP, until you actually check the official source.
yes, centos lives in the past - should have know
i blame no one but myself for not combining through that god awful config file
now i gatta figure why i crash on ios 6...
10:58 PM
Uh, RH/CentOS is on 5.3.3 and PHP is up to 5.4.6
Granted, the security stuff is probably backported
we've had this discussion before - rather than compiling from source, decided to stay on par with centos / RH releases
as i told my dentist partner - i am not a god damn miracle worker - do you want me to program today or be a sys admin today? :) 1 f'ing thing at a time :)
@ewwhite Good try.
I accidentally hit post...
Oooh. Got a serious case of hot pants. Found a Wordpress plugin that allows integration with Active Directory.
@Adrian New! Manage AD from Wordpress! (<font size=-2>secure your themes</font>)
11:14 PM
@ewwhite Yo, can you hook a fellow up with a 48 port ProCurve?
@WesleyDavid yes
I got a skanky project that just needs 48 ports. Can be anything really. 10/100. Doesn't need to be fancy.
Got my email addy?
@JeffFerland Internal website for staff. No access from outside.
An HR specialist just left a cookie on my desk. Hmmm. Wonder if it's been laced.
@ewwhite Just emailed your dot mac email address.
Or... wait... mac dot? Whatever. =P
11:40 PM
Heh. Iron Mountain Digital got bought by HP......
Can scratch THAT vendor off the list now
I've been asking those guys for the past 6 months exactly what the state of their company was. They finally answered me question when a DIFFERENT sales person cold-called me with the new speal.
@wes How much $$$?

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