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12:13 AM
netapp support guy drove over from Wenatchee to do an install today. shipping firm never actually shipped the netapp thingy, it's still on a loading dock where ever they're born
so... fun times
the first two shipped by the same firm showed up destroyed
why does IE have to be such a little bitch
why do little bitches use IE?
i'm gonna retire and come back in 10 years when IE has caught up to webkit
assuming webkit is stagnant for a decade: not a good retirement plan
how does that get a star? do i look like a bitch that uses IE? I'm a pro baby.
12:23 AM
so Opera?
ha - now thats funny
I'm sure, at some point, IE will be worth worrying about
IE10 actually renders this website the same as firefox so that'll be good in 20 years when everyone upgrades to it
Just today I was told to test some software on XP. A small part of me died. Fortunately, I'm 200 pounds overweight, so it was probably a fat cell.
really should charge more for every version of IE < 9 that i need to test in. pain in my ass
12:27 AM
or don't do it at any price.
i'll call it the "your an asshole" tax
@RyJones Every new job I take, I hope inside "Maybe this is the last job where I have to support Windows XP." Hasn't happened yet.
@JoelESalas I suspect my kids will be retiring and XP will still be in the support matrix
the 500 hp thin clients that i have at my day job are xp embedded with ie8 so until they die and we drop another 300k on new equipment, XP will be around for a looooooooooooong time
I think all of the registers at the Subway and McDonald's chains use XP
12:32 AM
xp may fall out of support but it'll take the 2nd coming to replace all of it. and the 2nd coming is NOT windows 8
@RyJones I suspect IPv4 will still be in production by the time our kids retire
@MarkHenderson hell, our grandkids
"GranPop, is it true that when you were young there were only 4294967296 IP addresses?"
"Yes little Susan. And one day I will tell you about the fabled story of IPv5"
"GranPop, was there ever an IPv1?"
"Susan, don't talk such heresy!"
"if you mention NETBIOS again I'll smack the taste out of your mouth!"
@MarkHenderson I strongly suspect in the next 20 years IPv4 will be about as common as NetBIOS, IPX, and TokenRing.
12:45 AM
we have a sister company that still uses twinax even though we gave them our old iseries box with ethernet
they don't want to re-wire the office and install a switch
and its only, 10 stations? i could wire it in a day
@ChrisS I ran IPX over a VPN a few years ago so I could play C&C with my friend
I have mail servers spread around the city because I can't have any mail downtime
@MarkHenderson That's what I mean, it'll never die off; though I suspect 95% or more of traffic will be IPv6 in 20 years. I took a long time for IPv4 to thoroughly unseat IPX, NetBIOS, etc...
@ewwhite So when a tornado cuts a path through the city, what are the chances that all the mail servers get hit. =]
I suppose it's more likely that the local powerplant has issues and a brown/blackout takes out the whole city/region.
Don't worry. "Dynamic IP's using dyndns for security and ease of setup. (already done)"
I'm just being mean.
@lsiunsuex At $Job[-1] I was starting a project to replace the TwinAx in the plant. I had 3 loops done when I left. I imagine they're still in that mixed state as the new sysadmin was "less knowledgeable" than me.
12:51 AM
@ewwhite He should just run it on his cell phone. Mobile - check. Secure - check. Dynamic IP - check.
@MarkHenderson Nice idea. It'll be up when he needs it.
@ewwhite Low latency, too, if you're reading your mail on your phone
port UUCP to android/ios
A jailbroken iPhone probably could run an MTA
transport all email over newsgroups using public/private keys
12:53 AM
Fuck iPhones could probably run an old version of Exchange
I'm always looking to make UUCP a solution to modern problems.
@RyJones @WesleyDavid would be happy, according to Wikipedia UUCP was ported to CP/M
@MarkHenderson The One True OS
@MarkHenderson nice. Hell, I've argued forever that UUCP should be the transport for RSS feeds
the perfect DR device - iphone as web / email server. if theres a facility fire, power outage, etc... just take the phone with you! store the website files and exchange mailboxes in a dropbox acct and your all set.
need load balancing ? no problem! multiple iphones across bonjour
12:57 AM
"Get him! That pickpocket just stole our email server!"
@lsiunsuex Ohhh I like
1:55 AM
@HopelessN00b "Bah, no great loss to humanity/"
Oh... IPv5....
Not to mention one less system to monitor.
let's just all retroactively agree that IP versioning follows the GNUism of "Even number = production/stable, odd number = development/testing"
must be why my Droid's having trouble with its staticly assigned IPv7 address.
I've decided to downgrade to IPve
Failing that IPvi
Q: What should be included in the documentation for a new network?

JohnI work for a mid-sized church and have just completed a fairly extensive overhaul of the network (wireless, fiber between buildings, firewall, managed switches, the whole shebang). As I'm working on the documentation, I'm wanting to get some input as to what should absolutely be included, and wha...

don't we have a canonical question for that?
@voretaq7 Man what kind of church has enough money to afford managed switches and fiber?
Most church networks I've seen are a Linksys router sitting ontop of a cable modem
Usually under the secretarys desk
2:10 AM
"mid-sized" must not mean what we think it means.
what's large? 30 machines?
@ShaneMadden Churchs are normally pretty small operations, so i guess a mid-sized church is anything bigger than a single building?
@MarkHenderson Roman Catholics baby!
Used to be golden candlesticks and jewel-encrusted goblets. These days it's Genuine Cisco and 100Mbit fiber!
@voretaq7 Wow 100Mb fiber, thats fast buddy
Imagine all the gay porn they could download on that
@MarkHenderson Our priests would never.... um.... nevermind.
2:19 AM
@voretaq7 Read a story a few weeks ago about a priest in ireland who plugged his USB into the projector and it immediately started a slideshow of gay porn
He quickly unplugged it and dissapeared for a few minutes, before coming back and saying "That was one I confiscated, here's the right one"
(it was at a school)
@MarkHenderson . . . nice save?
@voretaq7 Yeah I think he got away with it
Except for the part where it was reported in worldwide media
"OHSHIT!" :rip out drive: :run to chapel: "Lord please let thy followers be gullible fools." :run back to conference: "I uh,,, confiscated that one. Here's the real one"
I can't believe we don't have a canonical "What to Document" question...
@voretaq7 Sounds like we have a question, now it just needs an answer
Q: Getting started with documentation

chickeninabiscuitWe haven't been doing any documentation at my workplace. I'm completely new to it and ask for some guidance getting started. I have a few questions: What are the essential documents that a sysadmin should write and maintain? And why are these so important? How do you keep your documentation ...

How's that one look? :)
2:30 AM
It sounds delicious, chickeninabiscuit
Which reminds me, anyone know what happened to Sam?
@MarkHenderson ...eaten by a grue?
You having problems on SF? I'm getting a shitload of CDN failures
(what a surprise)
@MarkHenderson haven't noticed any
Seems to be better now
SF's CDN sucks
3:10 AM
I need some advice, amigos
Whats up?
@MarkHenderson Ready for it?
@JoelESalas Take the Red Pill.
That's teh suxor.
That is suxor
I missed it.
3:20 AM
(plus I don't need to be ready; I can view history)
I've never actually heard of anyone getting a de-raise, except for salary sacrificing
@WesleyDavid So all said and done, would anyone hold that against me as part of my professional background?
Especially such a large de-raise
@JoelESalas IMO, no. If you get questions asked about only working at a place for a few months, then say you were asked to take an unexpected paycut that was unlivable.
@MarkHenderson It's substantial.
@JoelESalas I doubt it. "Why did you leave your previous employer?" "They asked me to re-negotiate my salary at a substantially lower amount" "oh, thats very odd of them, but I totally get that"
3:22 AM
Thanks fellas, I feel a bit better about it
@JoelESalas That's effing huge, BTW.
@WesleyDavid Thats half the salary of an entry level position
@JoelESalas - I would do the two weeks thing, but I know employment in the US is very different to here
@JoelESalas Don't sign. Look elsewhere. Maybe you're not ready to go full free agent? Maybe work as employee for a few more years?
But here, if I signed a new contract and then packed it in, I could be liable
I think that signing and bailing would look bad if they found out
Ultimately I think you should see if you can exit the relationship acrimoniously, in case you ever have to deal with them again
@MarkHenderson Purposely on bad terms?
3:26 AM
@JoelESalas Burn their fucking building down. And keep the stapler.
@JoelESalas No, I mean on good terms
(seriously though do you have other offers up yet?)
@voretaq7 You gon' get Milton'd
I used the wrong word
@JoelESalas i was promised there would be cake. And the cake is a lie!
3:27 AM
@voretaq7 Nothing, I've been busting my butt here
@JoelESalas I wouldn't sign a commitment contract
@JoelESalas Don't listen to Mark. He's a cat. He's evil. Listen to me instead.

Destroy them and everyone they love.
you can accept the salary with the understanding that you're leaving 2 weeks after you find something better, if the company would be cool with that.
@WesleyDavid Shutup just cos I used a word wrong.
I speak the good england!
@voretaq7 Yeah, all of the employees I've ever met said that after doing that, all the romance went out of the relationship
3:28 AM
@JoelESalas and then you discover the ring is tin and rhinestones.
@MarkHenderson the queen's own Bri'ish?
@voretaq7 Aye guv'na
@voretaq7 I couldn't respond because I was installing Linux in a VM, and OSX decided that it needed disk I/O to let me type in a browser
Program: But I just need the keyboard for a...
P: Uh, can I render this video frame for the...
P: Uh, I just need the framebuff
User: Um, hey, I'd like to click on
@voretaq7 User: Okay, but I'm just going to go ahead and... :click:
Dec 29 '11 at 21:20, by voretaq7
You are in a datacenter. It is very loud.
There is a lamp and a server here.

> get lamp

> get server

> lamp server

> lamp server
Try using a verb.

> lamp server
Dude, VERB the NOUN!

> lamp server
3:43 AM
Os X: You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button.
I think @voretaq7 likes to write narratives
@MarkHenderson Damn you. You just had to post nine reams of bullshit between my devastating humor?
@MarkHenderson If we don't anthropomorphize our servers we'd just be unplugging them all...
@WesleyDavid It wasn't that funny. Its frustrating. The number of times I've had to hold Apple+Option+Shift+Escape just to close iPhoto makes me want to cry
@MarkHenderson You know what? I'm not even talking to you for the rest of the night. You can lick your own butt for all I care.
3:45 AM
Cats: The inventors of rimjobs. Since 5,000BC motherfuckers
Hey, it's because of Summer of Love that I can't post that as an answer.
Stupid summer of love...
@voretaq7 Looks like winter here
::mutters:: not even gettin' any lovin. Stupid be kind to users week....
@MarkHenderson Australian summer! Is big heat pump - you get the cold end until we reverse the pump.
@WesleyDavid ...
3:47 AM
@voretaq7 ... dad?
^ Made glorious summer by this son uh, daughter (i guess?) of York?
@voretaq7 fwiw ^^ that is the heart of winter outside my office
@MarkHenderson mmhmm... yah....
you can't see it right now but I'm holding up a map of Australia with "FUCK YOU" scrawled across it :)
It's 8:50 and 100F right now. Summer FTW.
@WesleyDavid Summer at my parents place, I left their house at 2am to start driving home, and it was at least 35c (95f)
3:50 AM
@WesleyDavid :kicks weather beast:
our weather has gone from "KillMeNowKillMeNowKillMeNow" (35c/95f @ 90% RH) to "Oh thank you Jebus" (77F, 50% RH)
I fucking hate winter. Although every time Summer comes around and you walk out of the air conditioned office into 40 degree heat (dry heat too, very low RH), its like being hit by a furnace
Even with that, I still hate it when winter comes around
Winter is just cold, depressing bullshit
So @WesleyDavid, if you plan on marrying an aussie chick, have you ever even been here?
@MarkHenderson Nope. That'll have to wait until the reception.
@MarkHenderson What's the typical temperature of Winter where you are? Looks awfully nice in that picture (leaves on the trees and everything)
My trees are losing their leaves from the heat cooking them to death.
Q: SSH (sftp) Server - DMZ or Port Forwarding?

FEASTI run an SSH server on my main machine. What are the security risks here, and advantages/disadvantages to port forwarding or a DMZ? Also, is there a way to tunnel an SSH server without making changes in the router?

I'm pretty sure one of my trees is dead; another is questionable; the other two are only doing well because they're the most expensive and I've been watering them to ensure they don't die.
3:56 AM
can someone else be mean to him on this one? I'mma get a reputation again...
@ChrisS Hmmm maybe 5 in the morning, up to 15-20 during the day, back to 5 at night, 0 on a realllly cold night
@MarkHenderson It doesn't usually freeze??
For each 200km south of here you can knock about 1 degree off each of those measurements, so by the time you're in Tasmania or Melbourne you're talking 0 in the mornings and about a max of 12-15
Heck! That doesn't even count as Winter
@ChrisS In some areas, sure, but they're generally the alps, or down south where you get winds blown from antarctica
3:58 AM
@ChrisS seriously.
Winter we're lucky if we're above freezing around here.
5c would be a damn heat wave!
@voretaq7 And to think I was considering moving to NY
I hate the cold. I hate hopping out of the shower on cold mornings, even with the heated towel and four 400w heat lamps going full bore
I have never been to Australia, however, I did own a Sony Walkman Outback. I believe this should count. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellemorgan/3642395497/
@MarkHenderson ^^ Has y'all technology advanced past that yet? :-)
::ducks angry platypus::
@voretaq7 He just happened to tweet that today?
ooh! ooh! ooh! @MarkHenderson! @MarkHenderson!
If you send me a breeding pair of Platypodes I will stop making fun of australia for... uh... a while.
And yes, we even have mini-disc players
4:01 AM
@MarkHenderson ayup
@voretaq7 yeah where the fuck am I going to get them from? Break into a zoo? :P
@MarkHenderson Don't they just like run wild around there?
@MarkHenderson It's only above 5C consistently for about 9 months out of the year here. And above 15C for about 4 or so.
@voretaq7 In a desert oasis, maybe
@ChrisS What the fuck? Fuck that shit.
Now I'm glad FC kicked me the the curb. I even asked them about the weather there. They said "Oh, its not so bad, you just wear a jacket and a scarf". WTF
I hate heat. So this suits me just fine.
4:03 AM
@MarkHenderson damnit, your country SUCKS! I mean seriously, you have all the cool animals, but you can't even catch 'em and send 'em to me!
@voretaq7 Do you want a snake?
I can catch a snake for you
:mutters: all I want is a g'damn platypus on a leash....
@MarkHenderson Hell I can get those here!
we have one living next to our oil tank fill actually
Pretty sure it's a she
I can send you a koala?
I laugh at people from down south coming up here.. I used to work with a Jamaican a million years ago. He'd wear long sleeve shirts year round. If it dropped below 15C (which is over half the year) he'd wear a coat. I don't break out a real coat until ~7-10C
Or a kangaroo
We're culling koalas and kangaroos in certain areas
@ChrisS Fuck I'd be wearing a jumper at 15. Maybe not a coat, but a jumper certainly
4:05 AM
Oh; a kangaroo sounds like fun.
@MarkHenderson A koala?!?
What's a jumper?
^^ No Thanks!
@voretaq7 He's like a gremlin, don't get him wet.
Fuckin thing looks like a pisses off Furby
4:06 AM
@ChrisS windcheater? I dunno, its a jumper
@MarkHenderson Ah, windbreaker
I can send you kangaroo meat?
You can buy it at the local supermarket
@MarkHenderson now that's pretty awesome. All I can get here is bison and gator...
(mmm... gator.... eyes lizard)
Gator makes pretty good cheesecake
A jumper is a shoulder-to-thigh-length article of women's outer clothing that a woman "jumps into" as it is applied from the ankles up. It is typically sleeveless, collarless, and intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater. It resembles a dress analogue of "bib and brace" overalls. In British English, the term jumper describes what is called a sweater in American English. See also * Overall
I assumed you didn't mean that. But I wouldn't judge if that how you roll.
@ChrisS . . . ::edges away:: fuhhhhhhh-reak!
4:09 AM
It would appear that a "jumper" is a colloquialism; i never knew that: tripadvisor.com.au/…
Apparently a jumper is a sweater
@MarkHenderson Jumpers are the people standing on the ledge contemplating suicide.
Ah. Yeah, if it's textiles it would be a sweater. A windbreaker is impermeable material
If they step back inside they're "pussies". If they step off and hit the street they're... um.... kinda splatted.
@voretaq7 If you ever make it to New Orleans, go to Jacques-Imo's Cafe and get a slice of Alligator Cheesecake for desert. It's a bit pricey and it looks quaint, but the food is pretty epic.
@ChrisS but.... cheesecake is bleh?
and gator is yum....
and yum + bleh = bleh!
4:18 AM
Hey, it's your loss, I"m not going to force you.
...I also want about 10 cats and a map of southeast asia.
It's past midnight and we have to be to work (at least I do) in 8 hours... Time for some sleep.
yeah, I suppose I should go sleep
4:37 AM
Huh, trying to analyse about 500mb of IIS log files; talk about a memory leak:
2 hours later…
6:21 AM
Shit, look at that. Home time.
7:12 AM
Morning all :)
Holy crap guys, I'm actually doing it
My web series is doing its first day of shooting on Saturday :D
7:32 AM
@JoelESalas Nice :)
FML, I have to activate 20+ servers by phone
I'm ready to end it...
@BartDeVos 0.o
@MarkHenderson Youch! And how awesome is RDCMan :D
@Dan Just for shits and giggles I'm calling other countries
the UK voic is nice
US not so much
I find the US accent quite hard work on the phone. No real issue in real life, though
7:44 AM

More on that hack from yesterday. It's a shame he got hacked but now that its happened to a journalist then maybe we'll see some people acknowledge that web security is a house of cards
@DJPon3 I'm trying to draw a tenuous line between the hubris of Mac users and poor security practices
While its amusing to do that, I think that plenty of other providers are equally shaky. Reading the wired article, it seems that Amazon were the first people to drop the ball on keeping his data private.
7:58 AM
@DJPon3 Uh, he was the first one to drop the ball. Account-to-account intimacy is a terrible idea
8:08 AM
@JoelESalas Well yes, clearly he's got issues too, and I'm not trying to make excuses for him. But its interesting that Amazon are leaking parts of his credit card number and that Apple consider parts of one's credit card number as validation of ID. Both vendors dropped the ball there.

We can say this is down to his stupidity... and we'd be right... but we know as people and as IT professionals that *people very often are stupid, or at least lazy*, so there's a need to protect people from themselves.
@DJPon3 Do you get wearily fatalistic when you read articles like that?
@DJPon3 I don't trust any company with any of my information, to me it's always a ticking bomb
It's all a calculated risk, I don't have all of my eggs in any one basket. That's where he mis-stepped, I believe
@SmallClanger it is very tiring to keep banging the drum about this crap and seeing nothing change.
@JoelESalas "trust" is a very subjective thing. I don't "trust" people with anything, but as you say its a calculated risk... you have to decide how much you're prepared to relax things in order to get stuff done.

And the bit people have trouble with: You then need to live with the consequences of that choice, whether its taking ages to buy stuff at amazon because you won't let them save your details or whether its letting someone pull the rug out from under you feet, in terms of online security, because you valued convenience above all else.
@DJPon3 I think the Apple mentality of "It just works, let's hand-wave away the security implications" gives people bad habits. That's one of my major gripes with them from a professional standpoint, they make my life harder
8:13 AM
Yes it does. They really don't "get" security
@DJPon3 I'm sure they do, but they virtually guarantee that their users won't. Apple users don't care to deal with the security compromise you mentioned because Apple treats them like the exception to the computing rules.
@DJPon3 *give a shit about
Identity verification is a customer service edge case, and edge cases cost money...
There's a good analogy that the daring fireball guy used once, to compare MS security and Apple security.

Something about how MS security is like living in a bunker that's constantly under attack, and where the defenders are used to this and have improved their construction and management techniques to keep the bunker secure

Where the Apple bunker is built in a place that's rarely attacked, which is nice and peaceful, but because of that its defenders are terribly green and inexperienced.
@DJPon3 At least this guy's noise and thunder is making people realize how foolhardy their practices are
8:17 AM
indeed. That's a good thing right
So, thanks to him for going public with his utterly embarrassing tale
I know I'd want to keep that as private as possible.
yeah, kudos to him for bring this up for discussion I say
8:42 AM
The more I use Royal TS the more I likes it
i feel bad for the person who has to manage this serverfault.com/questions/70857/…
@Dan "Mars supposedly has weapons of mass destruction and is also considered as a terrorist refugee, hence an invasion is justified"
in other news, researchers found Mars to be full of Oil
8:59 AM
anyone here profient with freebsd routing?
@Dan maybe that's what Aliens do, instead of sending themselves, they send their version of humaniod/robotics here lol
@Iain - could you have a word with serverfault.com/users/131120/arpith please, he's a new user, his edits are fucking pointless and his last question was bullshit
Don't know if anyone else saw the WOMEN'S shotputting last night but here's the winner; google.co.uk/… fuck me!
9:17 AM
@Chopper3 Hahaha, we were just chatting about this in the office
She looks like a henchman from The Sweeney
@Chopper3 I'll need to cleanse with some pics of Ennis
I don't find her remotely attractive, too young looking
@Chopper3 I'm young, it's all legit
And she's cute
9:32 AM
can anyone recommend a MS reseller in London/UK? Need to get some MSSQL licences, and the supplier (our old one) did not give me give me much confidence as I was speaking to him on the phone
@Roomey how about Misco?
will give it a shot, usually try a few different suppliers anyway
@Roomey I get most of my MS through Misco (used to be Wstore before they were bought).
@Roomey the only thing missing there is "Be our web/sharepoint administrator"
9:50 AM
we used Softcat previously, wow the amount of times they have screwed up was unbelievable and when we moved on, we reckon they tried dobbing us in as well to msft team!
@SmallClanger @coldt Thanks, once I finally got through at least the guy new what he was talking about, even tried to save me money!
@pauska yea but web/sharepoint administrator- in spppppppaaaaaaacccccceeeeee
42:12 onwards SF gets a bit of a beating from the team
10:32 AM
Linux bitches - how do I a sort of Treesize type thing from the command line?
10:49 AM
what moderator is BOFH?
I salute you sir!
@SmallClanger Ta, sorted in the end
I'm encountering the strangest bug in Microsoft Outlook for the Mac.
it may be worth posting to apple.SE...
whats the bug?
whenever I type the word I'll<space>, the window loses focus and I'll turns into I'Ll
10:57 AM
I lose the cursor and have to click the window to regain focus.
@LucasKauffman me, a while back, presumably
@Chopper3 what did you do?
I was horrible, all the time, to everyone...
@ewwhite Is it seeing it as the start of some unicode multibyte thing and buggering you about?
11:03 AM
@Chopper3 but you're a cute little paddingtonbear :o
Is it ok if you type: I''ll (two apostrophes)
@LucasKauffman yep, that's me
according to the article it may have to do with the new webkit and auto correct
ie: its been reported to MS
@lsiunsuex I'm breaks, too.. looks to only be in forwards and replies of text-based non-HTML mail
I vaguely recall having a similar problem on a windows box that was caused by a weird keyboard codepage having been selected. Mostly latin with some weird extensions for funny foreign characters.
11:08 AM
Outlook does have a "Capitalize the first letter of the sentence" option, and that's the culprit here. Makes sense. For fast typists, though, it's possible to lose a lot if you don't notice the missed window focus.
so that worked?
I didn't change it yet. I mostly use HTML mail... I'll try quickly, though
@Chopper3 I've pretty much used those exact words t someone who was complaining about their questions being closed on meta
@lsiunsuex Yes, that worked.
@Roomey I may have to go for that SpaceX job.
i may not be the most experienced sys admin - but i know how to find an answer / debug a problem :)
weird bug though - never liked outlook for mac, always use apple mail
11:21 AM
@Iain ah - well, you're lovely, lovely and soft and nice, so don't worry
Oh, c'mon Chopper... he's learning as he goes! How can you ask for more than that?
learning does involve mistakes after all
@Chopper3 just relax chopper, it's not good for your heart to get all stressed out!
We can't expect everyone on the site to be experts
after all, the site lives by people asking questions :)
11:32 AM
On a related note, my domain controller (we only have one) was running out of space, so I found this useless "SYSVOL" folder and deleted it, which worked great, but now users are having weird issues on the domain. Could the two things be related?
@HopelessN00b i hope that was sarcasm :|
So they are related, then? How do I undelete the folder? :p
you nearly gave me a heart attack lol
(until i saw your rep!)
Just trying to see if I can hear the noise when Chopper's head pops.
i can actually imagine someone doing that! there must be a user on here that asked that question!
11:35 AM
Well, I think our last sysadmin did, actually... but that's neither here nor there... guess it's time for me to head in.
"i'm plugged into my wiresless, but i'm not plugged in, i'm wired" um... so your wireless or hard wired?
hahah what the hell @lsiunsuex
say does anyone here know of a good brand of suitcases that can store a laptop and some papers? Since I need to work in suit I doubt the standard backpack will be considered professional :p
@LucasKauffman how about samsonite
@LucasKauffman I like bags. So I have a rotation of 5 or 6 that I use for business.
11:44 AM
so this is weird - windows 8 - iseries access - our process is right click on the desktop, new, iseries access shortcut - and config it as we always do - creates a shortcut on the desktop. How do i pin that to the start menu?
@LucasKauffman What's your budget and style?
right click - pin to start menu isn't there...
@ewwhite something formal and discrete, thinking around 300 euro ?
@LucasKauffman What type of laptop?
standard dell 15 inch I think, still need to get it issued
11:49 AM
@LucasKauffman I'd recommend Tumi, then.
@LucasKauffman tumi.com/product/…
@ewwhite ty I'll have a look
They last almost forever... rugged.
Are you traveling much?
@ewwhite I probably will have to in a few months
@LucasKauffman I do backpack no matter what. I like to imagine I'm a special IT agent been parachuted in to "get shit done"
Backpack + suit is no good
but again, I'm weird... and rotate bags for the occasion.
11:54 AM
@ewwhite I just carry it rather than wear it. Mind you, I'm so glad I rarely wear suits
In fact, I've even downgraded from smart trousers to combats and trainers most of the time.
well I always have to wear a suit at the job
Ballistic nylon if you're not traveling. GO leather if you are.
@ewwhite leather is more durable?
yeah, with Tumi gear.

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