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12:12 AM
Has it been that long?
@JoshGitlin Almost everyone has moved over to a 3rd party Slack session. thecommsroom.slack.com You have to know someone to get invited...
I don't like the closed nature of that though. So I mostly refuse to go there.
@Zoredache Ah. I know many people, but I like SE chat, so, I'll stay here
@Zoredache: I'm mucking around with alternatives just for the hell of it.
I figure if enough people stay here we can liven this place up again
I get the impression that the closed nature of it was one of the primary reasons for moving there.
Some people were tired of having to watch what they say (e.g. about their employers) lest it wind up in Google.
12:21 AM
@MichaelHampton I am sure that is true. But that is the biggest reason why I don't like it. Too cliquish for my tastes.
2 hours later…
2:09 AM
Q: Could someone let me know the reason for closure of my question?

RameshI wanted to know the reason behind the closure of this question. The reason states the question is off-topic which surprises me because I happened to read a pretty similar question again in server fault over here. The second question doesn't even have an accepted answer but it is still left open....

2 hours later…
4:38 AM
So this is ironic: bosun.org/quickstart.html
5:00 AM
nevermind; it seems to be back up now. (site was down)
@quux: Might have been asked this before, but are you the quux who used to be on freenode/##windows?
5:14 AM
I'm still there, with a different nick.
5:42 AM
ahh k
Just curious. I won't bother you about it again, unless I forget XD
6 hours later…
11:29 AM
I know there are routers with an IP on each port. No switch built into them. And cisco do routers like that. And I know there are Home routers that have 2 interfaces and a built in switch. And I know there are Switches that support VLANs and IP Subnets. Do those devices(with VLANs and IP Subnets) have to have a Router to allow routing between the IP Subnets? Or is that a function of its VLANing and not routing?
6 hours later…
5:44 PM
Q: ServerFault - Direction and Future - Professional Questions

WarnerI used to be very active on ServerFault. In fact, I was on the first page in the top 10 overall ranking. I love StackExchange's products and ServerFault as a forum and I recommend them still. What prompted me to post this was coming back to the site to find an answer that I previously wrote and ...

1 hour later…
6:59 PM
Q: Remove or Rename "Site" Tag

yakatzI posted a question about Active Directory Sites, so I looked for a tag specific to it. The sites tag appears to have questions relating to websites, Active Directory Sites, SharePoint Sites, DNS, etc. This tag is not good for organizing questions because it is too generic.

3 hours later…
9:37 PM
Wow this place is dead.
10:11 PM
Not completely
2 hours later…
11:51 PM
Q: Proposed change to Server Fault guidelines, round 2

Shane MaddenI'd like to propose some changes to the guidelines in our help center on what questions are on topic. The goals of this change are: Alter the language to focus on the question being asked as opposed to the person asking the question. Clarify some of the wording to be clearer to the target audi...


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