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10:01 PM
@ewwhite sure
the 5-pager...
@ewwhite mmm, sure
howcomeforwhy this has 3 close votes? There are plenty of real-world sysadmin uses for immutable flags
32% now
@voretaq7 it's very NC
@pauska The initial investment for tapes is the expensive bit. Buying that tape drive is the expensive bit.
@voretaq7 not a piratical question you face.
@Iain eh, I would call it Good Subjective -- it's asking for a list of things, but the list of things is a list of practical scenarios
10:05 PM
@Zoredache last tape drive + robot I bought was as cheap as a Mondeo
@voretaq7 I've made the comment a few tomes now that a lot of SF reviewers are way to trigger happy on the close trigger. Case in point?
@voretaq7 I think it's bad subjective because there isn't a definitive list
@Iain It's answerable and fairly objective. "What's feature [blah] actually used for?"
Seems like a good question to me.
@Iain also true I guess -- I could think of a lot of places I've seen immutable flags applied that were logical to the organization doing it but are totally off the wall to any sane person
Hell, one of my highest voted answers was to a question asking what the rest of the [sic] was used for.
10:07 PM
@HopelessN00b If the user expects and answer beyond it used for making a file immutable. Then it starts to seem like a poll.
@voretaq7 It's a list question, isn't it?
@Ward yes, but not all list questions are bad (though most are)
@Zoredache Alright, well, I'd still argue that "what's the practical use of having an immutable file?" is a valid, good question.
if it winds up closed I won't lose any sleep over it, but some of the stuff coming out of it is actually interesting
@voretaq7 I didn't vote to close, and I'd vote it up if I weren't out.
10:10 PM
(e.g. I'd never thought of setting +schg on mount points before, but I may have to think about doing that in the future)
@HopelessN00b Look at dmourati's answer as an example of why it probably sin't great. serverfault.com/a/442416/984 If a answer like that can get upvotes, the question seems bad to me.
@voretaq7 Looks like a good one to me. I see quite a few in the queue though listed off-topic and I wonder if they're getting flagged because while U&L is a better fit, they're not actually off-topic here.
@Zoredache that answer why I threw the protect & post notice on it :)
@voretaq7 interesting but really subjective - it's already been accepted and all the other answers are equally valid
@Zoredache Enh. A dumb answer like that can get upboats on any question. Need we revisit the "what to do with an accepted answer that's clearly wrong?" thing again?
10:12 PM
@HopelessN00b @Zoredache Insult Developers, Get Upvotes?
@voretaq7 Well that is a good idea, but I like answers to have a bit more content to them.
Goddamn Netgear crap. Defaulting to ICMP Deny on the WAN interfaces.
@voretaq7 Or management, or DevOps, or shit gear, or Ubuntu users or...
@Zoredache meh, personally I thought it was a crap answer and downvoted it (that's what file permissions are for!)
@Adrian is it just echo reply, or all of ICMP?
10:14 PM
@voretaq7 Had to go do real work during the migration discussion, but I still think you guys have more faith in Layer 8 solutions is just warranted.
Basically, it's a relative of the whole short, witty answers to shit questions == massive rep thing.
@Zoredache knowing Netgear? All ICMP
@Zoredache Yeah, echo reply. Sloppy thinking on my part.
@Adrian I'm holding out for shocky collars.
I'm shocked SHOCKED that that question stayed open that long.
10:15 PM
Our consumer DSL gear does block ALL ICMP on Medium Security mode though.
@Adrian Realistically, it's as good a solution as we'll probably get, though.
@HopelessN00b Are you kidding? Frankly, I'll consider us lucky if we only come out of this ass-raped. We really don't matter compared to SO's ad revenue.
@ewwhite so wait... this guy's resume is a shiny javascript widget that I can't print?
Don't hire him :)
The content is the same. Any thoughts? It'd be my contemporary.
@ewwhite My thoughts are "Where's the Download as PDF link motherfucker?!"
10:17 PM
heh, I'm still reading it, I was BSing instead :P
Fscking Devs. Won't let me admin their boxes but they come squealing to me when their shit breaks because they don't know how to fix the crap they set up.
@Adrian Hey, they won't let you admin their boxes, so DON'T.
@Adrian send them to SO
@Adrian "I only fix things I administer, sorry. ... dumbass."
10:19 PM
@MichaelHampton I don't get a choice. They'd call the boss on his vacation and whine at him and he'd call me up and chew me out.
Speaking of that, San Francisco fell through, but a recruiter is setting me up for an interview sometime next week I think.
@Adrian Have you considered lying? "I tried to fix it, but whiny-bitch-ass over there wouldn't let me have root on his box to fix it."
@HopelessN00b We have the same boss. Wouldn't fly. And frankly, there's no one else here who CAN fix it.
I'm not a top-flight engineer by any stretch, but I'm far and away better than anyone else here.
@Adrian Oh. Well, maybe you should get a new job. :D
@HopelessN00b The same thought occurred to me too. =)
@voretaq7 And why precisely is sodomy now verboten?
@Adrian Great minds do think alike... congrats on your brilliance, btw.
10:23 PM
And only Devs would think that removing the telnet client from a workstation would be a significant security benefit...
@Adrian they probably left netcat installed too.
On a slightly related note, anyone who names their product after a common word needs to be shot in the nuts. And then the face. Yes, I mean you, "Good" Technology, you fucking ass-clowns.
@HopelessN00b Any product in particular?
@Adrian because of hobokitty
@voretaq7 Do I want to know who hobokitty is?
10:27 PM
@Adrian Next message down from the starred one
@ShaneMadden I can't see that far down. Only got a 19" screen.
Though the boss tried to bribe me into staying by giving me a 27" monitor. Or promising to, at least.
@ewwhite "The" "Good" product. (Their service for managing mobile devices on multiple platforms. GMM... Good Mobile Mangler, or something.)
3 hours ago, by voretaq7
user image
@ewwhite It's long, but he's got a fair breadth of experience
there are some grammar errors though which I count heavily
Does the language bother you at all?
I think that is a little bit of an issue... it's possible to relay that info and experience more concisely.
10:36 PM
@ewwhite he writes his resume like he's writing a novel
that's not great IMHO
I'll have 90 minutes with him tomorrow.
strange to be interviewing someone after being onboard for 45 days.
although, maybe I'm defensive.
@ewwhite I'd grill him heavily on AIX, FreeBSD, Apache, Postgres, and email/DNS concepts
None of those apply to the job
no AIX, no BSD... Apache, yes, but we don't manage it.
no but they're things he lists himself as being expert or advanced in
no pgsql.
Ah... the skills section
10:38 PM
what are you bringing him on to do?
My job, I guess... which makes me a little sad. I'm used to being hired to solve a problem...
oh hey I found the download as PDF button under Contact.
(fucking mental defective)
but here, I have several people who already do the job
@ewwhite in larger organizations that's pretty common
Yeah... it's just knowing that I'm not special anymore :)
other than knowing a ton about HP gear and tuning Linux and VMWare systems.
10:41 PM
@ewwhite Being useful is overrated. Only leads to being asked to do things. This is why I aspire to be useless and overpaid. I'd make a great executive, to that point.
man, I took a $50k paycut by leaving finance.
so it's knowing that I'm not as...um.. well, i guess I was probably overpaid.
@ewwhite Also overrated. Especially overrated when your pay is the lowest in the group too. BTDT.
@voretaq7 so you'd grill on those topics?
@ewwhite That would sting me a lot more than not being top dog or special or whatever. <sobbing>"Gimmie back my monies!!!"</girlie crying>
@HopelessN00b Naw, it was all mostly in bonus. And here, I can still do my consulting.
10:45 PM
I'm pretty much turning down positions right now where I'm "The Guy". Fsck that noise. I want to work with a team and learn something instead of being the person everyone depends on 24/7/365.
I have a position that could be decent for you.
Remote possible
for one of my clients
@Adrian That's called being smart. I was that guy for way too long. Never again. You want me to be your "the man" 24/7/365, gimmie the CEO's compensation or GTFO.
@HopelessN00b I told the HR flat out that I've worked 1600 hours in 5 months for a project and have no interest in repeating that. Judging by the tone that the meeting started with, I guess rightly that they wanted to pretty much own me for the duration. And frankly, <$100k ain't much in SanFran.
If I relo'd there, it would be an effective pay cut.
@Adrian <$100k ain't much anywhere, IMO. It's just especially true where the cost of living is high.
@Adrian Plus, if they start out wanting to work you to death, fuck them. Who wants to work for slave drivers... who aren't even smart enough to hide it a little?
@HopelessN00b Some places are picky enough and are in low-demand areas that they can get away with that. Portland being one of them. Lots more IT talent there than jobs. Seattle less so.
@ewwhite Ok, I'll nibble. Got a job listing?
10:53 PM
@Adrian Well, it's that pay now or pay more later thing. I've been the guy who had to cleanup after the previous admins hired at places like that. (Guess I still am, but at least I'm not alone this time.)
@Adrian naw... andrewandsons.com
Is that... a Flash-only web site?
I think so.
@ewwhite I'll check when I get home. Requires a newer Flash than my Ubuntu 12.04 has installed.
Current employer is paying like 15k a month for my services on account of saving a relative pittance to get in this kind of mess.
@ewwhite That looks like one of those low-margin sectors always trying to squeeze pennies... that's not the case, though... is it?
10:56 PM
@HopelessN00b They are a client of mine... produce. But they also run CSX trains from Cali and Washington to NY. So they're in the 3PL business.
I run the systems that manage the portal that allows their clients to check/track their goods on the trains.
@ewwhite Right, 3PL is notoriously... well, cheap. (And they have to be for the margins they run at.)
Naw. Not cheap.
$job-1 was with a pretty big 3PL company.
I make my living off of produce companies....
and I took a paycut to go from that world to finance...
relative... But @adrian, they're looking for help and someone to add to the team.
@ewwhite Guess I can see that, but 3PL in my experience is just way too low margin to spend what needs to be spend to have IT worth having.
10:59 PM
Linux, Windows, VMWare, Netapp, RFID.
@ewwhite Ok. Worth a look. I got lots of Linux and some ESXi.
and they've been wanting someone on the west coast as well.
@ewwhite You mentioned Seattle. They have an office here? that would purely rock.
Um, office out there is Wallula, WA... and it's just a depot.
Ugh, on the east side of the mountains...
Well the cost of living should be a lot lower anyway.
11:03 PM
@ewwhite Yeah, Dryside. Cost of Living is pretty ridiculously low, but that would involve ditching the GF. She doesn't ever plan to move to someplace with LESS culture than Seattle.
Tri-Cities would be like living in Pheonix without the thriving nightlife. =)
@ewwhite as a general rule I grill on topics people claim to be an expert on
I also always ask about email, DNS, Unix filesystems, and SSL
@ewwhite how big an environment are you dealing with that you need all this manpower?
Honestly if all I had to do was the sysadmin and sysarch work I'd need me and one guy to do grunt work for about... 10 years
11:19 PM
Dear Citrix, Why is Access gateway such a Bitch to configure?
@Jacob because
@Jacob how's it going ?
@Iain Good... Mostly, minus the impending Hurricane :) How are you?
I'm good too - you have a hurricane on the way ?
@Iain mutant storm actually
11:26 PM
@voretaq7 turtle ninja storm ?
Any SE employees on tonight? I have an update on my VPS issue :P
A: Cannot contact serverfault.com

Peter GraceYour VPS's are hosted at QuadraNet/IPTelligent which is currently banned due to excessive blogspam. I e-mailed both providers and asked them to intercede, but they have ignored the request. The ips will remain banned until they've reported that they've taken corrective action.

@gparent @PeterGrace is the one you're looking for
Yeah, I was hoping there might be someone else on, but it's okay I can wait :)
Kindle Fire HD - v nice
11:29 PM
@voretaq7 3,000+ servers... and a growing cloud infra.
@gparent We are curious though what your update is.
Your hosting provider got rid of the RFC1918 address on their router and kicked the spammers off their network?
@gparent Yes, but @Pete's still the guy you have to convince. Send an email to us or update your meta post if you've been able to get in touch with your host.
Alright, time to apply a registry hack so iPhone phucktards can receive email again. But nothing can possibly go wrong, it's only in `...\NTDS`, on the domain controllers. Wish me a catastrophic meltdown (for 100 billable hours between now and Monday.)
@HopelessN00b It's hazard pay if you live on the East Coast of the US
11:42 PM
@Jacob Midwest, sadly. And the domain's yet to implode. Damn. :(
Oh, sorry, bit busy.
My update is that my provider is brand new on that DC and I could give him what blocks to unban if they're not part of the spam
if he's willing to do that
I also told my provider to contact their ISP
the router hop is fixed as in it only shows up on my side of the traceroute, and I suspect it was always that way
but they can make it not appear also so they'll do that on my VPSes
Hmmm. We can do it wrong or do it right, but we'll only do it right if somebody asks about it. These sound like great people...
@MichaelHampton huh?
Seems like more effort than kicking the spammers off their network. Spammers must pay well.
@Jacob RFC1918 addresses on a public network.
11:48 PM
@MichaelHampton OH, wait you mean thats bad? Shat ;)
@Jacob Oh, it'll "work"... right up until it blows up in your face. :)
Lazy CommsRoom rats, not wishing hard enough for me to implode the domain. :(
@HopelessN00b We have confidence that you can do it!
Well I don't know if they set it up for everyone or me
I'm just the one who opened a ticket
Well, I went over my opinion last night, so I won't belabor the point.
11:53 PM
I'm hosting a website for someone... the web dev wants phpmyadmin access...
what's the best way to provide?
They're remote, obviously.
user image
@ewwhite Give 'em an SSH tunnel or VPN to the MySQL listener.
@ewwhite What Shane said. I don't think there's really a good way. Just a bunch of really bad ways...
11:55 PM
@ShaneMadden +1
I told them to ssh tunnel
but they don't seem to know how.
@ewwhite I would not EVER put phpmyadmin wide open to the net.. so yeah, tunnel
(I'd think a web dev should know how to tunnel ssh with Putty)
@ewwhite It'll be an educational experience, then! They can learn how to deal with a database the real way instead of through pretty php interfaces!
they don't want to CLI it.
11:56 PM
@ewwhite Because developers.
@ewwhite Too Bad?
hey, there's a troll!
Q: Share Storage for XenServer FreeNAS, StarWind or OpenFiler

Xin ChenI am looking to set up a share storage for our servers in data center. Environments: 4 x Citrix XenServers (Free version) will be running around 30 VMs. Some VMs are heavy websites that have 5GB per day traffic. We consider getting a Supermicro Server(dual power) and install FreeNAS/StarWind ...

note the answer there...
Note the web site in the user's profile.
I thought Nexenta made it pretty clear where the line was between free and enterprise editions?
11:59 PM
@ShaneMadden They do
Flag thrown.

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