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6:00 PM
Evening from the train!
I'm salivating
@MichaelHampton Curiosity, why
@Dan Europe?
I just answered a question with a 500 point bounty
And the only other answer currently on it sucks
@MDMarra Oh, those are the best.
Q: I deployed Flash Player via a Software Installation policy. How to upgrade?

eleven81I have a Windows Server 2008 machine as my DC. Earlier this year I created a Software Installation GPO to deploy Adobe Flash Player plugin MSI. I assigned the policy to the computers, about half run Windows XP x86 and the other half Windows 7 x64. That all works like clockwork. When I created...

6:03 PM
@JeffFerland Yep, just a short 90 min ride to London
@JeffFerland Aside from their questionable reliability, it's generally too expensive for most of the things I'm involved in.
@MichaelHampton Well, I've got some software for you if you want to run AWS style on your own hardware :)
@MDMarra Did the guy just save up and blow all of his points on the bounty?
@JeffFerland I've got virtualization coming out of my ears. oVirt/KVM, VMware, you name it.
@ewwhite Looks that way
I like that guy
6:05 PM
@MichaelHampton nimbula.com :)
You like that he just blew his wad?
@ewwhite Yup. I hope he blows it right onto me.
@JeffFerland Oh, nice. I hadn't seen that one before.
@MDMarra Don't worry... there are enough people here to downvote you.
@MDMarra You dirty dirty girl. Oh...wai...
6:07 PM
@ewwhite The crappy short answer is +3 now
@MDMarra You clearly sucked too much
I even gave valuable peripheral info about managing the autoupdater waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
It;s ok. 7 days left on it
I know
Also, that question has on it. Is that on our bad tag list?
Because that's a bad tag
@MDMarra It's about updates, though!
6:11 PM
Now you have 4 votes
yaaaaaa yayayayayaya
bounty, here I come!
@MDMarra Like you need the 500
Some of us haven't even quite hit 6k yet
I like the way it makes my rep chart look
And you can still answer that bounty question. If it's a good answer, I'll upvote it
@MichaelHampton Works pretty well. I'm writing the IPv6 support for it.
In fact, the reason the guy with the short answer was ahead of me for a bit was because i upvoted him
6:14 PM
@JeffFerland Oh, nice, let me know when that's done. :)
@MDMarra Nah, your answer is basically something like what I'd do
Bastard! I was gonna post almost the same thing when I got done working today.

Damn work, getting in the way of point wh0ring. >:/
@Ward well when you phrase it as a "complaint" |: We're waiting on some hardware to come in.
6:30 PM
@RebeccaChernoff If I steal "misappropriate" some hardware from the office into a large FedEx airmail box, would that speed things along? And if so, which hardware?
Seriously, what hardware? Anything drool-inducing?
@RebeccaChernoff Oh come on, TomTom could run data.SE on his phone!
^ TomTom's phone
(there should probably be a UPS in there and a little cell antenna sticking out the top, huh?)
@HopelessN00b that's a sysadmin question (;
I'm a little concerned. Can anyone at SE check on George? I made fun of him at least 3 times in chat today and he never threatened bodily harm (or made any other response)
6:36 PM
@RebeccaChernoff What, your Technical Liaisons can't answer a basic question like that? =D
@MDMarra haha
Is it wrong to have another meal on the train just cos I can and it's free?
@Dan no
...but you might get the stink eye if you ask for a doggie bag to take it home with you as soon as the meal arrives.

I did, anyway. :(
@HopelessN00b sorry, I'm a software gal
6:41 PM
@MDMarra I went for the salmon salad, pretty sure that's legit
And there's beer too!
< A person who doesnt travel fancy class very often!
I can't open the fucking box, think it has commoner protection
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, gawd. That sounds too close to "developer" for my comfort-level. :p
She is. She loves PHP
@HopelessN00b I mean, I am, so...
@MDMarra no. don't go there.
6:51 PM
@RebeccaChernoff That would explain the symptoms I'm experiencing. It's just my devophobia acting up again. I'll just reconfigure some servers real quick and it'll go away.
@RebeccaChernoff I guess you love PHP as much as we love DevOps
Hmm. I feel all inhibited. Now that there's a developer in the room, I can't say what I really want to about this... um... "application" I had foisted on me.
right, because I haven't been idling in here for ages.
6:58 PM
Oh, so you've heard it all before, excellent. ... Hey, you might even have an answer, then.
@HopelessN00b @RebeccaChernoff isn't a developer, she just writes software. Her brain still works :-)
I have a server without internal USB port(s), and I need to run an OS from a USB stick.. I'm thinking duck tape, but at the same time I feel like white trash....
@RebeccaChernoff Wut? it's true! You know that your desktop isn't the production environment :-)
So if a developer writes a service for a Windows box (in Java, blech) that uses the temp folder of the user who installed it as the working datastore for the service... that developer is clearly on crack, right?
7:00 PM
@voretaq7 it's not? |:
@pauska Do you mean run permanently?
@Dan Yea..
@pauska Genuine suggestion, run a USB extension cable into the case
Or buy a USB card, if your form factor will allow!
USB card? As in a PCI(e) card?
@RebeccaChernoff don't MAKE me get the whomping shovel...
7:02 PM
I only have two PCIe slots, need to use them for other stuff
I do however have a slot available after ripping out the raid controller.. hmm
@voretaq7 does that work over the internet?
I want to make sure I get the abused substance correct in my complaint letter. Don't wanna go off half-cocked and accuse the dev of smoking on crack, when he's really shooting heroin or huffing household cleaners or something else.
because otherwise, na na na na na na
@RebeccaChernoff hmm, no.... but I'm sure one of the admins there has a whomping shovel and can act as remote hands :-)
I don't work in the office
na na na na na na na
7:03 PM
@RebeccaChernoff damn that's right...
BRB, drafting RFC for "WHOMP over IP"
@pauska Yeah sorry, that's what I meant
@Dan Not sure how the extension cable will work though.. It just makes it a tad harder to disconnect the stick.. I'm not sure if I can find a hole to run the cable through either (it's a poweredge 1950 server)
@voretaq7 good luck
@RebeccaChernoff I'll write it as an extension of RFC 1149, just with larger,better-trained carriers
sounds about right.
7:08 PM
Oh the joys of writing an answer, and then re-reading and voting to close. :)
@pauska I'd normally bodge it next to a PCI blanking plate. Why'd you need to run off USB anyway?
Reply from bytes=32 time=3394ms TTL=53

Mobile broadband still sin't quite there, is it?
@Dan diskless
OK, so one of the bureaucrats here gave me a vendor-suggested remedy that's making my blood pressure take off... am I out of line, or does this sounds off to anyone else?
Set the following registry key to increase NSPI settings for ALL 2008 DC's in the environment that can accept GMM GC referrals from the mailbox server that holds the GFE enabled user’s mailbox.

Note: In mixed mode goodadmin should always be on the highest org level to avoid possible conflicts with complex enterprise level 2010 orgs with multiple sites.

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters

DWORD Value name it: NSPI max sessions per user

Type the maximum number of NSPI connections required. Good recommends 1.5 times the number of Good users. (for exampl
@pauska But...why?
Like, the max connections per user and the max total connections would only be the same thing in a single-user environment, right?
7:11 PM
@Dan because it's an old server (disks are known to die after several years), the battery for the raid controller is dead (and I don't want to spend money on that, considering the disks being old), and because.
@pauska Ah that's fair enough, I've done worse
@HopelessN00b uhm I'd be real careful with editing NTDS settings..
@pauska Hence the question. I'm tempted to just reject it out of hand because they effed up the difference between per-user and global settings.
@HopelessN00b What is NSPI GMM GFE BB?
@pauska Name Service Provider Interface, Good Mobile Messenger, GoodFE and BlackBerry.
@pauska The PE1950's have external USB ports. Last I checked you could run an OS on a USB stick from those.
7:16 PM
16 mins ago, by pauska
I have a server without internal USB port(s), and I need to run an OS from a USB stick.. I'm thinking duck tape, but at the same time I feel like white trash....
so yeah, USB stick in the back port with duct tape..
Right, laters y'all
Afternoon Gents. I got a LIVE one today.
I get to figure out a way to search through the emails of 500 accounts looking for emails sent to or fro a specific person.
@pauska No need for duct tape. Just hang up your "sysadmin will shoot to kill if..." sign.
@pauska "You should feel like white trash, less because you used duct tape, and more because you spelled it 'duck tape'"
@Adrian And you're not using a simple grep/full text search against the email address(in those mailboxes) because?
7:23 PM
Then again, maybe he was referring to the brand:
I like Duck's packing tape. Good stuff.
@HopelessN00b That's 3.9 million files.
And it has to be cross-referenced against the mail logs
I love this stuff. I SO rarely get to do it.
You have no more close votes today; come back in 4 hours
Anyone with close votes left?
Q: what is best Server (Hardware and Software) for my company?

Mimadwe have 50 users in our company. i want to manage our network.but i do not know what is best topology for our network. we want below services : Sharing with privilege. Internet Sharing with Control(like isa). internal mail. SVN TFS SQL Server IIS WIKI VOIP Chat Server Project Server SharePoin...

Please, do my work for me (tm)
Yeah, just saw that.
There should be a button for, "hire a Server Fault sysadmin/consultant"... click here
7:28 PM
step 1. Put your credit card information in the OP. :)
step 2. Profit (for me!)
@Adrian I'd do this... Get MailArchiva free and index the messages.
@ewwhite I'll defintiely keep that in mind for next time. I've got about an hour to get results. It would certainly help for next time I have to do legal discovery on our email.
@Adrian it's a good journaler... smooth. But it can import PST's, too.
@ewwhite We're purely Cyrus IMAP on CentOS
@Adrian For your Windows PC's...
7:30 PM
LOTS of individual files
@ewwhite For the their Windows PCs after I leave. =)
but even without, mailarchiva just sits as a sendmail or postfix filter
@ewwhite Ok. Good to know.
@PeterGrace You're a nice dildo.
So there's that.
Haven't seen you in a while, man. How's things?
Sold your arsenal?
@pauska Does the motherboard have a spare USB header?
Hahaha, nope, haven't sold my arsenal because I haven't sold my house.
7:35 PM
I told you I'd buy it.
$10,000 cash
@JustinDearing Is straight up ganstah crunk.
You could always spend the ~$5 for one of these, attach it to your mother board put it somewhere inside. officedepot.com/a/products/943566/…
@PeterGrace $10,001 from me!
7:37 PM
@PeterGrace Does it come with security barricades and sniper posts?
@Adrian how are the messages stored mbox/maildir?
@Hennes OK, we need to just ban that idiot.
i want to do not pay for consultant!it is one of the reason i asking here.also best consultant are here.like you.we can help each other.may be i am in programming and you in networking. — Mimad 1 min ago
@HopelessN00b WORK. FOR FREE.
7:39 PM
@HopelessN00b Urgh.
@voretaq7 Hey, he said he could help us out! Maybe he can program a visual basic gui to track an IP!
@HopelessN00b though, I do get all my knowledge from reading free opinions on the Internet...
@JeffFerland Explains a lot.
"The website said I needed IE7 or better, so I'm using Lynx."
7:43 PM
@Mimad Wanting to learn isn't bad, but wanting to build an entire corporate network and domain based on what you read in free PDFs from the internet certainly is bad. — HopelessN00b 1 min ago
@voretaq7 The juice container said "concentrate" and I stared at it really hard, but nothing ever happened. =(
@Adrian mboxgrep. It handles maildir too. packages.debian.org/search?keywords=mboxgrep ?
@WesleyDavid take some ritalin.
@Zoredache Hmm. I wonder if that's in the EPEL for CentOS
@WesleyDavid The writing under the skull said "deadly if ingested," so I gave myself an enema with it instead of drinking a glass?
7:46 PM
@HopelessN00b I think the term "ingest" implies any form of bodily ingress, so sodomizing yourself with it is just as good as swallowing it.
@WesleyDavid actually no, that's a separate warning ("For external use only" / "Not to be taken internally")
^ subject matter expert
@MDMarra not really, but I had to learn more than I ever want to know about product warnings in this job :-/
Yeah, true
@voretaq7 So you're saying @MDMarra is my real father? No wonder I'm so hairy...
@voretaq7 Thank God, for the first 75% of that sentence, I thought you were going to end with something about sodomy and deadly chemicals.
7:49 PM
@MDMarra You never played ball with me. =(
That's because I hate you, son.
@MDMarra Story of my life.
@HopelessN00b dammit guys, no more sodomy!
no no, star the picture!
I don't care what medicine I'm given, I will always have 100% of the "possible" side effects.
@voretaq7 Sodomy is like alcohol. One of those things in life you can just never have too much of.
7:51 PM
So, on that note I'm going to go catch an early train home so that I can go to bed and hopefully I don't have nausea, diarrhea, internal bleeding, increased heart rate, and an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours.
Ok, that last one is ok.
2008 ---
ME: "We should implement 802.1X and look at locking down the network access for visitors and personal computers"
THEM: "That's a dumb idea...and we have no reason for it"
@MDMarra TWSS?
2012 ---
THEM: "We found a consulting IT firm that can help us with BYOD...they can use various means of knowing whether a computer is personal or not through things like certificates and the switches...it's pretty cool...you should talk with them"
@TheCleaner 2012 --
You: <produces memo and lays it on the desk>
@voretaq7 - close enough.... :)
7:57 PM
aw mine is more fun :(
see the problem is you used big technical terms. You should have proposed it the way the consulting firm did: With a $10,000 price tag and some sock puppets!
THEM: "basically if someone brings their laptop with a virus on it and plugs into the network it won't infect us" ME: <rollseyes>
THEM: "you should talk with them asap. We'd like them to present this to the board...but will need you in the room as well" ....so basically I should have stayed in consulting where people think you are brilliant as long as you aren't on staff.
@TheCleaner yup.
Ah, the subtle difference between consulting and insulting. :)
@Hennes there's a difference?
@TheCleaner Good advice for us all.
8:06 PM
yes, but it depends on job job description.
IDK why there are stll consultants, I mean you can just ask on SF and people do it for free right?
@voretaq7 No, those ServerFault jackasses closed my question for free consulting services. :(
Q: what is best Server (Hardware and Software) for my company?

Mimadwe have 50 users in our company. i want to manage our network.but i do not know what is best topology for our network. we want below services : Sharing with privilege. Internet Sharing with Control(like isa). internal mail. SVN TFS SQL Server IIS WIKI VOIP Chat Server Project Server SharePoin...

Death is good to avoid!
8:25 PM
@voretaq7 Enh. Lately I've been trying to track death down and give it some directions/suggestions.
8:38 PM
@HopelessN00b ^^
@voretaq7 Gonna have to watch that when I get home. Work proxy and whatnot.
@HopelessN00b yeah, also it's Foamy.
That's just what I need to see before going to the doctors tomorrow
What did they give you?
8:42 PM
its nearly the weekend. Hooray!
Are there ANY Foamy videos that are SFW?
@Adrian ummmm
hang on
depends if you work in a crazy house ran by gangsters or not
@RobM or social workers
same thing
8:44 PM
@RobM Yes.
I see
@Adrian None I've seen anyway... but I can't even see what it is. The whole YouTube domain (and most any streaming media) is blocked, so I just see a translucent play arrow overlayed against the chat background. :(
Totally safe for work.
They're going to make me very grumpy. There's another crisis waiting to be dealt with after this one. And I haven't eaten yet. At all today.
...Although, now that I think of it, if anyone looks over my shoulder, I think a soapy video might be low on the list of shit that needs an immediate, clever explanation.
55 mins ago, by HopelessN00b
@voretaq7 Sodomy is like alcohol. One of those things in life you can just never have too much of.
^^You know, with that being prominently displayed on the screen and all.
8:47 PM
^ Also SFW
58 mins ago, by voretaq7
@HopelessN00b dammit guys, no more sodomy!
Finally got the job application filed that i've been working on most of the week
hey @Chopper3
@voretaq7 "mark my words, this lollipop will be up your butt by week's end"
In keeping with the sodomy theme.
@RobM hi
@RobM Job... application ... what programming language did you write your application in?
8:51 PM
@Chopper3 Tacklehug
And what kind of job does it do?
how ya doing @chopper3
@WesleyDavid I did NOT post that foamy episode!
hopefully gets me a payrise and change of scenery
You know you wanted to.
8:52 PM
at the very least it winds my boss up. That's still fun.
@WesleyDavid @Adrian specifically requested SFW Foamys.
I'd never seen foamy before. Something else to be addicted to watching
A: Regarding the high number of rejected migrations from Stack Overflow to Server Fault

Shog9First off, just a sanity check: out of 824 migrations from Stack Overflow in the last 90 days, that 31% rejection rate means ~ 255 were inappropriate. During that same time period, over 12 thousand questions were closed as off-topic on Stack Overflow. IMHO, 31% isn't insanely high period - but ...

@voretaq7 Actually you need to at least use links. IE7 is actually tolerable.
@voretaq7 would @Adrian like a philosophers stone and a pony?
@RobM getting better, slowly
8:55 PM
Glad to hear it mate. Nice to know you're on the mend
Yeah, I was kinda... being deliberately obtuse there to... well, let's try this instead.

What kind of place expects technical employees/skilled labor to fill out a job application? Last job application I filled out, I was... 17 or so.
Education. I'm applying for the job of managing the IT Department at a college near mine. Essentially my bosses job
And I know what you mean. It's been a long time since I did one of those forms.
@HopelessN00b actually I was handed a job application 2 months after I was hired for my current job
I sat on it for several months and was tempted to use my current boss as a reference
@Shog9 While you have a excellent point, that very tiny 2% for SO is a deluge for ServerFault. Statistics is what you use to corn-hole the little guy.
Migrations should simply be scrapped.
@RobM Oh, right, the kind of sector I don't want a job in. I get handed a job application I'm inclined to say "thanks, a job application... I remember those from when I was applying for summer jobs. Do you want me to give this to the next highschooler I see?"
9:01 PM
that's fair enough.
@JustinDearing prrrobably
@Adrian That's about 10% of the total rejections on SF during that time, IIRC
@Shog9 Regarding the 31% not being high, I'm reminded of a guy who had as many upvoted answers as downvoted ones, and basically said: I'm right half the time, that's pretty good.
Significant, but still not a deluge
I think we have a different view of things than that. But the 2% of SO migrations does provide an interesting perspective.
9:03 PM
@HopelessN00b 50% is bad. No one with a significant number of migrations ever hits 50% that I've seen.
Makes it feel less like SF is the SO trash bin, at least.
Arguing about how heavy the rain really is or isn't doesn't stop the people underneath it getting wet @shog9
I still think that a feedback loop is needed. It doesn't need to be a rep penalty or a timeout from being able to vote to migrate to that site. A simple notice in the notification inbox would be plenty.
what @ShaneMadden said. There needs to be some kind of feedback loop. Plenty of suggestions have been made over the years.
Votes to migrate are fire-and-forget, so we can't blame voters for never learning that they're voting wrong.
9:04 PM
That's fair. I think there are probably good reasons to close the loop on close success/failure beyond migrations when it comes to that.
@Shog9 I think that's the biggest problem - we keep kicking things back, but the people making bad migrations don't know about it
I've taken to going over and leaving comments on the ones I've rejected telling the OP why we kicked the question back (if it was just badly written), but that only helps the OP
@Shog9 Your post also had a good idea about changing the subtitle. I'd hope that would be enough to make SOers think twice about going "server, punt to server fault."
Well, we don't know if they know. Most of them probably don't - but the information is public, and easily looked up if you care. Some probably do care.
@Shog9 a lot probably do care, but that gets into another scale issue: There are so many active close-voters on SO that with 100 "bad" migrations we may never see the same person twice
I guess that's really the essence of the point I'm trying to make here: most folks on SO are already doing the right thing most of the time. So focus on what we can do to help educate those that aren't.
9:07 PM
@Shog9 I still think the push method is fatally flawed and you guys are playing with leaves while the roots are sick.
@Adrian The entire system is designed around push. And I don't mean the migration system. If you want a pull system, you join a moderated newsgroup.
If it's flagged to migrate, it should go into a queue to be reviewed as to whether it should be RECEIVED by the proposed destination.
@Adrian the alternative would be for migration votes to feed a migration queue (that idea has come up more than once in the migration grousing - it would be a mixed blessing...)
something like that going SO -> SF would work great because SF has an active community of reviewers. Something going SO -> CS may have a harder time (or be more of a burden on that site's mods if they don't have a big review community)
@voretaq7 That's not my experience there are a few I've seen several times when I've surveyed the people who v-t-c
Somehow, the folks talking about pull-migration always seem to miss that anyone can just waltz on into the site and post a question without delay. You're talking about putting fancier locks on a door when there are no walls.
9:10 PM
@Shog9 by that token though migration itself should just be done away with & people would leave comments saying "Maybe you should ask on blah" -- which is certainly a valid argument too, though I don't know if I agree with that one either
@Shog9 I think you're over-complicating that. We can more or less deal with our own mess. If the people that don't know squat about what we do making decisions about what's appropriate for us that's the pain in the ass.
we do get some really good migrations (even from SO) on occasion
Actually what we're talking about is not compounding their mistake

- person posts question to SF that superficially looks like a fit for SO but is actually crap. That's one mistake

- myself and 4 other idiots vote to move it to SO because we only look at it superficially.... now you have two mistakes. Tell me again how that helps anyone?
the problem is gray areas like this one (which I kicked back because it's too broad right now, but could lead to the guy coming back here after he's read the docs)
@voretaq7 And I'm very in favor of having people voluntarily post their stuff elsewhere. It's easier to deal with as it allows the person asking the question to make that decision as to whether they should.
9:15 PM
Well, anyway, thanks for taking a look at it, @Shog9 and providing an alternate perspective on the issue.
@Adrian that seems to be the Right Thing in the overwhelming majority of cases these days. @Shog9 has a point though - /review is dredging up lots of crap, and until the review queues drain we should expect substantially higher migration rates (thus proportionally higher reject rates)
It's get the frack outta here time. Home to my b0xens.
@voretaq7 Which would be tolerable if we could keep up.
/review here has also pushed up the reject rate because more people are seeing the content
@Adrian well we are keeping up -- /review/close has been steadily draining
@voretaq7 This is almost certainly true. Again, close rates have increased substantially on both sites.
9:16 PM
@voretaq7 At 10% per week?
And we've been hammering at it.
@Adrian so have all the other sites. A lot of what I'm closing here isn't from SO though - it's 2/3/4 vote questions that have languished on SF for months
I'm more worried about stuff getting closed that shouldn't than I am about sites getting overwhelmed. Remember, this stuff piled up for years without much attention; if it was all dealt with in a couple months, that'd be kinda scary.
@Shog9 I guess I'm more solutions-oriented. I prefer to see them fixed.
@Adrian the "fix" is education in this case (or possibly scrapping the migration system entirely)
closing the loop on migrations (and close votes in general) is definitely a worthwhile project
I have searched meta yet. Is there a suggestion to modify the close dialog to actually show the on-topic/off-topic criteria from the destination FAQ when the migration target is selected? Perhaps also adjust the test so that it is very clear on the off-topic that only great question should be migrated?
9:20 PM
's also probably nontrivial development, though the supercollider helps
@Zoredache I don't know if that's come up yet - it'd be pretty hard to do well though unless we create a mini-topicality guide for each site (compare SO's FAQ with ours)
& remember that our FAQ was a grueling rewrite based on what SE2.0 sites do with their FAQs -- I don't even want to think about imagining what that would be like for Stack Overflow to do.
@Zoredache yeah but ours would definitely need to be condensed (maybe just the two bullet lists). it's definitely an interesting idea
Nevermind apparently the site name there is already a link. It just isn't very obvious.
@Zoredache maybe changing the dialog to be smaller names & an expanding panel when you click on the site name
meh, guess you can't make 'em much smaller actually
backup remote site Windows file server to allow offsite storage for DR. LTO tape or something else? (800GB) I don't really know what's out there nowadays for removable backup media. Removable SATA drives?
FWIW: the only use-case I support for "pull" migration:
Q: How to migrate old questions to a new site

Anna LearPreamble Since their introduction, migrations have been largely well received, but still cause some problems, typically in the area of folks migrating questions to sites they didn't understand or migrating subpar questions. One of the key guidelines for migrating questions (after "don't migrate...

(offer void in some locations, some pushing required)
9:38 PM
@Shog9 personally I still think there should be a permanent general solution for overriding the 60-day rule for exceptional but neglected questions, but all of that is entirely separate from the idea of switching to pull- or recipient-reviewed migrations in my mind
(that said I think this is a great solution for smaller sites that want to grab useful content from their parent/grandparent sites)
@Shog9 re: Rejection stats: Let's see how they look in a couple of months. Part of the problem is that although we get far fewer questions than SO, we also have far fewer voters, so many bad migrated questions don't get looked at. But for about a week, I've been searching for migrated:1 questions on SO, following them to SF and giving a first VTC on the ones I think are bad. That gets them in the /Review queue where they can get be quickly rejected if they really are bad.
9:54 PM
what about question accepts... people don't seem to do that often.
Is @voretaq7 around? Want to critique a resume?
@TheCleaner tapes are generally great for long time backup storage.. fast and cheap

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