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3:00 PM
It's hard to keep track of shit from 2007...
@pauska OH, God, that guy. I really think his question should be stickied or something. Really, how often do you get to see a question about a 21 disk RAID5 array?
Remember, with no hot spares!
@HopelessN00b 21 disk 1tb S-ATA to be precise
But he's trying to do the right thing NOW.
yeah.. I think my suggestion is pretty neat
it is after all just backup storage
3:02 PM
@pauska Well, to me that makes sense. If you're going to make an array that's guaranteed to fail, use cheap equipment. Don't put expensive, enterprise-grade drives in a array, obviously. =D
So I use Network Solutions for DNS for a few of my clients.
since it's their registrar...
oh joy
I need the ability to delegate a subdomain to an Elfiq load balancer.
did they automatically re-route all non-existing domains again?
Network Solutions does not do this, apparently...
should I move to a new DNS provider (Amazon?)
Or do it myself?
3:04 PM
We do DNS ourselves at SE
It's for my clients, so I'd like something a little more neutral than me hosting DNS
Ah, then, yeah, probably go with a hosted solution
lots of DNS providers out there.
@PeterGrace Other datacenter (my machines are in Melville)
you can get secondaries at multiple providers
@ewwhite www.twisted4life.com
3:06 PM
@PeterGrace I'm in
If you can get past the domain name (and the internet got past "GoDaddy" for years) they're cheap and good (and "fast" is irrelevant for DNS)
@voretaq7 Not exactly. Slow DNS means slow page load times.
@PeterGrace Aha, someone was looking for you last night in regard to this question. I think it's probably nothing, but...
@voretaq7 we can actually measure the performance decrease when we lower TTL's on stackoverflow.com to 5 mins.
@PeterGrace true, I was thinking "fast" in terms of "Good, Fast, Cheap" for product delivery
3:07 PM
@MichaelHampton Yeah, he e-mailed team@ and we responded to him.
@MichaelHampton his VPS's are hosted at a provider that decided to host a blogspammer.
OK, my work here is done :)
No thoughts on Amazon ROute 53?
Yeah, I saw the RFC1918 address on a public router and told him to run like hell.
@ewwhite Never tried it myself.
I wish google offered managed dns
their caching servers are great
3:08 PM
@ewwhite I've seen a few questions on here about it -- seems at least decent
@PeterGrace Let me guess, Ubiquity Servers?
A: Cannot contact serverfault.com

Peter GraceYour VPS's are hosted at QuadraNet/IPTelligent which is currently banned due to excessive blogspam. I e-mailed both providers and asked them to intercede, but they have ignored the request. The ips will remain banned until they've reported that they've taken corrective action.

@PeterGrace Oh well heck, didn't see your answer.
@WesleyDavid Naa, some fly-by-night crap VPS operation running OpenVZ (of course).
@WesleyDavid I just answered it but a moment ago
3:09 PM
@PeterGrace Oh well heck, it was 32 seconds ago.
Feel free to upvote that answer. :)
@PeterGrace ::translates:: "Your providers are bastards"
@MichaelHampton um.. the rfc1918 part is probably just a NAT gateway?
you're looking at traceroutes from his servers, not the other way around..
@pauska Yeah, I know. That's why I asked him the clarification question.
You can see RFC1918 in a traceroute if it remains internal to the backbone provider.
The rules are you can't route RFC1918 outside of a network, but inside a network there's no regulation against that.
3:11 PM
So if I try Amazon Route 53... (just to be different), should I create a separate account per client, or just do it under my account?
@MichaelHampton I don't think there is any clarification needed mate, sorry :)
@ewwhite ask if they have some kind of reseller tiering
Doesn't change my (and Cisco's) opinion that it's a horribly bad idea. :)
@ewwhite separate accounts per client is my usual policy for stuff like that
that way if/when a client leaves you just turn over their login/password to them
@ewwhite (and no, don't ever put clients stuff on your own account. create one for them and send them the details)
@MichaelHampton that a local gateway has a NAT address? I don't follow
am I also breaking the rules of TCP?
Tracing route to serverfault.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
cause this is pretty normal mate
I was just handed a resume for a Sysadmin candidate...
5 pages.
3:13 PM
Resumes are such interesting beasts
I worked so hard to get mine to 2 pages... it's dense, but I'd say it's good.
why do sysadmins insist on enlisting every_single_product they have ever touched?
I have seen CV's with stuff like "File Maker for Mac OS 8" and so on
@ewwhite rejected.
Unless we're talking Vint Cerf.
@voretaq7 I'm reading it now.
3:15 PM
@pauska I'd put expereinced with and supporting users on Office 2003/2007 and CS4/CS5 but not much more that than.
My resume is two pages
Do you list all of your work history on a resume?
What are we up to now, % reject rate from SO?
@MDMarra all relevant work, yes
but honestly, if they need a resume to get hired, they're probably not going to get hired.
3:15 PM
unless it shows that you're a pussy, leaving jobs every 6 months
@MDMarra naw...
Reason being is that sysadmins primarily are hired out of the network, not by "cold calling"
@pauska My uncustomized resume is about 5 pages long and lists all sorts of shit. When I hand it to an employer it's one page, double sided, single spaced.
@voretaq7 double sided?
@MDMarra why bleh?
I find most people prefer double-sided to two pages stapled together
3:17 PM
Double-sided is green!
Oh yeah... I need to change this line on my resume -
Server Fault/Stack Overflow - serverfault.com/users/13325 – Ranked among the top 15 overall contributors to the site.
@pauska More importantly double-sided doesn't get torn apart and the back sheet lost
@pauska It's a bad idea when your host has a PUBLIC address.
crapballs, I really need to get this wire order estimated
The last three interviews I went to, people didn't even look at my resume.
3:18 PM
@MichaelHampton that's a tad more concerning, yes.. no idea how they make that work
it was just a conversation
@PeterGrace copper? Just write down half the IT budget for the year.
@voretaq7 Double sided is a bitch to mark up
I have seen a lot of people roll up with iPads, too.
@MDMarra not if you print it on decent quality paper
3:18 PM
people like to print their own
@pauska Yeah, that's the key difference here. He's directly on the public network, not behind NAT. So his hop #1 should not be an RFC1918 anything.
@voretaq7 Hahaha. We have to order the cabling for the new datacenter.
@ewwhite Everyone had an iPad at my interview for $currentJob
@PeterGrace how many racks again? it might be the WHOLE budget...
3:19 PM
@MichaelHampton NAT'ing with non-RFC1918 host addresses perhaps. It's a weird, weird setup for sure..
@voretaq7 5 cabinets
@pauska That's called carrier-grade nat, I think.
It's a contingency for non IPv6 adoption
@PeterGrace hmm... so 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8 foot cat6, same for power cords...
@voretaq7 This 5-pager has some ugly flaws.
Q: Need to know if anyone is using our file servers ip address to access instead of share? any ideas

Chris RobinsonI have been given the task of changing our current file server's IP address. I haven't been in the company long, so don't know what exactly reads and writes to it yet. Is there any way that I can tell if connections are being made to it by the IP address instead of the name?

@voretaq7 Too small.
@voretaq7 we've got wire management and cable arms.
3:21 PM
^ That's actually an interesting question.
So I'm going 5, 7, and 14 feet.
@PeterGrace masochists
HATES the cable arms precious
traps the heat in the back of the rack they do!
@PeterGrace Switches must be at the top of bottom of the cabinet? Why not put them in the middle and only get 7' and 3' cables?
seriously, the 1ft and 2ft with vertical PDU's is so much cleaner
@ChrisS something tells me @PeterGrace is a traditionalist like I am :-)
3:23 PM
@voretaq7 I love/hate the cable arms... When I have to slide a server out, love. When I have to mess with cabling, hate. The heat/ventilation issue isn't enough bother for me to care.
We've got vertical PDU's, yeah.
I have vertical PDUs with cable arms
not enough space
At least not with Dell and APC racks
We got deep racks.
I'm trying to convince $currentJob to ditch the cable arms
@voretaq7 TRADITION: Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid
3:25 PM
@ChrisS this is an interesting thought and I haven't asked the guys about it.
I used to use cable management arms...
what I really want is C19 PDUs and 2ft Y power cables
But everything is NEMA-15 and has cable arms
A: Difficulty racking Proliant G8's

ewwhiteSo there are a few things in play here. Model/make of rack? Photos? Perhaps your rack isn't deep enough to accommodate everything... I'm assuming you're not using HP racks. APC, maybe? Either way, see if there's some flexibility in where you can place your vertical rails on the enclosure. If th...

George really wants cable arms.
George is a big dumb idiot
3:26 PM
" think you can get a feeling for the intended use of a particular piece of server equipment based on the mounting hardware/rails and robustness of the cable management. When my 1U DL360 systems started shipping with two pieces of velcro as the cable management, I realized that less emphasis was being placed on the ability to pull the server out of the rack while running."
I could care less, but we do slide out servers very often
@PeterGrace How often do you do it while they're powered on?
I can remove the cables from the server when I have to un-rack it.
And the heat issue was actually a serious problem at the ISP - we had racks that could only be half-filled because the trapped heat from a bunch of 1U servers was getting up over 100 degrees
@MDMarra he has more guns than you do :-)
@MDMarra seldom, but it's the disconnecting/reconnecting of all the cables thats annoying.
@voretaq7 True. I'm pro not-gun
3:28 PM
@ChrisS IDK, if/when we move the main rack I may do midline switches
right now we have midline (in-rack) PDUs (A/K/A the mother of all sucks)
@MDMarra I am neither pro-gun nor anti-gun. I am however anti-gun-nutters
Hmm, midline switching may have some value
@PeterGrace honestly, you shouldn't be sliding servers out that often..
Morning all.
@PeterGrace it does reduce the variety of lengths of cat5 you need
Chatting about it with the stakeholders
3:29 PM
cable arms are satans spawn
George, Bart and I will be the people most likely to be annoyed by whatever we do
throw them all away, now
@pauska exactly
Unless the server is designed for it...
yeah but who the hell uses those kind of servers anymore
if you use patch panels it's a BIT more complicated because you have to run the trunks up the side of the rack (instead of just sticking it at the bottom or top depending on where the trunks enter from)
3:30 PM
Storage servers and top-loading enclosures, yeah...
cable arms kill airflow. servers love good airflow. good airflow = less noise. admins love less noise.
everybody gets happy if you remove the cable arms
velcro+proper cable lengths and a good dymo
@pauska less noise, less trapped heat, less wasted power
Plus, it will make George unhappy, which should be enough on its own.
@MDMarra yeah that's a pretty substantial bonus
proper cable lengths are the key if you don't do cabe arms though because you need to strap them tight (or do proper 4" loops to take up the slack, IBM Style)
3:32 PM
@pauska There are a few exceptions... but yeah, most systems are all about the front-loading.
@voretaq7 or get a wide rack and hide all the extra length at the sides
which is the lazy version.. but it works
our new APC rack is wonderful that way, it can fit both a full length vertical PDU on each side PLUS cable management on each side
@pauska I prefer that
@ewwhite @PeterGrace Actually that's another possible benefit (being able to get your hands in the back to connect keyboard/monitors), but I'm assuming you're using IPMI KVM or IP KVM (or that all your servers have a monitor port in the front too)
Extra length hidded in the side and secured with a velcro loop lets you pull a server out with the network cables still in
no not vertical, sorry, horizontal :P
3:33 PM
@voretaq7 DRAC and Avocent kvms
@pauska you still have to loop and tie it or you wind up with a knot one day when you need to replace a cable
fuck, I need a coffe. vertical.
@PeterGrace yeah that eliminates the need to stick your fingers in the back of the machine in almost all circumstances
@voretaq7 every sysadmin should know how to loop'n'twist..
@pauska twist?
you mean velcro, right?
3:34 PM
@voretaq7 one loop -> twist 360 degrees -> loop again
no, the actual cable
so that it doesn't clutter more than needed
That makes non-kinked cables.
It's a really tough thing to get the hang of
but once you learn how to do it, your cable bundles are works of art
I admit that I have not mastered it yet.
@PeterGrace not really, it's how I've always looped cables.
it's near impossible to do it cable-pr0n style, but it pays off in the end
3:35 PM
@voretaq7 well aren't you a fucking unicorn.
sometimes I screw up, but normally my loops are at least decent looking :)
@PeterGrace ...you've been talking to my exes, haven't you? :-P
Ribbed for her pleasure
I am going to buy a MLP, glue a unicorn horn on it, and hang it in our rack...
it will continue to bring the luck of "no major hardware failures"
We have a unicorn head at the office
(as our core database server passes out of its warranty period early next year)
3:37 PM
The community team manager wears it occasionally. It's scary.
My mother baked a unicorn cake for my little cousin's birthday.
I was not able to attend, but apparently she frosted it with chocolate frosting and my brother declared it looked like "a shit donkey"
(how my mother has not killed him yet I still don't know)
@voretaq7 I'm definitely Pro-Gun; except for fully automatics.. But just about anything else is fine by me.
@ChrisS I am pro gun control - at least in the sense that if you're BATSHIT BRAND CRAZY you should not be allowed to purchase dangerous weapons, and if you can't wait a week you're either dangerous or incapable of planning (which are also bad signs for someone who wants to purchase dangerous weapons)
but I'm definitely not a "take away all the guns" person - that's a stupid overreaction on the order of "people die in car accidents, take away all the cars"
I've got a nice little Mossberg 16ga Pump that I use for skeet and trap... Love the 16ga as it's much gentiler on your shoulder than a 12ga, and has a decent sized load where the 20ga is getting a bit small.
3:43 PM
I also feel that if you cannot exercise your right to bear arms responsibly you should have that right taken away (cf. the folks who hold mass gatherings with pistols strapped to their hips in open carry states to create a scene - that's not responsible)
City-folk versus country-folk?
If you folks only know how alien this seems to me
@ewwhite responsible-gun-owner versus gun-nutter
@Hennes Why's that?
@MDMarra He's not from the land of bacon and firearms
3:45 PM
Guns are bad, mmmmmkay
Over here we overreacted to guns. If you have no criminal record then you can apply to a gun club. Be part of it for some time (e.g. a year). Then apply for a licence. wait for check. Buy the gun and store it in a locked steel locker at the gun club (NOT at home)
With gun and ammo stored apart
@voretaq7 I agree in a general sense... But if you're crazy and want to kill people, the fact that it's a little harder to get a gun probably isn't going to stop you.
@ChrisS nods.
@ChrisS agreed, but the fact that a bunch of other people have guns probably won't stop you either, and if they're not keeping their skills sharp it's going to endanger more people.
But if you have to wait a week before you get it then that will stop some
And it will make the job easier for the state. They can go for premidiated murder
3:48 PM
There will always be the school shootings and things like that, because those people are fucking insane.
Rather than act of rage
Hell I'm a pretty good shot with my 9mm, but there's no way I fancy myself a geeky John Wayne who's gonna pull out his pistol and save the day -- there's a huge difference between blasting holes in a target at the county shooting range and putting a hole in a person who's shooting back.
But I mean, there are a lot of people that aren't mentally disturbed that shoot people. Lots of gang wars, inner-city shooting shit.
Yeah, but the guns aren't the problem there, the drug laws are the problem.
@Hennes that's my thing: If you need a gun RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW you don't need a gun: You need to learn to plan your hunting trips better, or go see a therapist and talk about why you want to shoot someone.
3:49 PM
@Hennes I'm fine with reasonably short waiting periods like that... Especially since it gives the seller a chance to lookup a buyer's history... I wouldn't mind if the government made a easy to use consolidated website where you could punch in sufficient information about a person and get a "No criminal history found" or "Felony History Found!" response.
I've been to the shooting range... a few times. But as a Chicagoan (city person), I don't like guns... When I lived in rural Illinois, I saw the application and the gun culture and understood its place there. (I didn't mind there). So it's pretty clear why people would have a different mindset.
I tend to see a divide between people that live in/near a major city and people that don't when it comes to gun control.
I wonder if this'll make any of you giggle.
After stating "The chances of anything coming from mars are 1E6 to 1" Ogilvy was arrested on manslaughter charges.
@TomO'Connor Italy is an idiot.
@MDMarra They really are.
3:50 PM
@ChrisS You already have to do that when you go to buy a gun. From a gun dealer, anyway.
@MDMarra We're also primarily talking about different guns... When you say "gun" I first think of shotguns and rifled (like the ones I have). "City folk" likely think of hand guns first.
@ChrisS Yep
@MichaelHampton @ChrisS they also usually run your fingerprints, which I'm totally OK with.
Or the sawed-off version of what you think of
3:51 PM
@MichaelHampton Handguns... I can walk into Gander Mountain and buy a shotgun right now, no proof of anything but payment.
Eh? No ID, nothing? That doesn't sound quite right.
@ChrisS I think handguns because I like them better Rifles are bulky, and good ones are really expensive.
@voretaq7 Good handguns are expensive too
I mean, actually it sounds perfectly right, but as far as I know they're supposed to check your ID and have you do the 4473.
@MichaelHampton in most states you have to prove you're of age, but if that's obvious there are lots of places where you can just purchase a rifle/shotgun
@ChrisS eh, you can get a decent pistol for $500-700. Not cheap, but compared to a rifle, decent sight, etc. -- any time I price rifles I wind up over the $1000 mark :)
3:54 PM
@voretaq7 Oh yeah... the varmint rifle I want would put me back about $2000 to buy it new.

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