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12:02 PM
12:33 PM
Heya @Vincent, what's new?
@PieBie nothing much, 'cucumber time' is in full effect. With you?
Let's all cucumber
"Looking it up, I found that cucumber time seems a dated term, out of use since more than a century."
Q: Would you use the term cucumber-time and why?

AbelDuring International Law studies I talked to English natives about politics, using a literal translation of the Dutch "komkommertijd", cucumber time, meaning to refer to the news-silent period of high summer. I thought they understood me. Later it occurred to me that they might simply have nodde...

@curious It's still current in Dutch
...which happens to be Pie's and my native language ;)
The phrasing of that reference to a Dutch text is very unfortunate. It leaves ambiguous in what language the term is outdated. The Dutch text confirms it is obsolete in English, and does not say anything about such in Dutch.
12:58 PM
Agreed, definitely not dated in the Dutch language region.
@Vincent Bit quieter because of the holidays. Next week, the kid is staying over at my parents for a full week. It's gonna be... weird.
@PieBie First time she'll be gone for so long?
1:24 PM
@Vincent aah TIL
komkommertijd then
@PieBie O_o
I can barely imagine how that would feel. I'm nowhere near ready, not just for me but for also for the sake of whoever would be keeping my kid lol
@Vincent yeah, she's been on sleepovers before, but not for a whole week.
I'm not sure if the fact that she doesn't know how long a week is will be a blessing or a curse.
I find myself tempted to move some place where cucumbers grow all year long :)
@PieBie She might not want to come back haha
1:45 PM
@Wolff lol
Greetings fellow humans
2:24 PM
not alive quite yet
it's not dead, either
so.... undead? :P
@Vincent zombie
2:27 PM
zombies are a kind of undead
virus is good?
Oct 22 '11 at 0:32, by Alan Gilbertson
Hello? <listens while the echoes fade away>
2:45 PM
@Vincent How I wish Alan was lurking!
@Vincent got absolute white 😀
it's better than yellowish white
@Vikas are you sure? ;)
@Vikas yay
@curious actually phone doesn't see the difference what eyes can. In real it's much whiter
I know I'm joking
2:51 PM
also my room light did color correction I guess 🤣
it does look whiter than what I recall seeing
@Vincent I don't have new excuse for not working now 🤣
more whiter! now that's even better :)
this is some cheap brand. Canson Bristol is even more whiter
Why's joojaa not active these days. That's why chat is dead
3:03 PM
More whiterest
3:42 PM
@Vincent ?
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8:36 PM
@Wolff .Hi
3 hours later…
11:20 PM
Q: Target downvotes: informations on my profile

SebastianoIn this question I would to know what are the links to get the informations on my profile. For example these are related on TeX.SE.Meta https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.tex/query/781493/25-most-downvoted-users https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.tex/query/691667/top-downvoters My best regards.

11:36 PM
@Vikas hmmmm

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