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12:05 AM
I might look to Cortex, the most recent edition of which is Cortex Prime
Fate depends on a few pillars: you have to be playing as (1) proactive (2) competent people leading (3) dramatic lives. Diablo sure corresponds to pillars 1+2, but when I say dramatic lives I mean like drama, and Diablo doesn't seem interested in that.
In addition, Fate has very few guiderails on what's possible, how doable it is, what the expected outcomes would be, etc. I have found that Fate is at its strongest when players come to it with pre-existing shared understanding of the answers to these questions. For example, one of my strongest games of Fate was set in Stargate, and all the players had seen it and knew exactly what the characters could do.
I suppose the ultimate question is: what interesting decisions will players get to make as a result of interacting with this corruption system?
I find that the further you get from that, the more difficult the system becomes to use, because players can essentially justify anything, and the whole sense of overcoming adversity kinda evaporates. I would not consider Diablo to be an environment that will lend you that kind of narrative support.
@Glazius Right! That's important for sure
Like, Dresden Files vampire PCs can operate on a supernatural level, but doing so writes a check that eventually hunger or mortification of the flesh has to cash.
so the interesting decisions are: is this worth getting hungry, and: where will you feed?
12:45 AM
@Ben I just deleted the files I had on the drafts of the corruption system as I cleaned out a lot of old D&D files. (It feels a bit CoC to me, all said and done). Did you ever do a full play test of that?
1:09 AM
The idea I had for it is that it affects how the PCs view and interact with the world around them, and how the world interacts with them.
For example, one player might develop a demonic aura, which might help with stealth around demons, even though they're wearing full plate. Another might see things that aren't there, that give actual clues to things to investigate
@KorvinStarmast I have had one playtest... it was a one-off so I fast tracked the collection of the corruption points a bit, but the players liked the flavour it gave to the game.
There are also ways to reduce it, because the idea is that the corruption would build up the impact of the afflictions... minor > major > permanent. So if a player wanted to reduce the corruption before the affliction became permanent, they could
1:32 AM
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2:23 AM
Q: What are the limits on combining Martial Arts with other attacks?

TimothyAWisemanExalted does not allow the use of Martial Arts and other attack abilities such as brawl, melee, etc. (E3, p. 426). The rules say: In short—Martial Arts Charms are not compatible with Brawl, or any other combat Ability, unless they explicitly state otherwise. A bare-handed attack cannot benefit f...

Q: Can Greater Metamorphosis or Assume Supernatural Ability be used to acquire supernatural class features??

nijinekoThe ability to change into various forms using Greater Metamorphosis includes the assumption that when there are more than one creature of a particular race, they do NOT count as a unique individuals for the purpose of the power, or at least their collective average does not count. This also seem...

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2:38 PM
@goodguy5 what spells do you think I should take if I was going to be a wizard.
3:04 PM
there are just so many I'm having a hard time picking what spells I want my wizard to use so I just want your opinion on what spells you think are good
3:18 PM
how many am I allow to take for each level
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5:01 PM
@Drakethedragon The class description tells you how many spells you may prepare.
And you can pick different spells after each long rest.
Have you read the rules for creating a wizard?
5:12 PM
@Drakethedragon There's two main ways a lot of folks pick
1)Pick for power - maximize
2)Pick for theme
There's obviously a lot of mix between the two, but that's kind of the lens I look through when I'm picking spells.
Did you decide against the homebrew?
5:23 PM
@Disdyakistriacontahedron ^
2 hours later…
7:16 PM
@Drakethedragon hey, you're back
I was out all day.

but yea, um. if you can pull up the rules, I can walk you through it. There's a helpful chart that describes how many spells you get. wizards are a little tricky, but you seem bright enough to handle it.
Fate does some really neat things and combat specifically is basically just a modified skill contest.

Can you tell me more about the theme?
3 hours later…
10:43 PM
@goodguy5 If previous form is any indication, actually reading the rules probably isn't going to happen in this case.

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