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1:46 AM
posted on October 03, 2023 by Steph C.

In this episode of TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, I discuss how to introduce really young players (as young as 2yo) into TTRPGs! I talk about how I started my kid with TTRPGs when he was 2 years old and give tips on what to look out for! Continue reading “TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, Episode 5: Starting TTRPGs with YOUNG kids (age 2+)”…

2:04 AM
@NotArch: That's what flag is for.
Q: Is this sporeborn homebrew race balanced compared to other races?

FerfolhoIt's basically a spore-infested nature-related horrific kind of being, a regular individual of pretty much any race that got infested and biologically changed, linking themselves with nature in the process (unwillingly), while also altering their perception because of being able to feel around th...

2:34 AM
Was gonna tag @BESW but it didn't bring them up, like it normally does?
Has the tagging system changed/broken or have I just been out of it for long enough? Lol
Who else has played Fate?
9 hours later…
11:48 AM
posted on October 03, 2023 by Sam Dunnewold

Plus the "unprofessional" edit of the season 3 Kickstarter video

12:11 PM
@Ben I believe @doppelgreener has played.
@Ben BESW hasn't been active in this chatroom recently enough to be pingable.
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1:36 PM
@Mithical you could cheat and scroll back to one of their messages and reply to it, but it's a little tacky (but I have done it)
1:46 PM
@Ben o/
@NotArch that i have!
@Ben I also have
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4:38 PM
Q: In Pathfinder 1e, does damage accumulate for the purpose of calculating Concentration Checks with Injury

Tony MosconiHere is the scenario: A party has been giving chase to a spellcaster and corners them in an alley. Initiative is called for, and two archers in the party with higher initiative than the spellcaster decide they are both going to ready their actions of shooting their bows, to be triggered if the s...

2 hours later…
6:24 PM
@NotArch FWIW, I VtC'd
6:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast I've flagged it for now. Maybe a mod will chat with us about it.
I've been playing around with Home Assistant and it's pretty cool. Kind of a pseudo-closed circuit home automation system
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11:00 PM
Heyo all. Shame about BESW, hope everything's ok.
I was asking about Fate because it appears that my old Diablo Corruption system would actually work better in a less Combat focused system. And I was wondering if Fate might be one such system?
cc @doppelgreener @goodguy5
11:19 PM
Fate as a system is combat agnostic - it doesn't depend on physical conflicts to keep the game going. But how much combat there is depends on the demands of the setting - if you were doing Diablo in Fate there'd probably be a whole bunch of combat because that's what Diablo is about.
Undoubtedly. But the Corruption system isn't dependant on the combat. Or, it shouldn't be. Ultimately what it affects is the PCs and how they interact with the world.
Or at least that's the intention.
My idea is that they're walking around the dungeons, running into things that cause physical or mental degradation and corruption. They can fight it off but ultimately when a Prime Evil has been wandering around the depths of a dungeon for a few hundred years, it's undoubtedly going to have a negative impact on any and all who come into contact with the environment

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