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posted on October 02, 2023 by Steph C.

These TTRPGs are great for capturing the eccentric, mysterious, and fun vibes that you find in Saturday morning mystery cartoons! Continue reading “Saturday Morning Mystery Tabletop RPGs”…

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Q: Is there any advantage just for moving without sound?

WakiNadiVellirBoots of Elvenkind grant these benefits: While you wear these boots, your steps make no sound, regardless of the surface you are moving across. You also have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently. There may be other items or features (for player or monsters), whic...

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3:03 PM
This popped up in my feed and I couldn't figure out why a handful of my own answers weren't on the list.
A: Is there a citation for "D&D is not a physics simulation"?

KirtThe phrase predates 5e As Quadratic wizard shows, the sentiment that D&D was not meant to be simulationist was part of the rules very early on. I don't think there is anything approaching the directness of "D&D is not a physics simulation" in the 1e rules, though. The phrase 'physics simulation ...

I say "reality simulator" more often than "physics simulator", apparently.
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@goodguy5 Woo
6:09 PM
@goodguy5 Nice, enjoy!
If anyone is around, I'd love to get thoughts on this question and if it's opinion-based. After looking at the bounty and rereading the question, it doesn't seem to have a set of criteria to judge - just ideas on why one option might be better than another.
@NotArch I don’t understand the bounty ask at all.
That was my next question, but it seems less important than the first.
I'll revisit that sporeborn thing later, but seems balanced imo? A little clunky and I'd adjust some wording, but seems good
except the fire vulnerability
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8:03 PM
Forgot I can't VTC a bountied question.

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