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6:25 AM
posted on September 29, 2023 by Lyla (Jar of Eyes)

The Jukebox Journal

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10:34 AM
posted on September 29, 2023 by Steph C.

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posted on September 29, 2023 by Steph C.

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11:24 AM
@NotArch I think tha tone is pretty ok, I did not find it harsh, but as I wrote in the comment and in a meta this induces a discussion about homebrew content, imho
11:44 AM
Q: Should we still accept homebrew questions?

EddymageIn the past days there was a series of questions for a homebrew version of a DnD-5e subclass: see the first, second and third iteration of the process. In the last one a surprisingly (to me, at least) high upvoted1 answer stated that While you've gotten some great feedback throughout this proces...

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2:02 PM
@Eddymage My intent definitely wasn't to be harsh - or to say we shouldn't do accept homebrew - it really was directed towards the Asker.
I think as a community, we're absolutely here to help with homebrew, but I don't think we should be the prime mover for developing a player's homebrew at an active table that has a DM.
Even though we want our Q&A to be good for the long tail, I think that happens best when we directly address the issues of the asker as the asker.
Trying to write for the long tail can mean you're not as focused on solving the problem for the querent.
3 hours later…
5:23 PM
@NotArch Yes, I say that just because you asked about the tone
@NotArch The problem I see with your answer is that it applies to each homebrew question
the fact is that we should answer to homebrew questions in order to allow everyone to do not present anything too much unbalanced, as for example the OP that desired to have a 1st level character that can transform into a full dragon from 1st level
@Eddymage I don't think it applies to each honebrew, but it is why it's important to understand the goal of individual homebrew and what balance mean for them
But that slows our ability answer, and lot of folks push against that. And most of the time, this issue doesn't crop up.
A DM looking for help in homebrew does have criteria they're trying to meet. A player looking for help needs to give us that criteria.
But it is a bit more why just using a tool, like detect balance, doesn't really do the job we think it does.
@Eddymage I strongly disagree if you are saying we should be answering for the long tail and not for the individual asking.
@NotArch I agree that we need to understand the main aim of an OP, but your answer is not focused on this particular question, it seems really general, or at least to me
@Eddymage It's general because it's not analyzing their build. It's telling them what to do. If you' think that's more generally applicable, that's more on your interpretation.
@NotArch never said that, and if I made you (and other) understand that it is because of my English
@Eddymage My apologies for the misinterpretation!
But I do think you're reading more into it than I wrote.
WHat I didn't say in the answer is that OP has rapidly developed this homebrew with Groody. THey've waited the minimum 3 days for each iteration, but that's it.
ANd they haven't actually talked about it with their DM, and that's my big point there. SPending all this time with us is a potential waste of time for THEM. WHether or not it's a waste of time for us is negotiable.
5:35 PM
@NotArch Indeed, maybe it is just my reading, and I did not downvoted either since I was trying to understand
@Eddymage If you do downvote, id like to know why too. Do you disagree that they should be doing this with their DM?
@NotArch And I totally agree, I think that it was ok asking in the stack for the 1st version, and then go to their DM and work on the details
@Eddymage Maybe/probably/possibly. But it would have been better to start with their DM and then come to us if they need help achieving their goal.
Just like there are DM out there who will say yes to starting your character off a an adult dragon, there will be DMs out there who will accept this change to Minor Alchemy and then roll with issues if the player starts to abuse it.
@NotArch No no, my eventual downvote would refer to the general process about homebrew, but I don't feel that it is right, because maybe of my reading
It's similar to how we start with interpersonal questions : "have you talked with person x?, What did they say?"
5:41 PM
@NotArch Yeah, maybe, it depends on the people. I can talk for myself, if I try to make something homebrew as a player I create something alone, then check for balance/problems and then go to the DM. Other DMs may prefer to have at first time something that is (more or less) balanced
anyway, I am glad that we talked about this, now it is more clear to me
@Eddymage yay! Thank you for talking it out with me, too!
6:00 PM
@Eddymage Would you tell your DM you were working on something, or just show them what you've done?
6:36 PM
@NotArch I would tell that I am working on something, and then present them what I've done, telling that of course we can change what would not be working at our table
and once we reached something satisfying for oth of us, playtest! With the agreement that we can retcon anything that reveals to be OP/game breaking/etc
@Eddymage Gotcha - it's that first step that seems to be missing in this case, too.
They haven't even let them know they're working on something.
7:32 PM
@NotArch Yep, I think that it is quite important
4 hours later…
11:14 PM
@NotArch I actually did let them know (I think the day after I posted the original, or maybe before I posted it.) When you suggested I run it by my DM to try to get feedback, I did. What I got was something like "it looks cool," (an "okay," not a thought-out evaluation) hence me asking for good questions to ask them. I'd also note that our entire group is almost entirely inexperienced (3 out of 4 of us have played for at most a few hours, the other's played for a few minutes.)
11:37 PM
Q: Where did the term cantrip originate?

sam_phillips_1628534640Forogtten realms wiki contains information about the history of cantrips in DnD, going back to first edition. Cantrips first appeared in print in Dragon magazine and were then reprinted in the First Edition Unearthed Arcana. They were well supported in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting throu...


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