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3:16 AM
@ThomasMarkov i concur. Map to technically compatible version of explicitly unwanted solution is not a good answer.
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6:38 AM
@AncientSwordRage AFAIK AnyDice doesn't support string-valued outcomes. I think you're better off using a conventional language for this one. I may also try implementing easier sampling into my Icepool Python module.
Here's an example script (page and API still WIP, link may break at any time): tinyurl.com/5dhcvna7
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10:39 AM
@HighDiceRoller I'm ok, I think I found how to do it on random.org
(And I'm not very trusting of shortened links, and I could just implement it in JS now I'm not on mobile)
10:53 AM
Morning all, The comments under rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/199700/… have descended into an extended discussion (to which I've been a part of) Not sure whether it needs cleaning up.
@StuperUser I don't see any comments
@AncientSwordRage, sorry, under the question that that answer's for
@StuperUser ahh that threw me off
flag it I guess?
Done. Thank you @AncientSwordRage
11:12 AM
@StuperUser no worries, you're welcome

Picking random character traits in JS

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12:17 PM
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1:34 PM
Q: How to manage exhaustion when using Gritty Realism?

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4:27 PM
@HotRPGQuestions optional rules can be tiring...
5:21 PM
AceCalhoon just made their first post in almost three years.
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8:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage Mobile won't let me reply to specific messages from the transcript, so here we go: the CRPG uses Pathfinder 1e rules.
So prepared casting involves preparing specific spells for each spell slot, like 3.5e that Pathfinder is based on.
How many Scorching Rays do I want? Should I prepare a See Invisibility just in case? What if I don't use it?
@Yuuki oh good grief I forgot 3.5 did that 😩
I don't know if PF2e is different, but I'm glad D&D moved away from that.
I've also been dealing my old Pathfinder nemesis: type bonuses.
I supposed "bonus types" is a more accurate way of describing it.
@Yuuki ooof
@AncientSwordRage On the other hand, at least Pathfinder provides a lot of spell recovery features.
One thing I do now is just prepare the general combat spells I want and then when I run into a situation that requires something niche like See Invisibility, I can just prepare it in a spent slot and then use the wizard's arcane bond feature to recover the slot and be able to cast it
I hadn't ever thought about doing it that way in PnP.
@AncientSwordRage but yeah, I'm not enjoying having to micromanage which buffs give which type of bonus so I don't overlap and waste casts on the wrong spells.
8:59 PM
@Yuuki still feels like it should be simplified 🤔
It's better than in 3.5e where you were just out of luck.
As a wizard, you basically had to dedicate a good number of spell slots for niche utility.
But yeah, I'm glad 5e spellcasting is "prepare these spells, you can cast any of them for a total of X spells" instead of this.
Fair enough, there's no telling what's hiding behind a shortened URL.

Though now that you mention it, a base64-encoded Python script in a query URL doesn't seem super great either. Hmm.
Is sandboxing enough?
@HighDiceRoller did you see my bookmark above?
@HighDiceRoller I trust tio or ato
9:34 PM
@HighDiceRoller Conversely, a lengthened URL is the most transparent: aaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.co…;
Looks like that doesn't hyperlink properly, nor did I expect it to.
9:53 PM
@AncientSwordRage It seems TIO effectively offloads the risk to the server? Though I don't think it can install packages from PyPi.
10:14 PM
@HighDiceRoller it's more that I know (roughly) how/who runs it

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