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12:04 AM
Q: Should I postpone Session Zero, so an irregular player can attend?

TreeSpawnedI am currently trying to start a campaign with a group of friends and our Session Zero was scheduled for next week. One of my players has now told me, that he is unsure, if he will be a part of our campaign. I suggested that instead of leaving entirely he became an irregular player, i.e. he will ...

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2:39 AM
May 12 at 5:43, by BESW
It's really unfair how important sleep is to mental health.
whistles innocently while not sleeping
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4:23 AM
Anybody play nethack? I saw somebody fight demogorgon a second time for the privilege of naming him Jackass
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5:39 AM
Q: How to Change the Selected Mask for the Mask of The Dragon Queen?

Ravi KothariI am playing in a 5e level 20 one shot and my DM is allowing us to choose a number of magic items. The Way of The Ascendant monk looked fun and I happen to own both the "Rise of Tiamat" and "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" campaign books so I decided to go with a heavy dragon theme. I have chosen to ...

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12:46 PM
Find Familiar asks for
> 10 gp worth of charcoal, incense, and herbs that must be consumed by fire in a brass brazier
how much by weight is that of each component?
1:02 PM
@AncientSwordRage What sources do you want to draw on for that?
Like, are you looking for a D&D source of "charcoal is Xgp/lbs"?
The PHB might have info on incense, but I dont think it has any of the other stuff.
Because I think I could find some of that info from... 3e.
@AncientSwordRage It is 10 gp worth of pounds lol.
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
@BESW I found two sources harp-tdm.info/harp-tdm-univers/content/200-annexes-economie/… (from an RPG that might have an original source) and blog.datawrapper.de/medieval-prices-wages
@ThomasMarkov but there's three consumables listed
it's it an even split by price?
in PSE D&D Chatroom, 2 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
so $10 is 8.32d (medieval pence), and that pdf says 0.5d/lb of charcoal and 12d/lb of incense, making the ratio 1:24. So (1*8.32)/25 spend on charcoal, and (24*8.32)/25 spent on incense. 0.3328d gets you 0.332*2 lbs of charcoal or about ~300g ~10oz of charcoal.
(I think our group is assuming 1gp = $1 )
@AncientSwordRage Im pretty sure the intent here is to handwave the ingredients and just mark off 10 gold.
@ThomasMarkov yes
That's what I've always done.
but I'm visualising my little character scurrying around trying to collect coal and incense like a craz... unpredictable woman
Even on critical role where Liam kept up with all his consumable ingredients, it was just marking off a gp amount.
2:25 PM
is she grabbing a small handful of charcoal, or does she need her weight in incense etc?
It's kinda like the "how big is a 5000 gp diamond?" question: it's 5000 gp big.
@ThomasMarkov I would still like to know if it's an an itty-bitty one or a huge fist sized one
like I enjoy the image of a character using an industrial diamond and it having to be 100g, vs a high-quality one and it being 0.5g
I think what I should have done is split the charcoal and incense cost 50:50, so that it's (8.32/2)/0.5 lbs of charcoal, and (8.32/2)/12 lbs of incense. That make it to 3kg of charcoal, and 150g of incense
I'm assuming any old herb will do
that's a 2 inch cube of Rosin, and 4.5 in cube of charcoal
that actually feels really resonable
2:46 PM
I have to run a d&d game, my regular library one, in like 8 hours, and I still haven’t finished the Ominous Latin Chanting I’ve been thinking about. Anyone got any suggestions that don’t come from a requiem mass?
A wild Bardic Wizard appears!
@BardicWizard lolol just chant lorem ipsum
> Sol et Aquilo certabant uter sit fortior.
Conventum est experiri vires in Viatorem,
ut palmam ferat qui excusserit Viatoris manticam.
Boreas horrisono turbine Viatorem aggreditur.
At ille non desistit, amictum gradiendo duplicans.
Assumit vires Sol qui, nimbo paulatim evicto,
totos emolitur radios.
Incipit Viator aestuare, sudare, anhelare.
Tandem progredi nequiens, sub frondoso nemore,
obiecta mantica, resedit et ita Soli victoria contingebat.
It's the tale of the north wind and the sun
@ThomasMarkov Hah I would but the librarian would laugh and ruin it
@AncientSwordRage ooooh. Any good settings of that? Thematically that’s perfect
@BardicWizard not sure what you mean by setting... it's a fable so not normally sung
3:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage oh I was gonna sing it
Dies irae was too Gregorian plainchant-y
@BardicWizard Can you sing without a setting?
Carmina Burana (, Latin for "Songs from Benediktbeuern" [Buria in Latin]) is a manuscript of 254 poems and dramatic texts mostly from the 11th or 12th century, although some are from the 13th century. The pieces are mostly bawdy, irreverent, and satirical. They were written principally in Medieval Latin, a few in Middle High German and old Arpitan. Some are macaronic, a mixture of Latin and German or French vernacular. They were written by students and clergy when Latin was the lingua franca throughout Italy and western Europe for travelling scholars, universities, and theologians. Most of the...
Is that of use?
"Ecce gratum" (English: "Behold, the pleasant") is a medieval Latin Goliardic poem written early in the 13th century, part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana. It was set to music in 1935/36 by German composer Carl Orff as part of his Carmina Burana which premiered at Frankfurt Opera on 8 June 1937. Within Orff's Carmina Burana, this song is the 5th movement in section 1, Primo vere (In Spring). == Lyrics == == References == == External links == Latin Wikisource has original text related to this article: Ecce gratum Audio with Latin/English text on YouTube, London Symphony Orchestra...
Yes that’s very useful. I can use the wlp832 setting and mess with the words, that’s Anglican enough to work
@AncientSwordRage has some actual lyrics
@BardicWizard reddit.com/r/latin/comments/54d8of/… might have youtube links
@AncientSwordRage that’s very useful! Thank you!
@BardicWizard 🙌
3:07 PM
I have Options now!
I’m throwing them (4-7 6th level characters, guaranteed to have a rogue, a warlock, a ranger, and a weird fighter build, the others depend on who shows) against a Star Spawn and minimum 1 custom cult fanatic, as part of the ongoing plot where they’re up against a group of cultists loosely based off of my school’s pride club worshipping the god of light/rainbows and attempting to get a sacred bow for plot reasons
2 hours later…
5:00 PM
@BardicWizard sounds very cool!
2 hours later…
7:26 PM
^^ Seemed relevant to some of this room's denizens
2 hours later…
9:34 PM
Q: Social interactions during combat?

DavidI wanted to know if you can use social interactions during combat? e.g. Can you frighten(status) someone by using intimidation?


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