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12:27 AM
Q: How do temporary HP stack in D&D 3.5 under the rules as written?

fectinJust what the title says: how do temporary HP stack in D&D 3.5 under the rules as written? I have a way that I run the game, which has worked for me just fine. Based on some other answers here, I am no longer confident that the way I run games matches the canonical rules. I might not adopt any ch...

12:39 AM
"Good Idea, Bad Idea – NPC motivations" by Bankuei on Deeper in the Game. Here’s a simple tool for creating NPCs with motivations a bit more than “good guy” or “bad guy”.
1:02 AM
@AncientSwordRage The whole thread is a great examination of reclaiming identity and reframing violence.
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2:08 AM
Q: Can the NPC Archdruid from Monsters of the Multiverse cast wildfire when using change shape?

SycoraxThe new Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse gives revised rules for many, many monsters, including the Archdruid (pg. 48). The revised text for Change Shape says (inter alia) While in a new form, the archdruid’s stat block is replaced by the stat block of that form, except the arch...

3:07 AM
Really fast, 3 strikes on death saving throw failures then death yes?
Then 3 strikes on successful saving throws character is stabilized also yes?
then on nat 20 character gains 1 hp and is good to go until that hp is lost or something other takes it away or bypasses it.
Its been a while and i forgot this small but extremely important detail
That sounds like the kind of nonsense D&D would be plausibly getting up to, but I've no idea.
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4:37 AM
yes. 3 fails = dead, 3 successes = stable. Nat 1 = 2 fails, nat 20 = stable+1hp.
@Someone_Evil setting-specific ones, eg Warforged from Eberron
5:35 AM
@AncientSwordRage I have a pic that doesn’t show my horrible acne in it somewhere (It’s not that bad but it’s embarrassingly obvious that I covered up all my spots when you look at most of the pictures I’m in)
It looked better not in our hallway
5:59 AM
That's lovely!
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7:37 AM
Q: My sister wants to become a bi-weekly player at our weekly table. How do I fix the issues that come with this?

Sabre DorkoSo, my sister and I both play at the local game shop once a week. It costs five bucks for anyone to get in. Recently, my sister has started attending a church program every Wednesday and wants to play D&D every other week rather than weekly. Both the DM and I have said it’s unhealthy for the tabl...

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8:45 AM
@BardicWizard that's a stunning dress!
@BESW yeah!
9:00 AM
@AncientSwordRage Also I put some qutoes in the Wisdom Zone about "half-race" epistemology, not sure if you saw.
9:37 AM
@Adeptus Changeling, also from Eberron, is reprinted though and there's been other one-offs reprinted so I'm not really sure that holds
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1:36 PM
@BESW I'll have to look later :)
1:57 PM
Secrets of the Vibrant Sea by Craig Campbell. A solo tabletop RPG about exploring a fantastical ocean
2:21 PM
Q: Does the Targetteer variant Fighter's Sniper ability actually require you to make attacks?

BenjaminDragon magazine issue 310 introduces the Targetteer variant of the Fighter class, which has the following bonus feat option: Sniper: When using the full attack option the targetteer can sacrifice attacks to gain deadly accuracy. For each attack from a full attack sacrificed, the threat range of ...

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9:36 PM

I posted this question yesterday. With regards to the amount of damage, what do you think would be a manageable amount of damage so they the PC's wouldnt abuse this item regularly?
@Thatguy Any spell 4th level or lower without components and without concentration on another creature's turn?! That's essentially limited wish in a stone. I'd probably drop them to 1hp and have a 33% of never being able to use such a stone again per use.
Even then, I've got some cheeky players that would still abuse the heck out of that with death ward. It would essentially be trading death ward for any 4th level spell.
Similarly for any party with access to aura of life.
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11:39 PM
Morning all
mornin' gall
11:55 PM
The gall the mornin has to be here... honestly
How goes your day @bobble?
I am panicking in the absence of homework :)

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