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2:30 AM
@Shalvenay I asked a girl to the prom but she went with a friend of mine, so I didn't go to the prom. Two weeks later a girl I knew from years before (who lived about 60 miles away) asked me to take her to her prom, so I did. Her dad insisted that I sleep on their couch in the basement after prom so I didn't have to drive home late. (good man).
@KorvinStarmast That reminded me of a plan I came up with for my partner - she missed her 21st and 18th birthdays (she was pregnant during both and in bad relationships), and she wants to do a "death of her youth" party next year (turning 30), so this year I thought i'd do a 18th/21st themed bday party.
So I need to figure out what the fashion sense was at that time. music, etc
2:53 AM
Q: Does the Drakewarden's Drake have to increase in size at lv7 and lv15?

Der PschornSo, I'm playing a Drakewarden Ranger and at lv7, the drake grows in size. The rules state the following: In addition, while your drake is summoned, you and the drake gain the following benefits: Drake Mount. The drake grows to Medium size. Reflecting your special bond, you can use the drake as a...

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5:13 AM
@AncientSwordRage YES!!!!! I’m really happy with what I ended up wearing!!
5:25 AM
I need to tell you guys something stupid.
I thought I was scrolling through one of my D&D groups on facebook, but I was actually just scrolling through groups, and it happened to have a lot of D&D posts.

So I see:
Bag of Women's Clothing; L-XL

And my brain picks up on the "bag of" and I'm like "what kind of weird gag spell is this and what are those components? L-XL?.... wait......."
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6:33 AM
@Ben 30 is still young. I think missing a traditional 21st birthday shitshow party is probably a dodge worth celebrating. E.g. in the USA, joke drinks like the cement mixer or four horsemen are a tradition of sorts for 21. It might be entertaining to put those adjacent to better choices that the birthday person can choose between.
Let the older and wiser celebrant see in person what they missed and the current alternative. They can then opt for the drink they missed or something better. Being the good host, you could take one for the team and let them see the reaction of downing one of those concoctions without the direct experience of having to imbibe it themselves.
@Ben The 2010's were pretty banger for the club music scene. Specifically, she's the Only Girl in the World and push some Gold Dust through the speakers. She'll be feeling fly Like a G6.
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12:00 PM
@Ben Goodbye, sweet bird of youth ...
1 hour later…
1:16 PM
Gubat Banwa 1e cover reveal on twitter
@BardicWizard thats so awesome
@GcL The Cement Mixer (if it's what I think it is) was instrumental to me giving up drinking
@AncientSwordRage I certainly have some regrets related to drinks I have consumed and containers they have been consumed from.
@AncientSwordRage Bailey's and lime juice?
@ThomasMarkov (I'm sharing this as a cautionary tale only) I was violently sick, then was bought 1 or more absinthes at the next place, fought a bouncer and somehow found my way home mostly unscathed?
@ThomasMarkov this was baileys and random shots in a beer/lager of some sort
Ah. Not quite a cement mixer.
With a cement mixer, the lime juice curdles the cream. Hence "cement".
ahh well the dirty pint curdled itself somehow
perhaps in my stomach... very briefly
rpg.stackexchange.com/q/179625/2788 < --- do you need to leave a comment explaining to the user, or do you think they'll see the edit reason?
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6:14 PM
updated table?
6:44 PM
RIP Pack Tactics Kobold.
The new version of the Tortle cannot even wear armor.
2 hours later…
8:27 PM
@ThomasMarkov whut
It's this from a new book?
A: What to do when the new "Monsters of the Multiverse" book doesn't match "Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes" and "Volo's Guide to Monsters"?

Thomas MarkovOlder versions of the races revised in Monsters of the Multiverse are obsolete. But ask your DM. Your DM has the final say on which sourcebooks are available for selecting character options, and what rules from any sourcebooks are in use or take precedence. According to Wizards of the Coast, the ...

@ThomasMarkov I had assumed MotM wasn't new
@AncientSwordRage Released on DDB today, releases in print tomorrow
As in you wouldn't only just be learning about tortles armour issues
But you could get it in print if you bought it together with Xanathar and Tasha in January.
8:45 PM
I'm guessing you only just got your copy?
DDB access.
a la V2Blast.
Wow, are there any race options that weren't reprinted in MoTM?
(Outside of the PHB ones obviously)
Self-answering: yes, first I found were Leonin and Owlin (and then stopped looking)
So Satyr seems to have been republished to increase their ram die to a d6?
That seems to maybe have been a change across the board? Tabaxi also have a d6 unarmed damage die

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