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12:58 AM
whois rpg mods
nope. Just the election bot =(
whois ro
Q: Push whois to all chat rooms, identifying room owners and local elected moderators

nitsua60The Teacher's Lounge--the Network-wide chat room for elected moderators--used to have a whois bot. Its functionality was pretty simple: nitsua60> whois meta mods Feed> I am aware of 3 moderators on meta.stackexchange.com: ChrisF, JourneymanGeek, Tinkeringbell. JourneymanGeek is currently in this...

^^ in case anyone's curious what I'm poking at
Definitely worth it :)
whois owners
@Ben especially since it already exists!
Going the roundabout way can be confusing
I could totally see not wanting to make it--I get that chat gets much less dev-time, and I'm in no position to second-guess that business decision. But it exists!
@nitsua60 I'll develop my guten<tag> script and then trade the dev's for the whois functionality :P
1:21 AM
@HotRPGQuestions ugh "a buckler straps to the arm leaving your hand free" that's not how it works IRL
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3:20 AM
"Tabletop RPG Workers Say Their Jobs Are No Fantasy" article by Cecelia D'Anastasio for WIRED. The people behind some of the world’s biggest role-playing games are now fighting to make their workplaces better.
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7:53 AM
Q: Should players know other creatures' HP? How do you deal with players not knowing the opponent's HP if not?

CharelI recently started playing D&D, and I was wondering about this. I know it is up to the DM to choose whether or not players know enemies' remaining HP in combat: is it recommended to do so? Instinctively, I would like to describe the visual effects of damage rather than telling the remaining HP fo...

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12:28 PM
@Medix2 you can ping me here in chat for further discussion (as the one we had in the comments). I am not very active in chat, but I'll answer if someone ping me.
12:50 PM
@Eddymage I would have, but you can't ping people in chat if they haven't somewhat recently participated in it
1:03 PM
@Adeptus Nice find, I'll take a peak when I get home
1:22 PM
If a current moderator could look at the comment I deleted here and tell me their thoughts, I would appreciate that
I'm just gonna write a new one probably... the comments there just scream a LOT of negativity and assuming bad intent to me
Yeah I'm gonna step away because those comments are making me more upset than I want to b
@Medix2 They reflect concerns by two very reputable members of this site who have a long history of reasonableness; I find your impression a bit of an overstatement
1:46 PM
@KorvinStarmast Right, but as far as I can tell, those are all but explicitly already addressed numerous times in the answers to the questionnaire. And I honestly just cannot think of a single way to assure somebody you won't do something that you're, more or less, being accused of being likely to do... idk; I'm just gonna step away for a while
@Medix2 Your support is noted and appreciated.
@Medix2 I'm preparing a response.
@Medix2 I understand; in this case the messengers are credible and stable users that I have long experience with on this site as being solid citizens. I don't see the same thing you are seeing, I guess.
@Medix2 Do you have discord and are comfortable communicating with me on it?
2:20 PM
@Medix2 I didn't know it, thanks!
@Medix2 If @Eddymage is comfortable, a moderator can superping a user so long as they have a chat account (which EM clearly does)
@ThomasMarkov separate from the election, rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/94726/… <-- would this be the sort of question that might benefit from edition labels?
I can see that question being a problem one might encounter in other systems, sure. I just don't see the utility in deviating from our basic paradigm.
2:36 PM
@Eddymage If you want to always be pingable, join the room every week, even if just for a quick jaunt.
@ThomasMarkov I'm answering it, hopefully my explanation there might help
@AncientSwordRage No problem for me!
@bobble Yep, I'll do it
2:51 PM
@bobble Huh, did that change? I was positive it used to be two weeks.
@BESW I see if I can find another reference; that was the first one on a search
I've been wrong about numbers before! Just thought I'd seen it be two weeks in practice.
No Place To Rest by Justin Joyce. A rule-light haunted house hunt using 1d8 and some friends.
@KorvinStarmast Ours is because of the federal contracts thing. Anyone with federal contracts has to comply with the govt mandate of 100% status.
If there wasn't a change between 2011 and 2019, I don't think there will have been a change since. As chat doesn't get much developer love.
2:58 PM
Thanks for the followup, and--yeeeah.
@BESW I read that as a "rule haunted light house"... :|
@JohnP Not entirely unlike one of my favorite Cthulhu Dark settings.
@BESW :) I've wanted to try that, but all the groups I've been in nobody was interested. Same problem with a lot of the White Wolf games. Not a lot of branching.
It's one of my preferred tension-escalating systems for investigation/exploration one-shots, but I do ignore some of its vocabulary, and use non-Lovecraft inspiration material for the sessions.
(The revised edition changed 'sanity' to 'insight,' which I appreciate, but just calling it 'fear' or 'panic' or 'stress' opens up the system's potential a LOT; Scooby-Doo type stories work with it quite well once I've shrugged off the idea that there's some kind of threshold to things which justify panicking, and Doctor Who stories are great because you just replace the Doctor with your PCs so nobody can explain what's happening.)
(That said, the module-writing advice in the original pamphlet is a solid framework for non-panic escalation/discovery modules as well, and the revised edition has even more great material about writing adventures.)
3:21 PM
@BESW I always thought the show Supernatural would make a great framework/translation. They had a Scooby Doo crossover episode that was hilarious.
That episode is one of maybe three that I've seen. I'm rather interested in the show but could never really get through the slow start.
3:36 PM
The first couple seasons are slow for sure.
3:48 PM
i have very excited news for anyone who's willing to listen
4:15 PM
@Catofdoom2 Yes...?
i'm trying to work on Techland
@Catofdoom2 You applied there?
technically to young but i'm getting the last little requirement
they require the ability to use unreal engine and I've only ever used others never unreal.
Nice! Congrats and good luck!
@JohnP likewise 😎
@Catofdoom2 Great! Good luck. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
4:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast have you ever played one of their games?
4:58 PM
@Catofdoom2 I don't think so, but I'd have to check. Played a lot of stuff on steam a while back, one of their might have been it.
5:09 PM
@Catofdoom2 OK, I checked their titles. Maybe some day I'll get Torment:Numenera on Steam and play it. Right now, I am head down in Diablo II Resurrected and have no time for another CRPG/Video game. I have not played any of their other titles.
@Catofdoom2 I played Techland's Dead Island right after it came out.
5:26 PM
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7:09 PM
@ThomasMarkov If you don't mind emailing me a link or your user name and number, here is my spam/anonymous email: [email protected]
@Medix2 sent
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9:04 PM
This worldbuilding.SE question seems to be very relevant to the Forgotten Realms... :P
Q: How to prevent insane wizards from killing the entire world

FiredestroyerHow do I stop annoyed wizards from killing people all the time? In my fantasy world, wizards are quite powerful, and they can kill anyone they know the location of with a thought. The usual methods of doing this are: Teleporting a object into their brain or heart (People will know the victim has...

9:16 PM
@V2Blast this is the premise of Elminster – The Making of a Mage, isn't it? :-)
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10:24 PM
Morning all
1 hour later…
11:34 PM
Markdown Jam hosted by John R. Harness & Highland Paranormal Society. Let's use Markdown and other tools to make ttrpgs and larps in new ways.
CULTURAL HERITAGE GAME JAM by Global Game Jam. Help protect and preserve our past - and potentially attend GDC 2022!

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