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12:04 AM
@BESW I like that you still left room for rpg.we having experts on drugs in ways that are not useful for tags.
2 hours later…
2:08 AM
"One-page games Archives" on Rowan, Rook and Decard
"Free RPG Day - Collection" by Samantha Leigh
BasiliskOnline is holding a "retweet and follow" giveaway on twitter for Free RPG Day
The Roleplayer's Guide to Heists from Far Horizons Co-op. A system agnostic collection of 35 heists ranging from your standard bank jobes, to space based sci-fi capers, to fantasy smash-jobs into a wizard's mind-realm.
5 hours later…
6:43 AM
I considered two more question, "How does consensus for best practices and policies come to pass? And what counts as a quorum?"

"In what ways are moderators community leaders, and in what ways are they not?"
But for one or the other reason I didn't post them.
@Akixkisu Yeah, I wanted to head this direction with a question, but yours makes room for candidates to talk about it if they like.
If you'd like to take and refine one/those two feel free :)
Btw, have you made up your mind on whether you will run or not, yet?
7:08 AM
@Akixkisu I haven’t, though I was just telling NautArch the other day that I hoped you were running.
@ThomasMarkov I'm considering it.
7:23 AM
@ThomasMarkov I made most of my decision-making, and I'm willing to serve, but I will also have to see who else will run and whether or not I want them to be in that position instead.
@Akixkisu I feel like this is not a normal time for either of us to be awake. I’m going back to sleep :P
@ThomasMarkov Good night :)
Q: How does Shadow of Moil interact with Beholder rays?

TrekkieShadow of Moil makes the caster heavily obscured. How does this condition interact with save based attacks? For instance, would a warlock with this buff be un-targetable by a beholders eye ray or a similar ability requiring a saving throw?

3 hours later…
10:50 AM
Q: How to best name and describe a tag that handles drugs?

TrishDrugs are a staple of RPGs set in a dark future (cyberpunk, shadowrun, fallout) or dark world (chronicles-of-darkness, world-of-darkness, call-of-cthulhu). Many of these games also have rules about the consumption and effects of such. Pharmaceutically speaking, drugs is actually the word for many...

Q: Does a vampire’s bite attack against a charmed target trigger a saving throw against the charm?

CybulSo I was wondering how its working when PC is charmed by vampire one on one, and vampire decides to bite it. Does it mean that they can repeat save against charm because they got damaged by it or not since they were willing to get bitten in the first place? Charm. The vampire targets one humanoi...

11:48 AM
I’m failing to see how this question is not opinion based. It just asks which option to take without giving any criteria and then has an open ended request for alternative suggestions. What am I missing here?
12:43 PM
@ThomasMarkov You could restate their options? Doesn't seem to solve their problem.
The real issue is that we don't know what they want to achieve, and anything that we can suggest them without understanding their goals is idle idea generation.
That's lack of clarity, but I see it is also opinion based
12:59 PM
@Trish Essentially if it clearly stated their goal, then it wouldn't be opinion-based. But it also shows a problem - just not one that we can solve, and in that manner, it is primarily opinion-based - that is why voted that way.
As usual, there is overlap between “opinion based” and “needs details”.
2 hours later…
3:16 PM
We don't have a close reason for opinion-based questions, because most of our questions can only be solved with a modicum of opinion. We close for primarily opinion-based, which is a specific subset of lacking detail; a question which doesn't give enough context for an answer to support its usefulness.
(Understanding and communicating relephant detail at the needed level of depth and clarity is, of course, why asking questions is so often harder than answering them.)
4 hours later…
7:34 PM
Q: How does the Rune Knight's Storm Rune work?

federico rovereI have searched this explanation on the internet and on this website, but I have found nothing. In case this question may be a double, I am sorry. :) So, how does the Storm Rune of Rune Knight work? After invoking the rune, you can give advantage/disadvantage to a single roll as reaction and the...


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