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1:56 AM
@ThomasMarkov I mean, the thing that calls out to me about this scenario is that a local crime boss is paying you money to perform a task that's apparently far below your actual capabilities.
How does that one usually end?
2:44 AM
"Neoteny in Print" article in Līber Lūdōrum. Aether Operations & the process of (un)becoming a book
Not All Dogs Go To Heaven by Tinker Taylor Publications. Get ready to put your heads together in this 1-page RPG #NotAllDogs
Yearning Oracle by Ben Roswell. A game about queer silence and language.
Kienna S announced on twitter some additions to the Arcon team.
Crow Island: funeral // PROCESSION by Tenbear. A solo TTRPG exploring a portion of East Central Crow Island during the early years after its creation.
Game and a Curry did a cover reveal on twitter for the upcoming game Deimos Academy, a horror coloring book tabletop RPG about adults returning to their old boarding school.
Indie Tabletop Blaseball Bundle by Riley Hopkins and 18 others.
Enoch's Wake: A Player's Guide to the Comet City (Beta v. 1) by r. rook. The fantasy comet city of Enoch, along with rules for character creation and play.
Q: How do I make a fourth-level Fighter a deadly challenge for a party of four level-ones?

TackI'm planning an adventure in which the antagonist is a schlubby first-level Rogue who has drawn the Knight card from the Deck of Many Things and is using his new, perfectly obedient fourth-level Fighter to keep a small village under his thumb. (The Deck is no longer in the vicinity, and I'm not p...

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10:10 AM
I'm planning on learning coding using the model of a TRPG, could anyone recommend a good narrative to start off with? something which isn't very long would be great.
10:21 AM
@SafdarFaisal 'Model of a TRPG', what exactly are you envisioning, a simple initiative and damage tracker?
Or more like Choice of Games narrative stuff?
A simple initiative and damage tracker. similar to a single player TRPG..
I'm just starting out so I wanna keep it simple..
Initiative tracker:
- GURPS is just determining turn order statically and going round and round forever.
- D&D seems to involve a single roll, at least in the more recent edition?
- Lancer has alternating PC/NPC turns with popcorn-style 'choose your same-team successor' mechanics.

Damage tracking:
- GURPS cares about some damage thresholds, but those are mostly straightforward. And about rolling depending on passing some thresholds, or taking a certain amount of damage in one go, which is less straightforward.
These are some examples.
A former colleague of mine went all-out and wrote an Exalted 2e tracker, but that's overkill for starting out.
10:56 AM
I'd guess that a single-player OSR game might fit the bill.
'Lo Besw
11:24 AM
hows things?
12:03 PM
I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and am ornery. But when someone says you are playing wrong by playing with the written rules just rubs me the wrong way. I thought we didn't judge other people's play styles.
12:43 PM
@NautArch do I want to know more?
1:10 PM
@NautArch I just wish any of the other answers pointed out that having "only" a +2 modifier in a casting stat while others have a +3, frankly, is not a huge deal. I'm not saying you wouldn't notice a +0 compared to their +3, but just missing the mark on one of twenty attack rolls/saves? Meh.
@nitsua60 was I not clear enough in mine? Guess not!
VTC unclear, needs to be much more specific about what's happening and what they want to accomplish: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/188414/1204
Q: Can the duplicate linked question be changed to a more appropriate answer?

CodexIn this question: Do the effects of spells granted by items require concentration? I asked about items that grant named spell effects, not casting spells from items or items that give a spell-like effect without a spell involved. The linked duplicate question: Do magic item spells require concent...

@NautArch I meant by "the other answers" = "answers other than yours"
@doppelgreener based on their other drow question, seems like they want to play a draw and minimize some of the negative aspects of that race. So they keep saying that they aren't optimizers, but their questions really make it seem like they want to optimize the drought and fix it's negative aspects.
1:22 PM
@doppelgreener Can you migrate a closed question?
@ThomasMarkov migration happens as part of the close dialog, a moderator would have to reopen it then close it again
@doppelgreener That question is going to get kicked back to them when we close it. It seems like there should be a way to prevent that, and also have the question be closed.
@NautArch what drow question is that?
@doppelgreener here
@ThomasMarkov yeah the migration system right now doesn't account for "fully on topic, but just needs work"
@ThomasMarkov isn't that from a totally different user?
1:25 PM
@doppelgreener I think Naut replied to the wrong message.
I think he meant to reply to Nitsua.
My bad
Seeing lots of hikers these days....
phew, the world makes sense again
1:31 PM
@AncientSwordRage This is what we call "the big yikes"
@LCooper I'm stealing this
While editing this question from the queue using the edit and reopen option, after confirming my edit, it put me back on the select option page. After rechoosing the option, the system told me that I need to make a change to confirm the edit and forwarded me back to the review queue page - has anybody experienced something like that?
My edit and vote went through, but it looks like it didn't create an item in the queue history.
Yup, it is neither in the general queue history nor in my stats, odd.
But it is in my revision history.
Also in the post activity. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
1:55 PM
@RevanantBacon yup
At what reputation does one get the ability to edit the duplicate list?
TIL it's a gold badge thing. Which, yeah that makes a lot more sense than rep. Though I'm sure mods can just do it even without the gold badge
3:02 PM
mods can always do those things, yeah
gold badge gets you the dupe hammer, and mods already have their own hammer
it also lets you edit dupes for questions with that tag, but mods can edit dupes always
@doppelgreener mwahahaha
I'm now imagining a ferret running around with an oversized hammer
@ThomasMarkov with nick's go ahead, I did an edit to clean up the coarse bits
3:18 PM
Looks better
@NautArch hence my comments to him about contradictions, and when he asks me "what contradiction" I just gave up.
@ThomasMarkov I think your gut feel on removing the initial version was spot on.
@KorvinStarmast like being a drow light cleric? That's one weird drow!
3:55 PM
@NautArch I think he'd be better off with a trickery cleric, but that's a matter of taste
@KorvinStarmast Honestly, they'd be fine with whatever subclass they pick. I really don't understand where kryan is coming from here.
They usually don't go around commenting under other answers like this.
@NautArch I egged him on, that's my fault somewhat
@KorvinStarmast Nah, it started before.
@NautArch Ah, the comment under your answer?
all of'em
he commented under pretty much every answer challenging
That's an activity I used to do :P
3:58 PM
@NautArch If I use my own experience as a guide, sometimes you just wake up grumpy in a morning ... and since he's so sure he's right, he's telling everyone else how wrong they are. I have done that a few times, I am sure, in the past.
Yep, me too.
Just haven't seen him do it before to my memory.
@NautArch heh, you missed, I am sure, some of his harsh comments under my early answers. They got removed by the mods ... usually ...
He and I had a rocky start when I began to participate here.
3 hours later…
7:01 PM
Q: Without Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, how to make Drow cleric competitive?

MołotIn my next campaign I'll be exploring the idea of a male drow cleric. We are using the standard array, and that leaves me with maximum 15 in my casing stat, and racial increases to attributes that are not crucial to being a cleric. Players using optimal races will start with 17, of course. More s...

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9:23 PM
Why is an edit to the above question being shown as done by "Community" when it's clearly a copy-edit done by a human?
9:40 PM
maybe the user got deleted
I think it's indicating who approved the edit? If you look at the other edits, they say "edited 6 hours ago", not "edit approved 6 hours ago". I don't remember how the process of approval works, though.
@LCooper Yeah but typically it shows who made the edit after the approval clears the queue
@G.Moylan 'cause I did it, anonymously
any edit from someone logged out/without an account is attributed to Community
@bobble how did bobble do that
and now I'm groaning at my standard failure to fix the title
9:50 PM
I always forget the title
You know the "edit" link? For me it shows up as "Improve this question", and it leads to the edit screen
@AncientSwordRage I seem to remember encountering a mouse that actually claimed to do that once. It dumped the clipboard to the device, IIRC.
@bobble Ohhhhh it must be because you don't have an RPG.SE profile
@G.Moylan 'tis true
@LCooper that shows up for any edit which requires approval, such as those by under-2k-ers
10:14 PM
I'm out the rest of the week folks, have fun!
10:44 PM
Q: Is this "Fehl-her" homebrew race balanced?

ProjectApexI'm still relatively new to dnd, and was trying to build a homebrew race for the first time. I tried basing myself mostly on orcs and lizardfolk at first, but the race I was making took quite a turn while I developed the ideas on how they live and function a bit more. I tried my best to stick clo...


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