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I can add 2+2 all day but you might not know how that's relevant to a game system unless I can point to a rule that explains why
@G.Moylan Game design can not cite rules of the same game, only similar ones. Which I did in the end.
@Trish Yeah, your answer is fine now. But the original posting was just some math and a proposed 10-step scale with no mention about applying it in an rpg context. It was just a list of ranges - if I didn't know this was rpg.se, I would have had no idea you were writing about an rpg.
@Trish I think the fact that you decided to choose that math to organise the scale is the subjective part, someone else might subjectively choose different maths
When you make that sort of choice, it's necessary to convince answer readers that it was the correct one, which is why people are asking for it to be supported
@AncientSwordRage ok, the only subjective part is that I chose that \$10^3\$ volume progression and have a short-range-abberation
no MathJax in chat sadly
5:06 PM
@Trish I didn't claim that you needed to do that, only provide valid RPG context, which your original answer very much lacked.
what is the policy about edits to fix spelling in proper names?
@G.Moylan what is the context?
@Akixkisu A recent answer on this site mentions some well-known locations and they aren't spelled correctly
in the real world, I might add
No guidance.
So everything that applies to regular edits applies to that edit, but nothing specific.
@G.Moylan i'd so go ahead and fix'em
5:21 PM
Nice save with that edit, @NautArch
@G.Moylan Thanks! It's a solid question.
I was working on a comment that again explained how it was another XY problem
but your edit fixed that
I could be wrong about their intent, but hopefully we're in sync.
@G.Moylan spellings? Go for them. Grammar , syntax? As long as you keep it true to the author. Citation format or citation errors? FINGERS OFF.
e.g. if you want to Cite players guide page 111 and write 777, that error should not be corrected, they might have a different book than you.
@Trish I feel like citation errors is a gray area. If someone links to a locked DNDbeyond page but there's a free basic rules version, I'll switch that
5:25 PM
@G.Moylan that's using a different/better source, I was meaning errors like wrong page of a book.
@Trish ah
There is no need to preserve the author's syntax.
Readability, and accessability triumph.
yeah I've seen plenty of questions that are just a wall of text and could really benefit from some adjustments. like, I don't know, paragraphs
I think if the quote is referencing the wrong page, it's more than okay to fix that.
@NautArch depends... if they have a quote to go with it? then you can confirm where it is actually meant to go, but if they point to a page without specifying what is there? TRicky... what if you have print 3 and they print 1?
5:30 PM
@Trish I'm very much a 5e guy, so that's my knowledge base - and those page numbers haven't changed to my knowledge.
If that's an issue in another system that I" not familiar with, then i'm not making changes anyway.
What if they qote the 20th anniversary edition of SR4 and you looked at the FanPro print? same chapters, often the same text, but there are up to 25 pages difference!
If it changes between editions, making sure there's a note about that is a rather good include
As I said, for the game system I know, it's a non-issue. If someone knows their system, they'll know when it's an issue they know about.
I just say: pleas let the page numbers alone if someone quotes them, add a comment to ask which print run of the game the book they have.
I see it as a let experts be experts decision, only do something if you know what you are doing.
If you know what you are doing it is easier to spot a typo or grasp whether something else is at work.
6:12 PM
@G.Moylan Before we can consider War Caster, we have to already have an opportunity attack. How are we getting that opportunity attack?
@ThomasMarkov I was forgetting that War Caster was a replacement for an opportunity attack we could already take
and despite being reminded of that it didn't quite click
As noted in another answer, Invoke Duplicity is not written well lol
I removed my comments
@G.Moylan I've spoken with my board, they have determined that your answer will be eligible for the bounty award. It will be weighed against other eligible answers that come in during the bounty period.
I was going to say "Praise Be." but I realized that could be taken a wild number of ways
6:20 PM
@G.Moylan I fix those with great frequency. I am doing what an editor does. And I usualy leave a comment like "check, make sure your meaning is intact" etc.
@ThomasMarkov understatement of the week
I was wondering when the first question asking us to look at balance of a WoTC product would be. Is @Akixkisu's the first one?
@KorvinStarmast yup. I feel bad for "chopping apart" questions sometimes but at the end of the day I remember that the whole point of this site is to be accessible and helpful to others
@ThomasMarkov I had pondered offering a concise answer based on 'here is how you read a stat block in the MM' but @G.Moylan covered most of that ground so I didn't.
@NautArch We have questions about published spells.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, I guess it was more of asking if their UA is balanced. I've always thought we might end up a place doing that
6:41 PM
@NautArch Pretty sure you can't delete a question and then edit it
@Medix2 really? oopsies.
i can delete my question, but i thought it was like answers
as long as they have their link, it's still there.
@NautArch if it's deleted it's a 404. Not sure about undeleting
@G.Moylan really? I feel like I've had access to deleted questions, but maybe that's a rep thing?
@NautArch 10k tool
but do the writers have the same access?
6:43 PM
You can view your own deleted questions always
even under 10k rep
The specific case here (I think) was deleting, editing, then undeleting a question
@ThomasMarkov I thought there was a limit on the number of days?
@Medix2 Thats the "recently deleted" section of your user page.
You can see all of your deleted content by typing "deleted:1" into the search bar.
Which I think works under 10k.
@ThomasMarkov no
6:46 PM
@ThomasMarkov yeah that didn't do anything for me
You can always see your own deleted content if you already have a link; you can also edit your own deleted content.
@Mithical Ah, so under 10k, searching "deleted:1" yields nothing?
@Mithical Unless that content is a question and is self-deleted
6:47 PM
@Medix2 a self-deleted question
No, you can still see it if you have a link
You can't edit it though
You said "you can also edit your own deleted content." which is false, or well, which is not always true
...I know I've edited deleted stuff in the past
I can edit Medix's deleted content.
self-deleted questions can't be edited
6:48 PM
Okay, you can't edit a question that you asked and that you also deleted
everythign else can
@Medix2 What error do you get?
As in, what do you see if you try to edit it?
@Mithical Give me a bit to go find one
oh cool i can do this now
6:49 PM
Ive neve deleted a question
is there a specific chat for D&D?
@Mithical That's recent? So it's blank
@ChristianMartinez not presently that I know of. But we chat plenty of D&D here
yeah, deleted within the past 60 days
6:50 PM
...weird. I've never seen that before. TIL.
But you can edit your own deleted answers.
Yes, yes you can
Do it all the time.
@ThomasMarkov I noticed, and until then I never thought of doing it
IIRC it's an anti abuse feature. Deleted questions aren't pushed to the active page, nor do undeleting push them
7:16 PM
Seems cromulant
7:44 PM
What would be the best "opposite" classes for Drow or Tiefling?
What's the normal?
@ChristianMartinez Drow? The typical PC Drow is a deserter. So the opposite is a priestess of Lloth. The typical Tiefling is sorcerer or rogue, so Paladin?
@ChristianMartinez note that the "PSE D&D Chatroom" is not a general D&D chatroom, it's for a specific group of friends to play a D&D campaign together, and it's gallery (speaking access restricted) to prevent strangers from interrupting. Sorry.
@Trish I suppose it depends on what direction you go "opposite". Paladin is probably the opposite of a rogue, but then, that's only if you're talking about stereotypical rogues and paladins. The opposite of a sorcerer could be a Wizard, or a cleric, or a fighter even, depending on how you look at it.
7:54 PM
Cool ok
I'm just trying to make the oddest character possible
Give them all odd-numbered ability scores, and only play them at odd-numbered levels.
Only use dice with an odd number of sides.
Fine, the weirdest character
@ChristianMartinez Kobold. You build a Kobold. His name is Punpun. He kills gods.
@Trish No, Punpun bad sprays with water
7:55 PM
You can play without a class?
Punpun is a 3.5e meme(?) IIRC
oh lol i only started playing in version 5e
@ChristianMartinez Punpun is a thought exercise character from the D&D-3.5e/pathfinder-1e era. It starts as a Wizard, and gains literal god levels of power before the game actually starts
@Someone_Evil That. He's a meme
@ChristianMartinez Punpun's class is... uh... lemme look it up...
Like seriously though, any suggestions on how to play as the weirdest, most confusing character possible in 5e?
7:57 PM
Why would you want that?
What sort of confusing? What kind of end goal?
1d4chan.org/wiki/Pun-Pun - Pun-Pun. Kobold. Divine Minion 1/Wizard 1/Master of Many Forms 3
@ChristianMartinez First, why do you want this character to be weird and confusing?
To mess with my dungeon master as he attempts to make a campaign that fits in with my character
@ChristianMartinez HOW do you want to be confusing? Chaos sorcerers can be that by nature.
7:58 PM
@ChristianMartinez Er... I'd sugest against that course of action
That's what my DM told me
That kind of thing tends to take away from the game rather than add to it
@ChristianMartinez DnD 5e? You can't officially to my knowledge but there are popular-ish rule hacks with "level zero starts"
And yeah, I also recommend against passive-aggressive maneuvering
That's the kind of thing, that if done successfully, gets you uninvited from subsequent campaigns.
7:59 PM
And if done unsuccessfully, gets you uninvited for your current game, too.
I mean there are probably groups where that'd be taken as a funny gag but... well, not knowing your GM, I'd urge caution.
Well I'm not trying to make a character that's horrible and bad. You see, I like chaotic characters and I just want another chaotic character
Or at least pushes Session 0s into your game group, which is a good thing, but there are better ways of getting there
@Trish This is 5e, no chaos sorcerers.
There's always the wild magic sorcerer. That's probably the weirdest class option, and it's not even from an expansion book.
8:01 PM
But chaotic doesn't have to mean difficult for others (GM, players, PCs) to work with
Like a conflicting class and race or something like that
@ChristianMartinez That really isn't a thing in 5e. You can build something suboptimally, but even that doesn't really matter.
@ChristianMartinez I'll say it more directly: please stop requesting access to the PSE D&D chat.
Ok, sorry
@NautArch They could dump their spellcasting stat below 10.
8:02 PM

 Daily Discussion

a question will be asked daily and then we discuss about the i...
@MikeQ True, but that's beyond suboptimal and more hobbling. But even then...the dice matter a lot.
You can read it. Anyone can read the chat. Just, our group doesn't know you and we'd like for only friends to have write access there.
So what kind of weird do you want?
btw. if anyone sees KorvinStarmast tell him to head my way.
Like my previous character was a High Elf Warlock who thought he was a Cleric and keeps trying to heal people. It was fun and I actually got to like level 10 before I died
8:03 PM
@Catofdoom2 he's in chat, you can @ him.
@Catofdoom2 You've already pinged him in the other chat room. If he hasn't responded yet, then he'll see the message when he is next online.
see you all soon
@ChristianMartinez That's kind of conceptually weird, but it doesn't seem too ridiculous to play. Is that what you had in mind?
Yeah, something like that
Let me offer something, I'm currently playing a Warforged Druid in one campaign. That has raised some eyebrows, but then the goal is to work with the fellow players to make it interesting (and have that translate to fun). But that's also having contradictory themes (is juxtapose an appropriate term?), not chaos for its own sake
8:04 PM
@NautArch let me know if you find out, I'm curious.
Ok, cool, thanks
@ChristianMartinez I suggest being "weird" or "quirky" or whatever in the narrative instead of trying to shoehorn it into the character mechanics. E.g. a divine caster that finds any other explanation but divine for the effects they produce.
@Someone_Evil That's not a contradiction, that's just Beast Wars
Also, check in with the other players to ask if they find what you're trying entertaining or annoying. There is too much of a funny thing, and when it gets in the way it ruins the shtick.
8:09 PM
@GcL What? Noooo, everyone LOVES Abserd!
Similar ideas would be a tiefling paladin, or I suppose aasimar warlock, if you consider those thematically different sides of the classic good-evil conflict. Though there are a lot of landmines to avoid there. I prefer the nature-artificial conflict instead
Play a 17-year-old male human-variant warrior who is cautious, well-spoken, generally respectful, and accomodating to their teammates. That is the weirdest concept that I can imagine.
A water genesai name "Bubbles" who is a wizard or sorcerer that specializes in fire spells.
Bonus points if he has a sensible hobby like knitting.
Or an earth genasi that's a storm origin sorcerer
8:14 PM
Tabaxi oath of vengence paladin dedicated to showing the world the evils of peanut butter.
@GcL evils of peanut butter or to promote cheesiness?
Or maybe to make Faerun Grrrrreat!
@NautArch They were a corn farmer before they started adventuring
Oh huh, those are great ideas
And they probably don't get in the way of a story line or other players who actually want to get somethings accomplished.
Halfing paladin riding a dog?
8:18 PM
@NautArch With no sense of smell?
Or a backwards sense of smell... and the dog is a coward, no?
@GcL such a good show
name him prrrrage.
If you like David Bowie in a cod piece, and mix-n-match muppets... yes.
@NautArch Wait, I already do those though lol
8:20 PM
Speaking from experience, there's nothing inherently wrong with playing silly or chaotic characters, as long as they're not disruptive to everyone else's fun. Jokes get old very quickly, and not everyone will think the same joke is funny. If a character's only defining feature is a joke, then they can become irritating after the joke is no longer appreciated.
Troll characters, who are designed solely to irritate players or the GM, are an extreme case of this. They're maybe funny for the first 5 seconds of introduction, and will be followed by eye-rolling for the remainder of their existence. Plus, as others have said, it risks being uninvited from the game and future games.
Ok, I get it. Create a character wisely
Also, don't be opposed to changing the character if it's bad.
Hit in the head by a rock, drank some strong tea, or had a vision quest can be explanations from being an edgelord to something better.
"Aunty Em, it was a real, truly live place. I remember that some of it wasn't very nice, but most of it was beautiful. Just the same, all I kept saying to everybody was, 'I want to go back to my party.' And they sent me back."
@ChristianMartinez If you really want to make your DM mad at you: Illusionist with a rabbit familiar called Harvey, who wastes spells to keep it invisible at all times.
8:32 PM
Haha, I want to suggest that just to see how he reacts
Illusionist isn't in 5e though
There's a wizard subclass for it
Oh ok, yeah. I just found it on the internet
Cool, thanks
Oh, and of course the wizard/illusionist insists that Harvey is there, but nobody can see him!
Or a wizard with an imaginary friend as a familiar. There is not familiar, but consult it for advice before answering anyway. "Harvey things into the dungeon is a good plan as well."
Just stuff on the side once or twice a session. Have your battle cry be "For Harvey!"
It's actually a film reference. :P
Harvey is a 1950 American comedy-drama film based on Mary Chase's 1944 play of the same name, directed by Henry Koster, and starring James Stewart and Josephine Hull. The story centers on a man whose best friend is a pooka named Harvey, a 6 ft 3+1⁄2 in-tall (1.92 m) invisible rabbit, and the ensuing debacle when the man's sister tries to have him committed to a sanatorium. == Plot == Elwood P. Dowd is an amiable but eccentric man whose best friend is an invisible, 6 ft 3+1⁄2 in-tall (1.92 m) white rabbit named "Harvey". As described by Elwood, Harvey is a pooka, a benign but mischievous creature...
@ChristianMartinez The OTHER character that is perfect to drive GMs crazy is a Neutral Good Human Ranger. He hates Gnolls and has a hamster familiar called Boo. He claims that it is a miniature giant space hamster and throws him at enemies in battle with the cry "Go for the eyes!"
9:08 PM
Illusions are tough, though, and require a lot of DM leeway. This may be a tough sell unless when it matters they aren't setting the party back.
9:48 PM
Was there ever an edition of D&D where a DM was forbidden (RAW, at least) from creating an NPC with a PC-style character sheet?
DM and Forbidden are words I wouldn't use in a single sentence xD
I don't really know but it feels wrong xD
@NautArch I'd even go so far as to say that 5e doesn't allow Illusionists in the sense that people usually intend. I had a rude realization of that coming from Shadowrun 5e; my Illusionist Wizard constantly disappointed me
Would you say that you were... disillusioned?
@Helwar Oh I agree. But there is a question recently posted where it was apparently an issue. It was "can I make an NPC following PC creation rules?". The edition wasn't tagged, but as far as I'm aware this would have been possible in every single one
@BESW Well I certainly would say that now
@Upper_Case 4e.
9:51 PM
@BESW Well that's decisive enough! I'm glad I asked about it here instead of trying to get clarifications in comments
In 4e, NPCs used stat blocks that were more like PCs than monster stats, but were aggressively pared-down and simplified compared to actual PCs.
We even have a question about it:
Q: Why shouldn't I use fully statted PC characters as NPC antagonists in D&D 4E?

BRZAAccording to the DMG (187), NPCs in 4e seem to be run as a weird sort of template halfway between a monster and a PC - you don't generate an actual character with a full array of powers and feats. Is there a particular reason why I shouldn't create a fully-fledged character with PC levels to face...

@Helwar The only thing DMs are forbidden from is straight up distributing copies of the game :P
10:10 PM
And I've even seen DMs do that!
10:25 PM
what if you have a store? you legally distribute them!
10:39 PM
I call that failing forward.
10:55 PM
that's great!
11:12 PM
monkeys-paw-games.itch.io/into-the-black <--- Space exploration TTRPG, seems simple to play
11:27 PM
11:39 PM
posted on May 06, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

 I’m not quite sure what to write today, because I’m low on sleep and high on stress, but I’ve been thinking a lot about some lore for the world of Ensign of the Week (side note: the redesign playtest material is waiting for a time when I have enough time to actually put some thought into it. It should show up sometime soon). Specifically, I’m thinking about the multitude of species present in

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