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12:57 AM
@Shalvenay Go ahead.
(I did mean original spell research, working with your DM.)
@trogdor (re: "The Big Bang Theory", reply function doesn't work the way I've got my browser set up) I didn't like it much at first, only watched it because I was really bored. It kind of works better once you've got to know the characters over a few episodes and realise what's really going on.
I was just making a Roommate Agreement joke.
Unrelated to that, that "contract" and similar discussions about TTRPGs across cultures/genotypes/people make me think of "Star Trek".
oh? why?
or is it specifically because it kinda rolls off the tongue the same way?
1:15 AM
Haha I don't quite know what the joke is.
I meant, this must be what it feels like entertaining a bunch of aliens.
You do not have the luxury of assuming that everyone will be interested, impressed or upset by the same things that you are. You have to play it by numbers.
That Twitter thread, for instance, a lot of neurotypicals would think that that's unnecessary and over the top, because they're used to most of the people they play with more or less matching them. (Unless they are themselves used to playing alongside Aspies, or foreigners, or just people who wandered in from an entirely different type of game and weren't expecting it to be like that).
Whereas a lot of people on the autistic spectrum saw the point immediately since, being as we're relatively rare, we are used to usually being in a group where we don't match and have to keep spelling out to people what suits us if it's not the same as them, and asking them to spell out what they're after since we can't rely on it being the same as us.
1:50 AM
I literally just meant they have a similar number of syllables and both end in a similar sounding way
contract has a T at the end but still sounds like a hard C/K sound a bit
@A.B. to be fair even being used to playing with someone on the spectrum wouldn't necessarily prepare you for playing with a completely different person on the spectrum either
Haha I didn't notice that! :-D
I've had a few friends and co-workers on the spectrum and they are all as different from me as they are from each other really
which is to say they don't have all the same unifying traits and whatnot XD
That's true. Really, really variable, even in autistic symptoms, never mind in general personality besides the autism. But it at least puts forward the general idea that not everyone works even roughly the same.
yeah true
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3:39 AM
Q: Are there any Feats for / ways to use spears that reflect its dominance over shorter melee weapons?

BrondahlSpear are wildly effective weapons, in small-ish Combat Groups. In particular, when used defensively, they can keep melee attackers at bay with no ability to retaliate relatively easily. You would, for example, be able to hold a 5ft-wide bridge against a mass of opponents pretty easily if they we...

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5:10 AM
@HotRPGQuestions what about the one that let's you just put it down and have people walk/run into it? :P
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6:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer (78): How do you pronounce "chasse"? by EHAD on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
6:48 AM
What does "Pattern-matching website" mean?
I think it means that the answer has like the same format or even exact word use to a website?
possibly one known for sending spam?
but that's just a guess
7:49 AM
I have a simple question, but it's too simple to be asked for the main site: can warlocks be witches?
In D&D? Or are you asking about the meaning of the word in English?
Well, I don't see why not. What do you mean by "witches"?
By those totally, evil, wicked, cauldrony, black cat pet, potions, and stuff witches
That's one way to say it
I basically only know what the PHB says, but if your DM is OK with that I think the rules should be!
Better question, maybe, with regard to whether I'm overlooking something or not: why did you think they might not be?
8:37 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica That seems to be a matter of personality and gear, so not exactly restricted by the class in this case.
8:52 AM
Do you do homebrew reviews and feedback here?
2 hours later…
10:47 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica The main site is more formal about them, for casual feedback you can ask here
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12:07 PM
Q: How do you pronounce "chasse"?

Nathan HincheyMy group just started a new chronicle and we're trying to figure out how to say "chasse" out loud. Chasse This Trait describes how well stocked, vulnerable, and rich the domain is as a hunting ground. One dot in Chasse provides the coterie with a default hunting Difficulty of 6 inside their doma...

@HotRPGQuestions do any other feats/abilities cause others to provoke AoO when entering reach?
@HotRPGQuestions Hot answers, yet none of them actually transcribes how it's pronounced, instead providing the answers only in the links and accompanying them with ambiguous rhyming/near-homophone-like hints.
When you say transcribe how it is actually pronounced, are you thinking IPA?
@Someone_Evil SAMPA would do too, but it seems to have fallen out of favour lately.
Really, anything is better than the guess-if-this-word-sounds-right-in-the-accent-you-know-it-from game.
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3:55 PM
Q: Can an Alchemist Artificer use Alchemical Savant on the casting of a spell with no Material components?

TheAussieSlimeI have looked for any rules on this and cannot find any, and before you say "It doesn't matter flavour however you like", I have a specific example. In the alchemist subclass for the artificer class the 5th level feature Alchemical Savant reads: Whenever you cast a spell using your alchemist’s s...

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7:18 PM
Q: Forceful separation from a cursed item

Dark HippoFor my group of (un)willing adventurers, I have a session coming up where the plan is essentially to render them all unconscious, separate them from all their gear and leave them in a dungeon to escape (think, diabolical James Bond style plot). The only problem I can foresee with this is that one...

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8:47 PM
I was going to ask if I missed anything exceiting, but it looks like it's been fairly dead in here
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
Yeah, weekends are historically pretty quiet times.
I guess there's less escape energy.
10:46 PM

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