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@nitsua60 making decisions with dice again?
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Kenku inventor, but their rival always shows up to brag about having already made that invention. None of the Kenku's inventions are original and this breeds animosity with this rival that is always one step ahead.
@BardicWizard God does not play dice with the universe, but Nitsua does.
Never argue with d1s. It would be one-sided.
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@BardicWizard Math problems ain't gonna choose themselves....
@nitsua60 are you sure about that? They might be mimics
But my math teacher would probably agree with you if I asked her
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In an unrelated note I have a desire to play a character in shadowrun who doesn’t go for the option with the most collateral damage because I have a little list of things I’d do in espionage/heists/infiltration games that are highly effective in the real world. I was reminded of this by my friend who asked me for this list earlier, and now I’m updating it
Best quotes from the original list:
“When I need plausible deniability, I will get my SO to cover for me and not my sister who can’t lie“
And also “Playing the getaway driver means knowing the rules of the road. Getting arrested will blow my cover, if it isn’t blown by being the only one speeding. I also need a spare license plate, registered to someone real but unconnected to me, with no criminal record, and it HAS to be the same make, model, color, and year as my car”
My favorite is “it is true that I the player have an extensive knowledge of places to hide needles, pins, and other small items on my person. It is also true my character has the same knowledge. This no longer needs to be demonstrated”.
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Very arch.
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I typed up about half the list so far, if anyone wants to see my middle school Risus-and-D&D-shenanigans-involving-heists they are here
Affirmations & Encouragements for TTRPG Creators by Starshine Scribbles. A downloadable motivational zine that includes 30 affirmations. These affirmations aim to boost your confidence and help you see the inherent value of your work.
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The Spider and the City by NoTrueIndian. A solo game about a criminal mastermind in a rebel city.
(@BardicWizard [gestures above] Solo heist-ish thing?)
For those of you looking for a new take on the bard, I present: "Dolly Parton Reveals She Recorded “9 to 5” Using Her Acrylic Nails as an Instrument," article by Lauren Valenti in Vogue. And here's a twitter video of her singing to nail accompaniment with Patti LaBelle.
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Q: Should I prohibit a player from having a character goal that makes me uncomfortable?

Dom JMe (Gamemaster) and a few friends are gearing up to start a FATE game set in a society inspired by ancient Greece, with a direct democratic political system. One of my players wants to play a wealthy merchant transitioning into politics, and has outright mentioned wanting to use his wealth to buy...

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@HotRPGQuestions Saaaafety toooooolllssssss
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Q: What kinds of training and research are possible within the paradises found within a Rod of Security?

Tim of TimeThe Rod of Security gives a person access to 'any paradise one could imagine', specifically: '... the rod then instantly transports you and up to 199 other willing creatures you can see to a paradise that exists in an extraplanar space. You choose the form that the paradise takes. It could be a ...

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@BESW oooh, looks fun!
@BardicWizard Who's They May Be Mimics?
@BESW Everything about that was excellent. I love Dolly Parton SO much.
@nitsua60 I don’t get whatever you’re referencing
Not a problem. It's a corruption of a line from an untitled track--a recording of a message left on an answering machine, not even a song--from a They Might Be Giants album published a decade or so before you were born.
And with that ^^ sentence, the fact that I'm forty finally hit me.
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Q: Can I defer levelling up after reaching xp treshold?

VylixAs a rogue, I've gained enough XP to level up to level 3. However, I'm not yet ready to pick what archetype would fit best for me. Despite having gained enough XP, can I wait until later to level up my character? I'm looking for rules to back me up, especially if it explicitly states that I don't...

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I found something else hilarious in my list I’m transcribing: “The party’s stealthiest member, in a group with a Backstabbing Rogue (4), a Hobbit-like Burglar (3), and an Explosion-Happy Infiltrator in a Hoop Skirt (4), should not be my infiltrator. Especially not if I as Lady FOOF say ‘what’s that word you used, stealth? What’s that mean?’”
And “Even in a game, we can’t use the teachers as villains. They will hear about it. Probably from Ms N”. Ms N was the faculty advisor for the gamers’ league, so I’m pretty sure I know what event that referred to.
>Lady FOOF
oh dear
Q: Do Goliaths get cold resistance?

K.L.R.There seems to be a discrepancy between sources for the Goliath's 'Mountain Born' racial trait: Volo's Guide to Monsters says: Mountain Born. You're acclimated to high altitude, including elevations above 20,000 feet. You're also naturally adapted to cold climates, as described in chapter 5 of t...

... yeah. I have a very long list of bans and allowed stuff I’m transcribing from a middle school notebook. It’s here right now, and I’m less than halfway through typing it up. There are at least 10 references to hoop skirts in the first 40 items (from Lady FOOF) and a number of references to explosions.
Lady FOOF was a Risus character with the cliches Explosion-Happy Infiltrator in a Hoop Skirt (4), Swashbuckler (3), Out of Touch With the Modern World (2), and Getaway Driver (1).
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Anyone know if there’s a question on d&d 5e disguise self and getting knocked out?
asking for a friend
Also this is kinda needed this session
7:28 PM
@BardicWizard What's the question?
If one doesn't exist, you could ask it :D
@Someone_Evil wooooooooo
@V2Blast does disguise self end if you’re unconscious?
i’m about half an hour away from being involved in it since we’re currently in combat
Non-concentration spells don't end if you're unconscious. Concentration spells do, since you're incapacitated when unconscious.
Welp at least I’m not gonna get found out yet
but I’m probably gonna die
being the squishy sorcerer against a huge enemy
7:59 PM
Q: Is changing a gendered term to a non-gendered term a grammatical improvement?

KirtPixelMaster's answer to this question currently has a suggested edit pending approval. Other than adding a hyphen ('no go' to 'no-go') every single proposed edit replaces the original use of "his", gendering an unknown DM, with the singular 'their'. Personally, I try to use a nongendered term un...

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@V2Blast I added a new answer re: doppelgänger secret.
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@ThomasMarkov Good find!
10:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer (93): Does an Eldritch Knight's War Magic feature allow Extra Attacks? by Nightraven on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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Q: Arcane Disciple when some spells are already on spell list

ErikWas just looking for a bit of insight into the Arcane Disciple feat. A quick quote on what that does: Add the chosen domain's spells to your class list of arcane spells. If you have arcane spellcasting ability from more than one class, you must pick which arcane spellcasting ability this feat ap...

Hmm... I'm thinking it'd be a good idea to have a synonym for the tag that includes "Icewind Dale" in it, so that the tag will show up in the suggestions if anyone starts typing "icewind" into the tag field and is looking for a tag about the adventure. (The full adventure title is too long to fit as a tag - it's over the 35-character limit.)
[tag:icewind-dale] on its own is probably too generic a descriptor (it's the name of a region) to be appropriate as a synonym for a specific adventure's tag. For now, I've suggested as a synonym (without approving my own suggestion), but I'm not sure if it's the best solution...
Suggestions are welcome (whether in chat or directly as a suggested synonym on the tag itself).
Not very many who can suggest tag synonyms on that one is there?
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I need a bit of D&D advice: is it possible to build a swords bard as a tank, with a high AC and a decent attack bonus, at level 3? Mathematically, would a fighter (champion) be a better choice (higher AC and attack bonus)? We’re using rolled stats and I’ve got 16, 16, 14, 14, 14, 12 as my ability scores (not in any particular order, I haven’t assigned them yet)
I plan on using either a long sword or a short sword as my primary weapon with a dagger as a back up.
(Our group is doing a level 3 two-shot set in a completely different city in a couple weeks cause the gm’s gonna be out of town)
We’re likely fighting semi-Cthulhu like enemies since canonically half of fantasy New York eats their kills to gain power
I’ll be a Vhuman and so have a feat to throw around
@Someone_Evil True, I mostly just used that phrasing just in case someone besides mods could :P
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@BardicWizard Scale mail is basically eq to chain mail if your Dex is 14+ (AC 16). Medium Armour Master or Duel Wielder can both give +1 AC, a shield can give +2 and stacks with the former (for AC 19 and no stealth dis.adv)
While you can go comp. on AC and pretty close on baseline damage, and you'll have spells with healing and utility. You'd be short some hp from the hit dice, but probably not majorly
@Someone_Evil Thanks, thats a start on this. I made a bet with our rogue (currently, I left the call before she had a character idea) that I could play a character that was completely different than my usual
for me this means only one identity, no paranoia, no explosions, and either a tank or a healer (instead of the face or primary spellcaster). I’d rather tank than heal, so...
@BardicWizard make it a gnome for extra surprises. "wait, the gnome doesn't explode?" XD
I’m probably going to get banned from using Gilbert and Sullivan songs as spells
@Shalvenay oh, I never play gnomes. It’s always been banned for me
preemptitively, usually
If you want tank-y bard spells, I'd consider warding wind
Q: What’s easier for a new dnd player, component pouch or arcane focus?

Awesome AnimalsI’m just starting out in dnd and creating my first character (a half-elf wizard) and I’m at the equipment section. I’ve looked up the differences between the component pouch and arcane focus and can’t decide! Should I chose the component pouch because it’s more expensive and therefore harder to g...

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Tiny hut is a poor choice of ways to survive a lava flow
@Someone_Evil is that available anywhere other than EEPC? I’ve almost entirely got physical books
@Joshua I sense a story... what happened?
@BardicWizard XGtE, p. 170
I'm working on adventure involving the aftermath of the mountain that defeated the mage's town.
What are the good ways to survive a lava flow?
Are there any?
11:51 PM
Teleportation circle
yeah, not being in its way is a good start :P

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