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10:12 PM
@trogdor As plans go, that is a good one.
10:33 PM
@KorvinStarmast To me, coffee smells really good but tastes like hot garbage.
@nitsua60 It's a fairly common experience among immigrants. It's why I took the opportunity to change my legal name when I got my citizenship.
@Yuuki Is it the acidity and bitterness that's the problem for you?
Because... plunge cold brew is easy and cheap and so. smooth.
yeah cold brew really fixes it for me
Mostly the bitterness, I think.
I have a lot of trouble with bitter flavors.
I do drink a lot of tea though.
I still don't want it all the time but cold brew is actually enjoyable
unlike "normal" coffee
Jan 6 '16 at 10:34, by BESW
@eimyr Quick and dirty: Put cheap coffee grounds and water in a pitcher. Leave it in the back of the 'fridge for 24 hours. Filter the grounds out. Enjoy. (I do about 7 heaping spoon of grounds in three cups of water, but it's an art not a science. Experiment. Changing the time can also give you different strengths, but under 12 is useless and over 48 is nasty.)
Jan 6 '16 at 10:35, by BESW
Advanced Level: Use a tea infuser so you don't have to filter out the grounds at the end. Add spices to the grounds for awesomeness. (I use cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, red pepper, and on really special occasions cracked cardamom.)
10:38 PM
I think I tried something like that once and wasn't a big fan of the result.
Like, it was better than normal coffee but still didn't really like the bitterness.
I might have used too many grounds for too little water though?
Or maybe too much time?
That's fair. It takes some experimentation.
And I don't use fancy grounds for it, I use whatever's cheapest at the bulk warehouse store.
@BESW Is it next to the skull warehouse store?
(Weirdly, I've had a very Power Rangers last couple of days despite almost never thinking about that franchise.)
How so?
the subject "immigrants changing their names to fit in" prompted a bizarre argument in my office slack once
10:45 PM
@Carcer It's a pretty contentious topic.
@Yuuki I've been digging through old comics while my toe heals, and found some old volumes of Boom! Studio's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series, been reading them.
@BESW Didn't they release some new series or has it just been that long?
Wikipedia says 2016.
@Yuuki well, side A was arguing the only reason they feel they have to is because of being on the receiving end of lazy racism, and side B was that there can be other reasons and if someone wants to change their anyway just call them what they tell you to call them
Yeah, I’m just that far behind on my comics.
I haven't read the comics at all myself, although I'm thinking about stopping by my local this weekend.
10:49 PM
I also read Godshaper, it was good!
Need to catch up on Lumberjanes...
@Carcer Oh, at least that doesn't delve into the whole "giving up your heritage" argument which results in a whole lot of "not fun".
The Rivers of London comics are good if you like the novels.
@Yuuki ah yes I imagine that could have made it spicy
Need to catch up with Paper Girls too.
well, spicier
10:52 PM
I wonder if Goldie Vance is still going?
it was remarkably dramatic as it was for an argument where both sides were basically "treat immigrants with respect!"
11:06 PM
Maybe I shouldn't be happy about averting stereotype but I appreciate that in the 2017 Power Rangers movie, Zack (who is an Asian/Asian-American) lived in a trailer park and at no point was there a joke or reference to math skills.
And he's a bit of a thrillseeker.
And was likely the most emotionally intelligent of the group.
Yeah, the 2017 film had a lot going for it.
I mean, sure, Jumanji that year made it kinda awkward with two franchises rebooting using the general themes of The Breakfast Club, but they were both good movies.
The Jumanji soft reboot was great.
As far as movie templates go, I honestly wouldn't be mad if more films went with The Breakfast Club.
@BESW I somehow missed this even happened.
11:18 PM
@Ash It was... not well received. It got made fun of and then forgotten.
Maybe that's why I missed it.
Even so, I think it still did better than expected.
I think it's a better movie than a lot of people give it credit for
And yeah, it's got some questionable stuff going on, but it's also weirdly really good. On a purely technical level it is filmed with WAY more care and creativity and thought than it ever needed to be.
It definitely could have been better but i think we got off easy in terms of how bad it could have been
11:21 PM
The film's basic principle is that it takes the line "Teleport to us five overbearing and overemotional humans." "No! Not that! Not teenagers!" and runs with it, making the Power Rangers actually flawed outsider teenagers and exploring what that looks like.
Yeah, for all that the original TV series Rangers were supposed to be teenagers, they didn't have much "attitude".
It's not trying to be obviously silly, and that's its gift and its curse because Power Rangers is best known for being really overtly silly. But it's still silly (Rita Repulsa is literally chewing the scenery), it's just also got things like sympathetic portrayal of queer and autistic Power Rangers and a sadly muted color palette.
I'm still a bit annoyed that they decided the kids should do demolition on a rock surface they know nothing about
And the autistic black power ranger was a little steriotyped
@BESW Also the most hilarious product placement I've seen in a long while.
He was sympathetically portrayed, that's true, but his thing was electronics and computers
11:25 PM
And unabashedly blatant as well.
@Yuuki Honestly the Dunkin Donuts thing was so good they just doubled down on it until it became its own running joke.
God i would love to see less if that stereotype
Oh and of course he was very socially gulible, because that hasn't been done before :/
Mostly I'm nit picking though
It was a decent movie
@trogdor Yeah, they missed their marks a lot. There's not GREAT representation for probably any of the characters, but I super appreciated that their version of "grim and gritty reboot" was actually trying to do good things and not just be gritty for no purpose. Not letting them off the hook for their failures, though.
I wouldn't say great but not bad either
No i don't think you were
I think you are bringing to light the good things in a movie a lot of people gave no chances to
I just happen to have also been moved to bring up the personal annoyances i had with it too
@BESW have you seen the sequel? We're deciding whether we want to see it at the cinema or not
11:30 PM
@Adeptus I have not! I hear that it's still good but not as good. The stuff that works is mostly what worked in the original, but they add things and it's hit or miss.
It's still in one of our theaters but I haven't been free at any of the handful of times it's playing.
@BESW I'd agree with that. I really enjoyed it, and I can't think of any addition that was a complete miss for me, but it definitely wasn't as great as the first one.
@Miniman I hear that Johnson's impression of the IRL actor he spends most of the time as, is... not good?
@BESW Not good as in inaccurate, or not good as in problematic?
As in inaccurate, as in one review speculated that Johnson was doing an impersonation of someone else entirely and then they re-cast the IRL character's actor.
They definitely overdid the whole "old person senility" bit.
Ah, right. I didn't notice that, but it wouldn't surprise me to have missed it.
The one that really surprised me is that Kevin Hart can play a character other than [the guy Kevin Hart plays in every movie I've seen him in].
Thinking about it, it's very similar to how I was surprised by enjoying Jack Black's acting in the first one.
11:45 PM
I was gonna point out
Hes the same character in every movie I've seen him in
Jack Black is great if you make him do work
If not you are certainly getting at best mediocrity
Q: Is giving my character amnesia about its backstory a bad idea?

JordiDuring my first campaign as a player, I had a issue with my DM regarding the background I gave to my character. It was my first time creating a background for my character, and I loved doing it so much that my backstory became quite big. (I gave my DM a short summary to make his life easier.) Wh...

@trogdor is that code for "keep him away from the marijuana"?
That depends on if that's what does it i guess :P
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