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5:00 PM
I'm just going to say this, I seriously love the variety of people here from all these different life experiences and perspectives and I love that people feel safe and comfortable enough to actually talk about it here. And to be clear, that is something we all have built and are reinforcing together. Let's treasure it and never let that go.
I campaign for a system where I can rank my genders by preference!
First Past the Post is an awful gender system.
@Rubiksmoose Aaaand now, counter-productively, "Let it Go" is stuck in my head...
@Medix2 XD
lmao carcer
At the very least, let's have Single Transferable Gender.
5:02 PM
@Medix2 How does asexuality correlate with romantic notions? Because I've been wondering whether or not I'm asexual but I've been disqualifying myself mainly because I would definitely like to have a significant other, it's just that I don't particularly feel inclined to have sex with anyone.
@Yuuki asexual does not mean aromantic
@DavidCoffron Yeah, was looking at when I hit 6th level and my cantrip choices. Seemed sort of like a "well, gee. I guess i'm always casting toll the dead now" once i get there.
I'd rather just add my modifier to my attack cantrips.
@Carcer I learned that one from Bojack
case study, again, my husband is mostly ace but obviously not aromantic
given that we are married and all
and not for tax purposes
5:03 PM
@Yuuki It's well... romanticism and sexuality are separate, one is roughly your want for romance (whatever the heck that means) and the other is roughly your want for sex (again, whatever the heck that means, it varies person-to-person)
abbreviated form of "asexual"
I trust the etymology is obvious
oh interesting
@G.Moylan When you hit a serve winner in tennis and the opponent doesn't even make contact on their return attempt.
I hadn't heard "ace" used like that before
Asexual --> Ace. Aromantic --> Aro
5:04 PM
@Medix2 Aroooo?
No that's furry, wrong group
mostly because "asexual" is an awkward word to use a lot, most of the sexuality terms people use are short - "gay", "bi", "pan", etc.
@Carcer @G.Moylan Good thing you explained. I assumed you were australian and just thought he was awesome.
@Carcer Mixed-Gender Proportional Representation, please.
@Carcer or they just feel uncomfortable saying "sexual" around other people
5:06 PM
anyway you might find that you are demisexual, meaning that you don't experience sexual attraction to someone until you already have a strong relationship with them
that's also a thing
more comfortable to say "pan" than "pansexual" for most people
@Medix2 it was a common occurrence for about 8 years. :p
Or you might be like me and not understand any difference between a romance and a good friendship
@Medix2 yup
sounds about right
5:07 PM
people get pearl-clutchy about the word "sexual" sometimes. That said, those same people typically get pearl-clutchy about the topics that often accompany the word "sexual"
@Medix2 Well, based on my knowledge of pop culture, you could at minimum tell that it's a bad one if Lady Gaga shows up at some point.
@G.Moylan agreed
@Yuuki baby steps. Take whatever improvement we can wrangle
gaysexual is a word
as far as i'm concerned
@KorvinStarmast I used to flip flop between nodding my head in agreement with mxy and being frustrated with him.
5:09 PM
@CollinB is that one where you're ostensibly straight but everyone you fall for is gay?
@CollinB There is graysexual
@Carcer I'm not sure if MMPR is better. My issue with it is that it makes political parties an integral part of the electoral system. That and it's a bit racist to make the token Asian the Yellow Ranger.
Then again, people naturally coalesce into parties.
@Carcer Just attracted to gay people i guess?
So if they're going to exist anyway, I suppose accounting for them as part of your political system isn't... bad?
Woohoo! (subject change, sorry!) My kid group wants to play tonight :)
5:10 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, I'm not sure party-less politics is practical at scale these days.
@NautArch that's two of us ... :)
@NautArch Congratz! I say, realizing "tonight" could be a great many number of hours away.
@Medix2 in about 4.5 hours :P
@NautArch But once I began to participate in multiple stacks, and saw comment flooding, I realized how RPGSE had the much better idea.
@KorvinStarmast His take on comments I always fully agreed with. His tone sometimes...
5:13 PM
I have another question. My friend that recently came out (right term?) as non-binary didn't explicitly tell me. They posted about it in another discord that I'm not in, but I'm friends with some of those people so heard about it second-hand.
So this seems like a silly question and I think I know the answer but should I just proactively use correct pronouns, or should I bring it up, or wait for them to bring it up? I don't want to offend them. I understand that sometimes coming out (again, term?) to different groups sometimes occurs as different times....
@Yuuki Anytime I hear the world yellow, my brain echoes "Yellow Elf needs food...badly"
@G.Moylan oh okay that's important context
@doppelgreener as soon as SNR is no longer a core value, the whole point of SE/SO format comes into question. IMO.
ask them, privately, before outing them in front of people who might not know
@G.Moylan "i've heard you've mentioned you were nonbinary, what pronouns would you like me to use for you?" — and in private, yes
5:14 PM
@Carcer won't that reveal that our friend told me?
oh right second-hand
Also just a heads up, I realise things are friendly and everything, but if anybody is uncomfortable feel free to raise a concern either with flag or post and one of the mods or ROs can move the discussion (no judgement). (this is not me passively saying that I have a concern BTW, just throwing it out there)
@NautArch i am sure a lot of people took a while to get used to that tone. It took me a while, but I finally "grokked" where it was coming from.
that's a difficult one, since their friend may have been crossing a line to begin with in telling you
coming out is a personal thing
but also, showing you're okay with it and want to support them can mean a lot, and the line being crossed is between them and that friend
@Medix2 does that translate into the old term "dirty old man" or something else?
5:15 PM
@Rubiksmoose I've definitely been keeping a close eye on this :)
but we're all just so damn friendly here
@NautArch Thanks :)
yeah, to be honest given that we know you're going to be supportive, I'd raise it with them privately to ask what they want you to do, now you know what you know
@KorvinStarmast verily not; it means grey ace
@Carcer friends don't keep secrets (sorry, been catching up on stranger things)
grey asexuality is someone who only experiences sexual attraction rarely
5:16 PM
@JohnP I was just mid-way through typing that comment when I realized that MMPR is short for both mixed-member proportional representation and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
And decided to add in a reference to the latter.
they might be a bit upset that someone told you before they did or without their permission, but if you're supportive and willing to follow their lead on what they want to tell anyone else I think you're fine.
@Yuuki mighty morphin power rangers is my preferred political system
@Carcer i agree
Adult Healthy Normal Turtles ftw
@doppelgreener what means "grey ace" ... that I had sex with five grandmas? (Original aces in WW I had to have five kills)
@doppelgreener ugh. That is an IQ draining program that parents must suffer through for 30 mins of blessed silence. :p
5:18 PM
@Carcer I just worry I messed up. My friend told me and I told my wife, who is also a player at that table. I just worry. or that I will mess up
@JohnP did you know it's even a completely recut, redubbed version of a japanese TV series
i learned that only last year
@doppelgreener So I learn something new everyday; grey ace = grey asexuality
@KorvinStarmast yes
@doppelgreener Thanks
@doppelgreener I don't know, a team of teenagers with attitude is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some coin-based costuming device.
5:19 PM
@G.Moylan well, trust me, the whole experience is going to be a lot more worrisome for them than you. You know now, however you now, the best thing you (and your wife) can do is ask them what they would like you to do
yeah you're worried you might slip up with their pronouns once or twice, they're worried they may lose friends over coming out
you being supportive and making an effort will mean the world to them
.                   .       . . . . . . .        . . . . . . .         . . . . . . . . . . . .
  .              .          .                    .                                :
    .         .             .                    .                                :
      .     .               . . . . .            . . . . .                        :
         .                  .                    .                                :
         .                  .                    .                                :
@G.Moylan Talking to the person in question will help. And they'll help you sort things out too. The two way road of support is good
including being open to listening and learning about what they mean, which you are already
@CollinB E
@doppelgreener Fun stuff is that one season of Power Rangers might be completely different from the corresponding season of Super Sentai.
5:21 PM
i was hoping so lol
@CollinB That message is horrendous on mobile XD
@doppelgreener that was supposed to be YEET in periods but it didn't work out.....
@doppelgreener looks to me like a bar graph on its side.
@CollinB i fixed it
For example, the Yellow Ranger in the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is female whereas the Yellow Ranger from the corresponding Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is male.
5:22 PM
@doppelgreener nice!
I see YEE and then the T overlaps the Y, mobile sure is interesting
this yeet has been yote
thaaaaaank you @doppelgreener
Someone said yeeted as the past tense a few days ago
they had to be corrected
it's yote
The cursed past tense is yet
@Yuuki would i be right in assuming the entire season arc narrative would also be different
5:23 PM
Should I bring it up on discord in a private message beforehand or should I try to talk to them in person on the day of a game? I don't really see them outside of playing D&D
speaking of adapting japanese media, I now kind of want to see original Japanese Super Sentai but narrated by Craig Charles
Meet met :: yeet yet
@G.Moylan private message first
Yeet yaw
5:23 PM
@Yuuki just...... no
give them time to respond
@doppelgreener Depends on the season but that's the case frequently
Yee haw
@Carcer ok
@G.Moylan go for any private one-on-one situation, don't put them on the spot publicly
5:23 PM
Yeh've Yeed yur last haw
if you bring it up in person right before the game that puts pressure on them, yeah
also, avoid outing them in circumstances they may not yet be Out, or when there are people present who they may not yet be Out to
I've always said "yeeted"
@goodguy5 you've always been wrong
5:24 PM
how does "yootered" fit into this?
@Carcer WHY
@G.Moylan doesn't. [clicks gun]
"y'ought" is just contraction
@goodguy5 y'ought've yought'em
@G.Moylan Past tense first person subjunctive of verb form of yeet
5:25 PM
Feels like it should be second person, but sure
"you" - "yoo"
Subjunctive... No, banned.
@doppelgreener 👀
I just kinda wrote some english things
not sure if their right
@Medix2 sub junctive ~ below the junc ~ The Ocean!
5:26 PM
(right? Junk is a form of ship in some parts of the world ...)
@KorvinStarmast That's correct
@doppelgreener For example, the setting of Power Rangers RPM takes place in a post-apocalyptic city where the last humans survive against a Skynet-esque machine onslaught. Engine Sentai Go-Onger, on the other hand, takes place in a multi-dimensional universe with sapient vehicles fighting against pollution.
5:27 PM
Speaking of junk ships.
@CollinB must be an elf's name there ...
James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect in the teacher.
@KorvinStarmast You sure it's in the nautical sense rather than the anatomical? Cf. "subpoena".
The horse raced past the barn fell over
@Medix2 english be like
5:27 PM
@MarkWells that's under something else entirely
@MarkWells I deliberately chose not to go there lest the room owners and mods give me the stink eye ...
More people have been to Brazil than I have
@MarkWells Caution, sir
I love linguistically compromised sentences
They're always watching
5:28 PM
Honestly, I'm mostly disappointed in the Western adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Power Rangers Megaforce.
@doppelgreener whoa, love the new picture? Is that from a particular book/show/game, or just a neat pic you found?
@Yuuki Wow! Now I want to watch Super Sentai even more than I already did.
Super Sentai is definitely a trip because it can get really, really weird.
@KorvinStarmast Yes. I was amused when my grand-in-laws had a jigsaw puzzle labeled "Chinese Pirate Junk"
5:30 PM
@NautArch I read it twice and I'm pretty sure the second reading somehow unread it
@kviiri heh, Blue Beard seems to come to mind ...
@NautArch My brain isn't processing that correctly atm. I'm not even sure how the Lycan Order fits into the class. I don't have a link for context
@kviiri ...was it not a boat?
Part of the reason I'm annoyed with the Western adaptation of Gokaiger is that they combined with another series, Goseiger.
@NautArch seems like a discussion prompt, sorta
5:31 PM
@NautArch ah I see
@KorvinStarmast neat pic i found, i've had a lot of trouble finding the source
@NautArch I think they have found a feature misfuntion in a specific homebrew, and are asking, with specific suggested solutions, on how it should be handled
@Carcer (ponders pinning this message)
@KorvinStarmast That's definitely how it ends. But I think they're making an assumption about fighting unarmed because Lycan.
5:32 PM
@doppelgreener Well, I like it, nice find!
@Carcer Oh, thank you!!
@Carcer That was fast
Gokaiger centers around a group of misfit space pirates who honestly couldn't care less about Earth if it wasn't for the fact that the "Greatest Treasure in the Universe" is supposedly located here.
took a few minutes
had to reverse image search twice, found a ton of pinterest links
Along the way, they interact with various Rangers from previous series and gain their powers along with learning what it means to be a Power Ranger.
5:33 PM
but then found weheartit.com/entry/8106088 which actually attributes the artist on deviantart so could track it from there
brilliant :)
i've added a link to my profile now
my first instinct was 'mermaid' and it looks like I guessed correctly.
but it could be the face picture on a character sheet for a water genasi druid, or some such magical character
yeah, whoever it is makes pretty arts.
It's a fantastic anniversary celebration of the franchise and it's a damn shame that they couldn't do something similar with the Western adaptation.
@NautArch it was a jigsaw puzzle with an image of a boat on it
5:36 PM
@doppelgreener actually I think the crop used in your avatar might be from an earlier version of the image, the version on DA has different shine on the lips and has the edge of a smile that the avatar doesn't!
@Carcer oooh
unless that's just weird compression artifacting, but it looks more like edits
Also, the Legend War scene was basically the Avengers Assemble scene from Endgame several years earlier.
you're right, i seem to have a different revision
the hair is different too
i wonder if they did a new revision of it a few years later, since that was from 2011
the image description notes "Edit (again moahahaha!): fixed anatomy and facial mistakes."
5:41 PM
Yeah! she made some revisions of this one
oh, I thought I recognised that, she did some of the netrunner art
older / newer
^wow. those are beautiful
and i really need to go diving again. been way too long.
i want to start sometime
it's really phenomenal. But do it some place warm with lots of living coral.
5:44 PM
I think the neck actually looks better in the original ver, it seems to be strangely tromboning to my eyes in the newer
I wish I could dive. It sounds so fun.
@Carcer Agreed!
@Carcer yeah I agree. It almost looks like it curves into a nonexistent chin before her actual chin
New meaning to a double chin
@Ash Why can't you (if it's personal, feel free to not answer)
5:46 PM
@NautArch I have medical conditions that make it not feasible. :(
@Carcer Now I'm wondering what a neck violining or pianoing would look like...
@Ash Dang, i'm sorry :(
@Medix2 "piano neck" sounds like a medical condition from theme hospital and is hopefully not what Ash has
Sometimes there are ways to mitigate, but depends on the condition. Have you spoken to a diving doctor about possibilities?
I'd definitely go scuba diving if it would make me look like that ;-)
5:52 PM
@Rubiksmoose Blue hair dye can go a long way
@Rubiksmoose Does it come with a great singing voice? That's the dealbreaker for me
@doppelgreener Yes, oddly enough. One of the high ranks in our organization is Mike Chat, who was the original Red Ranger for the US series in the 80's. He also founded XMA, which we brought into our system along with him a while back.
@G.Moylan Honestly, this may be better to take to NAB at this point.
@NautArch oh Bar
good call
Everyone has been, as usual, amazing around these discussions. But if we're going to delve into helping you with this specific case, I think it'd be better there. Nothing to be sorry about, though!
@Carcer Not sure if you were the reopen vote on the lycan question, but if you were...can you help me understand the question :)
5:59 PM
I commented
95 questions until the next palindrome
@Carcer It's all good. :) haha no
(I have hydrocephalus and a VP shunt - scuba diving is not super safe for that, at least according to my neurologist. Apparently people do try it, but it's very risky. And considering the pressure changes of flying in a plane make me feel....awful, to put it mildly, I can't imagine that I'd find diving fun, if I could manage to even do it safely.)
@Medix2 what?
@CollinB Just having some fun with the RPG.SE question total, it was 37773, but now we'll have to wait until 37873
which palindrome will it be though @Medix2
alright then
6:06 PM
@Ash Yeah, most people will feel ear pressure as shallow as 15 feet. You could snorkel safely, though.
i see
@JohnP Yep, I could probably manage that. I am very sensitive to changes in pressure.
Well now my messages made no sense
what's with all the removed questions?
@JohnP And then there's the odd intermediate step that is Snuba
6:08 PM
@Medix2 please never say that word again
oop it's hometime
@Sdjz Oh hmm... darn it, and now I can't revert the edit, apologies for that all
cheerybye folx
@CollinB After Medix2 edited the original statement, all the corrections were removed
@Carcer ttfn!
y'all are the best
i'm abusing my mod powers to pin that
6:09 PM
@CollinB It is a word, it's a strange middle ground, I believe Snuba is the company
@Medix2 What's snuba?
Snuba Gang
@Medix2 Oh I wasn't seriously upset or anything
"Snuba is form of surface-supplied diving that uses an underwater breathing system developed by Snuba International. [...] The swimmer uses swimfins, a diving mask, weights, and diving regulator as in scuba diving. Instead of coming from tanks strapped to the diver's back, air is supplied from long hoses connected to compressed air cylinders contained in a specially designed flotation device at the surface."
"Snuba often serves as a form of introductory diving, in the presence of a professionally trained guide, but requires no scuba certification."
(shamelessly copy-pasted from Wikipedia)
So, still scuba?
6:11 PM
Just say it out loud a few times
Turn to whoever is nearest to you and gently whisper "Snuba" in their ear
Call your relatives
snooba dooba doo
Visit your former employees
Inform them of the worship ritual that is Snuba
Snuba Gang must grow
@CollinB whisper 'snuba' to the VP, get hired back to the company
So we can properly summon Snuba Doo
Is it snubaing?
or just snubing
@GcL It's snorkeling with a longer snorkel and it's not scuba because you don't have an airtank
Snubing hurts my brain, so anything but that
That's like scubing and snorkling
6:15 PM
CSO (chief snuba officer)
@Medix2 Oh... so still using compressed air so you don't have to try to suck air through the tube?
Oh wait, not airtank?
@Medix2 That's insane. Longer tube means more effort to suck in air. Why not just fix a garden hose to the side of a boat? Because, you'll never get enough air, leading to hypoxia and really bad things (tm)
@JohnP I'm sure there's some magical science machine preventing that, I don't know the specifics of it
@Medix2 Yeah. It's called scuba.
@JohnP hookah systems are a thing :). The entire Port Royal underwater excavation in Jamaica was pretty much done with hookah systems.
6:21 PM
@NautArch And what did they fill the hookah with? :D :D :D
@JohnP Irie!
@NautArch slainte!
I didn't say Irish :P
I still think Snuba Gang should be a major political party
@NautArch Same meaning (ish).
6:30 PM
But seriously, hookah breathing systems have their place and are quite usable.
While not extra-long tubes, I was on one project where we had to use pure oxygen during our rest stop and just had the cannisters on the surface boat with hoses and regulators dangling.
@NautArch That feels like a poor decision
@CollinB Why?
@NautArch Isn't pure oxygen bad for you?
@CollinB Not necessarily for divers.
@CollinB under certain conditions, not this one, though.
6:35 PM
@NautArch I see
And it was pretty necessary so we could use standard compressed air during the dive (saving money/training on mixed gas use).
7:30 PM
I think we can reopen this question.
@NautArch This is it for me, too. There was a harshness bordering on meanness sometimes.
Maybe "dismissive" more than "mean."
@nitsua60 And it may be simply been 'frustration", too.
Yeah--we see a good flood of stuff that we're happy to protect the site from, but it can be wearing. And I've only been at it 3 years, and I didn't have to moderate through any religious wars!
@nitsua60 you don't remember the holy meme wars of the second age?
@G.Moylan I couldn't even remember (an hour ago) where I parked this morning =)
7:36 PM
Speaking of the end of various ages, Christopher Tolkien passed yesterday :(
@nitsua60 lol I have weeks like that
(I got a notification to move my car from an improper spot. And I was all "dude, I didn't park there. Wait, did I park there? Where did I park? Okay, I vaguely remember leaving my kids' school, and I totally entered my office, but why can't I remember anything inbetween?")
@nitsua60 It's because, right now, you're dreaming
Also, I'm kinda catching up on the day's chat. So I've got to rummage a bit for my most-starred message...
Mar 29 '19 at 1:47, by nitsua60
As usual, this room and its occupants strike me as a model for civility and kindness and honest engagement on the internet. I believe it's because you all are patient, you listen, you speak from experience and are open to challenging ideas. Thank you.
It's a whole-room thing, and you-all do it so well that people coming new to the room learn the culture quickly and well and are demonstrably unafraid of asking questions or of challenging those norms.
And when something untoward does happen, chatizens stay calm, they handle even obnoxious and aggressive trolls with grace and patience, and use
Thanks, everyone. It's been a pretty challenging couple of months for some people (incl. me) who engage with the wider Network, and this one day has restored probably 90% of my good feelings that were lost recently.
What's the best way to play a PF witch in 5e?
depends what kind of witch it was, really
7:49 PM
just play a warlock?
take the pact of chain?
I don't think there's anything that approximates the hexes
I mean... hex
well yes, but the witch had such a variety
imho, wizard or warlock
probably more wizard than warlock, since the witch was a full caster
7:51 PM
@goodguy5 I think we had a question about that.
true. and she was int, right?
yes, int caster
divination or enchantment schools have a good witchy feel
Nevermind. I was thinking of this one:
Q: Is this homebrewed Malconvoker port to 5e balanced?

JornI'm playing a homebrew variant on the D&D 3.5 Malconvoker (Complete Scoundrel). I'd like to upgrade it to 5.0 at some point. This Wizard specialization is what I came up with. Do you see any glaring holes, over- or underpowered compared to existing Wizard Arcane traditions? Arcane Tradition: ...

Also, I think I just figured out how to fix witchbolt.

I just need to figure out damage
In D&D at least, I encourage my players wanting that Witch flavor to go with Druid
7:57 PM
Oh do tell
Please send some magic over to fix true strike as well
hey! True Strike works as intended
Which is barely
It'S wOrKiNg As InTeNdEd - some exec, probably
Witch Bolt β:
Make a ranged spell attack against that creature. On a hit, the target takes 1d12 lightning damage, and while concentrating on this spell, you have advantage on your attacks against the target; the spell ends when you successfully hit the target with an attack. When the spell ends, deal 1d12 lightning damage to the target automatically. The spell also ends if the target is ever outside the spell's range or if it has total cover from you.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the initial damage increases by 1d12 fo
Which Bolt. Make a ranged spell attack against a target creature. On a hit, the target takes 1d12 damage, roll a six-sided die to determine the damage type.
8:03 PM
`The damage on that needs tweaking, but I like that model much better
Witch Bolt. If the target creature is a witch, target gains an additional 20 ft. speed moving away from enemy creatures.
And True Strike is for improving chances on spell attacks, imo.

Twinned True Strike
Twinned Chromatic orbs (with advantage)
takes two turns to have advantage against two targets; not bad imo
But you're better off making two regular attacks against two targets
4 attacks is strictly better than 2 advantage attacks
@Medix2 yes, but not when spell slots are on the line. it's not for melee
But also Twinning is one class, when 4 can get the spell
8:11 PM
same concept.
"I need to hit with <limited resource>"
I just don't think it's usually worth it as an entire cantrip (you get so few). It helps when you really need that hit and have limited resources but is that worth a cantrip?
And 4 attacks with disadvantage is not better than 2 attacks without.... sometimes
@Medix2 probably not.
You also delay your damage an entire round, so let's hope your target hasn't died or made the extra damage moot
It's not a bad spell imo (or at least it's not awful), it's just a bad cantrip
Original True Strike wasn't hyper useful either
AND you can cast truestrike and quicken your other spell
It doesn't benefit though because TS only applies to your next turn
8:15 PM
@goodguy5 At the cost of 4 sorcery points though...
The problem I have with true strike is it is very situationally useful, which doesn't put it high on the priority list of cantrips (which you get a limited number of).
@Medix2 really? I thought it was within
It is very good at allowing you to hit a noncreature target for example (I throw my hammer to move that lever on the other side of this chasm)
yea, just reread it
Another benefit to my Critical Success/Failure houserules being tied to having Advantage or Disadvantage: it means a single attack made with Advantage could (in some circumstances) be better than two attacks made normally.
Oooh what is that houserule?
8:20 PM
@DavidCoffron 2, not 4
@goodguy5 Oh yeah. What am I talking about. Long friday xD
@Medix2 Someone suggested it to me here and I've really enjoyed running games with it. Basically, Critical Success is A) on an Advantage Roll, B) you roll a natural 20, and C) the other die also rolls high enough to succeed on the roll. Critical Failure is the opposite, with Disadvantage, rolling a Natural 1 and the other roll low enough to fail the roll.
Q: What issues could arise with this Advantage/Disadvantage Variant?

XiremaBackground In the Player's Handbook, it is specified that Advantage and Disadvange sources effectively "cancel out" regardless of how many there are of each: If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, you are considered to have neither of them, and you roll one d2...

That one? ^
@DavidCoffron No, that was just a hack to deal with weirdness with the ranged combat rules.
This is a more general-purpose rule.
The immediate consequence is that Critical Successes (or failures) can't happen with just a normal d20 roll; you need advantage for the former, disadvantage for the latter.
It makes Advantage rolls more exciting, and Disadvantage rolls more harrowing.
what are some examples of such consequences? Are there tables, or is it determined on the spot?
or is it just the bestliest-possible and the worstliest-possible outcomes?
8:24 PM
@G.Moylan Usually I have to determine on the spot, but I've been documenting results to build a full table. Pretty much every scenario involves me (secretly) rolling a d100 to figure out "how good/bad" the result will be, and then adjudicating based on the circumstances.
90% of them have been with attack rolls though (mostly our Barbarian Reckless-Attacking his way to guarantee advantage rolls) so it mostly just ends up being like "double the damage dice again" or "they now suffer a xd6 bleed effect each of their turns for awhile"
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Q: If I learn Chill Touch from the Death Cleric's Reaper ability, does it count as a Cleric cantrip?

Guillaume F.The first level feature of the Death Cleric, called Reaper, does the following: At 1st level, you learn one necromancy cantrip of your choice from any spell list. If the Death Cleric takes Chill Touch from the Sorcerer/Wizard/Warlock spell list, does Chill Touch become a Cleric cantrip that...

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I'm out for the weekend, folks! Have a good one o/
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