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Humble Bundle has a Pathfinder Comics Cache bundle for the next 3 weeks. It includes the Advanced Player's Guide and Advanced Class Guide, as well as a bunch of comics.
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Q: Are there mechanics that will make improvised weapon attacks magical for a pure fighter?

NautArchI'm looking at the Tavern Brawler Feat and realizing that it is likely going to drop in effectiveness as a character levels up and encounters more monsters resistant/immune to non-magical attacks. Are there ways for a pure fighter to be able to make an improvised weapon attack magical for the me...

@jgn I guess you never met my kleptorogue :-)
1:38 AM
@HotRPGQuestions Sweet! I'm going to put a bounty on you to boost that signal :)
darn you 2 day wait!
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scrollup scrollup Oh hey, Disney Princess chat! I am legally obligated to share The Copyright Non-Infringing Princess! t2m.io/aDahFh0p
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Q: Should Detect Magic make an Invisible Stalker have a glowing outline?

KieveliWe were playing a game, and I had cast Detect Magic to more easily find which coffins to loot. Within the 10 minutes, our party was attacked by an Invisible stalker. I used my action to try to see the invisible attacker, and the DM allowed him to be shown by an outline. I could yell out to my par...

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@Glazius XD
@Glazius I may print that out and try to map it to Jherala (my one royal among all my TTRPG characters XD)
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Q: Is 33 the minimum skill check result for a multiclassed 11 rogue/9 artificer using Reliable Talent, Expertise, Guidance, and Flash of Genius?

kent Any proficient ability check d20 roll of lower than 10 is set to 10 with the Reliable Talent rogue feature. +17 from the Expertise rogue feature (12 + ability modifier of +5). +a minimum of 1 from the guidance cantrip. +5 from the Flash of Genius artificer feature with 20 Int: Flash of Geniu...

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I compiled some of Jeremy Crawford's rules clarifications and acknowledged errors regarding the new "Eberron: Rising from the Last War" book here: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/dzfw58/…
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I've shifted the backlog of this conversation - it was well and truly dominating the room.
@Miniman <3
@Miniman Huh what does this mean ?
Feel free to continue, of course, but if you do, please do it in the bar.
He moved it to the Not a Bar chat
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Ah gotcha !
I was confused at first too - it doesn't show the messages being moved unless you refresh
@PierreCathé Miniman has used 「The Hand」 to erase the conversation log. It's gone forever.
@V2Blast Yeah, it definitely behaves a little weirdly when it's ~300 messages.
@MikeQ Nooooooo !
The weasel in trenchcoat message is gone from the sidebar :'(
@PierreCathé Ah, but it'll be in the sidebar way longer now that it's in the bar, since stars aren't as frequent there.
@jgn I shifted those last two messages, since the messages they were replying too were no longer there.
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What would a Star Wars one-shot in Fate look like? any ideas?
@Miniman Oh, I didn't refresh yet, its still there for me. Thanks
@BESW If it's a self-contained story in an ongoing Star Wars universe, I'd think of the Clone Wars tv show and how it structures its episodes
@BESW I mean, based on what I know of Fate, it'd depend on the story/game the players wanted to tell/play, right?
@BESW Running a star wars-themed heist is still on my to-do list
Although I do feel like Star Wars excels at allowing a variety of different characters to contribute different but equal abilities to the same situations, if you see what I mean.
9:42 AM
@BESW Short bounty-hunter mission, possibly started in media res.
Especially now that Bobba Fetts and Mandalorians are fashionable again.
@Miniman Often yeah, but for an introductory one-shot there's gonna be some more pre-made elements.
@vicky_molokh I don't know who you hang out with, but in my friend circle Boba Fett was never out of fashion ;)
@BESW Makes sense. Then personally, I'd assume it'd be Jedi doing something, since (I think) they're the most Fate-ish characters in the SW universe. (Proactive, competent, etc)
@Miniman This is definitely on my mind.
@PierreCathé There's been a certain fall out of fashion after people pointed out that Bobba barely ever did anything cool on the big screen of the original trilogy (standing tough-looking and guessing rubbish isn't just rubbish barely qualify).
9:48 AM
@Miniman I feel like one of the cool things about a Star Wars game is that its quadratic wizards don't steal the narrative spotlight--at least, not on the screen. The EU, I understand, has its own struggles.
@vicky_molokh Also, had basically no lines.
@vicky_molokh The first time I saw Star Wars, I recall being a bit baffled by how this supposedly super cool character doesn't really that much
@BESW Yeah, any Star Wars character can contribute alongside Jedi. And even moreso in Fate, I'd guess.
@Miniman Yup! But more than "contribute" in an action-scene sense, they're often carrying the story more than the Force users are. Character dynamics like Han and Chewie, Threepio and Artoo, are the pathway into the story for the viewers and their dramas are often more central than the theoretically "main" story of Wizard Family Feuds.
And that's one of the things Fate's pretty good at doing, is centering the personal drama by feeding it into action competency.
My second time through watching Star Wars original trilogy was cut short with ESB because I can't stand how slimy Han Solo is
9:54 AM
See also: Finn and Poe and Rose.
@kviiri Yeah, that's very valid.
@MikeQ Have you seen Rebels?
I really liked that one, and felt it was very Fatey.
Another point: Most featured characters and locations in SW stories are connected to or affected by a well-known Big Bad, whether that's the Empire or Hutts or First Order or whatever.
Good point! A Shared Antagonist aspect slot would be a good element.
@kviiri Interesting. Ever since Rogue One came out, I have always seen R1 as undermining the contrast between Han's (and Ben's) greyness vs. the more light-sided Luke and Leia by making Han look very light in comparison to the R1 rebels. I didn't expect anyone put the bar so high that even Han gets a no-watch.
@BESW Sometimes they're affected directly and sometimes indirectly, but that Big Bad must play a role in every character's backstory
@vicky_molokh I don't think it's about them being gray or anything. I would be more fine with it if it was portrayed as villainous trait more than a charming boyism Leia eventually falls for.
But watching the cliché where the dude keeps on verbally harassing their crush until she caves in makes me cringe on several levels.
10:06 AM
The locale could be controlled by the Big Bad. Or some hideout/slum/refugee place that satellites the Big Bad's territory and has secondhand effects of Big Bad's activity. Or a nice and serene place experiencing existential threat by the oncoming Big Bad. Those may be the only 3 settings.
Another nice thing about Fate is that you can use entry-level complexity for character mechanics, without feeling constrained to "level one" type scenarios.
So, like, if the Big Bad controls the party's territory, we can open with the big plan to drive them out.
@kviiri I thought Leia falling for the edgy lancer Han and not the nice guy hero Luke was a subversion of a cliché at the time? I remember some analyses pointing out that it's a major reason why Luke and Leia being sister and brother looked like a retcon Lucas didn't think of in the original concept.
Maybe take a page from Rebels and have the party be a local Rebel cell in an Empire-occupied city, trying to get word to the Resistance that they're still in the fight.
@vicky_molokh I'm not sure about "at the time", but it doesn't really matter from my point of view. I first saw the films in the 2010's.
Times have changed and that stuff didn't age well in my books.
yeah, I like this. I can use a Tribute To The Dragon variant for pre-game customization with the group.
10:20 AM
@kviiri Hmm. On one hand, presentism can easily cut off one's ability to understand and through that enjoy so many classics (Illiad and Odyssey, anyone?). On the other, if we're talking about visceral reactions only, and not the more 'cerebral' analysis of the fiction, then it's not my place to tell you what you shouldn't like on a gut level.
@vicky_molokh I don't mean to assign particular blame to the creators of ESB, yes. Their work reflects in part societal attitudes that have changed. A part in this visceral reaction, however, is that these attitudes haven't changed quite enough yet for that behavior to be far enough removed from my own life and experiences to feel comfortable.
I can maybe explain a bit about the distinction using some other media as examples
Maybe that's better for the NAB, given the subject matter?
That's true
Don't want people blundering into that sort of discussion without warning.
> You're all that remains of the Rebel presence on this planet after the Empire cracked down a few years ago and established a permanent military presence in the capital city. You've been hiding right under their noses in and around that city, waiting for a good chance to take action. And now, you've received intel that might make all those years of hiding worth it.
- What's the name of your planet and your capital city?
- Where have you been hiding the last few years? (What's your base?)
- Which of you is obviously not local?
Then maybe use the Mission Briefing mechanic.
@ITGremlin Hi!
@Elfvia Hi!
10:38 AM
Welcome to the TTRPG corner of the Stack! Are you here for the lurking, or is something on your mind?
@BESW well I didn't know there was a role playing game app
Which is the best?
I'm closing your question for being too broad.
Hm? An app?
I mean a real game where you can role play
10:41 AM
I use Discord for voice chat and a dice bot, with Google Drive docs for shared tracking of stuff.
Is there one?
A lot of people use Roll20.
Oh, okay
I'll check that out
Thanks @BESW!
There's a new online tabletop service that's not out yet but was recently announced... I'd have to dig up the name.
Storium is a formalized play-by-post environment that's seen some success.
This looks cool! Thank you!
10:43 AM
I've also heard good things about the Gauntlet Forums as a place to look for games and players. I think they use Roll20 and Discord.
And a lot of us here are still doing the old-fashioned "sitting at a table with friends" thing also/instead.
Bye, thanks for the advice @BESW!
Hello everyone
anyone into DAOC?
are there any good RPG's for Mac OS?
[wave] I imagine some of the people here are, and it's not like we have "off topic" subjects in this room, but the Arqade chat room might find more people with that particular interest?
Role-playing Games is dedicated to TTRPGs, the kind that tend to use dice and paper with friends around a table.
That said, Wizardry8 is still an amazing computer RPG and Good Old Games sells an OSX-compatible version.
11:09 AM
Q: Can I regain some of my normal hit points while I have a buffer of temporary hit points?

Paul AllenIf my character has 50 hp, loses 20 hp, and I then cast a 25 thp armor of agathys, what happens if I'm using something like Grim Harvest, Vampiric Touch or Enervation, each of which restore normal hp? Obviously my pool of normal hp is depleted, do these spells replenish that even if I have a t...

11:23 AM
@BESW Ssshhh ... my boss is behind me. Just clicked this out of curiosity while looking at Ubuntu admin chats. :P
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5 hours ago, by V2Blast
I compiled some of Jeremy Crawford's rules clarifications and acknowledged errors regarding the new "Eberron: Rising from the Last War" book here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/dzfw58/a_compilation_of_jeremy_crawfords_rules/
(accidentally got moved along with the earlier convo)
@Elfvia Welcome and goodbye! :P Feel free to drop by anytime if you have questions!
@JohnHarvey What is DAOC?
And yeah, we're more the TTRPG sort, though I'm sure plenty of us also play video games
That said:
Aug 7 '18 at 20:02, by doppelgreener
At least for this chat, going by its history, the most off-topic thing anyone's probably asked in here was a tabletop RPG question.
@V2Blast I'm guessing "Dark Age of Camelot" (MMORPG; 2001)
@Someone_Evil Ah, ok
I vaguely recall the name
12:38 PM
@V2Blast Oops, sorry about that.
1:28 PM
@Someone_Evil I remember when that came out, but I was playing Guild Wars at the time so I had no time for another game ...
2:11 PM
Q: Should the [pixie] tag be synonymised with the [monsters] tag?

NathanSToday I noticed that we have a pixie tag, relating to the D&D creature (mostly about 4e, although there's one 5e question too). I know we shouldn't create a separate tag for each spell, as recently highlighted in this question, and there was also this question a while back on mimics having their...

Q: Would the Life Cleric's Disciple of Life feature work with the Necromancer Wizard's Grim Harvest feature?

Paul AllenThe Life Domain cleric's Disciple of Life feature (PHB, p. 60) says: Also starting at 1st level, your healing spells are more effective. Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to restore hit points to a creature, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 + the spell’s lev...

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2:50 PM
i guess no one is on
3:40 PM
@Gwideon I'm not here, ignore all evidence to the contrary.
how are you
nobody here but us chickens
@NautArch Be careful of who you label as poultry :p
Parking Lot outside my apartment flooded... again. Didn't breach the inside of my car this time so it's an improvement over the last time, but still got delayed because I had to go back inside and get some storm boots to get to my car.
3:43 PM
hey can I send my conversion notes for the organizations In Rise of Tiamat.
@Xirema also that's pretty bad
@Gwideon As I am hypothetically playing through that adventure, can I ask you do it in its own chat or NAB?
@Xirema Flooded to what depth?
I'll switch over to NAB
@Someone_Evil About 6 inches up? Based on how high it went on my boots, it went past my ankles.
The parking lot has a defective drain that clogs up if it gets too rainy, and creates a pool of water right in the area where I usually park my car.
3:46 PM
Ok, 15cm is a notable amount of water
@KorvinStarmast I was initially looking at Goliath as a comparison for the Elan/Vexus.
But it's a mix of goliath/bugbear/something else and all wrapped up in an odd collection of bonsues and penalties in an attempt to balance.
@NautArch yeah, feature overload
@NautArch The flying speed is probably the most (maybe even only) egregious feature. The reach is probably second
4:06 PM
@Gwideon <ITAG>!
how are you
Fine. A little work chaos this morning, but overall good.

Got the D&D game I play in tonight.
4:24 PM
Looks like I can throw around close votes now oO
@PierreCathé I'm close to being able to do that myself
about 85 rep away
@Someone_Evil I think a lot of is just jamming in too many bonuses and penalties.
@PierreCathé Close ALL THE THINGS
@NautArch Oh, I weren't saying the rest of the design was perfect, and that's definitely worth pointing out to them, but in terms of power level...
@Someone_Evil It's also hard to figure out power level because of the volume of bonus/penalty.
But I think they're own playtest may have showcased the problem. They may not know where the problem is, though.
But would be interesting to get the play notes from that test to see what tipped the scale.
Also weird to use that monsters and not the monster it's made to fight.
at the level it's made to do it at
but /shrug
4:39 PM
Wait, how does a level 1 fighter even beat a troll. Even with flying and reach making it invulnerable, the troll should regain 10 hit points every round and a level 1 fighter with a DPR above 10 sounds... implausible
@Someone_Evil is it at all possible for the fighter to have dealt fire or acid damage?
@Himitsu_no_Yami We are missing a proper description of that 'playtest', but including fire or acid damage in such a build sounds is very peculiar
You have a point but perhaps he included it because he knew he was testing vs a troll
@Himitsu_no_Yami How do you build a level 1 fighter to have fire or acid damage when your race is one that doesn't give it?
@Someone_Evil I'm not familiar with fighter so I was just thinking of ideas
4:47 PM
With a torch or alchemist's fire perhaps?
Although depending on how he get his stats (ie by rolling) it's possible he has enough DPR to outdo the troll's healing
take two weapon fighting and use a pair of 1d6+STR damage weapons
(edited cus I forgot about needing the light property)
Assuming a STR mod of +3 that's 13 mean damage on hit and against AC 15 that's a DPR of about a 6.5
Obviously they shoved the troll into some lava
5:03 PM
@MikeQ steve rogers saying i get that reference!.gif
5:20 PM
@goodguy5 Do the worse guys decide on a plot to summon even worse guys?
so I finsished the script for my new animation. Anyone want to read it.
it's um a storytelling type thing and um I'm gonna be telling the story about a heist.
Might as well.
Real game story?
It's kinda a good example of how chaotic my party is
5:28 PM
Mmm, reminds me of the Trap Inspectors so far.
Trap Inspectors?
Some shenanigans a pair of characters pulled for a few weeks before it was mostly forgotten. Pretending to be trap inspectors to get into guarded places.
oh my god that sounds really funny
That warlock.
To be fair, I've done similar things more than I care to admit. Never quite this straightforward and funny, though.
I mean yeah I've done that too
5:34 PM
The natural 1 makes for the best stories.
I liked this one. Makes me want to try some sci-fi.
Yes it does. Sci-fi can be really fun but it takes alot of work from the dm depending on what kind of campaign it is.
@Gwideon It certainly does, but IME often that work is a form of fun all in itself, especially if done collaboratively with someone of similar interests (player or otherwise) outside sessions.
@vicky_molokh Definitely true
DM's been away for half a year for work. Returning in January with his own sci-fi system. I can hardly wait. Loads of work put into it, even as far as tracking individual atoms of fuel.
My GOD. that's extreme
5:40 PM
Somehow I suspect this is not what it looks like from that description.
@Khuldraesethna'Barya There's TTRPG designers who thought GURPS wasn't complicated enough that might like to compare notes with him.
It's left the realm of TTRPGs here. Space travel is computerized.
Desktop RPG.
Table(-that-is-adjacent-to-the-computer)-top RPG.
table top computer rpg (ttcrpg)
5:55 PM
@doppelgreener using a computer to do all of the number crunching (besides dice rolling) was something I saw with a teletype machine and basic language back in the late 70's.
@doppelgreener sometimes. Sometimes it's better guys unknowingly agree to a bargain from a worse guy.
Is there a singular definition of what constitutes a "source" of damage?
@Himitsu_no_Yami with regard to what?
[quietly puts away magic: the gathering rules]
6:07 PM
@doppelgreener lol
Q: How many times do you roll damage for Magic Missile?

user37158The "Damage Rolls" section of the rules (PHB p. 196, also in the online Basic Rules) says this: If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than one target at the same time, roll the damage once for all of them. For example, when a wizard casts fireball or a cleric casts flame strike, the...

Related discussion on sources of damage ^
Q: Does a meditation count as resting for the purposes of gaining the other benefits of a short rest?

RettomusI have a Circle of the Land druid who regains spell slots by meditation during a short rest. Short rest also resets Wild Shape uses and some other abilities. Does meditating to regain spell slots count as resting, or do I have to choose to rest properly to regain Wild Shape transformations? I a...

6:23 PM
So I'm sure they advertised this at one point and maybe I missed it, but they put an entire Adventure Module in the Eberron book.
they did?
> Yo dawg I heard you liked adventure modules, so I put a module in your module so you can quest while you quest
I only skimmed it last night, but I got the sense it was some kind of conspiracy thriller. Or at least a part of it was.
@goodguy5 For that diplomacy question, it may help to emphasize having the player describe how they're trying to resolve things and then use your system of either Persuasion/Deception for a DM determine which skill and ability is best.
@Xirema yeah, I skimmed it as well but I didn't have time for a full digestion. RL keeps getting in the way...
6:39 PM
@KorvinStarmast Have an updoot, nice answer for the Vexus.
yea, you right. I'll add it.

I'll see if I can't quickly track down the "players describe actions and DMs present rules for those actions" thing
is anyone getting a notification of a comment on this answer, but when you click on the notice, it disappears?
not I
@NautArch Yup, getting that too
@NautArch huh yes, weird
6:52 PM
phew, thought i was going crazy
i mean, could be unrelated to crazy
@goodguy5 Interestingly, I think saying maybe Persuasion/Deception is in order.
How they explain what they're doing guides which one, but also maybe which skill.
I could see this being Wisdom or Intelligence as well.
yea, on it.
I guess ultimately the answer is "let your players describe, and then pick which skill and which ability makes the most sense." Which isn't super helpful in terms of a clear answer.
But updoot on the way.
@NautArch appreciate the point towards the 'play test' I guess he beat it to death with a torch over 60 or 70 rounds ...
@goodguy5 updoot rolled in ....
heh, trying a diplomacy check with a lich. I kinda like that.
I guess he may have kited, but the troll should have just held their action to attack when it came in.
@NautArch Doesn't need to, flying and reach so he can just swarm above it out of harms way. The problem is the troll's regeneration
7:02 PM
@NautArch @KorvinStarmast better?
@Someone_Evil ah, good point!
Should I bother to point out how there are differences in DCs?
@goodguy5 Not a bad idea to discuss (although it's still up to the DM) to use a DC or opposing checks of some variety. In some ways, I could see opposing checks with the two parties rolling normally, but the diplomat rolling at disadvantage (assuming the parties don't actually want peace.)
Actually, I'm not sure that they are very different.
Can anyone access the skill check table for 3.5?
@goodguy5 don't have 'em
7:14 PM
nm, found it:

[table]Difficulty (DC) | Example (Skill Used)
Very easy (0) | Notice something large in plain sight (Spot)
Easy (0) | Climb a knotted rope (Climb)
Average (10) | Hear an approaching guard (Listen)
Tough (15) | Rig a wagon wheel to fall off (Disable Device)
Challenging (20) | Swim in stormy water (Swim)
Formidable (25) | Open an average lock (Open Lock)
Heroic (30) | Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump)
Nearly Impossible (40) | Track a squad of orcs across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall (Survival)[/table]
@Sdjz Definitely can't support an answer on that fire question, but my hunch and how i'd run it as the first 10 fire damage on any attack from any source is ignored. So if I"m attacking with a flame blade that also somehow had absorb elements going, then it would stop the first 10 fire on each. Same wiht the next attack if the same.
Q: Starting with D&D: Starter Set vs Dungeon Master's Guide

DeMoFor some time I have been GMing Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. and now, to try something different, I would like to go with D&D 5.0 since in a few weeks it will be available in my native tongue (the DM Guide is coming in few weeks, the Monster Manual and Starter Set are already translated and easily pur...

@goodguy5 yes.
damnit, i'm answering questions again. I said I wasn't going to that.
7:31 PM
@NautArch Are you going to stick to questioning answers?
@Someone_Evil Yup :)
Helping folks improve an answer is less stress inducing then writing a new one.
So that clarification on the Changeling's ASIs is curious, IMO.
@Someone_Evil and I like your answer better to the needle arrow
First time 5e has an officially published race that can reach +3 to a stat score, bringing their max at level 1 under point buy to 18.
@Xirema That's a design rule I do not like seeing broken
7:34 PM
@Xirema Add that to the pile of reasons I'm not going near eberron
Only reason I don't like it is the sneaking suspicion that it's going to open the floodgates to a bunch of homebrew that justify a +3 to a stat (usually for dodgy reasons or with dodgy "compensating" mechanics).
@Xirema explain
As a "huh, here's an interesting character option", I don't mind it as much.
@goodguy5 Changelings' ASI reads "you gain +2 to Charisma, and a +1 to an Ability Score of your choice". Note the lack of qualifying "to an other Ability Score of your choice"
I wonder if that's intentional
7:37 PM
oh no
Or at the very least they're not calling it an error.
@Someone_Evil hmm, I have the book, and honestly it's got lotsa bloat ... but if the campaign is restricted to the setting, I might be interested ...
need to make a meme real quick
Changeling Bards..
that list of tweets about 'fixes' to the eberron book, though :(
Just publish an errata, ya lazy wizards.
7:39 PM
... are all David Bowie singing "Ch Ch Ch Changes"
@NautArch To be fair, like 90% of those are just clarifications, not "fixes".
@KorvinStarmast good call, I was going to say warlocks, but you right
@Xirema Then put those in, too. If you wrote something so unclear that you need to tweet about how to read it, then rewrite it. And get better editors.
@NautArch IMHO, Dragonmarks are a far more substantial reason to be cagey about introducing Eberron material to a campaign than anything else they've published.
@NautArch A bit embarrassing to first sell what is essentially a playtest document and then rapidly publish an errata to the final product
@Xirema Yeah, not a fan of those, either.
@Xirema We dropped a UA artificer into a Greyhawk setting, and he's OP. (Salt Marsh)
@Someone_Evil You mean sell what is essentially a playtest document, then sell another document that adds to it, and then start tweeting out clarifications for poorly worded mechanics.
@Xirema But we are having fun
7:42 PM
@NautArch I like them for the same reason I like the Ravnica Guild Backgrounds, but also generally would not permit them in a non Ravnica/Eberron setting.
Although the fact that Wizards can now be dedicated healers is very entertaining to me.
@Gwideon Greetings!
@Xirema bingo. I don't like Ravnica since I am not an MtG fan ...
... they got peanut butter in my chocolate!
If anyone cares we've just passed 160k posts on main
@Xirema I don't allow ravenica stuff but I do allow eberron stuff. mostly because eberron is a dnd setting and ravenica is not
7:45 PM
@Gwideon Anything is a D&D setting if they publish it.
@Gwideon Eh, I'm pretty agnostic to that kind of stuff. But effects that can alter Spell Lists have to be very carefully considered, IMO.
They could release a D&D Detroit book and that would make Detroit a D&D setting.
@goodguy5 Everything is a D&D if you wish hard enough
tbh, it'd probably be more dangerous than most other settings.
@goodguy5 "Detroit: Become Humanoid"
7:48 PM
> Detroit: Become Humanoid asks the pressing, deep, philosophical, EMOSHUNAL questions of our time, like: can Warforged learn how to be Human? And: can video games TTRPGs finally learn how to be art? Play Detroit: Become Humanoid to learn the answers to these pressing questions!
very confused
8:00 PM
Is a little dated, but it's what we're referencing.
I knew about the shaun glitch
The joke is that Detroit: Become Human is made by the same studio.
oh didn't know that
They also made Beyond: Two Souls, also known as Depressing Ellen Page Simulator 2013.
8:18 PM
Q: A little bit of Thank You to the undervalued janitors of the site

T. Sar - Reinstate MonicaSo, with the recent changes on Rep, I got bumped over the few points I was missing to get access to moderator tools. With that, came the possibility of seeing deleted stuff, and with that possibility, came curiosity. After poking around the site for a bit, checking for what does the stuff that ...

9:06 PM
@Someone_Evil If you'd like to utilize the bits of general/specific from my answer, go ahead :)
9:22 PM
@Yuuki XD
I've watched playthroughs of all of those because I love to torture myself apparentely, and by torture myself I mean laugh at them mercilessly
@Xirema Well, they did advertise it... But also, it's a short adventure (starts at level 1, ends at level 2)
@NautArch Yes, I've seen that a few times lately. There have been 11 comments in total on that answer, but all of them are now deleted.
10:03 PM
@NautArch ...Regarding actual errors, I'm pretty sure they will. That's part of why they're asking people to report possible errors...
@KorvinStarmast I've played MtG maybe twice, but Ravnica seems like a very cool setting.
@V2Blast My complaint is that is a hasbro "brand unification" deal and that just bugs me. Also, I don't think they have much effort to balance ....
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Q: If I hold my action can I then use my reaction for something else?

lucasvwMerle the Wizard is fighting enemies with his friends on a bridge. He wants to cast a spell on the BBEG, but they are currently out of range and so he uses his action to ready a spell for when the BBEG is in range. However, before that happens one of Merle's friends is knocked off the bridge. Ca...

Q: Can a Rogue exploit a tiny familiar for automatic Sneak Attack in melee?

Mars PlasticA Rogue's Sneak Attack can be triggered "if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it". This other enemy may be a familiar. Being tiny, a spider familiar can mount the Rogue without limiting their actions, thus enabling them to use their Sneak Attack in melee while it sits e.g. on their ...

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@NautArch What tweets are those?

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