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12:55 AM
1:41 AM
I forgot about the dice roller
1:55 AM
Advantage is a wonderful thing
2:20 AM
Q: If two Lore Bards used cutting words on an ability check or attack, would they stack?

CyanicLet's say the party had two Lore Bards, and both used cutting words on a creature who tried to attack. Does that stack since they are separate penalties and not enduring effects (like bless), or would it still fall under the "same name features don't stack" rule?

2 hours later…
4:17 AM
We just played a game of Honey Heist in which a polar bear stopped a twenty-foot-tall bazooka-wielding animatronic Santa Claus by offering it a Coke.
Also a bear stole Abraham-Lincoln-ghost's hat, ate his beard, and stuffed him into the hat.
oh dear!
4:41 AM
@BESW Question: How did the GM design the scenario? Did they use the system rules to randomly generate stuff? Did players participate in worldbuilding?
@MikeQ The GM rolled for the random elements on the provided table, and then asked us what made the Creepy Lakeside Camp so creepy. I suggested that it was a poorly-maintained Santa's Village theme park like North Pole Colorado, and that influenced everything else we did.
There wasn't any before-session prep. We used Script Change as a guide for determining the tone of the game before we started (we went with a Looney Toons aesthetic) and the specifics were decided as we went, mostly by using failing forward as a prompt.
4:56 AM
Sounds like a blast
We used the Flashback mechanic to establish giving a Coke to the Santabot.
5:13 AM
that was pretty great
5:38 AM
Q: If someone uses the Command spell and says "drop", what happens?

ImspringinIf someone uses the spell command and says "drop", would you drop your backpack as well and all its contents, or just what's in your hands?

5 hours later…
10:54 AM
Q: Can multiple characters have the same familiar using the Find Familiar spell?

Addo OakwaldIs there anything RAW that would prevent two different characters using the Find Familiar spell from intentionally gaining the service of the same familiar spirit? I am aware that if 1 familiar was 'contracted' to two different casters, it would create some interesting circumstances and limitati...

@HotRPGQuestions yeah all they have to do is be familiar with each other, eh eh? no? I'll go back in the corner now
Not being a native English speaker, the term "familiar" confused me quite a lot the first few times I saw it
The first time I remember was from Heroes of Might and Magic III where the Inferno faction's (basically fire and brimstone demon kingdom) Imp units upgrade to Familiars. I took the dictionary, looked up "imp", ok yeah little demon thing. and then familiar. It only listed the more common meaning too :-)
yeah it's,... a bit of a weird esoteric use of a word that usually means something more mundane
but I guess there are a few words like that?
and or ones that just have a bunch of different meanings that definitely aren't connected at all?
Yep. I can imagine IT being a really common source of this nowadays
With lots and lots and LOTS of things having figurative names based on more mundane everyday concepts
11:32 AM
The male/female-ness of cables/plugs is the one that has gotten the most response when I've explained it to someone
Generally in the lines of it being crude
11:55 AM
I take you've never had to kill a child
(okay, that's technically sensible computer lingo but certainly doesn't occur that often in practice)
12:10 PM
@kviiri Killing a child seems to be rare *n?x lingo, but 'killing the mother' (i.e. damaging or wearing out a motherboard to the point of being non-functional) seemed to come up from time to time for me.
Also, 'you got onto the dark side of [the] mother' = you opened the case on the wrong side and now you're only seeing the backside of the motherboard.
@vicky_molokh Killing things and children are both reasonably common but I have a hard time figuring an instance outside intentional comedy where the phrase "kill a child/children" might occur naturally as opposed to more descriptive wordings
@kviiri How about in serious advice to writers to not stick to their works as they made them? 'Kill your children' / 'strangle your darlings' = give your texts to editing and cut out stuff.
Yeah, true
12:32 PM
@kviiri or complained about some program failing to reap their children, leaving zombies shuffling about
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3:19 PM
A meagre 5 rep of 10k. So close.
3:50 PM
Q: What happens when Polymorph is cast on a creature already affected by Polymorph?

RykaraWhat happens when a caster casts Polymorph on a creature that is already Polymorphed by a different caster?

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5:07 PM
@BESW A far more imaginative and creative move than Mr Boothe chose.
@Shalvenay @Glazius My internet died for unknown reasons and I have no idea when it's coming back :/ (writing from my phone)
@ACuriousMind oof :/
5:49 PM
@vicky_molokh That was exactly my first thought. "I know you love your little babies. Well, it's time to kill your babies."
@nitsua60 Spiders have no angst over such a sentiment ... perhaps why Lolth was chosen for being an evil spidery goddess.
6:01 PM
@KorvinStarmast Also why she's such a good writer =)
@nitsua60 Yeah, best seller in old Menzo ...
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7:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (261): Does the appearance of a vampire remain the same forever? by Lucas Howard on rpg.SE
@SmokeDetector I know we shouldn't have a collection of funny spam, but we should and that should be on it
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8:23 PM
Game sale on itch.io: Beau's Big Bad Con Bundle. A bundle of some of Beau's biggest fan's works, for a killer price. Every penny raised goes toward getting Beau to Big Bad Con!
8:45 PM
Q: Can you cast bonus action and reaction spells while already casting a spell?

Addo OakwaldCan a bonus action or reaction spell be cast while already casting a spell with a casting time of more than one action? (If the bonus action or reaction spell is not a concentration spell.) I found this on D&D Beyond: Certain spells (including spells cast as rituals) require more time to cas...

1 hour later…
9:51 PM
'Loathe' is a verb, 'loath' is an adjective. I noticed 'loathe' used in a today-post where it should have been 'loath,' and fixed it. Curious, I searched for "loathe" and found that the first six results were all wrong. I'm not going to go crazy flooding the front page with these corrections, but I'll be cranking through them through the week. (I'm loath to leave them uncorrected.)
@nitsua60 Swing loath, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home ... no, that just doesn't work. not all adjectives fit next to others in sequence
Q: Does maintaining a spell with a longer casting time count as casting a spell?

Medix2The section on "Longer Casting Times" states: When you cast a spell with a casting time longer than a single action or reaction, you must spend your action each turn casting the spell... In trying to write an answer to the question "Can you cast bonus action and reaction spells while alread...

10:23 PM
Q: When, exactly, does the Rogue Scout get to use their Skirmisher ability?

K.L.R.As written, a Scout Rogue "can move up to half your speed as a reaction when an enemy ends its turn within 5 feet of you." What exactly constitutes when an enemy "ends its turn"? Does this mean the enemy gets to make their attack(s) before the Scout can use Skirmisher and move away?

11:10 PM
Update: For any of you interested in my Rolemaster Character Generator App:
It is progressing. It's a chore, as I can't find tables formatted in the way I'd like, and I keep changing how I' storing the data ... but ... progress :)
11:25 PM
@KorvinStarmast Regarding my Shillelagh question: I only wrote the weapon statblock so that it could facilitate the question about Shillelagh, not to actually try to adjudicate how to write a statblock for "Club, but with 2d4 for its damage instead of 1d4". So trying to hash out things like "is this a magic item?" "What rarity should it be if it is?" is way outside the scope of what I care about. The only reason I created a homebrew item was because I couldn't find an existing item.
@Xirema I appreciate that, however, I've been involved in a number of discussions here and on GiTP about the "steps" of weapons damage, and "light" + "2d4" does not fit the current structure of 5e weapons. David Coffron built a beautiful table of how a given attribute moves a weapon up or down a step, but we do not seem to have found the right question to append it to as an answer. You'd have done as well to ask about a 1d10 weapon, where the Great Club (simple, heavy, two handed) belongs.
IMO, it being 1d8 doesn't fit the patterns in the rest of the weapons table.
A two handed quarter staff does identical damage to it as written.

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