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1:16 AM
Request: (freebie. Not a commission, unless you want an insultingly low amount)
Looking for a pic for my next character. Rolemaster: low-mid fantasy.
Healer. Male. From the "Gothica" tribe. No weapons or armour. Grumpy.
Where might I find such a pic?
There was a time when I'd suggest looking through the wizards.com art galleries, because they've got collections of almost all the art in their D&D books, but archive.wizards.com seems to be broken again.
My (usually reliable) google-fu is failing me on this one
Try adding site:deviantart.com to your search.
ah, "site: deviantart.com" certainly helped! Several bare-chested images, but STR is my dump-stat ...
I remember something about a wizard with INT for a dump stat. Don't give him the scroll of ninth level fireball.
1:30 AM
Always like a pic for my PC. Helps me visualise them, get into character :)
Maybe I should try to draw the space lich then. Should be sufficiently striking.
....space lich?
(of the 4 PCs, 3 are probably STR dump-stat!)
The problem with trying to be a good-aligned lich is both sides want to kill you, so your odds for continued existence depend on getting off the planet.
@Joshua good-aligned lich? Didn't you sell you soul for power already?
1:38 AM
Yeah, but the buyer doesn't exist anymore.
ooh! nice loophole! Do you still get Teh Powah?
(What genre? a Fantasy Space Lich is very different to a C-Punk Space-Lich, or a space-opera space-lich)
It's supposed to be medieval tech level. Fabricate + decanter of endless water + Create bonfire for the win.
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2:53 AM
Q: The Shaman wandering spirit Lore's Arcane Enlightenment hex grants bonus arcane spells. Is there a spell level limit to what spells can be chosen?

Draven_BlackbladeThe Shaman wandering spirit Lore's Arcane Enlightenment hex grants bonus arcane spells. Is there a spell level limit to what spells can be chosen? The Arcane Enlightenment hex says: The shaman’s native intelligence grants her the ability to tap into arcane lore. The shaman can add a number...

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4:18 AM
@BlackSpike And now I have Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Power in the Blood" stuck in my head. Not that I'm complaining.
4:33 AM
Q: Does the Temple of the Gods spell nullify critical hits?

Medix2I am already aware of this other question "Can a Lore bard's Cutting Words feature cancel a critical hit?" And do not believe it answers my question as this spell specifically mentions the d20. The Temple of the Gods spell description states: Whenever it makes an attack roll, an ability che...

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5:52 AM
Q: Can an ally use your Shadow Blade without it dissipating?

Chris StarnesXanathar's Guide to Everything includes the spell shadow blade, which seems intended to be used only by the caster. It creates an actual weapon (XGtE, p. 164): You weave together threads of shadow to create a sword of solidified gloom in your hand. However, the spell also says: If you...

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8:57 AM
"Through the Wood" by AngryArtist113, a LARP for two people about being followed by a monster in the woods.
6 hours later…
2:59 PM
@BESW oh this could be nicely creepifying with the right person
5:04 PM
@Shalvenay @Glazius Are we playing today or did I forget/miss something?
@ACuriousMind I'm here for it.
@ACuriousMind I'll be there in a bit :)
5:51 PM
I did some math on the Durable Feat (5e-dnd) to determine how effective it is at with different Constitution modifiers and Hit Die Sizes. Does anybody think it would be helpful to open a question "How effective is the Durable feat?" and self answer it with my conclusions?
6:17 PM
@Joshua Use Vancian Magic the way Jack Vance wrote it. Magic's is hard, dangerous, and powerful in his mystical worlds.
3 hours later…
8:57 PM

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