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10:10 PM
Hello! o/
Lycaenops were carnivorous therapsids that lived during the Permian period. (Credit: Nobu Tamura)
oh tiny monster XD
@RafaelSantos also yes hello
@Yuuki miniman, trogdor, eimyr, mxy, wibbs used to pop in here a bit.... Was a time not too long ago this room was thick with ponies, too.
I see wibbs in here now
@nitsua60 Djinni are sapient beings, you know. Our intellect is at least the equal of humans.
10:20 PM
@Miniman Is your avatar a djinni? I didn't know =\
@nitsua60 I don't currently have an animal in here
@trogdor Looks to me like about four animals =)
@Miniman I thought you were a fox?
an onion boy, a winged angel that looks like a dragon, a scientist and her robot, a dragon who looks like a blue haired guy and a lady with wings
@nitsua60 ok cool everyone in here is an animal, glad we can agree
you get to be animal, you get to be animal, you all get to be animal
Wibbs is definitely the most intimidating, though.
10:22 PM
@nitsua60 also you forgot the moose
@trogdor I prefer my life as a geometric pattern
@trogdor Viva la evolución!
@GreySage too bad, the sheep says we have no choice
@trogdor I see a Rubik's cube with antlers. I assumed it was some ill-conceived crafts project.
sorry sheep, you lost control of it, it is beyond you now
everyone be sure to pick up your new animal identification cards for free rewards
10:26 PM
here you go, enjoy
10:43 PM
is anyone here playing FF15?
You might be thinking of a different kind of RPG.

 The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein there is not currently a moderato...
No, i am not, i am just chatting!
ff15 is about as on topic as what we spend half our time talking about 👌
@RafaelSantos we get a number of people confusing us for being a site about video game RPGs, so i think Yuuki was just being dilligent :)
i haven't been playing FF15 but I have some friends who are having fun with it.
Never got ff series, but I'm neck deep in Witcher 3 right now
@doppelgreener hey, how do i send an image?
10:56 PM
Final Fantasy's not really a series, I would say.
Like maybe an anthology.
But not a series.
@RafaelSantos Well, first you have to prepare your spell list.
@NautArch i just bought the season pass on a ps4 promotion, it's the next in line after ff15!
@Yuuki that's a pretty apt description, yeah. there's nothing serial about it, but it's an anthology of comparable games.
And it's a 3rd-level spell so you probably won't have access until 5th level.
@doppelgreener I mean, there's a few that are sequels to others.
10:57 PM
i do not have the upload button!
@RafaelSantos I probably would play it if I had a ps4
But by and large, the main numbered entries are not related.
@doppelgreener hee
@RafaelSantos how do you typically send text then?
@trogdor IIRC, image upload in chat is restricted by rep.
aaaaahhh ok
10:59 PM
@RafaelSantos hm, i wonder why it'd be missing for you.
i have just the send button (or i press Enter)!
if you're on mobile chat there is no upload button
oh yeah that too
I am on my phone in here sometimes and it isn't there during those times
> What other new privileges in chat do I get?
At 100 reputation you also get access to the "Upload image" button in chat.
And according to their profile, @RafaelSantos has 65 rep.
cool ok solved then
just has to get a bit more rep
11:00 PM
And not be on mobile.
@Yuuki ooh. thanks!
You could always use Imgur to upload an image and then link to the image in chat.
post awesome answers for that last 35 rep ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
11:04 PM
i wish i could, but imgur for some weird reason is one of the blocked sites my work!
https://d-mac.deviantart.com/art/Kobold-Gumshoe-181830496 @doppelgreener your dino pic reminded me this kobold!
@RafaelSantos that's an excellent kobold!!! (@trogdor)
@RafaelSantos Probably because it's literally just a bunch of images and chatting.
d-mac is the best "kobold artist" out there hahahaha!
the dino in question is Doctor Dinosaur of Atomic Robo, who is insane and/or a genius and claims to come from the distant past, although the main character theorises they're just a lab experiment gone wrong because Doctor Dinosaur is not even anatomically accurate, he doesn't even have feathers
@doppelgreener i would love to post awesome answers, but i get shy to do it because English is not my main language!
11:07 PM
@doppelgreener Well, not all dinosaurs had feathers.
@Yuuki the raptors did though!
"Manly Guys Doing Manly Things" is a webcomic with cute and fluffy feathered raptors hahaha!
Now if Doctor Dinosaur was a sauropod...
would we ever get a Jurassic Park with dino feathers?
They actually talked about that in the newest one.
tl;dr people expect dinosaurs without feathers so the park engineers made purposefully inaccurate dinosaurs because that's what people pay to see
11:11 PM
that actually sound really realistic plot wise... humans are greedy machines!
It's an interesting commentary on the movie itself.
Given that most Jurassic Park fans and critics didn't really like it or give it good reviews, but it still broke box office records, IIRC.
@Yuuki that lampshade explanation was pretty funny
this is what i'm expecting for the third movie!
hey there @RafaelSantos @Yuuki @SoraTamashii @ACuriousMind
whats up!
11:18 PM
not a whole lot, as for you?
they should use all that dinosaur hype to make a "Dinosaucers" movie, it would be awsome hahahaha!
stil waiting for the producers of the "fast and furios" to make some "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors", "M.A.S.K" or "Pole Position"!
do you people have in your country people who call themselves "professional DM" and try to charge to run games?
11:35 PM
@RafaelSantos occasionally? I'd think that's mostly for conventions, playtesting, and such though, where someone might hire them outright to run a table
not occasionally, i can get an organization hiring people to run games at a convention!
but on those people try to charge normal groups of players!
odd. I don't really know of that around here
well... brazilians are inventive on the subject of scamming people out of their money...
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@goodguy5 OK, if you felt that edit was a poor one, please revert it or re edit. DPR is a commonly used term, but I can see your point.
Hey Shal.
11:39 PM
@KorvinStarmast how're things going?
@Shalvenay I don't think I'll be reading any more shipwreck reports for about a week. Just had that crash in Iran that I am followoing ...
@KorvinStarmast ah. well, I suggested the Saputi to give you something on a less heavy note (a success story, if you will), but I did hear about the mess in Iran as well.
@RafaelSantos I've seen a fair bit of discussion of it in a Facebook group I'm in. They've been in UK, USA. I'm guessing there's probably some in most countries.
I am browsing questions, so more or less AFK in chat for a bit.
@Adeptus and what is your opinion?
11:43 PM
Q: How do you compensate your game master?

blueberryfieldsIt's fairly common to see games (especially D&D) choose someone as the bullet-swallower - one player becomes the emulation engine on which the game runs. The bait is the ability to take charge of the game, and be the rule arbitrator, referee and otherwise master of the game. The price is a signif...

Q: Should a GM seek to share costs?

KyxsuneAfter the release of D&D 5e and reading through all the advice on the exchange me and a couple of friends decided to start running weekly sessions, I paid for most of the initial materials (map, books, dice) so we have the basic materials to start. Now the extra costs are starting to arise, min...

@RafaelSantos Personally, I wouldn't pay a DM. But I've always played with friends. If someone has the books for a system, but someone else wants to run it, they just borrow the books. So the cost and effort are spread voluntarily.
@BESW is it your hope that we get those reopened, or were those just reference links?
Reference links.
Ah. There's some good stuff in each, but I see why they were closed.
sharing the cost is one thing, but when you straight up go to charging to run the games (around $15 for player) I think it creates an unhealthy unbalance in "power", since the "customers" will want specific things and rewards since he is paying for it!
11:52 PM
I don't think it's something that can have a universal "good" or "bad" attached to it. Ultimately a group's success hinges on the health of its social dynamic and there are some scenarios where monetary compensation for a GM can make sense and ease social tensions rather than cause them.
What works for one party might not work for another - It's all about finding what works for you
In most cases I'd look at it very askance, yes. But if it works for the group I won't tell them to stop doing something that works for them.
@KorvinStarmast -- oh btw: on a different note: on WB.SE, did you see the reply to your comment re: conscripts in the IJA in that alt-history question that had the IJA trying to march down Canada?
In my case, one group would bring me snacks, another would be a "BYO drinks" situation (which I would occasionally chip in with an extra 6 pack for the GM), and another GM actually prefers Tonic water!
Jun 25 '15 at 13:25, by BESW
Remember the Golden Rule of Gaming: Provided everyone is safe and happy, there is no wrong way to play.
11:54 PM
All of those are along the same line of "Bring food/drink"
Dec 6 '12 at 13:28, by BESW
I guess I feel very strongly that there is no wrong way to play an RPG provided you and your group are safe and happy doing it. There can be not as intended and not in accordance with theory and not traditional and all kinds of other criticisms that all boil down to not the way I want to play. But if I'm not in the group I've got no right to say it's a wrong way to play.
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