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12:04 AM
Ah spam invasions, how nice
1:02 AM
Students writing @EvilHatOfficial FAE adventure: Disney princesses with a script flip: Sleeping Beauty invades your dreams while she sleeps.
@BESW My favorite of his is the "ever-North chariot." A differential in the axle feeds into a dial-indicator on the chariot that always points in the same direction as you initially set it, even as the chariot turns under it. (For approximate values of 'always.')
So awesome.
ICYMI: New 4-packs of Fate dice in both Fire and glow-in-the-dark Midnight varieties release December 4th! You'll be able to get these through your FLGS or direct from us in just a few weeks. MSRP: $6.
1:21 AM
Now they just need to make some that actually BURNINATE
They are going in the right direction though
1:43 AM
> Hijacker. You get +2 on all rolls to use a vehicle you stole.
> Drive it like you stole it. When using a stolen vehicle, you can ignore 2 stress by narrating how the vehicle is put out of commission by the attack.
2:01 AM
@BESW those are such heartless stunts XD
> Cover. What Cover? When you give your real name to a target while on a secret mission, you get armor:2 against all social attacks from that target for the rest of the scene.
Sorry buddy I need that plus 2 so your car is mine now
2:17 AM
> The Gump. Once per session you can reveal that you were low-key involved in a famous event in order to justify placing two free invokes on an existing aspect.
That one sounds like work
Justifying the relationship between the event and the aspect
That's the fun part!
But yeah, not a stunt for everybody.
2:34 AM
It's a good stunt
And this is a stunt-on-request I made for a friend:
> Just like in the movies. Once per session your character can choose a specialized skill and act as if they have training in it for the rest of the session. However, you can be compelled to get it wrong because you're just doing what you've seen on TV.
That's a good one
That is a good one
hey there @HadesHerald
2:42 AM
how're things going?
Good, blasting I Fight Dragons, studying, and waiting for my players to come online
And thinking about what I want to change my avatar too
What are you up to?
Also for cantrips cast by cats, should I call them Cattrips or Catechisms?
Kittychisms, obviously.
Perfect, thanks
Don't you mean puuuuurrrrrrfect?
Oh, I am slain. sarcasm
2:52 AM
That's baaaaaaad, troggy.
I already have that scripted
@HadesHerald not a whole lot at all. waiting to see how folks' schedules work out for continuing a dungeon run
@BESW I am amused
2:54 AM
@BESW who dat?
@nitsua60 yeah I get that a lot
@HadesHerald that is Catwoman
Which era of bat man?
Eartha Kitt as Catwoman in the Adam West Batman show.
In a batman show which I forgot the name of
There you go that one yeah
Cause that looks creepily like the character I planned on being the pseudo-crazy cat lady
2:55 AM
Earth Kitt is best Catwoman.
She also has the best cat name for it too
Although if you want a cat lady visual, this one's also pretty solid:
The CCL in my game is actually just the owner of a pet shop.
2:59 AM
Though the Tarot lady I was thinking about would look good as this
I'm just about to start a game of Call of Catthulhu if you couldn't tell
It was that, or Secrets of Cats.
Secrets of Cats?
Yeah I was sure it was secret of cats myself
3:05 AM
I was tempted to call the cat cantrips just catnips but it didn't seem like a real suggestion
Yeah, and considering that Catnip consumption is definitely a part of a number of larger rituals...
That is great XD
That doing Psychedelics enhances one's ability to effect an psychic overlay?
or something else?
create catastrophe?
3:15 AM
Stop using my scripted puns!
different category, then?
Just specifically taking a psycodelic that works way better on cats would fuel cuthulionic cat rituals
Sort of?
Sorry cathulionic rituals
They can be cathartic, I've heard.
3:17 AM
I kinda took artistic license with the setting, so not all rituals are strictly evil
Ok really. This is real bad, I'll get tired of my own puns before I tell them :|
The cat puns will continue until meow improves
@HadesHerald take a catnap if you get tired.
Seriously, do I need to sick the Meow'Gi on you?
I think if we keep this up, he might go catatonic
that, or he'll be chasing his own tail trying to keep up :)
He might be feline-ing a bit annoyed.
3:22 AM
I feel like we're entering the long tail of these puns....
I'm out
Cat-flap, or do you need one of us to get the door?
fur heaven's sake, as it were?
hey agin @Yuuki
You mean "I meowt"
3:24 AM
@Shalvenay Hello.
@Yuuki how're things going?
So-so, I guess. Trying to figure out a good breakfast food.
Oatmeal tasted all right, but I think the milk's not good for me.
Currently attempting rice porridge/gruel but I'm gonna need some additions.
alright here. how goes the returning-to-normal process?
3:25 AM
Preserved pork, maybe some pickled mustard greens.
@Shalvenay Well, still living out of a hotel room.
Starting to feel like the new normal.
I think we're hoping to get walls done by the end of the year so we can move back in.
@Yuuki Ouch. What happened?
@JoelHarmon Water happened. A lot of water.
Enough that the city subsided by about 2 cm apparently.
Can you do coco powder or peanut butter?
@Yuuki If you're doing some of the repairs yourself, don't forget about the home repair SE.
And that drywall is covered with paper (aka cellulose) and if it gets any kind of mold in there while wet, the only way to get it out permanently is full replacement.
incidentally, that's why bathrooms should be at least partially done with concrete board.
@Yuuki So... has the city just co-opted some hotels or something?
Or is everyone just on their own to figure it all out?
3:31 AM
@nitsua60 Well, FEMA is paying for it supposedly.
Although it's TBD as to how long the hotel comping will last.
Which, as you imagine, makes things because I don't know whether we're going to have pack our stuff and leave at the end of the week or not.
Oh, question: What's ya'lls' favorite dungeon sketcher program?
@Yuuki ugh.
@HadesHerald currently: mipui.net/app
@Yuuki On the plus side, you have a roof and food, and haven't recently mentioned anyone getting hurt.
@HadesHerald I like chessex
@JoelHarmon Yeah, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.
It's written by a chatizen going by @ oak. But I strongly prefer paper to working digitally.
3:36 AM
I suppose I could see printing off a map, but I find something very satisfying about the tactile aspect of a battle mat. The ability to edit on the fly is great.
@JoelHarmon Yeah, I got one of those for when I play irl with people, but they're kinda hard to plan 3-4 floors/locations of adventure on :P
Plus you can supplement with things like a small pile of paper squares to indicate the chickens, pigs, and sheep the players used to add confusion to an ambush.
@HadesHerald I've had good success using quarters of the map to represent different floors in a building, and/or "this floor is like that one, but the center rooms are missing in favor of X"
@JoelHarmon [squints]
@JoelHarmon Huh. Mine usually gets pulled out when I need to illustrate a fight scene.
@nitsua60 Since the party was planning an ambush in a city, I let them pick features of the surroundings (what kind of shops, etc.) and do some basic prep for it. They chose to ambush a caravan of three carts by putting two carts of their own in nearby alleys, then box them in. The carts were full of various farm animals to be released into the streets as a diversion.
Still an all-time favorite D&D moment. Particularly after the halfling crawled under one of the carts, then the wizard polymorphed him into an elephant.
@HadesHerald I recommend using them for city maps as well, and sometimes important buildings.
3:40 AM
@JoelHarmon polymorph is such a silly spell
@JoelHarmon Then where do I store all these flipping maps? is ocd pre-planner and usually has 6-7 large, important maps pre-made
@HadesHerald at least it's just polymorph and not shapechange
@HadesHerald For important re-usable maps like a city that you need to save between sessios, I'd use paper. A battle mat can stain if you leave it on too long
@JoelHarmon is there some sort of large-format graph-paper one can get?
If you have more storage space than you need for a binder or folder, you can consider going to an art supply store to buy a roll of paper
@Shalvenay I haven't looked, as 1-2 battle mats has always been sufficient for me. I'd guess that there's some kind of draftsman/draughtsman supply company that would sell you something like that
3:45 AM
@nitsua60 big, but neat
I mean, 25x30 is the size of my smaller chessex. When I want paper, though (which is a lot of the time) I use those large sheets you get 100-in-a-pack for $5 from a moving/packing company. Perfect to scribble all over, roll up, tear, &c.
4:18 AM
Some of you who are D&D AL players may find this WOTC survey on it worth filling out. (They're also asking for people who haven't AL'd to fill it out.)
hey there @Ash
@CTWind thanks for bringing it to my attention =)
4:49 AM
Man we have a lot of preserved stars up on the star bar right now
ugh .. just realised why a particular behaviour from a certain GM sounds so familiar. He'd often joke about, but then would also follow through claiming he warned us, and rules are rules, and that's what the die rolled. Any time he's called on this contradiction and caught out in an impossible set up he'd fall back to "I was just joking".
Bullying 101.
That does sound especially toxic
@trogdor yeah... I was thinking of removing my "looking for players" one, but I didn't put it there.... I thought they aged off after a week anyway?
"Your PCs can do anything"
"If your PCs decamp from the Village of Mary Sue's to that castle you found, they all become NPCs because this campaign is all about the story of VoMS"
5:09 AM
@nitsua60 do you already have all the players you need for it?
And yeah I don't know how long they stick around for I was just commenting on it
To be fair I don't see any reason at all to remove any yet
I just have not seen so many in a while
I thought it's just the most recent (out of all 7,980 historical) ... and so we just need some new ones to bump out the older
@trogdor I have enough interest expressed that I'm confident we'll clear the bar for minimum players. Why, you bored on Sunday mornings?
@Erics the ones that are all white in the middle are preserved ones actually
@nitsua60 to be honest I have been contemplating joining that
Oh ... didn't notice they're white. That's a mod thing?
@Erics the ones with the black outlined are "pinned" by a room owner or a moderator. They and the hoi polloi stars live by different rules.
5:18 AM
But I don't know how well it will fit my timezone
They're white or yellow internally based on whether you've starred them.
Oh yeah I forgot
We'd be ending by now, but on Sunday morning, not Tuesday morning =)
starting ~3.5 hours ago
Do you daylight-save?
Your Sunday though, right?
My saturday night, your sunday morning
5:20 AM
You can have two geek nights a night! (Just: one's halfway across the world.)
That seems like it would work for me yeah
It would also be the first time I ever tried out 5th edition D&D
@nitsua60 technically not night for me either
Pretty sure pins last two weeks.
Ah OK that exaplains that then
Is there a d&d version ruleset that provides guidance on modifying monster stats by reconfiguring the balance of their stats? For example, take a typical ogre, subtract points from HD and AC and add points to Damage ... to make a "glass jaw" or "glass cannon" version.
5:26 AM
@nitsua60 uh,... If I do I forget every time
@Erics for a particular edition or.....?
There's nothing in 1e or 2e (which is what I'm familiar with), but I'm vaguely familiar with the concept and wondering if there are other rulesets I could plunder from.
Well I do remember 4e having some tools for that
But not all of them were part of the pfficail ruleset
@trogdor interest... noted.
I've also seen mention of archetypes on mobs in 5e (Sniper, Brute, etc) but don't know if that's just flair, narrative/behavioural, or even if they terms are defined. Googling for those terms isn't helpful.
(Will keep you informed--first rumblngs of activity/organizing likely in December.)
5:31 AM
You could either change a monsters type to get its stats to be more like what you wanted, or use a homebrew set of rules to balance those stats better
By end game you kinda needed to do the second one, during the time our group was playing it at least
@nitsua60 OK cool
Pretty excited
@Erics 4e had that kind of thing too, in 4e those governed the role of the monsters and dictated both what kind of abilities they would have and what stat distributions they got
Brutes had higher HP and damage but had lower defences
Snipers had mostly ranged abilities and good damage with most likely lower HP and defences
There were also skirmishers which were characterized by abilities that let them get in and out of melee a lot
I think they basically had lower HP but higher damage
This Angry Article also mentions Ambushers but also says these 4e ideas were reduced/simplified in 5e ?
I have no 5e experience
See, I don't even have a complete list of archetype labels to be inspired by.
So no idea there
Skirmishers could have build points moved from health/attack into movement abilities.
5:50 AM
And yeah there were also defenders, supports, and ambushers
And soldiers, I think unless those were just the defendy ones
Ambushers would, I guess, have more attack capability in exchange for lower health and lower movement?
6:32 AM
as I recall they actually traded most stats in order to do really good damage to someone they had been able to sneak up to
they were focused on the first hit of the fight
burst damage dependent on getting the ambush done right
and then maybe some ability to try to get back into stealth or something
pretty sure they sacrificed a lot of hp and defense for that
hmmph, really thinking of finding a different group now .. around our table significant time is lost in combat converting die roll to AC hit (mental arithmetic not strong points here), so i worked up a tweaked version of our PC sheet that listed out AC 0–10 with boxes to write the relevant number. GM response: "We have mandated character sheets, so .. no."
@trogdor yes, this sounds like the key design point for that archetype
6:50 AM
Would it be ok to post a "thank you" question in Meta?
Basically I want to say thanks to the community for the way this stack is run. We keep answers and questions on topic and well organized. I've seen too many things in other stacks that are endless list generation questions, unmarked duplicates, non-answers, or even comments or answers that ignore details blatantly described in the question itself. We don't do that here, and I appreciate it.
7:12 AM
@Erics Is there some kind of cheat sheet y'all could have on the table that might speed things up? Even if it's not on the character sheet itself...
7:23 AM
@inthemanual I'm on mobile currently and was wondering what your avatar is
@HadesHerald It's the album art to Keizsa's Hideaway. I like her music and I like the graphic, so i've been using it as an avatar in a few places.
If you can't see it clearly, it's her lifting the top of her head, exposing the Empire State Building inside.
7:42 AM
Yeah, I just googled it. Kinda weird, not gonna lie
@inthemanual the tweaked version was a compiliation of sticky notes and other pencilled alterations. Can continue using that mess.
8:28 AM
This is relephant to my interests:
The elephant bird was a huge flightless bird native to Madagascar. It was 3 metres tall & became extinct 1000 years ago. (Photos: @Yale)
8:59 AM
Um... Hey*... followed by a sneeze
@trogdor Cat puns? Seriously? I hate cat puns. I'm not even kitten you.
@Ben It's a furocious offense, and he escaped punishment by barely a whisker.
Good to know there are systems in place to keep these things under control. Purrfect.
9:33 AM
@Ben there were plenty of other people joining in, I can't help but notice you only pick on me for this you dog :P
Well yours was the only one that was starred. Stop blaming me for being ruff
I know, and I don't want to brag but I may have been one of the fuuuuurrrrrrst instigators
I am rather curious why that particular one got starred but I won't complain about being on the star bar for a little bit
It pushed out my "Raining Barbarians" :P
it did?
I thought that was still there when it got on the bar
my star bar here is much shorter though
I can only see the reserved stars
depends what size your window is I guess
9:44 AM
this is a laptop and the one at work is the biggest tower screen I have ever seen
other than re-purposed TV screens
Ah Yup. That'd be it
And yeah, It'd probably be those ones that pushes it out anyway :P
But no matter
Mathematical DM's challenge #3: what dice roll will give me an average of 12
10:14 AM
@kviiri That's what will give me that average? or are you testing? Lol
@Ben That gives you the desired average.
Ok cool :)
A handy property of expected values is that they're linear, so you can just sum expected values of single dice to get the expected value for a roll (in this case, 2 * 4.5 = 9)
10:49 AM
@Ben I'm in, like, nine rooms. So that pushes my star bar down even further.
11:07 AM
11:31 AM
that might be part of it for me too
unless you mean specifically stack rooms cause I am only in two of those
but if you mean tabs then yeah I have a few open
ok so you mean stack rooms
nevermind that then
@BESW i'm reading this as a calm reference to the hive mind's omnipresence
or, nine room presence, in this case
I took two rooms off the list a few days ago, even!
@BESW this is an intervention
11:45 AM
I need a synonym for "Smite"
I have an ability similar to divine smite. But instead of dealing radiant damage, it's bringing down the roof
And I think that's it
"Bringing down the Roof" lol
But if someone could think of a more appropriate name that'd be good
Basically it's a possessed zombie with ambient powers
what is it doing to bring the roof down?
"Smite" has a judgemental implication, of chastisement or punishment.
@trogdor "Rarrgh!" [Raises hands... pulls roof down with some unnatural power granted to him through the ambience of demons]
@BESW So perhaps something along the lines of inflicting it on others
"It" being pain and torment
Not Pennywise. To be clear
11:50 AM
Well, does bringing down the roof have any restrictions about who it can target or why it's being used?
Not particularly. It's generally aimed at the party, but there is no intentional restriction on it hitting the other zombies
> It's horrible! Once per adventure you can spend a fate point and designate a target. That target will be stalked by Pennywise until you use this stunt again.
@Ben so sorta demonic energy
@trogdor Sort of. Yeah.
Infernal Crumbling maybe?
11:53 AM
I like the infernal part
Infernal... Torment?
Infernal Structural Attrition
the roof can feel torment?
@kviiri Infernal Building Code Violations
@doppelspooker Are the violations infernal, or the building code?
11:54 AM
Or maybe something along the lines of infliction. I'd say "Hellish Infliction", but "Hellish" is already taken
And we all know how well they've handled ambiguity in 5e
When I was a kid, I used to make my own scenarios for Heroes of Might and Magic III in hopes of sharing them online at some point. I already was pretty good at English, but I occasionally mixed up some words... like "infernal" vs "inferior".
And you should Always Avoid Alliteration.
"How can you possibly hope to defeat our inferior army?"
That in itself is it's own tool. "Did he say inferior? Really? Like, he just gave away that his army is inferior compared to ours? We have this in the bag!"
@Ben Demonic Demolition
11:58 AM
"Oh no... He obviously met something else! RUN AWAY!"
@kviiri nice XD
@kviiri I like it
how can you possibly fight our inferior demolition army
@trogdor I think that in itself is an oxymoron. Which you can use to your advantage, get the drop on them while they're confused!
@trogdor The inferior demolition army retracts at the first sign of tangerine!
(okay, I was nowhere near THAT bad...)
12:04 PM
I imagine not yeah
Question. Would you say an "AoE" of 10ft would be too big?
@Ben 10 feet radius? Diameter?
Game balance or cinematics-wise?
@kviiri Balance
12:09 PM
@Ben DnD 5e?
Cos the way I see it is 5ft is just one "square", which is usally going to only be one PC
And yes
10 feet radius attack isn't too big by game terms. For example the second-level spell Shatter is 10-foot sphere.
It is formidable, but not in itself OP.
That's what I'm after. I want it to hit more than one PC, but it's only a level 1 fight
12:20 PM
I'd recommend you to keep the damage down, then. Level 1's die easily.
@Erics On the one hand, "rules are rules" and "that's what the die rolled" are objective standards to maintain a fair game. The DM has the responsibility to fairly accept what the die say, but also has the superpower to sometimes decide when a die roll is called for in the first place.
And possibly waive the usual "single damage roll" rule for AoE, as doing so reduces the risk of everyone suffering serious damage.
@Erics That said, this looks to be very toxic, and the old saw "no gaming is better than bad gaming" makes me inclined to say you should consider either leaving or trying to gracefully oust the DM.
@JoelHarmon One of my major GM pet peeves is people who say they are "impartial" and "fair" because they let the dice decide. As if letting the dice decide isn't a choice in itself.
But it's an honest mistake and an easy one to make - new GMs in particular often have little guidance on how to do their thing.
The way I'm doing it is a (fairly easy) Dex save. On a successful save, half damage
12:25 PM
@kviiri For me, the realization came when I finally really understood that I was the one calling for the dice to be rolled.
Rolls are rolls, but when the DM sometimes sticks to the roll and other times waives or fudges then you have a toxic dynamic.
D&D 3.5's loosey-goosey relationship with skill triggers set the stage for that realization, and 4e's skill challenges hammered it home.
A fair bit of "Nah, no die roll needed this time. Nor this time." followed by "Oh, I'm gonna roll this time contrary to the established expectation, and the roll is the roll" ... yeh, nah, bad.
@Erics It'd be more of a situational decision. For example doing something for cinematic effect, vs an actual situation where everyone has input
@kviiri Both?
12:29 PM
@Ben E's talking about personal experience, I believe.
@BESW .... was that wordplay with "he's"?
@inthemanual You may be interested in this meta-question, which gives a counterpoint to your view: rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7249/…
No, I have an IRL history of calling Erics "E."
@inthemanual \o/!
12:31 PM
I don't mind situational rolls-or-not. Like if it's very obvious it will be a non-event, or serves no story purposes (i.e. just a mechanic that slows things down). Rolling when it's a pivotal story/narrative is also OK.
@BESW oh, ok :)
Like J calling guys K and girls O, so when he sees a couple he's like "OK!"
I watched MIB3 recently lol
One of the reasons Apocalypse World clicked for me, but I realized it only ages after I first played it, is that it makes the rolls open in all ways. It's obvious to the player why are we rolling, when the roll is successful, partially successful or failed, and what are the outcomes for each - except for failure, which is often left for the GM to decide.
@eimyr Hi!
12:34 PM
@Ben 1d17 also has an average of 9.
@kviiri Also, because it frees from having to/takes away the god-given right to/avoids the need to set arbitrary difficulty thresholds by the GM.
@eimyr Yep, that ties in neatly. I understand that some people have difficulty adjusting to that part, though.
@kviiri A lot of difficulty.
Even among designers.
I'm increasingly fond of games where my players can go "Wait, why do we need a GM? Oh, right, to do the funny voices."
12:37 PM
Sounds like me alright.
It takes some introspection and analytical thought to realise in PbtA the choices you may/must make on success/partial success/fail define the difficulty through the severity of consequences.
There's also the "hard stuff --> more moves" doctrine, but it isn't easy to make work right.
@eimyr Hmm, maybe that's what I was struggling with in @nitsua60's campaign.
It goes too easily into "you failed a single roll, back to square one with you!"
@BESW I think that's true in many systems, but not all. In the ones where it's false, the DM has much more leeway in deciding the outcome anyway. (Powered by the Apocalypse comes to mind here)
12:41 PM
@kviiri "moves escalate and lead to more moves until they become interesting"
@BESW Perhaps? I didn't know you played one
@JoelHarmon Yes and no. Plenty of games take the scenario out of the GM's hands partially or entirely.
@eimyr 'bout a year ago, Nits ran a Discord game of Dungeon World for a few of us, as part of helping VI find RPGs she could use comfortably with limited sight.
@BESW (I keep reading VI as "virtual intelligence" and getting amazed every time)
@BESW And you didn't like it, I suppose?
It felt... unpredictable, like I never knew what kind of risk I was taking with an action.
When I played Night Witches I had this realisation that I can solve a problem in this way using this move but I will risk making these choices OR I can find a different approach.
On reflection, I think that's exactly it--I didn't have a sense that the outcomes of a failed roll would match the action taken according to my sense of proportion.
12:45 PM
@JoelHarmon In Apocalypse World, compared to DnD, I'd say the GM is far more constrained in the broad strokes while more empowered in the minute details of the scene.
And it also helps explain why I was a little more comfortable running a PbtA game, even though it was with a system that failed quite miserably at explaining itself to a PbtA newbie.
and then I looked at it and went: huh, so going into enemy fire means that I definitely get one of these 4 bad things and possibly more... welp, makes sense in a war drama
A player seizes by force and chooses to "impress, dismay or terrify" their enemy - the GM has to respect that, but gets to choose how the character in question works when shaken to that degree.
@kviiri one comment: Defy Danger
@eimyr That's the Dungeon World equivalent for "act under fire", right?
12:49 PM
Yep, except it's not bound to one stat.
@kviiri I think so, but I'm not sure if it's 1:1 port
I never really have learned to run or play Dungeon World enjoyably
@kviiri It assumes you want to play D&D a lot. For me that's a challenge.
@eimyr IIRC it's reasonably 1:1 apart from having the player being able to use any stat (depending on narrative).
@eimyr Yup.
Speaking of the devil, I'm running Apocalypse World to four of my friends tomorrow. Only one has prior experience with it
@eimyr For me, that's the thing that makes it good for “I don't play D&D, but…”, and therefore a decent PbtA starting point for people who might not otherwise play non-D&D games
12:54 PM
@PascalIv [wave]
@Anaphory I'd play 13th Age flying the same flag.
"I'd like to get the D&D experience but I don't want to have to play D&D"
13th Age is still very much a D&D-like experience mechanically, it's not so great as a gateway system.
Yeah, I think you have to really shake people up with something that defies all the conventions they're used to ;)
@BESW oh.
That's what worked for me, at least!
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