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11:01 PM
hey there @Trish and @NautArch
@Zachiel that answer is,.... ridiculous (note I am not saying it is wrong, but wtf rolling multiple times if it takes multiple turns? wtf is that? the answer is that it's ridiculous) XD
The constant goblin dissing was... SO fun!
I'm sorry, Trish :(
The world is not as good as I'd like it.
@BESW it seems I mis-remembered when 4e powers are rolled to recharge
@Zachiel pourqui? I mean, sure, the world is a BAD place, but I warned the player "do you really want to play the Goblin archetype? Goblins are the bottom of the barrel, just a tad above orcs.
11:06 PM
possibly because of how ridiculous the rule is
@Trish Carrot and Angua?
@Zachiel if you mean the question: if you want to self answer, answer your question in the same form :P
@GreySage YEP. or at least a cameo of them
Howdy @Shalvenay
@NautArch what's up?
and hey there @GreySage
@Shalvenay slightly stresses. Son has to have surgery on his broken arm tomorrow.
11:10 PM
@NautArch aww
@Trish I think I failed to do that. I'm twice as sorry.
@trogdor I had three dargons recharge 3 breaths in their first round, and once again on the second (recharge 5-6). At least it was a challenging encounter.
@Zachiel I think that would be one of my complaints with 4e, they didn't bother to tighten up stuff like that
like seriously, recharging your power every round on a die roll? you gotta make everything more random?
to be fair, there are other recharge modes,.... but that also shows that they knew how to design other recharge modes and didn't need such a weird one
but who knows, I may be the only person all that bothered by that
@trogdor I would at least have had "recharge 5-6 in the first round, if you fail to recharge it becomes recharge 3-4-5-6" and so on
makes a certain amount of sense yeah
these are typically solo or boss creatures that recharge stuff anyway
these things are, usually, really strong to begin with
I have had problems with "recharge once bloodied" when I could not find a meaningful use of the power before the monster got bloodied.
11:18 PM
that is fair, but like
that seems like more of a criticism of the power itself than it's recharge mechanic
I have had that issue myself, to be clear
I was fond of "recharge on miss," myself.
that one is pretty cool too
make sure it has a chance to hit but don't just destroy the PC's by using it literally every round
Morning all
11:22 PM
And after that rant on PoW I end up answering a PoW question anyway
Exile me from this mortal coil
@Lord_Gareth [lays down a portable hole on the floor]
There you go
@Lord_Gareth Amen. And goodnight to me.
A few times I played with chained recharges.
hey there @Nyoze
and @Ben too
Awesome Power X is recharged by using average Power Y which is recharged by using utility power Z.
With the right flavor it gave a good "charging up my lasers" feel.
11:30 PM
@Lord_Gareth should point out I'm not trying to be a butthead. :)
You're fine man
Relentless angry sarcasm is kinda my brand
It's nice to know I'm not alone haha
@BESW When you recommended me Edward Espe's “Tassajara Cooking” some time ago, did you mean “Complete Tassajara Cookbook”?
(And Hi everyone else!)
hey there @Anaphory
@Ben how're things going btw?
Slowly. Ironically enough
11:37 PM
@Shalvenay Hi! I did not see you in the list, otherwise I'd have pinged you personally.
My plate is overfull, yet I am getting nothing done.
@Ben ah. would you be up for helping me playtest a 5e dungeon sometime in the near future?
Perhaps :) What's the theme?
@Ben minotaur's labryinth with a twist ;) make a 5th and a 7th level char for this
Ohh interesting...
I'm working on a dungeon myself... apparently it's a "Mega-Dungeon"... multiple levels, played over multiple sessions
11:51 PM
Speaking of angst re book publishing... my wife is currently having a mini meltdown over finding errors in the PDF proof of her 3rd book. She wants to have a box ordered before a local con on the 18th, and the window where we can use the not-ludicrous-priced shipping is becoming rather narrow
What's stopping you from ordering it now?
We don't want to print something with errors in it. We could skip the physical proof, but she wants to check the colour of the cover (first one was darker than expected)
step 1, approve pdf proof. step 2 (optional), approve physical proof. step 3, order proper books.
Ah right. So there's a bit of a process in fixing the errors first - which involves time; which you don't really have if you want to avoid ludicrous delivery costs.
I follow
yep. should be ok still, but time is getting tight
Don't forget to breathe! Hyperventilating is not breathing! Haha
Seriously though, I hope it works out :)
11:59 PM
thanks :)
So, who wants to join me in a 5e monster-making challenge?
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