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12:43 AM
hey there @Ryan and @ThomasWard
how're things going?
they're going
but they're going.
aww :/ what's wrong?
plumbing problems.
12:44 AM
sick so drinking hot tea and reading up on the differences between Wizards and Sorcerors and some of the background stuff in D&D
how are you?
@ThomasWard what sort? :/
@Ryan -- OK here
Srsly, nitsua? That's the contribution you're going to make to discourse?
@nitsua60 baaaaaad
@Shalvenay [feels sheepish]
hey there @Papayaman1000
12:50 AM
Hey. Been lurking on and off. Totally unrelated to an earlier meta-tangent in here, but I've been working on a JS random insult generator.
It gives in insult in the form of "[Command] [action] [subject], you [one or more adjectives] [term for you]!"
Example: "Go slap a duck, you spineless 'special' snowflake!"
That is not directed at anyone
And is cobbled together exclusively from included generator words that won't get me tempbanned again
Are any of the parts optional, or will it always follow that structure?
I.e. could it also generate "slap a duck, you spineless special snowflake" and "you spineless special snowflake"?
@Shalvenay clogged drains heh
It will occasionally replace an [action] with 'grow a [anatomy object]', and may have multiple adjectives, but that's it.
Will be live as soon as I remember how to initialize jQuery
@ThomasWard ...of course. people base their deductions of plumbing reliability on drains, when they're actually one of the most failure-prone parts of the plumbing system
@Shalvenay I see your drains and raise you my toilet tanks.
12:57 AM
@BESW yeah, toilet tanks are not great for reliability either
@BESW I see your raised toilet tanks, raise my own, and get a stronger flush out of the deal.
[envy] I live in a rental.
speaking of plumbing -- I'm a bit miffed at the water utility rules where I'm at -- if you want a fire sprinkler system on a combination service, you need to have separate shutoffs for the fire and domestic branches, and the domestic side shutoff needs to be outside. considering our bury depth for freezeproofing is oh, 5'
that's a rather tall order
That doesn't seem... let's say practical.
Is that where you get the little (4") cap you have to take off and stick the special long-shafted tool down the pipe to crank the shutoff?
1:06 AM
@Shalvenay Major clog though - like we need plumbers out tonight/tomorrow and digging up the main pipes to replace them and get the cracked root-filled pipes away
not pretty
@ThomasWard oof. was at my grandparents' once when their sewer lateral collapsed
well thankfully it's not collapsed, it's just clogged. They'll have to snake the line likely to clear it, but also replace
so i am kinda screwed the next several days
At least freezeproofing isn't something we have to worry about. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, sure, but freezing isn't a problem.
@nitsua60 are you referring to the curb stop? yeah, another one of those might be needed. (it doesn't help that they require a separate shutoff for the fire branch, and that has to be supervised either by an alarm or locking it open)
@BESW yeah, you can't exactly go to the hardware store and just buy a curb stop off the shelf.
On the other hand, I grew up at the top of a hill where they tapped our pipe into the main line at the top of the main.
1:10 AM
All this talk about plumbers and I'm reminded how unreliable mine is
He never keeps schedule, but he's cheap, so he'll stay with the party as a hireling for a while yet
And the meter was installed wrong, so the instant the water pressure dropped in the main, we'd suck or blow air.
@BESW oh dear. I'd call that a water emergency on par with a broken water main, due to the backsiphonage hazard it poses...
Sometimes our monthly bill had us owing thousands of dollars for air; sometimes it showed negative water use.
Took at least five years to get it resolved.
Not least because nobody believed us.
@BESW WTF sort of incompetents do you have there?
@Shalvenay a lot
1:14 AM
Welcome to 1990s Guam infrastructure: underpaid, understaffed, overburdened, and riddled with nepotism.
@BESW sounds like a recipe for dysfunction junction
hrmmm... ^^
[*cough* *cough*]
our billing processes are not always great, we also have water bills that look like electric bills, and electric bills that look like water bills sometimes
those are gems :/
@trogdor Sounds like playing Monopoly with a lunatic.
A lot of individual workers were very good at their jobs, but the bureaucracy was awful and the infrastructure itself was bad enough that they were effectively just putting out the worst of the fires.
1:15 AM
@nitsua60 that is a great description
It's better than it was, but that's like saying the bar is on the ground instead of in a trench: it's still a low bar to hurdle and you still might trip trying.
@BESW yeah -- a terrible bureaucracy can overwhelm even the brightest individual efforts
@trogdor (I had a head start: I just taught my child to play Monopoly the other week.)
@nitsua60 why are you doing this thing?
Monopoly is fun, but I would only play it with a computer anymore
other people and Monopoly doesn't mix well for me
@nitsua60 Real Monopoly, or house-ruled-to-be-boring-instead-of-cutthroat Monopoly?
1:20 AM
:( My sister doesn't want to do a duet.
Makes sense, I guess, she originally wanted to play because of friends.
@BESW If by "real" you mean to include auctions, exclude free-parking shenanigans, then yes, real.
hey there @Yuuki
Watch a movie with her?
how're things going?
1:21 AM
Yeah, mostly including the rule that if the person who lands on an unowned property declines to buy it, the property then gets auctioned off to the rest of the players.
Speaking of which, @BESW I had a double-header suggestion in mind for you. Harvey, followed by its sequel, Donnie Darko.
@BESW yeah the handheld Monopoly thing I had used these rules, it was great XD
speeds things up nicely
what is this nighmare? what is this!?!?!!?
@BESW It's obviously ridiculous, but it has me curious how they'd play as mates? And they're both good enough that it's not like you're losing anything by watching both in one night =)
1:24 AM
I haven't actually seen either, and will have to review them to see if they'd be suitable for my audience.
Horror walks a fine line with us between "Yey, delicious!" and "NOPE."
(I think it's one reason we like horror RPGs; we get to keep our hand on the reins.)
@undergroundmonorail Hi!
For those who don't know, Harvey is a feel-good B&W classic in which Jimmy Stewart walks around with an imaginary 6-foot tall rabbit-friend. Donnie Darko... has a rabbit too.
Are rules questions about Unearthed Arcana stuff allowed here or should I wait until (if ever) they're put into a real book
@undergroundmonorail Go for it.
Cool thanks
1:26 AM
@BESW um,.. I have seen Donnie Darko, and it is real weird
I wasn't sure because they're sort of a beta
if I understand correctly, at least
@undergroundmonorail If it's about how the rule's written there shouldn't be any problem. If it's about how something plays, there may be fewer people who've tried it so an answer might be longer in coming. But certainly on-topic.
@nitsua60 the similarity ends there
most definitively XD
Yeah, it's "does RAW allow this" so it hopefully shouldn't be a problem
Thank you :)
@undergroundmonorail We've got a lot already! And we handle beta stuff pretty well as a general rule--so long as it's not a closed beta with an NDA, of course.
1:27 AM
@trogdor I dunno... Jimmy Stewart and Jake Gyllenhall share that sort of "aw, shucks" everyman quality. And Donnie Darko's so dimly-lit it might as well be B&W =)
@nitsua60 I really don't think anything but the fact that there is a rabbit is in any way similar in these two comparisons
Almost done with the insult generator! Just debugging a couple minor issues and I'll link it! [Warning: Insults generated not likely safe for work/chat. User discretion is advised.]
From what I know of Donnie Darko, I'd be tempted to pair it with spoiler.
@nitsua60 I see you haven't watched Nightcrawler.
He is disturbingly creepy in that movie.
@nitsua60 Original, or Director's Cut?
1:38 AM
I don't know. It's been a decade or so since I've seen it. I've been too disturbed to go back to that well. But you totally should!
I've done the dirty deed. Page design is just jerry-rigged to get it out there. Redundancy in the insult likely virtually guaranteed after a few generations. Here it is.
@Yuuki True, that I haven't seen it. True that Jake can totally pull off chillingly-creepy.
I just generated a five-adjective insult featuring "misogynistic" twice in a row. I'm proud of this pet project, for taking an hour.
@BESW from what little I know about that, those might fit together,... strangely enough
@Papayaman1000 Okay. Well you did warn us =)
1:40 AM
to be fair, I don't know how confusing the other one gets, but Donnie Darko confused the heck out of me
I even looked up the plot after I watched it, and still couldn't make out what the hell was supposed to be happening at the end
@nitsua60 My personal favorite insult-noun is "bucket of autism". As an autistic person, the only reason using autistic as an insult is because I don't like being dragged down and compared to the likes of those it's being applied to.
@Papayaman1000 I will say,... it seems to me to be applied too broadly
I don't really like the idea of it being used as an insult though,.....
Also, every adjective beyond the first has a 50% chance of being added (failure halts the process)
@trogdor Fair enough. This isn't exactly meant to be polite, y'know.
that is fair enough
not going to bite your head off about it
@Papayaman1000 check out this linguistics contest problem if you want to lose a few more hours playing with insult-sentence structures.
1:43 AM
Inspired by the end of each segment of Brain Dump, "Burnbot's [probably not] Randomly Generated Insult of the Week", which all have a certain pattern to them
...I kind of feel like finding a way to turn these things into a Code Golf.
Or something.
Hmm, do most major golfing languages support JSON?
okay, posted my first rpg.se question. let's hope i don't get torn apart
@Papayaman1000 ppcg is my main site and i don't think so, but i don't actually use golfing languages ever so i don't know for sure
Actually, eh. I'll just let 'em make their own list for each category and not count it towards the bytes.
@undergroundmonorail Mind if I ask a question about that?
@undergroundmonorail By the by, if you could link us to said question?
@nitsua60 about what?
Q: Does the Lore Mastery Arcane Tradition let me have my Unseen Servant fetch things from farther away?

undergroundmonorailLore Mastery (as described in the Warlock and Wizard Unearthed Arcana document) grants this ability at Wizard level 6: Alchemical Casting At 6th level, you learn to augment spells in a variety of ways. When you cast a spell with a spell slot, you can expend one additional spell slot to a...

1:47 AM
The statement you just made.
it's just a joke because i know stack exchange has a high standard of quality, and i'm inexperienced here so far all i know i'm breaking a hundred rules
i wasn't being super serious
[face/palm] Hey, @trogdor, that Evil Hat package we ordered? Fred just emailed me: it's back in Indiana.
but if you would like to ask a question, shoot i guess
@BESW mail fail :/
Why is "let's hope I don't get torn apart" your reaction to posting your first question? I ask because we're currently doing a "community check-in" on meta, and the experience of new users is always a topic of concern/debate.
But I think you've already answered my question =)
1:48 AM
ah :)
Looks like the USPS just didn't put a slip in my box saying I could pick it up, and I neglected to ask Evil Hat for the tracking number so I just thought it was on The Slow Boat.
So it got returned to them after two weeks.
@undergroundmonorail -- you got my upvote at least
thanks :P
In other news, I got a text today from an unrecognized number:
"If I roll 2d10 what are the odds that at least one of them will be a 5 or a 10?"

My responses, in order:
"Who is this?"

I'm apparently doing *something* right in life.
1:53 AM
if i'm being perfectly honest i'm only asking because i'm in a discord rp server that takes place in the world of a dnd podcast that i listen to, and the common rooms (where most of the actual roleplaying takes place) are more than 60 feet from the dorms
also my character's only level 2 so it won't even be available to me for a while
With that, I'm heading out.
@BESW thanks USPS, you are just sooooo gooood
If you have a minute, take a look at the community check-in on meta. Read, vote, comment, answer, it all helps.
@BESW ^^ pin-worthy?
1:54 AM
2:05 AM
@trogdor I thought it was just me, because I missed the first 15-20 minutes! I sort of understood some of what was going on, but not entirely...
@BESW ... of milk? Or beer?
Of star.
(Don't spill it, the stain will never come out.)
2:36 AM
@Adeptus I don't think too many people just caught everything in the first watch
and if they did they are lying, in my opinion XD
@nitsua60 Ok, this one comes with a lot of caveats. It's time between first comment and question closure, not first comment and first close vote. It only works on questions that are still closed. There's no way to judge what rep the user had when they asked, so it just gives the user's current rep. (Good for finding users who abandoned the site, at least.)
Most importantly, it's first comment that hasn't been deleted since.
Oh yeah, and time in minutes, if that wasn't obvious.
3:11 AM
Ebert gave the theatrical release of Donnie Darko 2.5 stars, and the Director's Cut 3 stars, saying:
> I'm no closer to being able to explain the film's events than I was after seeing the 2001 version, which was about 20 minutes shorter. The difference is, that doesn't bother me so much.
The Romance Trilogy is available now in hardcover & softcover via @DriveThruRPG PDF is included!… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/851781996007358464
3:28 AM
whew! wrote up an answer on the check-in meta that's probably way too long and retreads some ground (and probably could do with having a few meta questions spun off it), but I hope it helps :)
3:40 AM
hey there @JuneShores
how're things going?
@JuneShores Straw.
Going alright.
Scheduling my week. I dropped the ball during my big move.
oops, well...if that's the worst thing that gets lost during your big move, you're doing pretty well
@Shalvenay pfft
3:45 AM
Well, I'm still looking for a job.
That's kind of a situation at the moment. Otherwise, yeah, I'm doing OK.
Oof, jobs.
@JuneShores ah...what sort of job, and where?
@JuneShores My sympathies - that always sucks.
...Sometimes I think a regular salaried job might be nice.
@Shalvenay Food service, design, or writing in Colorado, around Fort Collins.
3:50 AM
sadly, can't really help you much there
Thanks though.
> Variant: Tarrasquadillo

> As if the description of the Tarrasque is not already horrifying enough, some rumors hold that the Tarrasque is capable of curling into a ball and moving by rolling, crushing all underneath it. When the Tarrasque takes the dash action, it can curl into a ball at the beginning of its movement and roll to its destination. Any huge or smaller creature in a space occupied by the Tarrasque during its movement must succeed on a DC20 Dexterity saving throw or take 20d6 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. On a successful save, a creature takes half of the damage an
...I once had a friend guest-RP an NPC, and he brought a hermit crab which wandered across the map during the villainous monologue.
@BESW Buying and selling items with much higher gold limits than any other NPC in the world?
3:56 AM
Mostly just knocking over the minis.
Given this was the emo lich who orchestrated a thousand-year war just so he'd be left alone, and made clay ashtrays out of the powder from disintegrating trespassers, we decided he actually DID have a pet hermit crab. It was also undead, and it was his only friend.
It took me way too long to realise that you were talking about your friend bringing an actual physical hermit crab to the game.
@Miniman But it was just so much more PERFECT!
there's a dragon plushie for sale at my local grocery store -- part of me wants to buy it and have it just to bring to a table I'm DMing to stand in for a dragon mini haha
And of course there's the Wombat of Discourse.
(I think I'll call it "Teovanth" after @nitsua60's gold wyrmling ;)
4:06 AM
@Shalvenay I think it was brass, or copper? The one that's playful and tends to live in seaside caves.
@nitsua60 oh, it might have been haha
I always recall gold for some odd reason
but yes -- Teovanth the cuddly plushie dragon ;)
@Shalvenay Did you ever find the treasury? Heck, did you ever get out of there? I can't recall.
@nitsua60 That's bronze, isn't it?
@nitsua60 we did get out
@Miniman bronzes are seafarers, but also quite warlike
(pirates hate 'em)
@Shalvenay Yeah, I just remembered that they're the dragon which likes the sea.
4:08 AM
@Miniman That's a mixture of copper and brass, right? =)
@nitsua60 Yep, definitely. Just ask @Shalvenay , he'll tell you :P
@Miniman yeah, it's why I chose the whole island-princess-seafarer thing for Jherala, given her bronze heritage
@Shalvenay I have my kids' old bath-toy of Nemo's turtle-friend I pull out when dragon turtle's called for:
can anyone help me find Tuggy's "flip the bit" post?
(or am I just making that up, that tuggy has a good post either on our meta or on meta.SE that talks about bit-flipping?)
4:18 AM
@nitsua60 I'm not finding it...what do you mean by "flip the bit"?
@nitsua60 Nvm, I think you're thinking of this one.
having one early experience with someone that gives you an impression--perhaps wrong--that's really "sticky."
@Miniman absolutely, yes, thanks.
(I was leaving out "bozo")
@nitsua60 I... think you may have a copy-paste problem with your first link in that comment.
That little Squirt certainly is a Dora bowl =)
But the discussion was getting a little contentious/pointed, so perhaps injecting--dare I say "Squirt"ing?--a little levity into it wasn't the worst.
4:29 AM
@nitsua60 I'm halfway through your community post on help-piles, and I really like that you refer to this chat as a "back-room cabal".
@DuckTapeAl In fairness, he didn't come up with it - we were accused a while back.
@Shalvenay on your "replace Waxy" answer, the latter part where you call out a few others by name who might be good replacements feels a little off. It's like you're "pre-nominating" them or something. I think the answer would read better if it just focused on the viewpoint you think could use some advocacy/expertise, not the people who might provide it.
4:45 AM
Especially given that nominations start in like, a week.
Although I have to admit that I'm really curious to see who's going to put their hand up.
@Miniman When does TrollBourne/FeedTheTroll get off their suspension?
@nitsua60 Well, December 22nd, but discussing suspensions is sort of discouraged.
maxima mea culpa
I think I missed a lot of the suspension stuff as it happened. The first I really heard about it was Mxy's answer to the How are we doing? question.
4:51 AM
@nitsua60 It's not like it's banned or anything, and I think what's really frowned on is discussing why someone was suspended, but it's something to keep in mind.
@DuckTapeAl Suspension is designed to be low-key, and is mostly only noticeable when the cause of the suspension was so truly epic we notice when it stops.
@DuckTapeAl I don't think there's that much to talk about. If you happened to be active one or two days, during the "right" (?) five-hour windows, you might have seen some flareups.
@DuckTapeAl We are totally a back-room cabal. It's in the pamphlet and everything!
That all makes sense, but when I see that 1 rep on the profile of someone I've had long arguments with, my curiousity flares up. :P
@SevenSidedDie Hi!
4:55 AM
@Miniman Good day/evening/solar situation!
And a pleasant hurtling through the void to you as well.
@SevenSidedDie As long as you happened to drop in when we were talking about it, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the above. (Talking about suspensions, I mean)
Good [time-of-day] to you, too
good [insert local time here] to everybody
Happy space, everyone!
4:59 AM
@DuckTapeAl Space is pretty sweet.
@DuckTapeAl Happy Space would be a good name for a band childcare centre.
@SevenSidedDie I hadn't realised it, but you're totally right:
[mind blown]
@Miniman Yeah. There aren't any hard and fast rules, generally. Gossiping is generally frowned on, but mostly because it creates and unhealthy atmosphere. On the other hand, accounts like Mr. Troll's that exist only to attack the community are something of an exception because discussing that kind of thing isn't as unhealthy. It's really contextual. Erring on the side of not discussing is probably good, but not to the extent of tying our hands in practical ways.
5:01 AM
@BESW Like, whoa, man.
@SevenSidedDie Was Trollbourne the sockpuppet Mxy mentioned?
was their actual name here "Trollbourne" ?
Space Candy is apparently also the name of a band.
@DuckTapeAl I think so. I would have counted more than one, but the other I'm thinking of may yet sort themselves out and become a productive member. Troll Borne may yet also turn around and rejoin us in harmony. But yes, their concerted effort at being disruptive with multiple accounts was pretty calmly "meh"ed at by the community, so I think that's who mxyz is referring to.
I will encourage us to avoid gossip and backbiting about suspensions on the grounds that being suspended doesn't give us leave to stop Being Nice about a person.
5:09 AM
@BESW It's a rule to live by. It's topical to the election even: when dealing even with the most troublesome account holders with active intervention, as mods we are charged with maintaining Be Nice on our side of the interactions. Speak on the activity, rather than the person, etc.
For a couple of days now, I've been struggling to work out how to express my regret that a particular user is currently suspended.
@SevenSidedDie [sniff] The community grows up so... well, okay, not "fast," but you get the idea.
@BESW I know! It's a great sense of pride* I get when I look over the site and see something being well taken care of already. (* Pride being not quite the right word because it's got a weird ownership connotation.)
I think pride is the right word for expressing happiness at the quality of a thing that you built with a bunch of other people.
Certainly I think the mods, as part of the community, were/are an integral part of the community's growth.
5:23 AM
@Miniman I can understand hesitating, because it could so easily start a conversation with curious people wondering who/what/why/when/where/how and speculating. I'm not sure how to navigate that; I think it's okay to say as much, if it's possible while avoiding starting a rumour mill. I think given your hesitation, you're likely to err conservatively. :)
@BESW It's a pretty great community we've got here.
@SevenSidedDie [waits for someone to slouch in and say, "be a real shame if anything happened to it."]
@SevenSidedDie Essentially, it's just a shame that one of our most vocal (and most active on meta) users is suspended just as we're looking for feedback.
So, I was re-writing my profile to include a list of the systems that I've played, and I realized that we have no questions about W.H.A.T., and the only mention of the system I can find on the site is an offhand remark I made about it in a question a while back.
@DuckTapeAl What system is that?
Have any of you ever heard of the system World of Heroes and Tyrants?
Here's their website, circa 2002: guildofblades.com/what.html
5:25 AM
@Miniman *nods* It's unfortunate timing. :/
I've vaguely heard of WHAT, but I don't know anything about what WHAT is.
(wot wot.)
It's basically a classless high fantasy game.
But nearly every mechanic that I'm aware of is really weird in some way.
@DuckTapeAl Ah, that explains why it's not talked about on the site. We try to keep it classy around here.
@DuckTapeAl That movie was awesome, and sadly underappreciated.
5:30 AM
I don't actually know what that's from.
I just found it on imgur one day, and into my reaction gif folder it went.
@DuckTapeAl The Pirates
(Subtitle seems to vary)
Just looking at the cast list makes me want to watch it.
Martin Freeman? Anton Yelchin? BRIAN BLESSED?
"(Subtitle Seems to Vary)" would be a good name for a contentious collaboration album.
It's a good movie
Does it get 13/10 stars?
5:33 AM
5:44 AM
In my reaction gif folder, that one is right next to the drum one.
I know I've mentioned it before, but the ability to add extra dupes to a closed-as-dupe question is just awesome.
@BESW be a shame if something BUNINATED to it,... no? not working for you? ok I tried
@trogdor BURNINATION always works for me.
Do they call tag deletion burnination on other stacks? Or is that an RPG.SE thing?
I am sure it is used on some and not on others
5:55 AM
even within single stacks, it most likely depends on the people saying it and what mood they might be in
@BESW That's exactly the link I was about to paste :)
@Miniman yoink!
BURNINATE is the best word, after all
@BESW Wait, you can steal the contents of my clipboard over the Internet? Excuse me a moment, I have to run a quick antivirus scan.
5:57 AM
why not use it for everything that makes sense?
@trogdor Because that would BURNINATE our ability to distinguish exactly what sense it was being used in.
but I am not saying to use BURNINATE for everything, just for everything else
what is so bad about that? :P
BURNINATE is being used inconsistently, maybe we should BURNINATE it?
@DuckTapeAl But if we BURNINATE BURNINATE, how will we BURNINATE in future?
We'll have to temporarily un-BURNINATE BURNINATE, of course.
6:01 AM
you can't BURNINATE BURNINATE, it's physically impossible, I tried it before
Trying to BURNINATE BURNINATE just produces a BURNINATE that's on BURNINATION.
then it BURNINATES the countryside, and that job is taken
6:17 AM
rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/97932/… Bleh, I swear I remember reading somewhere that they were printed in Volo's so that they'd appear in an official sourcebook rather than just in the supplement, but I can't find where I read that/remember if it was just third party speculation.
@CTWind That...actually sounds pretty familiar.
I might see if I can find it once I get hom.
6:48 AM
Well, now that those answers are in, hopefully I'll have that RAW bronze badge when I wake up. :) Good night, all!
@DuckTapeAl Cya!
2 hours later…
9:01 AM
I've been looking into some different comics series, and here's a panel for you:
(From Image Comics' "The Manhattan Projects" by Jonathan Hickman.)
9:35 AM
I really hope this guy rides a cow into battle.
Anyone wants 200 fake internet points? rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/97675/…
2 hours later…
11:21 AM
@Miniman SEDE request: "good answer" badge answers ranked by number of downvotes in decreasing order.
11:32 AM
@eimyr naaaa, ditv...
@nitsua60 done
12:17 PM
@Miniman Thankee kindly.
12:44 PM
well, daaang. had our penultimate battle in our years-long campaign yesterday. GM made a custom boss/lair that was pretty sweet.
was a ton of fun. Sort of a gelatinous cube thing with a hive mind and little annoying minions. Had lots of cool legendary/lair effects of displacing us, smashing our ethereal bits together, etc.
of course just as the big bad enters, I critically fumble with a 94% (had a chance to reroll and rolled a 96%). DM was pretty damn kind considering our rules and I ended up in a bit of the environment that I fell into head first. Sticky/gooey honeycomb type stuff and stunned.
DM said I felt empty space on the other side. So, given that I had lost my light source and I had no idea what was inside (but my character has a head injury that I play as a hindrance), decided the only choice was to go through it and see what's there.
"Smashing Ethereal Bits" is either a reunion tour for dead rockers or the Halloween episode for one of those YouTube channels where guys get hit in the junk.
What's there was a 100' drop. And I forgot I had a parachute. So yeah - falling damage.

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