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5:09 PM
@eimyr what is a dF?
fate/fudge dice I think
so, it's not a real die?
it is a real die.
@LegendaryDude Define “real die”!
5:13 PM
beat me to it
I see
seems similar to the dice used in
Betrayal at House on the Hill
They are not called fudge dice because they are fudged (as in faked); they are called fudge dice because they were popularised alongside the FUDGE roleplaying game from the 90's.
those dice have only 0s, 1s, and 2 s
5:14 PM
Yep, but minus one.
Fudge dice are typically d6's wth a minus, blank, and plus on two sides each, representing the values -1, 0, and +1.
Yeah, similarily trinary as in the BaHotH dice
just different values used to represent the states
In Fate, a FUDGE-family game, rolls are always 4dF, which produces a particular bell curve. The curve is centered on +0 being the most common result, with ~88% of rolls ranging between -2 and +2.
This small curve makes your character skills have heavy influence on the outcome of a roll (someone with a +1 will have an extremely hard time competing with someone with a +4) and also ties in nicely with the fact that +2 has a specific value as a building block of the system.
got get those tags through teamwork as well
5:22 PM
"What is that strange die?" "To understand it, you first need to learn the way of the Fate toolkit, my young apprentice..."
Yeah, I can see how having a +2 to a roll with that type of curve can really skew your results, or especially a +4, with no chance of getting a < 0 result
Yeah. It's quite different, to, say, rolling a d20 with a +5 in the relevant skill. Are you going to do well? Who knows! Are you going to do better than the person who invested in getting that skill up to +15? There's a pretty solid chance you will!
Yeah, there's a lot less certainty and a lot more "gray area" in a d20 + n curve than what is essentially a 4d3
Plus, who doesn't love rolling multiple dice all the time?
5:27 PM
@Adam I love it. It's so fun.
Play Fate! Every dice roll is a fistful of dice!
(Well, four. But that's approximately a fistful.)
Depends on the number of dice, there is such a thing as too many! (looking at you, cWoD)
One fistful. Just the one. Definitely not two.
Also we have a little bit of room to play around with our dice since we're rolling 4dF. Atomic Robo has a stunt that does something special if your dice roll has exactly three of the same faces shown (e.g. + + + 0, but not + + + +), and a stunt called "There are no rules!" which has you replace one of the dice with a d6, just the once.
There's a Weapons/Armor variant that makes each + in your roll count for extra damage, or extra damage reduction, when you're attacking someone.
4 is enough dice that youre like wow, such dice, many rolls, but not soo much that you are dropping a wave of dice onto the table, rolling onto the floor, knocking minis away before their tide
Shadowrun has the way too many d6s problem
certain builds in D&D have that issue too
Yes. And same with PFRPG.
A friend of mine in the last PF game I ran made a specialized magus who, under the right circumstances, could roll 40d6 damage on a shocking grasp. :|
Granted, it was about the only thing he could do well, but man did he do it well.
Perhaps it's just my naivete, but I think rolling that many dice would be freaking awesome. Counting them all would suck really bad though.
Like, I would roll 40d6 on my own time, but just use a dice roller during the actual game
5:40 PM
Yeah, for those situations we used a dice-roller
@adam the big number it puts out is fun but the actual mechanics of rolling not so much
especially when you don't even have enough dice at the table to roll them all
The mechanical action of throwing dice, in any quantity is where the fun is
eventually he bought a pack of 36 12mm d6s
very tiny, hard to read, and even harder to find when you drop them on the floor
so we stuck with the dice roller
@Adam its not an unbounded good
also the charm of rolling 40d6s fades fst
5:46 PM
Hello everyone! I need a help.
I need a Suddenly Ogres tune to make it a recognizable theme for my players.
Actually, two helps would be nice! With raspberry flavour!
@JoshuaAslanSmith I bet it would, but I've yet to play a game that's made it that far. The most I've ever rolled was 4d6. Most of the guys I play with end up taking breaks or swapping campaigns around right at the cusp of the really cool stuff.
In a link I gave above with article about GM tricks author shows funny and interesting example with blatant and sudden putting ogres in the game. When I discussed things and tricks that I like in DW with my player I mentioned this joke and it instantly become his favourite joke.
I think about picking a good music score for ogres. It should be suitable for energetic action.
And in the end I want it to be recognizable for players as "Sudden Ogres Theme".
Any thoughts and links to soundcloud or simmilar service will be appreciated! :)
@RollingFeles Is there a particular style you aim for? I tend to play anything from dungeon folk/dungeon synth to heavy metal to stoner/doom metal and sometimes even black metal for my games. I can think of a number of songs suitable for ogres, but what I would recommend really depends on the tone you're going for.
Also, I pretty much just use Youtube because it's the easiest thing to very quickly find what I'm looking for and it's easy to make playlists
Plus I find Youtube's recommendation system is actually really great at finding similar things and I can almost always click a new song/video and get what I'm expecting
5:57 PM
@RollingFeles I would totally use the Orc music from the hobbit animated movie
Anything that would suit action that will follow with sudden ogre appearance and something that would be memorable. Style is not important, but I would like it to be more applicable for fantasy, so I want less obvious electronic tunes.
@LegendaryDude Thanks for advice!
@JoshuaAslanSmith hey, I can't even remember it. I definitely will check it out. Thanks!
sadly he words "goblin town" are in it
but like that sort of style seems appropriate for a "fun" recurring Dungeon World thing
That's actually awesome! Yeah, style is great and fun :)
yeah listen to the whole soundtrack its very dungeon world-y I feel
I will. Thanks again! :) That's great suggestion and I'm surely will play with it. But I will gladly hear other suggestions too!
6:02 PM
general pro-tip on DMing with music, if you're ever at a loss for what to play just type "dungeon synth" into youtube and pick one with a picture you think fits what you're looking for
it almost always works out
I will add youtube search result for "dungeon synth" to my "DW" bookmark folder right now :)
There is actually a youtube channel called "Dungeon Synth Archives" with something like 230 obscure DS albums from the mid-90s to the present
Yeah, I found it :) First result actually.
6:08 PM
lol now I have a bunch of Blind guardian stuck in my head which I dont think actually works as background music
@JoshuaAslanSmith Really depends on what you're going for, I'm known for playing Iron Maiden during combats. I'd play Blind Guardian at like, a particularly triumphant moment
Yeah, I have several great tracks in my memory, which is more a ballads in their own right, than a bg music for a game. And Blind Guardian is one of the first things that came up in my mind :)
My most favorite dungeon synth album, and it's particularly spooky, is this youtube.com/watch?v=0gUFVefSrn4
It's a perfect match for Curse of Strahd, which I've been running since September-ish
That's damn spooky. The more I listen the more tension I have.
oooh like maybe some castlevania soundtracks
6:14 PM
Castlevania OST is great, I have used it in our Fury of Dracula board game nights
I will probably use some of it when my players get to Ravenloft
6:47 PM
Bunches of old questions are being bumped to the front page.
@Adam someone is probably editing them for clarity/grammar
Ah! Of course. why didn't that occur to me :p
7:00 PM
I do a pass like once or twice a year on my old stuff
7:15 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith A pass to find useful material or to find things you want to purge?
/me was just forced by circumstances to sell over 3/4 of his RPG collection
I made about $900, but still hurt to see a lot of it go
7:32 PM
@Canageek referring to my rpg.se questions and answers to edit them for better readability
@JoshuaAslanSmith Ahhh, I should probably do that, I've got one or two. But the site has mostly moved to rules questions from what I can see, which I'm no longer good enough to answer. Was a rules guru in the 3.0 days, but don't have the obsessive focus to memorize entire rule books anymore.
8:18 PM
Super pleasant newbie experience I just had: user comes in from another site, leaves an answer that was a genuine attempt to be helpful, but they didn't know about our system tagging practices, so it was effectively not-an-answer regarding the game involved. I fill them in on their tagging practices, they say thanks, they clean up by deleting their answer while I was halfway through writing a comment to inform them that might need to happen. I hope I see them around again.
@doppelgreener I saw that too! Good work!
@doppelgreener Saw that. Great jorb. :D
aw shucks :'D
Guess who just dropped by for a Tunnels and Trolls question; rpg.stackexchange.com/a/92978/22566
Ken St Andre
I love the internet for reasons like that
I'll never forget the day I discovered the Gary Gygax thread on enworld, I spent three hours reading his responses to all the various questions he received
Of course it was super sad when I got to the end of the thread :'(
8:44 PM
@doppelgreener I feel so bad for the user whose question you just edited rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/92968/…
Yeah that kinda sucks, but he did pretty much verbatim ask for "how should I play this" as a matter of peoples' opinions.
People handled him as well as they could, I think.
@Adam I rewrote it in such a way I think it's OK now, and hits the target you were after as best we can ask for.
Additionally since he's coming from an OD&D and AD&D background, players of those editions might understand very well where he's coming from in terms of game expectations from the class.
It's a site policy issue. He's a big poster on some of the other SE sites. If he just stopped into the chat room, we could give him a couple brainstormy ideas and he'd be on his way, with the only difference being the little bit of rep that didn't go around.
I don't understand his complaint, re: "Seems like every time I come here with a question, I get told it's not appropriate."
He has only asked two questions
This new one, and the one about spears not doing bludgeoning damage by default
@LegendaryDude he's been a member on this site for nearly 3 years; I suspect there's previous ones which were deleted.
Ah, I suppose that's possible
Do closed/on-hold questions get auto-deleted after a period oftime?
And does rep associated with them go away when that happens?
Also, his previous question, although well received, probably went through a round of critique in its first revision, since it was effectively asking people to propose whatever reasons they think might be the case. It drew five close votes, too, and that probably didn't happen without comment discussions.
Yes, his first question was closed and re-opened, but his comment indicated that he had been told his questions didn't fit many times (not the twice that is visible on his profile)
@BESW Yeah. Notably a question with any positive-scored answers will never get auto-deleted, except in the case of migration.
@trogdor I'm not inclined to put this on the pin, but here, have a Journey to the West RPG.
I don't disagree that the question should be put on hold, and potentially never reopened, I just hate seeing users that don't quite get it.
8:59 PM
Nicely commented, @SevenSidedDie.
@nitsua60 another proposed site motto: "RPG.se is a hammer, but not every question is a nail."
@LegendaryDude I think you and I upvoted that comment simultaneously. (Or I've unlocked a secret privilege, where it upvote a comment and its score increments by +2.)
@BESW I agree! (@SevenSidedDie)
@LegendaryDude Twice can easily feel like "many times" for the person it happens to.
@BESW Oh absolutely, yeah. I felt that way when I was learning the ropes of RPG.SE. "Why does everyone hate me and every stupid question I ask?!"
9:08 PM
I was very lucky to start the site by answering a question that didn't hit BS/GS, and from there my natural tendency to boast about my players does me in good stead for answers, but I still struggle with asking questions sometimes.
I spent a solid 2 or 3 weeks just looking at the workings of the site before I signed up. I was afraid of the dreaded "on-hold" banner.
@BESW Do you remember that kickstarter that planned content for every game? I sent them a question asking them what their plans were for targeting Fate Core and Apocalypse World, and received a fairly well-educated response. (They were, in fact, aware of the sheer breadth of the landscape, calling out themselves that there were thousands of games!)
They even did some playtesting in Fate Core.
@doppelgreener Itherverse?
9:10 PM
@LegendaryDude Yep
@LegendaryDude The very same.
9:36 PM
Hmm... is there some metphor badge that @SevenSidedDie is going for today? =D
"Why delete comments?" "To keep sightlines clear for when the troll army encroaches!"
Turns out that @SevenSidedDie actually has several seven sided dice right by the computer which are rolled to determine the metaphor of the day.
@nitsua60 Would that there was such a badger! I'll have to settle for the warmth of satisfaction. :)
@BESW Thank you!
There's your badger @SevenSidedDie
@Adam It does look very warm. Is it named Satisfaction?
How about a honey badger?
9:45 PM
It's your badger, you can name it whatever you like!
@Adam my theory on SSD:
Jun 3 '16 at 2:05, by nitsua60
Turns out he's the dodecahedron from The Phantom Tollbooth, but five of the faces have been worn off from parenting: "Happy", "Patient", "Nervous", "Stern Correction", and "Twelve-Second Vacation While She's Buckled In And You're Walking To The Driver's Side" are all gone!
I'll endorse a Phantom Tollbooth reference.
@nitsua60 That 12-second vacation is the best.
@SevenSidedDie I think that's stolen--and greatly whitewashed--from Louis CK.
But it changed my life. Not only do I give myself permission to take that vacation when I'm feeling the need, I make a habit of taking it even if I don't feel the need.
@nitsua60 The best lesson parenthood has taught me is that time management must include good things for oneself, not just all the stuff that needs doing. Taking care of the personal infrastructure deliberately, not just hoping it fits into the cracks, is important for being able to do that stuff!
10:00 PM
@SevenSidedDie [over the shoulder] Can't hear you! I'm driving off to "game night"! [fading away] It's my "me time...."
10:54 PM
Morning all.
I have a quick question, about an answer on a question.
I asked this question a while ago, about the possibility of wielding a 2-hand weapon in one hand.
Someone has recently posted this answer, which I feel doesn't answer the question, it merely rants about why it shouldn't be used, rather than whether or not this is possible.
Just wanted a second opinion on that. My opinion is that however relevant to play it may be, it's not relevant to the question.
Hmmm. It's an aggressive frame challenge, I think.
11:01 PM
Your question makes me think of Monkey Grip and Wield OVersized weapon
lost my chat-fu
A: How do we handle a desire to challenge the frame of a question?

mxyzplkIf it is really a case of asking about the solution instead of the problem, it's OK to leave comments of the form "Can you state the real problem you're trying to solve so we can suggest alternate solutions?" or similar requests for more information (if it's relevant/needed). However, in some ca...

@Ahriman [text](http://example.com "mouseover text if you want it")
I understand his first two paragraphs
@BESW Thanks!
But I have no clue how 5th edition works with regards to feats (or if that concept still exists in DnD as such)
@Ahriman Yes, he's basically just explaining common knowledge, but that's all based off assumption. Clearly a 1-handed great weapon is OP, so if this even was a mechanic, there would obviously be drawbacks to wielding it with only 1 hand.
Personally my D&D group would've blasted away most of his concerns with a simple "I'm allowing it now because it's cool but if it makes problems we'll revisit the issue."
Treating a GM's word as inviolate law which not even he can revoke is just... extreme.
11:07 PM
Wasn't one of the DnD taglines: It's your game... or something in that sense?
His before last bullet point can be read as very anti-Rule of Cool
Yes he does seem to be very anti-RoC
stress on the seem
different peeps, different likes and all that jazz
"I think it'd be cool if I could effectively wield a two-handed weapon in one hand!"
"It's not cool because it's impossible to do that."
"But... if I could, it would be cool."
"But you can't"
In 3ed it could be done with one feat (and an attack penalty)
And once you were epic level (and oozed strength out of your pores), you could losse the penalty with another feat
clunky solution, but that typifies 3ed
@Ben As BESW said before, talk with the group, get consensus and move on
Would there be anything wrong with combining the rules of 2 different game editions?
11:16 PM
It's your game
Inherently wrong? No. But it might introduce weirdness.
(Note, also, that D&D is one of the few systems where editions are so drastically different. Most other games with multiple editions would care very little about mixing and matching across them.)
Let him make a deal with the 3ed Devil of Character Optimisation?
And you have an extra fun generating plotpoint in your campaign
With a chance of derailing your currentlycrafted world
If I did this, I would only do it as a temp thing, and always with the de-buff.
as said before, your game, I just tend to go for the weird solutions
RoC is only meant to be something cool, if it works. It's not "cool" if it's a regular thing
@Ahriman If it works, it's valid! :)
11:21 PM
Alternative penalties could be: easier to hit, harder to move, easier to trip/rush,
@BESW eh, I don't know how excited to be for that
@Ben This isn't an answer to your question, but a possible "balanced" solution
5e doesn't care about "balance" like 4e does, as it's not nearly as "gamist" in its design so it's okay if things aren't perfect
What you could do is make him attack at disadvantage with one hand for the great weapon and create a feat similar to Monkey Grip that removes the disadvantage
That way he's "earned" it and it makes him feel like his character has progressed while still being able to do the cool thing.
And since he's a fighter, he's got feats/ability score increases to burn.
@LegendaryDude Like I mentioned before, I realise that this is relevant to play, but as far as the rpg.se answering goes, it doesn't match up. Hence why I asked about it here.
11:37 PM
@Ben sure, that's why I'm not writing this in an answer :)
11:50 PM
I was disappointed when "Is it possible to create a permanent floating castle or island as a PC character" was edited to "Is it possible for a PC to create a permanent floating castle or island?"
@BESW My fault. I pointed that out haha
@BESW Monday night during character creation, we had an entertaining interlude improv-ing what it would be like to have a dungeon as a member of the party after someone briefly misread “psion” as “prison”.
@BESW oh, I did not understand the distinction at first, well played XD
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