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4:34 AM
Aug 2 '18 at 20:56, by bwDraco
in Photography Chat, May 9 '14 at 0:51, by DragonLord
I'm going to be playing around with Hasselblad H4D-200MS sample images, and I'm wondering how much processing power I'll need to process these images. In particular, how much RAM will I need?
So... updated RawTherapee to 5.8. They finally fixed the issue; RawTherapee properly opens the H6D-400C MS files. The app properly reports the presence of six frames in the multi-shot sequence.
Though it does seem the software isn't quite merging the layers...
Even Astaroth is struggling a bit with the 100 MP frames. I'm curious about how well the Demon will cope with the 400MP output...
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2:20 PM
ooooooooooo more snow warnings llolol it's 12C
3:09 PM
...come to think of it, there isn't a whole lot of consumer-grade PC hardware that can cope with 100+ megapixel raw images without struggling at least minimally.
4:06 PM
how is it handled professionally? huge gfx cards?
4:57 PM
thousands of monkeys with tiny tiny paintbrushes
5:39 PM
@djsmiley2kTMW Typically, beefy multicore processors and lots of RAM. Some (but not exactly many) photo-editing applications can use GPU acceleration.
I used to do this stuff on a gaming laptop and even a speedy Core i7 can struggle when faced with large images.
Of course, with the advent of Ryzen, workstation-level performance is within the reach of ordinary consumers (at least for some value of "ordinary"), and that makes my job a lot easier.
And memory requirements. Don't get me started on that.
That still seems to be a feature for workstation class
My laptop maxes out at 128GiB.

Not that I have that much memory in it
I used to routinely use upwards of 16 GB of RAM to run RawTherapee with multiple 24-megapixel raws open.
But that seems to be the CPU limitation, so I could not upgade it beyond that if I still use it 8 years from now
That still is true.
(RawTherapee's 32-bit floating-point pipeline means it's a memory hog even among photo-editing applications; that does make it amenable to GPU acceleration but very little in the app is actually GPU-accelerated)
/me checks arc.intel.com to make sure he is not just assuming things
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 128 GB
Check. Rememembered that correctly
and using 128GiB will disable my sole thunderbolt port
5:47 PM
The Ryzen 9 3950X does mean the image preview updates exceedingly quickly...
I wonder what is up with that
@Hennes Uh, wat?
Hmm. PCIe DMA oddities? (Thunderbolt exposes PCIe to an external port, which includes DMA capability; it's possible the memory addresses used for Thunderbolt DMA collides with the higher end of the physical address space.)
Laptop manual: Up top 128GiB. (*1)

*1 : Using 128GiB disables thunderbolt functionality
Maybe they are using the high bit line for TB3?
Or maybne I will work if I put in 80GiB but not 128GiB.
Not much spelled out in the manual
And while I could test that I have no use for that much memory. At least not yet
Vegas 14 is installed now, so I probably could get it to use quite some, but I still need to learn how to use Vegas and OBS software
Meanwhile on a platform with a lot less memory:...
I did get a strange find my phone notification on Friday (something I have not installed and or tend to be disabled by me)
6:07 PM
Q: Suspicious notification from "Find My Mobile"

Daniel AlderI just received a notification from Samsungs "Find My Mobile" service, without having triggered anything. The same thing happened to my work mate today morning. As I almost never use my Samsung account, and never even configured this service, I assume one of the following: Someone hijacked m...

See the answer :)
6:44 PM
Good find
I was already considering a factory reset to get rid of suspected malware.
This saves a lot of time
It was sent to a limited number of phones... Yes ofcourse it was. They only sold a limited number.
> limited number
Because anything contrary to that will spook investors.
I hate how investor irrationality forces companies to bend the truth.
It ewas trump, paid by apple. trying to find any androids in the white house! :)
There is a reason companies always try to minimize apparently widespread problems like this.
7:42 PM
'all of their phones' is still a limited number.
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